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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all the ladies having a good laugh in drunken state. Vandu and Sarika look on. Ishita wakes up in morning and thinks Raman left for office. Neelu asks what to make in breakfast. Ishita says why did they not come till now, and calls Raman. Raman wakes up and is in weird state. She says no one is taking call, all men are alike. Raman answers the call. She asks where is he. He says don’t shout. She says I m not shouting, its 10am, where is Appa. Raman says Appa will be at home, I don’t know. She asks is his hangover not over. He says we will have breakfast and come. She asks where is Appa.

He says he went to bath. She says tell him to come soon. He asks her not to take tension. Ishita says I m feeling dehydrated and asks Neelu to get lemon water. Raman bumps

into Abhishek and they are still in wine effect, stumbling. They get Appa and look for Mr. Bhalla. Neelu gives lemon water to Ishita. Amma comes and says I have headache. Ishita says me too. Amma says Mihika also has headache, but Vandu does not, just give some tablet. Ishita asks her to have lemon water. Amma asks about everyone, your Appa did not come till now. Ishita says I spoke to Raman, he said they will have breakfast and come. Amma says I don’t remember anything. Ishita says even I don’t remember, we had panipuri and Mrs. Bhalla made it. Amma says your Appa is also with those Punjabis, don’t know what happened.

Appa says Mr. Bhalla gave me big peg of wine and I don’t know anything. Raman asks Abhishek to find everyone and sends Appa to bathroom. Appa goes to freshen up. He sees lipsticks mark on him and says how did this come. Amma scolds Mrs. Bhalla for adding wine in panipuri. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she do this, Amma does not like this. Mrs. Bhalla says all gents went to enjoy, so I thought we should also enjoy.

Appa and everyone have a talk and tease Appa about the lipstick marks. Bala asks where did his tooth go and worried saying what will I tell Vandu, please find the tooth. Raman says leave the tooth, find my father. Spome men from pharma company come to meet Manoj at his flat and talk to him, about funding his research and they wish to check his background. He asks who is she, we heard you are bachelor. Manoj says he is my housemaid. Shagun gets angry and he takes her inside the room. She asks am I your maid. He tells her everything and asks her to help, else his sponsorship will be cancelled. She says fine. He calls her Nancy.

Raman says maybe dad went home. Bala says his tooth is nowhere. Abhishek says its my sister’s sangeet. Raman says its with my brother, wait. Appa hides the mark. Mr. Bhalla is brought by the hotel staff. The man says he was swimming with shoes. Mr. Bhalla says he was just sleeping. He asks Appa who has kissed him. Raman says where is Pathak, he is a laywer. Pathak falls down and Raman asks him to get up. Pathak asks where am I.

Shagun brings tea. Manoj asks her to get biscuits. The man asks for water. Manoj says please, and folds hands to her. He asks the men when will he get the funds. Abhishek says Romi is nowhere. Raman says its sangeet time, what shall I tell everyone. They say groom is lost and they all sit worried.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to call Raman and ask about them. Raman asks them to recall where is Romi. He tries calling Romi’s friends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. when shagun hereself came to mumbai for the mission for trapping surrogacy raket .how could she agree to do surrogacy .its just horrible.

  2. many ekta serials are running out of good number of comments except yhm.

  3. yhm ke itnee bure din aaye ki trp bhi kam aaye aur yaha comments bhi pehle se zyaada aur kam aaye.

  4. ishra ka dance bhi boring hai.same steps repeated on diferrent songs or not rocking like before.the level of yhm was at a high range when people used to just speak of yhm and liked the actors and their dance but nowadays nobody speaks of yhm neither like it like before nor the actors are lookin too good like before.

  5. other serials are rocking and taking the place of yhm ‘s trp with their twists and yhm is far away in the corner some where .

    1. Thanks god ?? atleast you admit that yhm is becoming uninteresting day by day ? the reason is ishita and Raman’s over acting and showing theirselves like teenagers ?

  6. susweta goswami

    yeh toh ab hangover movie ka copy lag raha hai….anyways but still very funny and liked the episode…

  7. Rithushree whatever you have said , I too agree with you . Before and all waiting to watch YHM . There is no continuity . People are bored with same thing . Ishitha and Ramans love scenes too not interesting . Style has to be changed . No surrogacy .. Ishitha having suffered a lot in this character deserves the best . Moral was good to see step mother can be so loving …. Somewhere the twists not attractive . If you go to see this is the best serial and actors are all acting so well . Sad to see the TRP down . Feel giving importance to Shaghun . That too a lady goes after men for luxuries . However the character changed can’t accept her . Rithshree you have put it , creators should understand . And Divyanka if you see in offscreen pics not this fat . Stunning she looks . Please no surrogacy

  8. Ya v p. Agree with you. Divyanka’s off screen pics are awesome. And YHM has fallen down in indian trp….. I don’t know that what is the reason….. But this is the indian tv serial which lots of ppl watch in worldwide….I don’t understand that what happened. But it seems like giving importance to anita by ekta madam. I’m really hurt and sad…….!
    From Sri Lanka.

  9. sbas mein yhm ka bhalla fily mein biwiyon ki halla bol. ishitha aur poora girls gang gussa hai.

  10. sbb mein yhm mein bhalla house mein jagraatha hai aur ishitha ro rahi hai aur bhagwan se bacche ke liye pray kar rahi ho rahi hai .kyuki ishra hospital gaye the doctor se milne ke liye.aur sangeeth mein late aane ke liye ishitha aur sab ladies ne sab gents ko kaan pakadkar uthak baithak karne ko kaha.sarika ne romi ki acchi class le.sab ek doosre ko blame karne lage aur jab kuch nahi hua toh duss baar sorry kehke uthak baithak kiya.

  11. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” actors
    Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel
    have charmed viewers with their
    portrayal of Ishita and Raman
    Bhalla, respectively.
    Talking to Absolute India News , the
    TV actress opened up about how
    she and Karan manage to get their
    chemistry right every time.
    “We are through professionals who
    like to improvise and experiment as
    much as possible. The idea of just
    saying the lines that have been
    given to us and packing up does not
    appeal to us. Out action-reaction is
    good, which is a blessing,” she
    Divyanka also spoke at length about
    her Bollywood aspirations, saying
    how she’s not running after films
    and that she may take up another
    TV show.
    “A lot of people are expecting me to
    take up role in Bollywood but I
    won’t run after films. I might take
    up another great show on television
    as there are some exciting roles
    being written for female leads
    now,” the daily quoted her as
    Interestingly, Divyanka’s thought on
    her co-star hasn’t changed much
    since last year. Talking to Deccan
    Chronicle last October, she said how
    it’s important for the lead actors to
    get along off-screen as well.
    In other news, the Bhalla family of
    “YHM” has immersed itself in the
    celebrations of Romi (Aly Goni) and
    Sarika’s (Sarika Dhillon) impending
    The bachelor’s party scenes,
    although a rip-off of Hollywood
    blockbuster “The Hangover”, were
    thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers.
    They even took to Twitter to
    express how thrilled they were to
    watch Karan play a hung-over
    Raman to perfection.

  12. Shared by –
    sweetywalia11/ – # yehhaimohabbate
    in # divyankatripathi # mata ki
    chowki#Sarika Romi ki shadi…..

  13. With Romi and Sarika’s wedding
    coming up, there will be a lot of fun
    moments in the upcoming episodes
    of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein .
    There will be a sangeet ceremony
    where viewers will get to see Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman
    (Karan Patel ) dancing together.
    However, before the dance there
    will be some tiff between Raman
    and Ishita which will spice up
    things. Ishita will dress up
    beautifully for the function but
    Raman will be very late.
    Ishita will be upset for Raman’s
    carelessness and will decide not to
    perform in the sangeet.
    However, Ishita will finally agree for
    the dance and then Raman will be
    seen persuading Ishita to forgive
    Raman and Ishita will dance on the
    song Dagabaaz Re from Dabangg
    and viewers will get to see the
    sweet nok-jhok between the couple
    in this dance.

    divyankatripathi/ – Jaikara sherawali
    # Blessed # TeamYHM

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