Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rinki being angry. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to say what happened. Rinki says Mihika always comes in between me and Mihir, she should know Mihir is married and she should maintain distance. Ishita hears this. Raman says what nonsense, no one knows Mihir more well than me, you did not et sense to understand relations, every relation is not black and white, it has colors, how can Mihika come between you, don’t doubt, bring love and friendship in it to make it strong. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to be annoyed with his past, else how will she build her future. Rinki leaves. Ishita looks on and thinks to explain Mihika. She sees Mihir and Mihika talking like friends, and just deciding about Rinki’s choices. Ishita smiles. Mihika greets her and Ishita says its time for Adi’s


They all get ready. Adi says he has to talk to Mihir and Mihika. He asks them to act bad. Mihir says why, I did rehearsals and I did not do any bad work in my life. Mihika asks the plan. Adi says Raman and Ishita will not see and then act here, and also say I love you as its in script. Mihir and Mihika agree. Rinki asks whats Adi saying. Mihir says director and actors are talking, don’t interfere in between. She gets sad. Mihir and Mihika act badly.

Raman asks him to act well, he knows him well, does he talk like this. Adi and his teacher ask him to act well. Mihir and Mihika fight. Adi says don’t fight. Mihir says I can’t act. Mihika says even I don’t want to. Raman says Adi’s project will get bad. Mihir asks him to act. Adi smiles and asks what will happen now. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman and Ishita will do their roles. Raman says I can’t. Adi requests them. She looks at Raman. Raman says father is father, give me the script. They get glad and give them the script.

The teacher asks them to express their love in best way. Simmi says it should look real. Ruhi laughs and says Adi is best, now Papa will say I love to Ishi Maa. Adi records. Raman says we are together and Ishita says we are for Ruhi, and we have to understand each other with feelings, not by words. They smile. Adi says its not in script. Raman says when people don’t need words, then it becomes a strong relation. They hold hands and smile. The teacher says great, I m happy with this. Adi says it was good, but you both will never change.

Ruhi tells Adi that our plan flopped, Papa changed the lines, cheater Papa. Adi says don’t worry, we will see how long he cheats. They talk to Mr and Mrs. Bhalla, and Simmi. They plan to make them say again. Simmi says we will get Mihir in this plan too. Its morning, Mihir talks to Simmi and says I m full on, this plan sounds perfect, there is someone who can give sense to Raman and Ishita. He tells this to Rinki, it will be romantic. I knew Adi can do this, being Raman’ son. Mihir thinks about Mihika’s words and says I m freein from office soon, so I was thinking to go to travel agent and you can pick your holiday destination. She says glad and says wow, lets go today. He says no, I have meeting. She says thanks and kisses him. He says she is not less than Adi and Ruhi.

Raman brings Ishita for breakfast while family is busy planning. Ishita asks Neelu not to cook her dinner, as she is going in seminar. Mr. Bhalla tells Neelu that she makes good tea, I love you. Adi says Dadu.. He says I mean I love this tea. Simmi says Ishita makes good coffee, I love you for the coffee. Raman says what happened to them. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla is looking good in purple shirt, I love you. Raman says dad wore this shirt 100 times, see button is off, stitch it first.

Mr. Bhalla also tells his wife I love you. Ruhi asks Raman what he loves. He says Aloo paratha, my family, my father, mother, sister, son, daughter and looks at Ishita. He says I love my work. They all get sad. He says I love my neighbor. Ruhi says enough. They all leave. Ishita smiles. Adi and Ruhi ask them to come along. They ask Raman why did he not say I love you to Ishi Maa, shame shame, he said I love you to Aloo paratha too. Raman says so they planned this, Ishita also did not say I love you. Ruhi says first boys say, then girls.

They insist him to say. Raman says give me time. Ruhi says no more time, your first anniversary also passed, say today. Adi says say it now. Raman agrees and says come. Shagun talks to Ashok and asks how can I go Australia without kids. He asks her to take them along. She says how will they allow. He says he will get the kids, and she should get passport and visa. She asks is that possible. He says yes, we will make it possible. She says if we fail, Ruhi and Adi will be away from me. He says don’t worry. She says she will see Ishita after this. He says I want revenge, we can’t wait more to take revenge from Ishita and Mihika. She smiles.

Ishita talks to Subbu and says presentation is well, where is the patient. He says its there, who needed the procedure. She waits for Raman. He asks what will he do here. She says he said he will come, to know whether I know my work or not. Ishita and Subbu are called next and given 10 mins time. Raman waits for Ishita. Ruhi calls him and asks did he do what she told. He says yes. She says did he book table for two, candles, white flowers. He says I said all. She says south Indian dishes in Punjabi taste. He says fine. She asks did he send car for her. He says yes sent. She says don’t fight with her, don’t call her Madrasan and Jhansi ki rani. He says fine. She says yes to what she says. He says okay yes. She says best of luck. Raman smiles.

Ishita says Subbu will show demo of the procedure, may we have the patient. Raman comes there and she is stunned. He asks her to be quiet. She says what. He lies there and she asks Subbu whats this.

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  1. waise adi ne kya acha plan banaya tha per raman ishu change the dialogue.phir bhi their too good in that scene.their talking by their eyes.awesome tha.

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww aaj ka episode tho super duper hit hai but eagarly waiting for kal ka episode hamaari puraani vala yhm is back lets rock yhm……….

  3. omg shagun waise we dont like u phir bhi dont get into ashok words.he will sure make u fall in jail.becareful.waise bein oh kya hai naa wtever u guys do ishra will never leave u.tho better stay out of will be better for u shagun and ashok.

  4. Hey aaj ..ishita bahut pretty lagrahi thi aur raman looking sooo handsome. ..IshRa ne same colour pehna tha. .

  5. yah mizun ye kamine ashok aur us chudail shagun kabhi nahi sudarega………..hamesha bachom ko mohra banaa kar war karthe hai

  6. I♡U scene mast tha. ..raman ne aalo ke parathe se lekar. .neighbours tak ko I love you bol diya par apni wife ki bari aayi toh. .boldiya i love my work. ….sharmila buddhu kumar. ..

  7. Kya class li raman ki Ruhdi ne . …
    ..maza aagaya. ..aur special date ki sari arrangements check ki. .candles….etc. …

  8. by saying i love u will nt make pyar.pyar tho aise hona ki bin kuch kaha bin kuch suna.bin kuch understanding each other without saying anything will make the love strong.pyar tho a hai ki aaj ishra shown today by changing the dialogue.phir bhi we want our ishra confession superb and special.

  9. IshRa ek dusre me itne kho jate hai… aas paas ka dhyan hi nahi rehtaa…….aaj wo teacher clap nahi karti to pata nahi IshRa ki conversation kaha tak jati…..

  10. Precap to mast thi yaar………………kal ka ep mast hoga………………Iahita black dress me kitni achchi lag rahi thi…..& hair style bhi kitni achchi thi ………..
    & Raman ne bgi matching pehna tha…….
    & precap me jo Raman sute ke bina white shirt me chal kar aata hai….uss me kitna handsome lag raha tha…..
    Love you IshRa………

  11. waise shagun u cant even take kids to shopping then how cum u take them out of country.very funny.ja ja kar think new plan.per agar u get into ashok words.then iam pakka sure duo no will go to jail.

  12. sangs

    Raman character is foolish.he his already married.he know to say that 3 magical words. He would have told to shagun in the learning to say from is kids.nice joke

  13. Are….. Mizun & Priyaroli…….
    Aaj me Friend ke saath Film dekhne & ghumne gai thi…iss liye pura din nahi aai ………& late ho gai kyonki…….friend ke ghar se apne ghar aate hue chota sa accident ho gaya………

  14. No wo kya hua….mai Pleasure le kar Mansi ke ghar se aa rahi thi to ek chhota ladka road par football khel raha tha…& foolball achanak meri Pleasure ke saamne aa gai ……to balance gaya to me gir gai……….elbow & knee par thodi chot lagi & left plam thodi suj gai……

  15. Hey sahi kaha precap mein jab raman white shirt mein aaraha tha….bahut hi handsome lagraha tha. ….
    …hey fb par pada. .kal ka episode mein surprise hai aur ye episode ab tak ka best episode hoga. ….matlab finally IshRa ek dusre ko apne dil ki baat bol de ge. ….

  16. shRa ek dusre me itne kho jate hai… aas paas ka dhyan hi nahi rehtaa…….aaj wo teacher clap nahi karti to pata nahi IshRa ki conversation kaha tak jati…..

  17. shRa ek dusre me itne kho jate hai… aas paas ka dhyan hi nahi rehtaa…….aaj wo teacher clap nahi karti to pata nahi IshRa ki conversation kaha tak jati…..Precap to mast thi yaar………………kal ka ep mast hoga………………Iahita black dress me kitni achchi lag rahi thi…..& hair style bhi kitni achchi thi ………..
    & Raman ne bgi matching pehna tha…….
    & precap me jo Raman sute ke bina white shirt me chal kar aata hai….uss me kitna handsome lag raha tha…..
    Love you IshRa………

  18. Haa…Mizun mummy ne Ointment & Balm dono laga di kya yaar…..aaj me pura din kitna khush thi…… pure 2 years se Pleasure chala rahi hoo……but kabhi nahi giri…even jab chalana sikh rahi thi tab bhi giri nahi….but aaj itne achche din gir gai…….

  19. oh maine miss kiya episode ko.kal subha dekhloongi.aaj yhm poora chaa raha hai lekin trp nahi aa rahi hai.main yhm ko top one pe dekhna chahthi hoon aur aaj kal toh epispdes bhi acche aa rahe hai buss trp nahi aa rahi hai . yahi time mila tha kya yaar.

  20. Hey prayu sorry …may be kal ka episode nahin hoga. Lekin.
    …uss episode ka promo jald hi aane wala hai…jo ab tak ka best episode hoga. …wait and watch. ….likha hai. .

    • Matlab kal sirf I Love Ishimaa hi bolega…….
      & wese bhi mai yeh hi soch rahi thi ki itna achcha scene promo ke bina kaise aa sakta hai….but iss week me aa jana chahiye…..aur kitna wait karva yenge……..

  21. Aaj sbs & sbb nahin aaya. …
    ..AAP party ki rally mein kisi farmer ne suicide kar liya tha . iss liye nahin aaya aaj sbs & sbb. .

  22. hey prayosha take care yar hamesha kuch. na kuch kar lethi hu………just take care while driving yar………..agar chot jyada hai tho dctr ko consult karna……..take care prayu

  23. divan

    Prayosha plz take care yar….and plz agle bar se dhyan se gadi chalana……..thumne helmet to pehna tha na????

    • Nahi pehna tha……& mai dhyan se hi chala rahi thi….2 years me Kal pehli bar giri…….even jab chala na sikh rahi thi tab bhi nahi giri thi. . . ……

  24. Hey yhm fb par location video hai. …
    ..raman ishita conference k bad special date par leke jata hai. ….raman ko wine deta hai peene k liye aur ishita woh drink peeleti hai. ..bad mein ramsn kehta hai ki uss mein diamond ring thi. …same time par simmi toshiji aur Adi jo peeche chupe hote hai….phir drama hota hai. .raman waiter se poch ta hai ring k bare mein toshiji uss waiter Marti hai. …
    ..divyanka ne kaha ki jo drink ussne pee uss mein nakli diamond tha waiter ne kuch gad bard ki hai…..
    ….hey aaj hi ye scene aaye ga. ..maza aagaya bahut funny scene hone wala hai. ..

    • Aur raman isharon mein baat karraha hai. .may be dental check up k bad Baat nahin kar sakta iss liye bhi ye gadbard gayi ……

  25. Hey divyanka ko phir se plaster lag gaya kyun ki uss ka leg mein abhi bhi sujan hai. ..toh aur 2 week k liye plaster laga diye. ……..

  26. Kya yaaar…..garab pe garbad kiye jaa rahe hai……..& bachche to thik Toshiji& Simmi ko saath jane ki kya jarurat….& Mizun kya date par Ishita ne black Dress pehna tha kal wala yaa phir pink saari…..?????
    Kyonki SBS SBB me to pink saari dikhai thi……

  27. Hey FB par jo date ke pics & videos haiwo to SBS SBB me dikhaya uss se different SBS SBB me dikhaya wo promo ke liye tha kya?????

  28. aaj kal comments kaafi kam aa rahe hai.balki ab toh holidays hai aur zyada aana chahiye.kaafi log bhi nahi aa rahe hai. sns etc.. serials mein toh commentes 300-400 jaise hai aur yhm mein sirf 100-150 comments hai.aur aaj kal yhm ke episodes bhi acche hai .aur waise bhi exams ke waqt toh yhm mein toh bahut saare comments the .lekin ab kya ho gaya . very less comments.

  29. Stylish

    frnds maine kal raat khwab m daikha k divyanka ka leg tek ho gaya h nd wo karay ho kar saray scenes kar rahi ti.i think kuch zyada hi sir p charh gaya h yeh show nd ishra.

  30. Kyaa yaar Raman…..muh bandh rakhne ki kya jarurat thi…………lya jarurat thi…….Ishita & Subbu ki conforance me model ban ne ki…….ab tumhari yeh chuppi ne IshRa ki romantic date spoile kar di……..

  31. ….Rithushree yhm ek new promo aane wala hai…..aur woh episode ab tak ka best episode hone wala hai. ….bahut jald aane wala hai promo. .aaisa yhm fb par likha tha. ….

  32. Are yaar….Raman….aaj I LOVE YOU kya…kuch bhi bolne ki haalt me bahj the…tab hi date par kyo le gaye ishita ko…..abho gai na gadbad…..

  33. Ohhh…Aly ki koi surgery hone wali hai….iss liye show me nahi dikhaya…………bechara…apne Karan bhai ki shaadi me bhi nahi jaa payega shaayad……..

  34. #SBB #SBS #Ishita Hui Talli Raman tells the waiter to hide the ring
    in aglass of winen in the chakkar of
    finding that ring Ishita drinks glass after
    glass of winen gets drunk bhallas think
    raman has got her a fake ring n get
    confused but actually that waiter never hid the ring in a glass though it was a
    real ring Bhallas then beat up the
    waitet n raman gets a tootache as it
    will take time for his teeth to become
    ok reporter said though ishita is a
    dentist but raman is angry n leaves n no proposal Hilarious byte of DT.

  35. arey yar ab tho drama dhek dhek ke thak gayi hu yar we r waiting for confession yar aab bahut ho gaya……..haamesha har ek date par hasi mazak naraaz giri par hame ek romantic sirf aur sirf ishra ka date chahiye……….

  36. Hey sbs fatafat express dekhe. ….Subbu ishita conference k liye prepare horahe hai..tabhi raman aaja ta hai. …aur wahan se naraz ho kar chali jati hai. Phir raman Subbu ko kuch kehta hai aur Subbu smile karta hai…
    ..hosakta hai ki raman ne Subbu se kaha ho ki. .woh uss lady ki jaga aaye ga. …..

  37. Stylish

    aj tou hr haal m raman ko i love you bolna hoga ab aur wait nai horaha,ekta mam itna tou real life m b time nai lgta jitna show m lag raha h(confession m)

  38. hey guy yhm location ki ek vedio mein ishitha wine pethi hai woh bhi bahut.bahut maza aayega.uss vedio ishitha sharabi yeh di aur waise hi kuch gaane gaathi rockzzzzz…..superb

  39. Nandhu

    Hi priyaroli and Mizun,
    Shall i know about u, what r u doing? am from tamil nadu, working as software engineer

  40. hi guys.guess what.abhi abhi nach baliye ka promo aaye tha raman i mean our karan patel looks really really really awesome and handsome tha by hosting it.just waiting for it.

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