Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mani talks to Singhal about the project. Singhal agrees. Mihir asks staff to get back to work. Ruhi asks Aaliya to take Adi to coffee shop and calm him. Ishita tells Raman that she will go when Pihu comes, you hug her. Pihu comes and meets Raman. Ishita hides and sees them. Raman hugs Pihu and says I have missed you a lot. He asks her to see what he got for her, her fav chocolates. Shagun comes and throws it. Raman gets angry.

Mihir asks Ruhi why is she checking Singhal’s profile. She says I m trying to check his background, do you know his family. Mihir says he has a daughter Kajal. She says Kajal Singhal, I heard this name. She checks and says she is Ruhaan’s fan, her name is in Ruhaan’s meeting wishlist, I know what to do now, we will convince Singhal, Ruhaan will do this

work which Ruhi could not. Shagun tells Raman that he is not permitted to meet Pihu.

The lady asks Raman how can he do this, I did not know he is not permitted, sorry Shagun. Shagun says its okay, some people don’t understand. Shagun goes with Pihu. Raman and Ishita ask the lady what did she say. The lady says I said this to help you, its my son’s birthday tomorrow, Shagun will now allow Pihu to come, you guys come, I did not book entertainers till now. Ishita says Raman, we can become entertainers. He says Shagun will know. She says no, we can do this for Pihu. She asks lady not to hire anyone, we will come. They thank the lady. The lady says I m a mother and can understand, don’t thank me.

Raman and Ishita collide in corridor and argue. They smile. They talk about buying costumes for the party. She says we have to practice, I don’t want anyone to know this, I planned the games too, we have to do good acting that no one doubts. He says perfect, nothing should go wrong. Amma comes and asks what wrong. Ishita says we were talking about new project. Raman says yes, and asks Ishita to get files. Ishita says I will get files, meet me downstairs. They go. Amma says they think I don’t understand their lie, I have to ask Santoshi.

Mrs. Bhalla says Pihu has gone and house got lonely. Amma says we will meet her, Mani won’t stop her. Mrs. Bhalla says Pihu will be going in friend’s birthday party tomorrow. Amma says I have a plan, we will meet her there. Mrs. Bhalla asks how, no one invited us. Amma says I will ask Aaliya about it, then we will go. Mrs. Bhalla asks what about Shagun. Amma says I have a plan for it. They decide the dish to make for Pihu. Amma says if Ishita and Raman know this, they won’t let us go, come. Mrs. Bhalla goes to cook tomato chicken dish.

Ruhi talks to Mihir about Singhal’s matter. He asks her to tell her if there is any development. Adi comes and asks him will she come along to hypnotherapist clinic, I got appointment, get ready, Aaliya will meet us there. Ruhi agrees. He asks her if there anything. She says no. He corrects the book which she was holding upside down, and says you can tell me if there is anything. She says nothing. He goes. She says I did not get Kajal’s message, I will carry Ruhaan’s clothes and will leave from there.

Raman talks to Ishita on phone. He sees tomato chicken and makes Neelu pack the dish for Pihu. He goes downstairs and tells Ishita that he got late, sorry. She says I got gifts for Pihu, we will give her, I don’t know she will like it or not. He says you are her mum and knows her choice, she will like it, I got her fav dish tomato chicken also. She says come, we have to go to costume shop.

Mrs. Bhalla goes to pack tiffin or Pihu. She sees the leftover dish and thinks where did it all go. She calls Neelu to ask. She sees Mr. Bhalla and thinks he has finished it. She asks him why did he eat tomato chicken, he should have asked once. He says I did not eat it, ask Neelu. She says I know you have done this. Amma comes and stops Mrs. Bhalla from taking Pihu’s name. She tells her plan of going in party, we can’t go like this, we have to get disguise, we will get costumes and even Shagun won’t identify us. Mrs. Bhalla agrees and praises her. Amma says we have to leave now, come.

The lady welcomes everyone in her son’s birthday party. She waits for Raman and Ishita. The boy asks shall I cut cake, all my friends came. She asks him to wait, she called special guests, don’t know how will they look, but they will entertain you all. Raman and Ishita come as joker and Charlie Chaplin. The kids get glad. Raman asks can anyone identify us. The lady tells them that no one can identity them, their costume is good. Ishita asks for Pihu. Shagun comes with Pihu. Raman and Ishita smile seeing Pihu.

Adi recalls the person and says no, this can’t happen, it means that attack on Aaliya…. I can’t tell this to Raman and Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shagun is so irritating she don’t want pihu as her daughter she want pihu as her weapon against ishita

    1. shreya shetty

      right on magic that shagun deserve pihu instead shes using her against her own real mother ishita why????I feel sorry for ishu and raman because its all of shagun ishu never had any happiness in her life suffering every problem.dont worry pihu will soon find out shaguns evil identity and return back to ishita for sure after all this is just a serial and would never happen in real life.did u see ishu and ramans new avatar to meet their little daughter pihu to give her a surprise!!!!I just loved that scene when they were smiling at her in that form,raman looks more like Charlie chaplin and ishita too looks funny and pretty in her joker avatar.great idea by that lady supporting both the parents to see pihu!!!

    2. shreya shetty

      oops I meant shagun doesn’t deserve pihu at mistake I typed at the beginning

      1. Good comment

    3. Actually CVS has made a joke of her character. She cared for adi. Suddenly she doesn’t care for him. She was bad person and when adi shove her off for is hu she suddenly became good(even better than ishu) and then suddenly turned bad.
      She loved pihu selflessly and now suddenly is just using her.
      No person can change so fast. Only CVS can ruin characters like this.

      1. Yes only cvs can do this but cvs should not ruin the little child chracter with shagun because it only give bad message to fans

      2. Yes magic showing dear ruhanika as brat it hurts my heart as I used to love her a lot. But I can’t blame even pihu’s character as she is right in her place and situation r too difficult for her to understand if Raman and bhallas would have tried to explain to her earlier than all this would have been avoidedn

      3. Yuppies nice information guys!!!

      4. Khushiarvind

        Your every word is true danny… Cvs changes traits of caracters overnite. They ruined each nd evry character to the chore..
        Shagun was bad then she become giod nd suddely she changed her colors again..
        Even romi changes his behaviour often..
        Ishitha was shown as a good mother and a vry nice person but by showing het leaving het family for 7 yrs without evn look back once at her few days ild daugter made viewers dislike her
        Made raman an insensitive and selfish character who shouts on each nd evrybody…
        Mrs bhalla an opportunist nd un grateful person
        Pihu, adi nd ruhi shouts on elders…
        Made aliya a spoiled child and thereby pointing fingers towards
        Ishitga’s upbringing…Nw made mani too neg.. He was such a nice person
        Enough of negativity..

    4. I agree Magic and Shreya.

      Pihu failed to recognised Raman and Ishita. But cute party and fun.

  2. Hi all yhm.i hope that ishu and raman don’t get caught. And Mrs bhalla and Iyer also.precap was sad again.i hope they catch Niddhi for that. It’s time she pays for all that she has done

  3. Tvfan1

    Omg! Fun episode on raman as charlie Chaplin.

    Tomorrow adi will think ruhaan is the culprit. Bored

    1. shreya shetty

      no tv fan actually it wasn’t ruhaan but that nidhi who disguised herself to be ruhaan and threw acid at aaliya so that she could get ruhi blamed for her misdeed by considering her to be ruhaan instead of her!!!!I ve got this news somewhere maybe shivani might have told this i was that nidhi,that lady is going down for creating havoc in poor aaliyas life.dont worry ruhi wont be blamed because she knows that it was nidhi who did that

    2. Actually, Adi did not see fully of the person face who ran away because the person cover itself. Adi is much drunk and did not know who is dressing as Ruhaan. Adi is confusing and did not know that Ruhi did not meet Aylia. Who know about Aylia ging to park? I think Shagun send Nidhi information and Nidhi follows Aylia in Ruhaan avtar to throw acid on Aylia. Ashok see Adi at the park and put acid in Adi car. Ashok and Nidhi are behind Aylia attack.

      Adi confessed his crime to save his sister but did not know who is this person in Ruhaan avtar. Abhi and Ishu discussed to get Adi truth out. Abhi arrested Ishu and send her to jail and Adi get shocked and pleaded with Abhi then Ishu then scolding Adi and Adi get hurt by Ishu scolding and remain angry. When the lady officer comes to open the cage and tell Ishu to come and will transfer her to other jail that shocked Adi. Adi then shout at policelady then Abhi came and scold Adi to get the truth. I think Adi mistaken blunt out who attack Aylia. Aylia should describe what type of dress that the attacker wore. Adi wore simple tight long sleeves t-shirt. The attacker wore orange baseball t-shirt like Ruhaan wore several times during the show.

      Raman get possessive over his children and angry on Mani. Aylia spoke normal and Mani want to stop Ishu talking with Aylia but Aylia silent Mani and tell Ishu about Adi goes to the doctor who can help Adi to remember what happen during Aylia attack. Ishu get shock and confused but did not tell Raman then ask Abhishek for help.

      Ishu will go to Ruhi and ask if Ruhi wore Ruhaan avtar during Aylia attacked then Ruhi declined to meet Aylia. Abhi, Ishu and Adi questions Ruhi and Ruhi answer them and saying that she did not meet Aylia. Ruhi, Ishu, Adi and Abhi get thinking who is behind Ruhaan avtar then Ruhi and Ishu get shocked and say it is Nidhi then Adi and Abhi get confused and then ladies (Ruhi and Ishu) tell men (Adi and Abhi) that Nidhi is behind Aylia attacked because Nidhi know how to dress up as Ruhaan and want to put blame on Ruhi then Adi and Abhi get shocked later. Adi then apologies to Ruhi for not believing her and Ruhi hug Adi. Ishu will tell Bhalla family that Shagun help Nidhi out. Shagun and Nidhi are involved together to revenge on her and Raman. Raman get fumed.

  4. OMG!!!!shocked to see the precap.looks like aadi thinks ruhi is behind all this(it was the same clothes ruhi wears when she was ruhaan)
    I hope its a misunderstanding.

    1. shreya shetty

      yes shoba dear.truly this is some kind of misunderstanding in adi.hope he doesn’t accuse ruhi.its not her fault at all.nidhi is behind that masterplan to attack aaliya

  5. I am sorry nobody is connecting to pihu.small ruhi was very cute and everyone loved her.

  6. shreya shetty

    valpa and diya please don’t misunderstand me so wrong.i am extremely very very sorry if I tried acussing u both friends so badly.forgive me for my mad attitude please.and u too valpa now I give up of using bad words here in this site so please try not to ever dare call me a lunatic or mad ever again or else its going to create a bad environment here in this yhm group fan family.although no matter how many mistakes I commit I keep doing this all the time why????theres something wrong within me I guess and so must try to correct it before u two friends start hating me to be an insane fan of this Aditya told me this serial isn’t real at all and neither has it got any life in it all r fake even after being a huge fan of dt aka ishita and kp aka raman.I too hate pihu but appreciate ruhanikas awesome acting skills shown sorry for going against her as I know that evil shagun is behid all would be better for her to go behind bars and let pihu realize that her own surrogate mother who has given birth to her and raised her for so many years is using her as a weapon to create ishitas life as hell???seriously cant she take her own revenge or something.i mean whats wrong with the serial writers nowdays

    1. Shreya, Please ignore Diya and Valpa!

      They don’t understand anything.

      Enjoy your comment and I am happy to read your comment with respect.

  7. shreya shetty

    but somehow todays episode was very cute the mother whos son was with ishita in helping him out in cooking competition his own mother is very brilliant and clever in thinking out to expose shagun by joining hands with raman and ishita.that’s great when someone does good for anyone then in return they shall reccive their rewards back to them just like how ishita helped that unknown ladys son in cooking contest the same way shes helping ishu out

  8. shreya shetty

    valpa I request can we be friends now.i am very sorry about talking about ur bad and rude behavior just like how I used to utter abusive words towards the commenters please I am mature enough to understand my mistakes and also I promised and gave up completely in becoming rude towards me I wont let u down and neither any of the fans.we ll c and show that I am a very good girl and mature who respects each and every ones opinion nicely.please valpa don’t be rude towards me I am really sorry.dont tell me to get out of here I was just out off mood that time.c mon can we be friends atleast now just friends???plz

    1. Ok sure…No issues…Dont feel bad

  9. shreya shetty

    diya please don’t misunderstand me.i can see that u wanted me to be good with other people and now I gave up in becoming rude to u and kindly please let us be friends just friends for now????don’t be rude with me by calling me miss Shreya Shetty.truly I am telling u this I want to confess my mistake as I had mentioned earlier that I gave up becoming arrogant and rude towards others opinions like that.actually I am a very good girl and u know truly I am deep heart in core.dont hate me lets just forget that argument and move on.can we be friends please????I accept my fault for being rude and will never repeat this again as I promised to all the other fans with full hope

    1. Sure Shreya we can be friends.. Thanks for understanding dear.. U r very good girl..

  10. shreya shetty

    wowwww what a new avatar raman and ishita have disguised to impress their little daughter pihu.I must say slowly slowly she ll realize that her ishimaa loves her more than her shagun mama for day I ll see to it that shagun shall lose this battle and u all know what they say good always wins over evil.poor pihu I am feeling very sorry for abusing u with those harsh words.sorry ppl I took this serial so serious that I really turned out to be insane and silly!!!!now I ve completely changed to a polite honest and mature little are u all happy with me????anyone???valpa and diya both of u will be friends with me.truly to be honest I am expressing my views its just that I feel very bad to hurt other people like that by attacking with abuisive words

    1. Hey shreya.i am glad that you didn’t leave this site . I like reading your comments and especially sometimes you comments on shaggy then I like even more to read . how are you ? And keep commenting always.

    2. Yes my girl, Shreya

      Pihu did not know that the entertainer is her parents but fail to recognised them but the connection still feel them. Pihu hug Chaplin and knew that this is her father and Joker as her mother so Pihu feel missed Raman. Party are not over and Pihu goes missing and Shagun knew that Raman and Ishu were presented at the party and blamed on Raman and Ishu for Pihu missing.

      Shagun should stop blaming Raman and Ishu because Shagun is irresponsible mother and did not look after Pihu. Ishu is the rightful mother who always look after the children and make sure that the children are there and bring foods for them. Pihu don’t want to stay with Shagun and want to go back to Raman. Pihu realised that Shagun is bad person and noticed that Ishu is nice and loving woman then Pihu start to hate Shagun. Pihu leave Shagun house and goes to Ishu. Pihu start loving Ishu and make Bhalla families happy. Raman get relieved.

  11. Well at least Ishra’s disguise is something different. I hope Shagun does not discover them. I agree with VP yesterday’s comment that somehow I now think that Mani is probably acting to find out Shagun’s truth. Mani may have supported Shagun to get custody so that Pihu can see her true colours. Today’s episode he became partner of Singhal to save Raman’s company if not Singhal may have gotten someone else his partner. If mani was his partner at least Mani can be negotiated. He is indierctly helping Raman and Ishita. I don’t think the cvs will make mani negative. So far only Mihir, Mani, Toshi, Amma, Appa,Omprakash and Neelu are not negative. They will not make Mani negative. Afterall Aliya is Mani’s brought up and even Aliya changed so how can Mani be so nasty.

    I am just waiting for Ishita to turn negative on Shagun to teach her a lesson. I want to know what she has up on her sleeve.

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino. Shona, Jaz, Aditya, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Raisa, Naaz, Aastha, Monique, Khushi, Siddhi, Bharya, Supergirl.

  12. HI to YHM fans, Yes supergirl, I also want NIddhi to be sent behind bars and never come back. I am sure Shagun is also involved. How does Niddhi know that Aliya is there unless Shagun has seen Aliya’s message. Actually Shagun is a kidnapper, Acid thrower and murderer and yet she gets custody of Pihu. Wow…. Amazing ya…. Only YHM producers can think so low.

  13. What haoppened to regular ones like Monique, Aditya, Jaz and Khushi. I have not seen all these people commenting for awhile. I miss all your comments ya. Please come on the site and say something. It is sad some of the regular commenters are not coming on anymore.

    1. Hi Sindhu!
      How Are You?
      How is Your LIFE Dear?
      Are You Watching ISHQBAAZ?
      Very Nice SERIAL Dear.
      Am Not Able to Watch Because of My STUDIES.
      Thank You So Much for Your LOVE And CONCERN Dear.
      I am Only ADITYA KIRAN.
      In This Site Some PEOPLE Were Teasing Me
      Insulting My NAME
      So I Changed.
      But One Thing I Understood Dear
      In LIFE We Have to Do lots of HARD WORK lots of HARD WORK to Achieve Something or Everything
      Whatever it may be.
      Have A NICE DAY

      1. Jo b ho but I called you only Adu

    2. Hi sindhu thanks to concern me frankly speaking I’m not watching this yhm show so I can’t able to come this site j

      1. Hi JAZ!
        How Are You My Dear FRIEND?
        How is Your LIFE Dear?
        How is Your Daughter FARAH JASMINE?
        Is Everything Going Well for Your DEAR?
        Am Very HAPPY to See You HERE Again.
        I Want to Ask You One QUESTION
        PLEASE tell Me
        Are You Commenting in ISHQBAAZ?
        Because Am Seeing One Person Named Jazz
        Who is Commenting in Ishqbaaz.
        I Even Asked
        She Said She is Not YOU.
        Are You Commenting?
        Good Evening

    3. Khushiarvind

      Hi sindhu,
      Hw ru doing?
      Thanks for your concern..
      I was reading all comments daily bt doesnt had anything to comment as show is getting worse day by day..

  14. shreya shetty

    hi my yhm friends and all magic,valpa diya and rest of the are u all????hope nobodys angry at me even after apology of many mistakes ive committed.i wish if only diya and valpa can understand me thoroughly about me and think that I am a good girl.i have no friends for me even here because I am very silent and alone decent girl in class at college that’s why nobody talks to me frequently and I cry because I have no frirends due to my decent nature in I wish if I could make atleast good friends in this yhm group fan club family then I wont be alof anymore instead I would support them in opinions and try to convince them properly just like how parichary told me to cool down my temper by doing some medidtation for few minutes and that really helped.thanks parichary for getting rid of my anger relief

    1. Hi Sweetie Why are u always putting your self down. I am sure u are a beautiful good girl. Pls be calm & Try to understand others opinions. they are only giving their views. u don’t get upset over those comments. We are all free to express anything that comes to our minds. & Dear Don’t forget this is ‘ REEL’ Not ‘REAL’ so why bother getting angry. just enjoy all the comments like we do good or bad. ok. And Never put urself down. you are ur own self. I am sure u must be a very clever girl in class too. if anyone is bad in school u be nice to them. Luv ur enemies.. Luv to U & God Bless u.

    2. Shreya I think everyone loves u and no body hates u at all. So stop apologizing toeveryone girl. DDon’t feel guilty about anything. It happens when we r in stress

      1. Danny, I am going to kill you!!!

        Shreya your apologised is very welcome.

      2. Wat happened??

      3. What did you say before this YHM update! you have disappointed me very badly?

      4. Wat did I say?? I can’t understand. Pls reply me clearly and bluntly its okay for me.but confusion are not at all acceptable to me

      5. I just commented twice yesterday. And even shreya us a witness as she had replied to my comments and I asked her to take care.

      6. Oye!

        You accused me that I made Shreya frustrate and you scold me for her. She did posting my name many time and I was silent. Then Shreya want to say something to make me to break my silent then I responsed to her. So what is your problem, Danny?

        Sorry Shreya, Danny had given his words so I just telling him.

      7. OK I just asked u not reply to her all comments as u might also lose Ur cool. And it was not in scolding manner dear. If u felt that way then I apologize to u. Shreya was disturbed and if u kept replying to her she might have got more offended. So I suggested u and diya just not to reply her. Once she had got her anger out she would have also calm down which she did. U can see my comment again. It was never in scolding manner

      8. ok ok ok grandfather, Danny!

        I am glad that you did not scolding me but Shreya need me to comment her when she need help so I understand her problem then I will assist her.

        So no necessary to give me lecture, Danny. 😛

      9. Ha ha ha.. Actually shreya calmed down that’s all matters.

    3. You are always welcome.

      When I read your comment and post and I feel like want to cry.
      Serious I did had little tear swelling up my eyes for few second then dry them up.
      At least you can find a way to make new friends with your school mates and share everything you want to keep yourself happy.
      Ask anyone who can keep you accompany when you are alone.
      Talk to cousin or sibling and share some jokes and forget the problems.
      If you have any problems share with someone who can help to solve your problem like teachers, social worker or principal. Don’t try to bottle up all the problem inside your heart because it might keep breaking your heart and fill with hatred. I am happy that you had manage your anger.

      1. Yes shreya parichary is right. I was also bullied in school and college. And believe me it was my worst time. As I was an ugly duckling of my class. But then I started ignoring them and stopped caring for wat others felt for me. And now I m relatively very happy than before.

  15. Episode was ok.but nothing interesting.precap was worst. I hate that shaggy and small shaggy Pihu and Mani the lunatic .
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Sarita mino siddhi Aisha and all yhm friends.

  16. I hate even the character ruhicvs have spoiled her character too much that she is behaving like an adult.insread of going to school she is at home and acting as if as big woman. Who will like a woman at the age of 15 years without studying being a big business man’s daughter.

    1. Yes I too don’t get it at 15yrs how they r expecting that ruhi is joining business. Why they don’t show her going to her school and then preparing for her colle

    2. Khushiarvind

      Ya rithu, evn i have the same doubt.. Y she is nt going ti school.. Behavin glikr an aged lady giving away lectures.. She is becoming jr ishu… She shld concentrate in studies nd building up a career

  17. High voltage drama is going to unfold in Raman and Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    Ishta makes ACP Abhishek believe that she is assure about Adi can never harm anyone and there is must be a secret.

    ACP does not is ready to convince with Ishita but Ishita request him for giving a chance to bring out truth.

    Abhishek then makes Ishita arrest and sends her to the jail while Adi is shocked seeing Ishita in jail.
    Adi gets shocked by Ishita went to Tihad jail

    Adi tells Abhishek that Ishima can never do this so please leave her but one more shocked wait for him when constable takes Ishita for Tihad jail.

    Ishita thinks that Adi will reveal truth seeing her in pain.

    Adi thinks that Ruhi threw acid on Aaliya but reality is that it was Nidhi who disguised to as Ruhaan trapping Ruhi.

    Will Adi confess truth in front of Ishita?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  18. Silentreader

    its actually nidhi’s plan as she said she wanted to avenge herself from ruhi who hit her… once..

  19. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Upcoming drama with Pihu

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Raman and Ishita get shattered as Shagun wins Pihu’s custody.

    Raman goes to meet Pihu in her school but Shagun warns Raman to stay away from Pihu and informs teachers to not let Raman and Ishita meet Pihu.

    Soon in the series to come Shagun will throw Pihu’s birthday party.

    Raman and Ishita disguise themselves as Charlie Chaplin and clown and attend Pihu’s birthday party to wish Pihu.

    However Pihu will suddenly go missing and Shagun will learn about Raman and Ishita’s presence in the party.

    Shagun will hence blame Raman and Ishita for kidnapping Pihu.

    Let’s see what happens next on the show.

  20. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Adi seeks doctor’s help along with Ruhi and Aliya to get himself hypnotised to find out the real culprit.

    Aliya apologize to Adi for distrusting him, Adi enlightens that he regret being drunk that day or else he would have saved Aliya.

    Soon in the series to come it will be revealed that Ruhi in Ruhaan’s get up attacked Aliya.

    Adi will get shocked to see Ruhaan’s face and will confess that he is guilty as he cannot blame Ruhi.

    Ishita will suspect Adi and will get arrested taking the entire blame on herself to reveal Adi’s secret.

    Let’s see will Adi reveal the truth.

  21. Both niddhi and shagun should go to jail with Pihu and Mani knowing shagun ‘s truth. Then Mani should repent on his doings.

  22. Hi Sindhu, VP, Shivani, AZ, Jaz, Rithu, Ardtya, Monique, Khushi & All THe YHM Fans,

    Hi Guyd Don’t u think this show is sooooo Boring & No story at all. Why is IShu & Raman all the time suffering ??? from the time the Serial Started they both have been suffering & Never had an hour of happiness even.Why only this family is having problems & every time for doing nothing or no wrong. someone always the culprit & they are accused at every turn..What about the wicked lot Ashok, Niddhi, Sagun & Now Mani.. what a rotter he turned out to be What happened to Romi? actually we are really silly to watch or read these up dates as only our blood is boiling & we are getting stressed out. again poor Ardi gets confused & think Ruhi threw acid. why beat around the bush just dragging the story can’t they show that Ardi didn’t do it & someone took a photo & showed it was Niddhi or who ever other than Any Bhalla family members. i am soo SAD & ANGRY with the CV”S for spoiling all the innocent characters. & letting off the culprits. exp Ashok who has no other business than looking into The Bhalla’s problems. When are they getting caught. Shagun was very evil but she got away with everything so disgusting. Hope u guys are with me. as this has become a joke not a serial. sorry to say. Ok Have Fun Luv to All God Bless u. All Keep calm don’t stress.. ha ha ha

  23. Real culprit of Aliya is that witch niddhi .but ruhi gets trapped. And poor ishitha hot herself arrested all because if that shagun and niddhi.

  24. Why are many people leaving this site.i am an old commentor of this site and I have seen many people leaving this site .they are not commenting once a month or once in six months. They have left this site forever I think. And now also many are not coming to this site.before there used to be minimum 100 comments but now it’s very rare to reach even 100 comments here.

  25. Bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    Why ruhi didn’t go to the school .and i hate u shagun

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