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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman relaxing at home. Neelu asks is he fine. He says yes, and asks about everyone. She tells about family gone to Pammi’s house. He goes to rest. A lady says Manoj that they have found a surrogate mother for Ishita’s baby and gives the file. Manoj thanks her and sees the file Laxmi Patel. He says Shagun will be very happy knowing this. Ashok shows Ishita’s photo to the killer and says she will be wearing green saree, she should not reach the Ganesh puja, if you get caught, tell police that Raman has sent you to murder Ishita. Ishita leaves from her clinic and calls Raman. Raman is sleeping at home. She thinks why is he not taking call, does he know about reaching Pammi’s house.

Mrs. Bhalla calls Ishita and asks her to come soon. Ishita says she

will come in 20mins. Mrs. Bhalla says its bad weather, just take care and come well. The nurse compliments Ishita and her beautiful saree. Ishita goes out and sees the bad weather. She gets tensed and feels like someone is behind her. She looks around. She goes towards her car.

Raman wakes up and sees the time. He says I missed puja, and calls Ishita. He gets her phone unreachable and hears Ruhi and Adi. Adi and Ruhi argue in kitchen about modak making. Ruhi says we will make it and take Prasad for puja. Raman comes there and smiles. Raman asks why are they wearing green. Ruhi says its puja’s dress code. Raman says fine and helps them in making modak. Mr. Bhalla asks them to come fast now. The kids leave with modaks. Raman says he will come later. The door bell rings and he goes out to see if its kids again. He getsa green dupatta with blood marks and Ishita’s name with blood on the paper.

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He gets shocked and asks Neelu whose saree is this. Neelu recalls talking to Ishita and getting that saree from her cupboard. Ishita asks her to send it to her clinic, she has to wear it in puja. Neelu says its Ishita’s saree, how is she. Raman says she will be fine, I will go clinic, if anyone calls, you call me, don’t tell anyone.

Mr. Bhalla, Appa and kids come home and tell about Raman making modaks for Prasad. Pammi says they have kept a fair this time and also games for kids. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to take kids in fair. Pammi asks about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she left, she will come. Raman comes to clinic and comes to know Ishita went from clinic and was wearing green saree. Ashok is anxiously waiting for the killer’s sound. The killer calls Ashok and says he did the work as Ashok said. Ashok says fantastic, if police asks, say Raman’s name. Suraj looks on. Ashok says Ishita Bhalla is dead, we won, Raman lost and will go to jail, I will send that Cd to police.

Ashok drinks that I have won and laughs. He says Ishita is dead, no one can stop us now. Suraj is tensed and drinks. Raman is on the way and gets Ishita’s number not reachable. He says someone is scaring me, nothing can happen to her. Raman calls Manoj and asks about Ishita, saying call me when she comes there. Manoj says she is not here, what happened. Shagun hears this and asks what happened to Ishita. Manoj says relax, you need rest. She says its all my mistake, I was trapped there and did not get proof. She hears what happened there and says whatever happened, its my mistake. Manoj consoles her. He says you wanted Ishita to become mum, I have a good news for you, I got a surrogate mother, we will do her tests, if its fine, that lady will become surrogate mum. She asks did Raman and Ishita opt for surrogacy. He says yes, but just Raman agreed, he will convince Ishita. Shagun gets glad and says I m so happy for them. Manoj smiles seeing her.

The lady Laxmi Patel comes to meet Manoj and greets Manoj and Shagun. He says Shagun is from NGO who works for women and kids. Shagun says you are doing a great work, and giving happiness to a woman. Laxmi says she is doing this for money, her husband is jobless and so he agreed. Shagun says you will give happiness to a couple and fulfill a woman’s dream to become a mum, you are like an angel, thanks. Manoj says I will explain the process and we have to do some tests, come.

Raman is on the way and panics being unable to find Ishita. Deva Shree Ganesha………….plays in BG. Raman calls Mrs. Bhalla. Her phone is in purse and does not see his call. Raman sees a red car and stops. He sees the number and leaves, saying where are you Ishita. Raman calls Abhishek and says Ishita is nowhere, I got her saree pallu with blood on it, she is nowhere, do something. Raman shows Ishita’s pic to people on the road and tries finding her.

Raman comes in the function and looks for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Ishita,. He hides his tears and says she would be coming, I will see. Raman does aarti and prays.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Seriously yaar ekta serials me sirf pregnancy, second marriages, extra martial affairs, aur sab all serials same storyline in different ways same actors n the stuff… Arey yaar family values kahan hain????

  2. Aur uspar se ye show yhm 2 times telecast hota hai saraswathichandr jaise show ko offair kardiya gaya vo bi is show ko 2 times dikhane ke liye….. I really don’t understand wats wrong with this channel.. Ab recently badtameez dil offair kardiya manmarziyan offair kardiya saare achche shows nikaldiye

  3. yep. No surrogacy….. If there is a surrogacy track,we can’t watch ruhi and ishita’s bond. Then ishita character is useless. It’s better kill ishita than surrogacy.

  4. Makers have spoiled the lovely family story … Its like a Bollywood movie now with all nonsense twists..

    It would have been nice if they have concentrate on showing how a step-mother should be in a family like Ishita.. further they should have make Ishita a mom of her own child and at the same time be a nice mom to her Ruhi and Adi and treat all 3 kids equally so that there’s a unity between husband and wife, unity between kids Ruhi, Adi and new baby, unity between in-laws .. That would have been a good example to the world..

    Instead, the makers like to make Shagun highlighted through the surrogacy.

    hate YHM

  5. Its better end YHM now itself than showing murders, extra marital relationships, crimes etc etc… Ekta can take a new serial with Shagun with all these nonsense.. Please don’t squize in these nonsense a family story…

    The day Shagun re-enter into Bhalla’s house early this year, the YHM became so boring

  6. We are really fools to watch and then give comments .

    1. FYII read only the written episodes……………

  7. Ganesh utsav is going bring lots of twists
    and turn for the couple Raman and Ishita’s
    Raman is worried seeing blood on saree
    and also not found Ishita anywhere.
    Ramn gets bad intuition as Ishita and his
    beloved one life in danger.
    Raman gets restless recalling Ishita as he
    thinks that Ishita might be in problem.
    Ishita returns safely from the clinic which
    gives a big relax to Raman.
    Raman tells Ishita about his fear losing
    their beloved one.
    Ishita consoles Raman by telling that
    everything is fine but Raman is not ready
    to believe it.
    Furthermore, Raman both sisters Simmi
    and Rinky’s life in danger in which Simmi
    will get hospitalized while Rinky get
    murdered by someone in mysterious way.
    Is Ashok behind Rinky ‘s murder?
    Will Ishita and Raman find out the truth?

  8. simmi ne bhi ishitha ki tarah saadi pehni hai .

  9. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s upcoming
    sequence will definitely leave its
    viewers jaw-dropped as one of the
    prominent characters of the show
    Rinky will be murdered!
    Shocked? YHM fans gear up for
    some shocking TWISTS in the
    upcoming sequence. If sources are
    to be believed then makers are set to
    introduce a major twist where
    Raman’s sister Rinki will be
    Apparently, Rinki will become the
    target of Ashok’s evil plan which
    was meant for Ishita. But the plan
    backfires and his hired goon will kill
    Rinki instead of Ishita.
    Also Raman’s other sister Simi’s
    life is in danger! During the Ganesha
    Puja at Pammy aunty’s house, Bhalla
    family realises that both Simmi and
    Rinki are missing.
    On seeing Ishita, Raman takes a sigh
    of relief he hugs Ishita seeing her
    hale and hearty.
    But soon his happiness will turn sour
    on knowing that Rinki becomes the
    victim of Ashok evil plan while Simi
    is hospitalised.
    Actually Rinki will wear a sari
    similar to that of Ishita and the goon
    gets confused, he kidnaps her
    instead of Ishita and later kills her
    On seeing his lovely sister’s dead
    body, Raman will be shattered and
    vow to take his sister’s revenge.
    Also, Bhalla family will be seeing
    mourning the death of their lovely
    daughter Rinki. So get ready for
    some high voltage drama in the
    upcoming episodes of YHM and stay
    tuned for more news and updates.

  10. I think Raman will blame ishita for rinki death

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