Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Raman confronts Romi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi promising Pooja that he will come to meet her. He makes her leave. Ishita comes and gives him clothes. Nikhil looks on. He asks her to make dosa for him, he is missing Mihika. She goes asking if he will ask coffee as well. He says yes.

Nikhil gets angry and goes to Raman. He says you are sitting here, I came to tell you something. Raman asks him to leave, Nikhil says its about your family respect, Pooja has an affair with a married man, that’s Romi. Raman gets shocked. He asks Raman will he call press now. He says I was innocent, you defamed me, Romi is characterless, what will you do now, I m with you, you will tell this truth to your family. Raman says I won’t say. Nikhil says sorry, I will forget you are Ruhi’s Papa and tell them the truth. He


Mrs. Bhalla shows the jewelry for Ruhi’s marriage. Ishita says but we decided we won’t get her married so soon. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we will give it after some years. They decide to keep jewelry for all girls. Simmi comes and doesn’t listen to them. She misunderstands that all jewelry is for Ruhi. She goes. Adi asks Romi did he buy any gift for Mihika, you will be beaten up when she comes. Romi says no, I m having fun alone, I took a gift, its a surprise. Raman comes there.

Pooja says I got good company here, I have to leave now. She goes. Raman asks Romi to come, he has to talk something imp. He gets Romi to room. Romi asks what happened. Raman slaps him and scolds him for the affair with Pooja. Romi asks how did you know this. Raman says oh God, it means this is true, what will I tell everyone. Romi says beat me, its my mistake. Raman says I will kill you for this. Romi says I was drunk. Raman slaps him and says you didn’t remember Mihika, fool. Romi says we were together and drunk, I m regretting for this. Raman says you should regret.

Romi cries and says you kill me, but help me. Raman asks what help. Romi says Pooja is blackmailing me, she is saying if I don’t keep relation with her, she will tell everyone, my marriage will break, please forgive me, save me. Ishita comes and asks what happened, tell me.

Nikhil says I have a feeling that your parents will accept me. Raman asks Romi to tell Ishita. He lies to her. She asks them to come and have sweets. Raman makes work excuse and goes. Nikhil sees Romi.

Raman warns Pooja and asks her to stay away from Romi. She defends herself. She says Romi wants to keep relation with me, he is blackmailing me, you know him, you trust him. He says I will not leave you if he is right. He goes. She says Romi, you can’t get rid of me so soon.

Bala asks Kiran why are you angry. Shitija says you didn’t get diwali gift for her. Ishita comes and says he asked me to get it, as my choice is good. Bala gives gift to Kiran. Ishita asks them to enjoy.

Simmi checks jewelry for Ananya. Ishita comes and gives the necklace. Simmi says you don’t take load, its my mum’s jewelry, I can take it anytime I want. Ishita wishes she could explain Simmi. Adi helps Aaliya. She tells about her friend’s first Diwali, her husband gifted her diamond ring. He fills sindoor in her maang and says this is my special gift. He makes her close eyes. He makes her wear a necklace and compliments her. She says its lovely. They wish happy diwali to each other. Ishita says I m worried, we have to do something of Simmi, she gets wrong meaning of everything. Romi comes and looks on. Raman says I can’t handle this, I don’t know if anyone gets sorrow. She asks what. He says I will tell everyone after diwali puja. He gets a call and asks are you sure… He thinks how can this happen.

Ishita says Ruhi is young, can we keep marriage after her masters. Nikhil tells Ruhi that Ishita is postponing their marriage. Romi says I m making Nikhil’s car brakes fail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love u Romi..too hot!!!

  2. please do something to Raman s hairstyle and hair colour, with kinds of accessories (black is better) he s looking horrible. Not like the good old raman so smart, handsome and dashing. We want our hero back.

  3. Charu prakash

    Eventhogh I find it cruel and insensitive of Mrs.Bhalla to insult Shagun’s motherhood,I don’t want to laugh at her this soon.I really pity her.It’s really unfortunate for her to know her child’s philandering ways.I mean,Mrs.Bhalla and Romi!Once again Raman lied to Ishita.As a couple they never trust each other and Raman is worried more of her interfering nature and blowing things out of proportion!!!Can’t blame him for that!!

  4. yhm is going on becoming very dirty serial with this affair only please do some shines with pure relation ships every time family members faces some problems raman and ishita will save.what is this please put some new love,family affection and responsibilites. Put some epsiodes like elevating raman heroism in all different modules his character looking like only for name sake so put he is like in dual role like that it will be some interest.

  5. Hi All
    Yes ,please can something be done about Raman’s apprearance. I think he looked very hot when he had that short cropped hairstyle.
    At least he is not blaming Ishita for whats happening. And God Simmi, is such a brat. My mothers jewels I can take it when I want..I mean really. How many years has Isihita been there has sheever demanded anything. Think reminds me of when Rinki turned the whole family against Raman and Ishita. Thank goodness Mrs Bhalla has some sense. Imagine how it would be if all turned against Ishita and Raman.

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