Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Ishita on phone. He tells Ishita about the office documents. She says she will come there, she is going for dance classes. He says fine and ends call. He recalls in FB that Ishita did not like that dance, she likes classical dance. He feels weird and goes to attend his meeting. Amma says I m worried for Ishu. Appa says she will be fine. Amma says she looked changed, she likes to celebrate festivals and now she did not come home, did not do puja and aarti, I have placed idol at home, but Ishita did not come home. He pacifies her to give some time to Ishita.

Mihir and Mihika are in meeting. Abhishek comes there and Mihika goes out to meet him. He asks what is she doing here. She says office work is imp, this is my workplace, I don’t want people

to say anything. Mihir meets Abhishek and says I have called him. They go to Mihir’s cabin to talk. Mihir asks why are they so serious, he wanted to invite them for dinner, he has shifted back to his home. Abhishek asks whats the need. Mihir says you both are together, so its fine, don’t refuse, I want you both to come. Abhishek says sure.

Mihika talks to Abhishek. Abhishek says maybe he will get jealous seeing us on dinner, give it one more try. She says this would be last time, then I will end this acting, thanks, you are really a good friend. She goes. He says there is no hope, I have to assure her that I m right for her, I love her and want her.

Romi is worried thinking did mum talk to Raman or not. He attends the call and asks for some more time to pay rent. He asks what, payment is done. He gets glad and thanks Mrs. Bhalla. He hugs her and praises her. He says you told Raman, that’s why rent is clear. She says I did not talk to Raman. Romi asks what, then who has paid rent. Sarika smiles and says I did, you felt I won’t know, when I have seen you in tension, I found out and paid rent by taking loan from my company. Romi goes. Sarika goes after him. Romi and Sarika argue in the room, as his ego has got hurt.

She cries and says I wanted to help you, like Ishita helps Raman. Romi says Ishita does not show when she helps Raman, why did you help me. Sarika asks can you just beg to Raman. He shouts and asks her not to take Raman’s name. Mrs. Bhalla hears them and says I knew they will fight, Sarika and Romi are not like Ishita and Raman. She asks Romi to listen and he goes. Amma comes there. Neelu says someone came to meet Ishita. The man says Ishita has purchased a designer saree worth 125000rs. They get shocked. The man says she had less cash, she gave me this address and asked me to collect cash from home.

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Ishita’s “Shagun avatar” to shock Raman…

Mrs. Bhalla says I will give you Raman’s office address and sends him to collect cash from Raman. They wonder how did Ishita buy designer saree, she does not like it, I can’t believe this, she can’t do this. Amma says but Shagun could do this. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun….Bala comes home and asks Vandu to check messages on her phone. He sits with Shravan.

Vandu checks messages. Shravan leaves. Vandu says how can this man message me like this, disgusting, you see. Bala reads the message and laughs. He says maybe this man is your old friend or lover, you were hot in college time, and still you are hot. She asks her to meet her friend. She asks are you mad, I m married and happy. He says yes, you don’t need to be afraid, if he crosses line, you explain him that I m married to Bala. She asks why shall I go to meet him. He says like I was chatting, I felt confident and changed, your life is boring, try something new. She asks you mean I m some stranger. He says I m saying just meet, not run away with him. She says I feel this is stupid. He insists. She says fine, just because you are saying.

Raman waits for the meeting at the hotel. He says he is waiting for his wife to get her signs. Ashok and Suraj come there. Suraj asks Ashok not to argue with Raman here. Ashok greets Raman and walks ahead. They all get shocked seeing Ishita wearing designer saree, earrings and hairdo like Shagun. Ashok and Raman see Shagun in her, as Shagun used to wear such clothes. They both get shocked seeing Ishita.

Ishita walks past Raman and goes to Ashok. She smiles and greets Ashok. She asks him not to stare like this, what will people say, you are shocked right, I impressed you a lot. Raman asks her what is she doing, is she fine. She asks Raman not to be jealous. He takes her for the meeting. Ashok and Suraj are stunned. Ashok asks Suraj to see, Ishita was behaving like Shagun and has worn similar clothes. Suraj says leave it, come for meeting.

They attend the meeting. Raman looks at Shagun, and even Ashok is clueless. Ashok takes mushroom to eat and she suddenly holds his hand. She gets close to him and stops him. She asks whats wrong with you Ashok, you are allergy with mushroom, did you forget? He gets shocked and looks at her. Raman too gets shocked and is speechless. Ishita takes the fork from Ashok’s hand and keeps it. She asks what is he seeing like this, does he feel she worries for him, he is mistaken. She says actually I m not concerned for your life, as you still need to get more punishments. She flirts with him and smiles. She goes back to Raman. Raman looks at her.

Ashok gets a paper and checks the sign on it. He looks at Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. YHM:Raman and Ishita to end up with new partners post 5 year leap

    As per the latest news a major twist is soon going to be introduced in the popular Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) soon will end up with new partners.

    As per the sources, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is soon heading for five years leap and the story track will see an immense change.

    It will be seen that Raman and Ishita will part their ways and will settle down with different partners.

    The makers of the show have approached Pyar Ka Dard Hai fame Disha Parmar and Mahabharat fame Sourabh Raj Jain to be partners of Raman and Ishita respectively.

    This is surely an heartbreaking news for diehard fans of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Raman Ishita.

  2. bhagi

    oh my god i have no words i mean how could ishu flirt with ashok arey pehle raman,rinkhi aur sarikha ki characters ko spoil kar diya aab vo kafhi nahi hai kya ishu ka character ko bhi esa bana diya i mean i know ye ghoast vagaira ka kuch chakkar hai par phir bhi its such a crap we want to see ishra scenes yar nt this crap plz is track ko jaldi hi khatham kar dijiye plz

  3. episode was ok .precap mein ishitha shagun ki sign kaise daal sakthi hai . mrs .iyer aur toshiji ko ishitha ki harkathe shagun se match hone ka shak ho gaya hai aur raman bhi sab jaantha hai phir bhi kuch nahi kar raha hai .raman ko dekhke bahuth becharaa lag raha hai .

  4. Ekta Kapoor’s serials are famous for
    it’s story which will be filled with a
    lot of Twists and Turns.One of her
    popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    best known for Raman and ishita’s
    chemistry and off course the Story
    Now the writers are going to Spice up
    the Drama with some new
    characters.Actors Saurabh Raaj Jain
    and Disha Parmar have been
    approached to join the popular TV
    show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”.
    According to a source of TellyChakkar,
    the show will take a leap of five years
    in the coming months and before the
    leap, Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) will get separated
    and both of them will get new partners
    post the leap.
    The show’s makers will reportedly
    pair up Raman with Disha and Ishita
    with Saurabh.
    “Disha and Saurabh have been
    approached to play prominent roles in
    ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’. Both the
    actors have been previously
    associated with Star Plus for ‘Pyar Ka
    Dard Hai’ and ‘Mahabharat’,” the
    source said.
    “If all goes well, they will be the new
    partners of Ishita and Raman post
    their separation which will happen
    just before the leap. The story will
    take an all new twist post their entry
    on the show,” the source added.
    But Disha Parmar denied the news of
    Joining Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on her
    twitter saying “That’s not True!! ”
    Well,We have to wait and watch for
    more updates.

  5. Yar ekta aisa kaise kr skti h. First 10 yr leap then no leap and now 5 yr leap. Seriously mujhe to lagta h ki wo pagal ho gyi h akhir wo aisa kr hi kyu rhi ishra ke beech sari misunderstanding clear ho gyi h phir wo leap dekar kyu is show ko bekar kr rhi h. Mujhe lagta h wo is show ki unique storyline se batak gyi h step mother daughter rekationship. O god please show her rite path. We all want our old YHM back. Some ishra nok jhok some romance ishruadi scenes and their happy family scenes.

  6. Actors Saurabh Raaj Jain and Disha Parmar have been approached to join the popular TV show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ”.
    According to a source, the show will take a leap of five years in the coming months and before the leap, Raman (Karan
    Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will get separated and both of them will get new partners post the leap.
    The show’s makers will reportedly pair up Raman with Disha and Ishita with Saurabh.
    “Disha and Saurabh have been approached to play prominent roles in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ . Both the actors have been
    previously associated with Star Plus for ‘Pyar Ka Dard Hai’ and ‘ Mahabharat’,” the source said.
    “If all goes well, they will be the new partners of Ishita and Raman post their separation which will happen just before the
    leap. The story will take an all new twist post their entry on the show,” the source added.
    (Source: IANS)

  7. sbb mein dikhaaya ki anitha aka shagun jald hi yhm chod degi kyunki usse ekta ki hi doosra serial nagin karna hai .par plz ekta and makers dony bring leap and ishraruhadi seperation and that too 5 years leap.

  8. jab poori duniya ko saaf saaf yeh dikhtha hai ki ishitha shagun ki tarah behave kar rahi hai toh raman aur ishitha ke beech konsa misunderstanding aur yeh sab leap kyu .what the hell is thos news revolving around .totally against it .

  9. want our old yhm -unique good
    charming interesting rocking awesome excellent
    ishraruhadi and all old yhm .plz makers and
    ekta .its a humble request .plzzzzz….. yhm
    rockzzzzz….. like before with your rocking

    • dip

      There is no satisfying you guys. One day you say show is getting boring do not drag the show. Next day you say you want old storyline dragged on and on. When they decide to end a show you want the opposite and say dont stop the show. Never satisfied.. Always complaining no matter what is done to show.

      • we want our old yhm without any leap and dragging the show . how can we be satisfied by watching just craps in a serial .irrespective of the veiwers or fans choice or taste . what the serial revolves around they should bring the stories relating to it .but when the makers of the show does not want to satisfy fans or veiwers then we have to be always unsatisfied.

  10. dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    in yhm .
    Dil Se Dil Ka Rishta Jo Hai …….
    Pal Do Pal Me Tutta Nahi…….
    Bandhan Dilo Ka Chutta Nahi…….
    Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana
    In Ankhon Se Har Anshu Mujhko Chura
    Mujhko Churana Hai…..
    Mujhko Churana Hai..
    Tere dil ka mere dil se
    Rishta purana hain
    Teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka ehsaas
    mujhko sun
    Main jo saath tere hu phir tujhe hain ka
    Dard baat lenge ham sun
    In palko mein khushiyo ka sapna sajan
    Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana h
    Kaise main batau yeh tera is tarah ron
    Dekha nahi jaata hain sun
    Shaam jab dhalti hain subah muskurati
    Khushbuye lutati hain sun
    Udaasi ke lamho mein hamein muskur
    Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana h
    In aankho se har aansu
    Mujhko churana hain
    Mujhko churana hain
    Mujhko churana hain.
    after leap this song and ishruhadi scenes wont
    come in yhm .plz makers dont do like this with
    loyal yhm fans .
    Dil kahin rukta nahi
    Dil kahin rukta nahi
    Chalta hi jaye tere ore
    Dil mera sunta nahi
    Saari fizaon hai …
    Mehki hawao mein hai
    Tera aur mera fazana
    Janu main bhi yeh
    Jaane hai tu bhi yeh …
    Jaane yeh saara zamana
    Kabhi kam na hongi ye chahhtein…
    Pal pal badhe ye hai mohabbatein…
    we want this yhm .our old unique good one. not
    the leap one .plz makers understand the fans
    and veiwers.

  11. chiki

    wuts this news abt separation of ishra?? as always i’m against this….and who knows whether this is true or not!!!!!

  12. aashi

    Yhm ek acha show h isme aj tk koi chij unrealistic ni hui to ab q hogi I think k shagun nd ishita mile hue h nd andar kuch story pta chalna ki last m shagun ashok se bat krti thi nd aj ashok k pas jkr ishita k vo diologs..then agar shagun ki soul ishita m gyi bhi h to vo purani shagun jesa q behave kregi vo bhi kbhi kbhi shagun to bad m achi ho gyi thi…jb shagun ki body k liye bola gya to ishita ne hi kha k mre room m bhejo m sajaugi nd ho skta h shagun hi phle ki chije bta rhi ho bas ashok se badla lene k liye usko darane k liye vo sbka vishvas jit rhi ho k usme shagun ki soul h

  13. Randunu

    When YHM fans don’t need a leap,what is Ekta’s favour to separate Ishita and Raman and spice them up with new characters!Please don’t separate them as we love to see them as a family.

  14. aashi

    Muje to pkka lgta h ki ye shagun nd ashok ki kuch kahani h bich m…nd ye leap kuch ni hoga har bar faltu ki afwah pta ni kon felata b

    • diya

      i agree . bcz frm last yr thr r spoilers cmng about leap nd seperation. par abhi ekta ne ek ko confirm v nhi kiya . leave alone changing the track.

  15. jhanvi

    Oh God yar …..what is dis ????

    Y they are doing all dis….???? Again separation nd leap..????

    No plsssss ….it seems like fans feelings does not matter for d duffer writers….!!!!!

    How can they break so many hearts….

    We don’t want separation or leap… Y u guys are not understanding….

  16. jhanvi

    Actually some times d fake news comes abut YHM …nd only in YHM so many fake news comes always.. Y?????

    I don’t want to believe in this news… BT a big matter is that I can’t even ignore this ( I want to ignore this BT I can’t )

    actually I m deeply connected with YHM nd ishra……we all …..

  17. V P

    Very sad …. What’s happening in Yhm …,unbelievable …. How can the creators portrait Ishitha like this ….. Though Divyanka acts brilliantly . But still just think about fans interest …. Making Raman a fool … He has to see his wife … Flirting with Ashok in a big party …, now hearing separation of Ishra …. Ishitha and Raman loves unconditionally and it’s beautiful to see their chemistry and instead of tracking this to a family story , bringing new partners for Raman and Ishitha is quite unbelievable . Feeling sorry for Raman , what can we say . If psychologically affected get Ishitha treated . Why to bring Shaghuns spirit and Ishitha to find out Rinkis murderer … Other wise also Ishitha was capable of finding the truth … Definitely the death can affect her psychologically .. But not the way it’s shown … Please try to end this serial . Ishitha is very beautiful ….feeling sorry for both Karan and Divyanka , in fact very good actors to act the way they are doing now .

    • diya

      no no no.. ending this track .fine. but ending thiz serials. will die … hamesa ahsa maat bolo yaar ki end this serial . y ?

      • V P

        Sorry Diya. I did not mean to end this serial ………. They have to bring back old Yhm ….. The storyline is completely changing ….. So angry I felt so wrote like that ….

  18. abhi bhi kuch final nahi hua hai toh agar saare fans aur veiwers isske against hokar protest kare toh yeh log phir se leap aur ishra seperation ki baath taal sakthe hai .

  19. Darshika

    Both men were shocked by ishita……!
    Ashok shocked,raman supper shocked…..
    We don’t want leap…..plz……..!
    And please don’t separate ishra……!
    Plz….plz…. Plz….
    From SL

  20. kajal

    Ye ekta pagal ho gai hai. Dimag kharab ho gayahai iska .smaj nai aa raha use kyu leap ke piche padi hai. Pehle 10 years ka ab 5 years ka. God koi isko dimag do
    Dont wAnt seperation smaj nai ata use

  21. vid Hurpaul

    Please no change of partners. It will destroy the beauty of this serial. The ghost track should not be prolonged.

  22. Cham

    How any times have we posted our comments with opposing ideas for this concept? Why can’t they understand that everybody likes nor the leap neither the Ishra separation!First they told that it was a leap of 10 years and good that they have reduced it to 5 ,but what’s the need of it?THE MAKERS and the HORRIBLE WRITER,Do you thing that separating Ishitha and Raman will cause this series, the success?Never! How can that happen?If it is so, you are just destroying the progress and all..This is a story titled ‘This is Love’ and the out come should be about the beautiful and happy marriage life with children and all! There will be nothing like that, by separating and settling people with new partners. Hope you makers have brain, so please try and understand it!
    Anyway nothing is confirmed yet so that I don’t like to believe in the news of separation and leap but it bothers sooo much.

  23. Cham

    Today’s episode was good and it is shown nice where Ishitha and Shagun seeming the same in the same saari. Anyhow,now its the right time that Raman should understand about Ishitha’s condition and waiting for Amma and Toshi because at least they will recognize the difference by keeping their watchful eyes after Ishtha.
    Anyway Ishitha is behaving with people which Shagun used to be with and will it cause problems between Ishra or the family?Will she do as the same which Shagun did? And will Ashok take the benefit from this situation to hurt Raman once again? But I don’t think so, because Ashok will become afraid of Ishitha because Shagun is already dead!
    Hope very soon everyone will get to know the truth as it has started feeling awkward about Ishitha’s behaviour for most of them.Divyanka \’s doing great and wish her the very best!
    From SL

  24. Seeing Ishita behaving like Shagun.
    Makes me laugh at few scenes.
    I am very happy for YHM is now going to be on a right track because Shagun the queen of ruining relationships is dead.
    If the leap is realy going to happen so what is going to be the reason for Raman and Ishita’s seperation.

  25. diya

    todays epi was good .ashoke and raman’s baffld expressions made me laugh
    but am really confused is it really spd , or ghost track or a trap ?!? each nd evry episode is showing new new facets . which one to confirm? nyway the twin sister nd leap news both r fake . leap wala news is fake nd its aprovvd by disha herslf . ye abp news hamesa galat hi blte h. i follow sbb . they give correct ones only . i hv observd . btw is anita really in nagin ? i heard it mouni roy. well not interstd. nyway .. gunnit ppl. keep warching yhm

  26. lalitha

    Ektha u r mad I have to say this ishitha is in Raman’s life only cos of ruhi.. Now how com ishitha will marry some other? If it is happens serial will become characterless and why women will be showing as a characterless all d times.. Uski wife dusreke sath kaise jayegi Ae samaj par b effect hota hai stop this kind story change shagun ko character less kardiya rinki ko kardiya AB ishita wat nonsense dear please stop this kind story

  27. soniya

    If the spoiler is true, why Ekta is so keen to change partners? Is this the message what she wants to convey to families, leave your husband/wife and find another. What an example. First she started with Shagun and Raman, then Rinki and now Ishita?????

    Isn’t it crazy. Just end this crap or show the old YHM

  28. VSD

    What’s the point of leap? What’s the point of separating Ishita and Raman!! For a change they got rid of Shaun and could have started afresh after clearing their misunderstanding but now Shaun’s ghost in Ishitas body is enough to create more problems!! What happened about the case to find out who planned rinki murder? They just showed someone giving money to run away and keep quiet about it but even the ACP is busy in settling his own love life and not working on case to find the truth!! What crap it is.. Do the makers think audience is mad to take such craps?!! Atleast solve the case and get the truth out.. Even if they want a leap then no point of separating the main lead couple as then there’s no charm left in the show!!

  29. humpty

    mujhe sirf itna pata hai ki agar leap hot ahai toh yeh serial bakwas ho jaega , jab nazar aa raha hai ki ishita ke andar shagun ki atma hai toh raman ko is waqt ishita ka saath dena chahiya na ki chod kar serial mei leap hona chahiye infact yeh bonding dikhani chahiye ki joh bhi jaisi bhi situation hai husband apni wife ke saath hamesha hai … please think over it abt the leap that will bring the trp down of the shows.

  30. princess zarah

    It’s really not going to be good………please ekta we fans loves ishu n Raman sure if there is separation bitwin ishurman ,mst of the fans will stp watching,,,,,,,,I don’t want change ,please

  31. we dont want any changes in yhm and just want our old yhm without ishraruhadi seperation and leap .you makers and ekta can introduce new characters and twists but never leap and seperation.

  32. Ishita wears Shagun’s
    clothes and is looking
    like her.
    Shagun’s soul in Ishita’s
    body wants to take
    revenge for Shagun’s
    Raman (Karan Patel)
    imagines Shagun wearing
    same saree and is
    shocked with the
    Ishita comes to meet
    Ashok and flirts with him.
    Ashok and Suraj get
    shocked seeing her
    acting like Shagun.
    Raman gets tensed, while
    Ashok wonders what
    happened to her as she
    used to taunt him always.
    Raman takes Ishita with
    him and was clueless
    about her behavior.
    Sometimes it is shown as
    Shagun’s ghost entered
    Ishita, or it might be
    Shagun and Ishita’s trick
    to bring Sarika truth out.
    stay with us for further

  33. Darshika

    guys…… Very Goooooooooood news…..!!!

    “That’s not true.!! Where is this coming from??” said Disha Parmar.

    So chill friends…..! Enjoy yhm.

  34. Darshika

    I think that this is a mental problem….. And I like ishita’s new hair style and dressing manner.
    But sometimes ishita isn’t suited shagun’s behaviour. Sometimes it’s ok.

    Ekta and cvs can’t ALWAYS show ishra romance or ishita ruhi bond.
    Ashok shocked and he didn’t try to flirt with ishita. Coz he has leart so many lessons from ishita. Now ashok has totally confused and he reminds Shagun….!!! Hahahaha…… Waiting for next epi. Coz thosi and madawi doubted about ishita’s behaviour…..!
    Bala and vandu are very nice couple. Still can’t imagine that who will win mihika.
    I like this epi.

    • jhanvi

      Ishita is sweet nd cute that’s y this attitude behaviour dsnt suits her some times BT it’s OK for a change ….she is looking gorgeous…!!!!!

  35. Prisiclla

    Ishita is good and Raman and Ishita pair looks so nice. Shaguns ghost in Ishita is a good twist and made the serial so interesting. But why to part Raman and Ishita? Its not at all a good idea. Please donot part them and let all know that there is a ghost in ishita body.
    Parting them and pairing them with other partners will ruin the serial and everyone will get disappointed and losses interest in watching. Please keep Ishita and Raman together. Shagun was also not there then there is no sense on parting them. They makes a good pair. Please reveal that there is a ghost in Ishita body.

  36. Usually whenever we hear about some spooky
    twists in a family or romantic drama on TV, we tend
    to cringe and avoid the show for some time. But
    YHM has surprisingly got us all hooked to it waiting
    to watch more of it. Here are some reasons the
    show has become all the more interesting die to
    this spooky twist.
    Ishita Turns Ghost
    1 . Divyanka as Ghost
    Divyanka looks very innocent and has always been
    doing positive roles in her career. It’s something
    new for her fans to see her playing a possessed
    lady. It’s intriguing to see her playing Ishita and
    Shagun at the same time. The shift from being
    Ishita to Shagun is so quick and convincing that any
    viewer who has loved Divyanka so far will be
    astonished to see the actress perfectly portraying
    the dual characters simultaneously. Also, the
    actress has also been successful in scaring us with
    her mysterious expressions especially in the
    sequence where Ishita and Raman visits Shagun’s
    place recently and Ishita brings back Shagun’s
    clothes along with her.
    Also Read: Ye Hai Mohabbatein : 4 Things That
    Would Be Interesting To See After The Show Turns

  37. ifra

    10 Shows With Highest TRP This WeekSaath Nibhana Saathiya 4.7Ye Hai Mohabetein 4.5Kumkum Bhagya 4.3Swaragini 4Sasural Simar Ka 3.9Diya Aur Baati Hum 3.9Udann 3.7Balika Vadhu 3.2Comedy Nights Bachao 2.8Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2.8

  38. Deepika

    hopeless people want to spoil good family serial.
    what a ekta kapoor style non sense going on with ishita behaving like shagun.. looks like ekta wants to make krishna cottage 2

  39. Saumya

    Mujhe toh yeh separation aur leap vali baat fake lag rahi hai. Ishu aur Raman ek sath kitne achche lagte hain. I don’t want their separation and this leap of 5 years. Is se ye serial bahut bekar ho jayega. And I never want that.

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