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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma bringing the tantric at home. Ishita thinks he is fraud and she will see him. The tantric chants mantras and says this is that woman who has the spirit. He asks everyone to move back. Prateek comes there and thinks to do anything, else don’t know what will tantric do with Ishita. He stops the tantric. He asks where is Raman, he would have not let this happen. Raman comes and says I would have let this happen, spirit should leave Ishita. Prateek asks what is he saying. Raman says let spirit leave, let tantric do this work. Ishita thinks she has to be strong and prove Raman that she is not acting, she will kick out this fraud tantric, he is spreading blind faith.

The tantric’s men catch her. She asks them to leave her. She says Raman, I m your love,

stop them. Raman says no one will stop, let this happen. The men tie her legs and hands. Mihir stops Appa. The tantric starts the process. Raman thinks just Ishita can stop this. Ishita feels helpless, she has to know who is helping Ashok, this drama is necessary, I m sorry. She shouts on the tantric and says you can’t control me. He laughs. Mrs. Bhalla says whats this bad smell. The tantric says this bad smell means the spirit is bad and evil. Ishita thinks bad smell is coming by putting chemical in fire, I will see you.

Raman wishes Ishita says the truth. Ishita says Raman, you told you love me, you always cheated me, you left me for Ishita, save me, you think this fraud baba will get Ishita rid of me, he is torturing your Ishita, I will never leave Ishita. Mihika comes there and asks them to stop it. The men hold Mihika. Mihika asks Raman to stop them. Raman asks her to stop it. Mihika requests Mihir. Mihir says I m helpless, Raman took this decision. Mihika and Prateek try to stop them. Ishita frees herself and takes a knife. Ishita beats the tantric. Amma asks tantric to do anything, she will give him much money to get Shagun out. Ishita scolds her for doing this. She makes the tantric leave and says she will not go from this house, all cheaters stay here, Raman lied to me, he asked me to make his fav dish, shall I make black daal, did Raman Bhalla win when I made butter chicken, I knew you are taking my test.

She says Mihir left me for Raman, she will not look his sister, they all betrayed her. She says I will show what Shagun can do. Romi holds her and says Bhabhi calm down. She feels sorry, but she is helpless. She puts knife at his neck and threatens to kill him. They all get shocked. Sarika says not Romi, please… Raman says enough of drama, leave him. Ishita says I will make Ishita kill someone today. Everyone cry and request her to leave him. Raman says enough Ishita. Ishita says you all love Ishita, why should I kill Romi, I will kill Ishita. She puts knife at her wrist. They all get shocked.

She cuts her nerve to hurt herself, and thinks this was only way to show she has Shagun’s spirit in her. Prateek is shocked. They all take her to room. Appa asks Amma why did she get tantric, see what happened now. Prateek thinks he did not see any woman like Ishita, she has hurt herself to prove Raman, she did not do this right, she can’t hurt anyone, she loves everyone so much.

The students see Suraj going to the jeweler shop. They think maybe Suraj is celebrating for passing exam with good marks and buying gift for his wife. The other guy says Suraj is not married. They go and talk to Dinesh asking what did Suraj buy. They fool Dinesh and get info. Dinesh says Suraj bought necklace for Vandita. The guy says Suraj bought necklace worth 18 lakhs, so this is the reason he topped. Raman sits beside Ishita while she is sleeping. He apologizes to her for doubting on her.

Raman apologizes to Ishita. She asks him not to say this and hugs him. They cry. Ishita tells Prateek that she can’t harm anyone and cries. Abhishek and Prateek come to some flat and confront Simmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hey rithu r u ??? thnkuu for giving us those infos .. 🙂

  2. Nd yeah…… Don’t know what’s going on in suraj’s mind…. Nd what will happen next….

    Nd pls reaveal at least one of d truths lyk who is helping Ashok…???? Who is real murderer of Rinki..???? Nd what is simmi doing ?????

    Yeah may be today we will get to know bout simmi….. Waiting for that…!!!!!

  3. Nd I forgot one thing guys…., tomorrow Raman will say sorry to ishu Nd ishu will get emotional by thinking that Raman loves her too much Nd she have to do this Nd hurt him only for his sake….. Nd then emotional hug scene…. !!!!! So sweet …!!!!!!!

    Nd yeah mihir can’t do this coz he was out of station, he came back only before some days ,so I don’t think he is d culprit ..Nd yeah how can he inform Ashok bout what’s going in house, ……..I don’t know y BT I feel that it’s only sarika.. She killed Rinki may be Ashok got d news from smwhere Nd he is blackmailing her so she is doing this….Nd writers r confusing us by this dragging…..

    1. Sorry I mean today….. Nt tomorrow

  4. Hey I voted for all yhm cast who were all nominated and for the show too plz guys you people also try

  5. But some ppl have said(in fb), “don’t drag this track”

  6. Truly the ghost session dragging a lot though it conveys a message to those who believes on thanthri and all . Liked the way Raman became strong and Ishra love is something that nobody can break or separate …. … If the makers keep their love inspite of all these drama , well and good …. We viewers love them a lot … Their chemistry is something beyond words to express …. Yesterday’s episode Divyanka was so beautiful in blue saree plus the blouse too with not full sleeve looked well on her . Off screen she looks much thinner than onscreen . Now the track when Mihir says Bhabi can’t hurt anyone was a beautiful message to Raman . This is what we wanted . But the process of finding the culprit is too unbelievable . And portraiting Simmi to negative … Very sad . The thing is that the Yhm actors are feeling the pulse that’s why Mrs Bhalla and Simmi wants to leave . All the actors of Yhm deserves a big applause to make the serial so good . If one actor or actress is not seen for a while we miss them …. We love Yhm we love all actors and actresses and the most Raman and Ishitha . Indigestible factor is two wives being together …… God knows again Shaghun can turn negative …. Can claim for her kids … We will wait and see . Appreciate Rithshree for her efforts to let us know what’s coming …. For all of you to know I am an elderly person …. In my while life watched and watching only Yhm becoz of its uniqueness , and still wants this serial to move on the same way unlike all other serials . Hope Raman and Ishitha will bag a lot of awards …. And Diya I totally agree with what you have said

    1. I really dnt thnk they will actually leave cz thr is no confirmation abput it . Shehnaz may feel that …but y simmi she is gettin much imp nd doing negetive stuff or a grey charecter gives u a lot chance to experimnt with ur acting . So i dnt thnk they will leave such a popular show like yhm.they all make the show really dnt wnt ny of thm evn neelu to quit it.

  7. Error … In my whole life I meant

  8. Yes vp ji ( ji cz ur elder to me) we all love yhm a lot .i sae ur cmnts that u r not much happy wid the current track … nd u r right they r dragging the track much ..hope they reveal the culprit soon. Keep lovng yhm 🙂

  9. Yeah diya me too……, I also don’t think they will leave d show. Nd if yes then dfntly we will miss them a lot
    …….love YHM ………

  10. I voted for the yhm cast who were nominated and also for the show.. Rithu thanks a lot for ur effort to update us with what’s gonna happen..I wish they find the culprit soon..jhanvi,rithu,Darshika,diya(my name is also diya)pls continue commenting..

  11. Hi………. can anyone tell me who is mihika and vanditha ?
    are they r own sister of ishitha.
    and why mihir and mihika marrage was cancelled ?
    becoz i have started the show watching recently.

  12. well .. hello N Sl … u r welcm to the grp of yhmians . well vandita is ishita’s elder sibling nd mihika is her chitti or maternal aunts daughter . but she does job in delhi so she lives with her periamma’s ( badi mausi) family . well its a big story behind the brk up mihir nd mihka nd the cancellation of thr marraige . but ashoke nd sooraj is the reason behind it . as u dnt know ny thng …so its very hard to tell the whole story here ..i thnk u cn thru the previous episodes startng frm ep 1 in hotstar whr u will episode nd u will find it youtube also but not the full episode is present thr . keep watching yhm . thankyou

    1. Thank You Divya….

      1. Sry .. Diya Thank You

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