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Mihir tells Shagun not to worry, he will perform all rituals. He just wants her to smile like always. She thanks him and hugs him. Shagun then thanks Mrs. Bhalla for coming as it makes difference when an elder is there. Mrs. Bhalla says she can’t say no to Ruhi. Mihir also tells her she has come today being their mother. Mrs. Bhalla hugs him and asks why no music? Music plays. Ishita tells Shagun mummyji will take care of everything. During the function, Mihika gets up and leaves. Ishita follows her and asks what happened. Is she worried for her friend? Mihika says no that problem will be sorted out. Marriage is in night so she will go after haldi. Ishita says you’ve grown up, it looks good seeing you worrying for everyone. She tells her everything will be fine and asks her to

sit with Shagun.

Suraj brings haldi from groom side. Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla that she can’t see all this and will leave. Mrs. Bhalla tells her to wait and watch what she does with ex-bahu family, they won’t even know whether she’s making their fun or joking. Suraj was leaving, but Mrs. Bhalla asks why so soon and arranges snacks for him. Ishita feels disgusted seeing Suraj. Mrs. Bhalla makes fun of Ashok’s height saying she thought there would be no haldi left. She asks whether he didn’t apply haldi. Suraj says, he did. Mrs. Bhalla goes in kitchen with Ishita. Suraj leaves. Mrs. Bhalla secretly adds chili powder in haldi. Ishita takes it outside. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and dances.

Mrs. Bhalla comes outside and tells everyone to start applying haldi. Mihir says he will start. Nothing happens to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla is confused. She asks everyone why they are applying very less haldi. She then does it herself. Shagun says her face is burning. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla what she did. Mrs. Bhalla tells her to just watch. Shagun says her whole body is burning now. Mrs. Bhalla says her sasural must have sent some cheap haldi. Ishita says she will get an ice. She comes back in kitchen and sees chili. She says mummyji bhi naa.. and then says poor Shagun. She goes outside. Shagun runs from there. Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi what she did and both laugh.

Ishita is helping Shagun. Shagun says she will call Ashok who knows same might have happened to him. Ishita says, no, may be you have allergy. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi watch them from distance. Simmi says you want to burn her, and your bahu is helping her. She’s very strange, whom she should take as sautan/enemy, she’s helping her only. Mrs. Bhalla says her bahu is just like that. Simmi says Raman is very lucky.

Mihir is with Mihika. She hugs him emotionally and asks he’s happy, right? Mihir says he’s very very happy. He had problems with Shagun, but now everything is sorted. He recalls Shagun-Raman’s marriage, their kids, but then Shagun started showing her true colors. He says forget all that past, now everything is okay. Raman is happy, you’re with me, and Shagun got her godzilla. Mihika asks him he wants her to stay happy? Mihir says no matter what she did, she is his sister in end and she just wants all her problems to come to me first. Mihika says in her mind and my job is to face all your problems. Mihir asks her what has happened to her. She says, I love you. He says he loves her too. Mihika then says she has so much work. Mihir asks what is this? first love, then senti, and then work. He pulls her and hugs her tightly and doesn’t leave. She asks him to close his eyes and gives a kiss on cheek. Mihir says what a dry kiss. Mihika leaves and while leaving, she drops her and Mihir’s photo by mistake without noticing it.

Ashok is trying his sherwani. He gets a call from Mihika who says she came to hotel to decorate his room. Shagun is very excited and he must be wanting to do something special for her. Ashok says to himself, he just wants him and Mihika in room, no Shagun. Ashok tells Mihika he will be there to help her. After hanging, Ashok says he was getting bored since morning, now it will be fun. Mihika says to herself, she will have to play this very carefully. She will need to place cameras all over and once she convinces Ashok that she loves him, he will make a move towards her. She hopes to record all his confession and cheap moves and make Shagun realise how bad he is.

One guy is at Ashok’s house to get his payment for card. Suraj asks what card? Ashok says when Shagun was talking about marriage, he ordered a card to calm her down. The guy says he printed 2000 cards more after that. Ashok asks if payment is pending for that too? The guy says no, Mihika paid for all. Ashok gets shocked and asks if he told her that Ashok just gave order for 1. The guy says yes. Ashok gets mad. Suraj asks the guy to leave. Suraj tells Ashok that means Mihika knows everything and she didn’t tell Shagun. They recall past incidents and Ashok remembers him dropping coffee on Mihika’s phone and her getting angry. They think it might have some recording or something. Ashok says that phone is in his tech department and calls there. His employee informs they could recover only part of data. Ashok tells him not to give that to Mihika and calls him to his house with it. Ashok says he’s one step ahead of Mihika. She better not play games with him.

Shagun needs some help, she’s calling Mihika but she is not picking up. Shagun says who will help her. Ishita comes and asks whether she can. Shagun says, you? Ishita says Mihika is busy in hotel, she’s looking after marriage preparations, so instead of her, she can help. Shagun says, you will help me? Ishita says, I know our style is different, but that job stylist will do. She will get you ready. I am there for moral support, you can tell me anything you need, I will arrange. Shagun says cool and goes to get her bag. Raman heard all that.

He comes to Ishita and says, if she thinks she has extra sense of fashion, then why are you bothering? Ishita says, she needs help and Mihika is busy. I am helping my sister. Raman says, but she’s not even talking properly with you. Ishita says, it’s her marriage, everyone’s mood stays off like this on their wedding day, but after that all become happy.. just look at our case. Raman asks, are you happy? She asks him if he’s happy. Raman says, if you’re happy, then I have no option. Ishita says, then you should be very very happy, because I am very happy. He says, he will try. Both smile at each other. Ishita says she will come with Shagun direct, so it’s his responsibility to get all family members ready and reach at wedding venue. Shagun comes and leaves with Ishita. Raman says, you’re happy, so I am happy. He hopes she stays happy like this.

Precap: Mihika tries to trap Ashok in her plan in honeymoon suite.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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