Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi ordering the mushroom dish for Raman, saying I will unite Raman and Ishita. Ruhi gets to know Adi’s plan and says I will stop Raman, but how would Ruhaan know about Raman’s allergy, I can’t stop Adi’s plan now, but what happens next will be planned by me. Mihika comes to Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come. She does her aarti and says its good you came here. Mihika says I was going home today, I wanted to meet you. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla is going abroad to meet Shaila.

Mrs. Bhalla gives the bangles which she was planning to give her in Mu Dikhai. Mihika smiles seeing the bangles and cries happily. She thanks Mrs. Bhalla and says even I have a gift for you, I spoke with that person who will make this family like before. Mrs. Bhalla thanks

her and says just Lord can explain Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to come, its time for flight. Mihika says Romi and I will drop you at airport. Mrs. Bhalla leaves with Mihika. Shagun looks on and thinks I know no one is happy with Raman’s decision, but whatever I m doing is for Ishita’s good, so that Raman hurts her more.

Ruhi and Adi look on as Raman eats the mushroom dish. Raman starts coughing and gets unwell. He starts itching badly. Ishita worries for Raman and goes to take care of him. She asks him to check and eat, the dish has mushrooms. She asks him to come with her. Mani and Aaliya look on. Adi gets glad. Ishita asks Raman to apply ice pack, its rashes. Raman says I will do on my own, don’t make me angry. She says someone did good with me, I want to do same, don’t scratch, relax. He says give me, I will apply it. She applies the ice pack and he gets bit relieved with it. Raman looks at her.

Aaliya wonders why is Ishita doing this, can’t she see Man I is feeling upset seeing this. Ruhi says if he is feeling bad, then tell Ishita, I know you are feeling bad for your Appa, when I see your Amma and Appa together, I think they are cute couple and should be together, but they are not, I think Adi has come other plan. Aaliya says I m sure of it, Adi paid money to actors so that Raman and Ishita do the ad. Ruhi says Adi did this allergy drama, Adi purposely ordered mushroom dish. She shows the bill. She says Adi wants Ishita to be with Raman, he can do this by fair means, cheating is bad. Aaliya says I can’t believe he did this drama.

Ruhi says I think Raman is also part of this game plan. Aaliya says I can’t be quiet now, I have to do something. Ruhi says don’t tell anyone I told you this, its your personal matter. Aaliya says don’t worry and goes. Ruhi says sorry Adi, your plan is going to fail. Aaliya goes to Ishita and asks her to stop it. She asks can’t you see its all a drama. Ishita asks her to see his state. Aaliya says Raman and Adi planned this to come close to you. Raman says what nonsense. Aaliya tells Ishita and Raman that Adi ordered mushroom dish and paid actors to leave. Ishita says Adi can’t do this. Aaliya shows the food bill. Raman checks the bull and gets angry. Aaliya takes Ishita with her. Adi walks in and sees Ishita crying….

Adi asks Raman how are you feeling now. Raman slaps him. Ruhi looks on. Raman confronts Adi. Adi says yes, I did this, I want Ishi maa, I want her to come back, she loves you a lot, you took wrong decision to marry Shagun, I will stop you from doing mistakes, I know Shagun is my mumma, but we all need Ishi Maa. Raman raises hand again. Ishita comes in between and says enough, Adi is my son, no one has right to slap my son, you find me bad, I will become bad if you hurt my son. Raman says you are teaching him to do this. She says I love him, I don’t need to proof it. Raman says your nature just has cheat, you are dead for me, if Adi is with Ishita, then even he is dead for me. He goes. Adi and Ishita cry. Ruhi looks on.

Ishita asks Adi what was the need to do this and goes crying. Adi runs after her asking her to listen. Ruhi gets sad. Adi cries and says why does not anyone understand me, I want to unite Papa and Ishi Maa, what mistake am I doing. Ruhi looks on and says Adi is hurt because of me, he is my brother, he is so good, I m hurting those who are not at fault, am I doing wrong. She walks to Adi and stops seeing Pihu. Adi hugs Pihu. Pihu asks are you crying… Adi says no. Ruhi recalls baby Pihu and that night. She cries and says no, why am I getting emotional, I don’t care. This family gave me so much pain, I m bearing this because of them, I will not let them unite, Pihu took my place, everyone forgot me, Ishita is going to take her place back, I won’t let this happen, now everyone has to bear things, I m doing everything right.

Raman taunts Ishita and says I don’t like keeping relations with such people. Ishita asks Raman not to talk like this with Mani. Raman invites Mani in his marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Zini

    Poor Adi.. Feeling bad for him.. And Ruhi can’t u think why raman treat ishita like this.. Have some logic plzz dear..

  2. Sindhu

    Thanks Amena for the fast update Amena. You are such a wonder!!! Today’s episode is worst is terrible. Yesterday’s episode was very nice just for a brief moment especially the dance with the love story title music score. Ishra’s eyelock was so compatible as they just made for each other. What emotions towards the end of the dance and the tears in their eyes. First Mani is unhappy because Ishita is doing the ad shoot for Raman’s company and he is his rival company. Next, he is feeling insecure and jealous of Ishita now. He thinks he is losing her completely. His Aliya is even worst. Mani does not treat her as his friend anymore but wants Ishita for himself. It will not be love between Mani and Ishita if they marry but only compromise. Such marriages will not last. Raman’s and Shagun will also based on compromise and not true love. Mani and Aliya must understand they don’t own Ishita and she is here on one focus and that is to reunite the Iyers and Bhallas so Mani should let her do that assignment.

  3. shivani

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ruhi shares flat with Ishita unwillingly.

    Ishita assumes Ruhi as her Ruhi and tries to melt down her but Ruhi keeps on hating her.

    Apart from this, ACP Abhishek sees Nidhi alive and is happy thinking Ruhi will also be alive.

    Abhishek reaches to Ishita’s flat in drunken state and informs her about Ruhi is alive.

    Ishita gets happy to hear this news and gets a ray of getting back her all relationship.

    Nidhi and Ashok create more problem between Raman and Ishita

    However, Nidhi joins hand with Ashok keeping separate Raman, Ishita and Ruhi taking her revenge.

    ACP Abhishek decides to return everything to Ishita that she lost because of him.

  4. Adithi

    want raman , ruhi,mani,aliya to die …go to hell ..u idiots .so sweet of ishu and adi

  5. Sindhu

    On the contrary, Ruhi has completely gone berserk in yesterday’s and today’s episode. She is really getting bad to worse. While some of you really feel sorry for Ruhi which is understandable, getting tortured for 7 long years and being away from her parents is really devastating. However, it does not give her the license to behave in an ill mannered way. Ishita never taught these values to her and Ruhi is always known to be forgiving. Ruhi can forgive Shagun when Shagun abandoned her when she was 6 months old but Ruhi can’t forgive Ishita. I feel really bad for Adi. Romi used to get slapped by Raman and now Adi always get slapped by Raman. Adi is a young adult and Raman does not have the right to raise his hand on Adi. Ruhi is not even helping Adi but she is poisoning Aliya and creating more problems for Adi. I am so glad Ishita defended Adi. Even Shagun never did that for Adi. She only wants to enter Bhallas house. Why doesn’t she think that when Toshi asked Raman to marry Shagun earlier, he actually tried to look for a groom for her and then suddenly he wants to marry her when Ishita is there. So he obviously is doing this all in anger. His male ego is all over the place and his ego is eating him up.

    • shivani

      Ruhi’s hatred is justifiable…whenever raman fights with ishita ,ruhi supported ishita…she broke all her relation with raman when he announced his marriage with nidhi…thats much ruhi loved her ishima…so when ishita chose pihu, she thought ishita dont love her…and is behaving ib this way…..and raman is beyond all the limits….how can a father slap his son like this…when adi was with shagun, raman was after him…he has hurt ishita for adi’s love…now adi is with raman so he doesn’t value him..same with ishita….when she was away from him, he was thinking about her….but when she came back, he started to insult her….

  6. Cham

    What’s going on?? Today I missed the episode at 7.30 but I’m gonna catch it somehow and thanks for the written updates.
    Yesterday I was glad to see Ishra together and even Raman didn’t hurt Ishitha soo much as past days, but today and in the precap, it is worst..

  7. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, where are you? Hi VP, Shivani, Siddhi, Anakha, Resh and many other YHM fans. It is not very nice to watch today’s episode because Raman does not know how to appreciate Ishita’s help. See how Ishita panicked when Raman was in allergy. What I don’t understand is since when did Raman develop allergy to mushroom? After the leap? I only know Ishita is allergic to mushroom so when did Raman come into this picture. Did the writers forget. He was never allergic to mushrooms. I guess Ruhi moved in with Ishita to separate Ishra further but in the end she is going to help Adi to rejoin her Ishimaa to Raman. .That is what is going to happen.

    • shivani

      Hi sindhu…dont ask such questions…show is getting into the peak level of stupidity…writers are just trying to clam down the viewers by introducing some ishra scenes…

    • Mimi

      Haha right! And then there is this time when ishita was supposedly possesed by shagun soul,
      She and Raman was at a meeting
      She stood up and went to Ashok table to stop him from eating mushroom as he was allergic to it!

  8. Cham

    Raman didn’t marry Shagun though there were 7 years because he loved only for Ishitha.Even now he loves her and because of his ego he wants to hurt her and wants to show that he doesn,t love Ishitha anymore. In order to that he decided to marry shagun but Why this Shagun can’t understand that fact???

  9. shivani

    Actually i didnt like ishra dance in the yesterday’s episode….because i hate raman at the extreme level..i really wish all truths to come out only after his marriage with shagun…i want to see him suffering….poor ishu…feeling so sad for her….she is very concerned for him even after his rude behaviors and insults…such a pure love…raman should die in this show…ishita will look after the children…

    • Su

      I agree with that, after all after insulting ishu to the extreme, it’s awkward to see them dancing romantically without love in heart…

    • vp

      Its true we get angry with him … the truth is that he cant see Ishitha with Mani … see how he told in the pre cap your Mani … he is mad about her … but the fact is that even I dont want Ishitha to give up like that … … she takes care of every ones happiness … thats her character … her acceptance power is very high … atleast cvs made her role excellent from the start .. so too Adi …

  10. Cham

    At the Ishra confrontation Raman went out, cried and even Laughed!!
    Seemed he was happy to see Ishitha alive, but now he hides his love and shows hatred towardS Ishitha..
    There’s a saying “coughs as well as the love cannot be hidden for a long time”
    Let’s see how will both Ishra hide their love towards each other..

  11. bhagi(ishveer,ishra)

    adi pls don’t feel bad .whatever u have done is for your ishima.your ishima can understand your feeling don ‘t worry

  12. bhagi(ishveer,ishra)

    really i can’t understand what is the problem of aliya..aliya just go to hell.. your amma is adi mummy .adi loves her ishima morethan you

  13. Cham

    Guys note this!! Raman asked Mihir to plan a small wedding for Shagun and him..
    Why is that???
    If he really loves Shagun,he should give the respect infront of everybody.
    If he wants to show off or to show his ego to ishitha,he should take a grand wedding..
    Seems like he is just kidding with shagun and ishitha..sometimes he might know that he is doing these things ,just to hurt ishitha more and not for real,he will not waste his money for such a wedding or he won’t try to give the publicity to this wedding…
    This is my opppinion..

  14. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys many have a doubt how she updates fast right?? It is simple. After watching first half.. Break will be there.. She will write it soon and next half and next.. Or.. She will watch and write simultaneously like pooja.. Who updates.. Ek duje ke vaaste,Hanuman, ashok samrat.etc..

  15. For once can they make Ishita strong lady, who can stand up for herself. Raman is mentally abusing her and bullying. He doesn’t deserve selfless lady like her. These Indian shows needs to stop making women soo weak and letting everyone walk all over them. I am non-lady Who enjoys watching Indian shows but I don’t like How they treat women in the show.

  16. Sanju

    Worst episode..sad for adi.ishu’s expressions were gud and adi is sooooo gud and better than ruhi…aliya and mani gt lost yaar…….mani already knows tht ishu loves only raman and y is he feeling jealous…poooor adi.he’s always gtng slap from raman…..pihu is sooooo cute…..precap was sooo worst and waiting for ishra scenes.plz reunte ishrarudihu.end this track as soon as possible..

  17. Sriram

    Dis faithless Raman dog has to be shown his place very soon, n only adi cab do that, ha has to leave him and stay with ishita, idiot Raman should sit on his knees and apologise to ishu for all insults hr has done n he has to suffer with pain of repentance for hurting ishu…now Raman and ruhi have become terrible villains of the has lost its charm with surrogacy track, such a painful episodes day by day, can’t bear this ektha…..u r playing with emotions of audience who got addicted to yhm, should never expect good show from u, ishra had never been happy since surrogacy track, even after reunion, they r not going to stay happily as ashok, nidhi n now shagun r there to spoil their happiness, I know this is going to happen further…

  18. Siddhi

    Hi everyone upcoming ishu fed ruhi her fav food ruhi gets emotional ashoke n niddhi r coming closer niddhi was with adhoke n she sees Raman n run away in car n her car hits acp abhisheik who was in drunken state he sees niddhi n went to ishu n tells her that ruhi is alive ishu cries n goes running somwhere ( I think she went to bhalla house ) off screen niddhi says that she don’t want to reveal ruhis identity n she will go wherever ruhi goes she says its a small sign that she can enter bhalla house ruhi off screen says that she gets emotional eating her fav curd rice made by ishimaa n fed by her but ruhi is still trying to complete her mission

  19. Prithvi

    Raman proved himself that he is truly an idiot of the first order and well said fact that ishita should divorce this bastard(Raman) and lead a single life

  20. vp

    I had commented before Shaghun is trying to get Sympathy … see what she told marrying Raman for Ishitha … so that he wont hurt her … what nonsense …Marriage can be a solution ? Cvs are really trying to post her as positive only …but Whatever Raman has angered on Ishitha should be paid back .. even now Ishitha is strong lady … she has moved on her life so Raman and Ruhi is angry ..Now Ruhi is getting a clear picture instead of finding what happened between them she is making it more spicy … Ishithas expression was commentable …

  21. Astha Chawta

    Adi is so good I hope that Ruhaan/Ruhi turns positive and not negative. Unfortunately Aliya is turning bad!!!

  22. Fan

    Hhhmmm, writers seem to have forgotten that its Ishitha and not Raman, who is allergic to mushrooms 🙂

    Are Ishu and Raman still legally married, taking into account that she was presumed dead for seven years. If yes, then they will have to divorce in order for Raman to marry Shagun.

    If Shagun agrees to marry Raman despite knowing that Ishita is alive, it somehow takes her back to her old character, when the only person she cared about was herself. It tarnishes the efforts she’s made to become a better person.

    Time heals all wounds and love conquers all. So, creatives, let’s see lots of healing and loads more love.

  23. i think so raman is will marry from the wedding ishitha not shagun…..with adi and bhallas family adi will take help from bhallas and iyers to unite ishra i guess…?

  24. Ameena

    What else can we expect from Raman ishita srsly y do h always take the blame Ruhi didn’t die because of u confront Raman or show him that if he can marry shagun to see her dad then she can announce her and manis marriage to hurt him and bring him back to his senses anyway emotional to see Ruhi’s emotion towards adi but still Raman is being unfair towards ishita if he lost Ruhi then even ishita lost her daughter Ruhi I can’t stand this show star plus is showing similar tracks on nearly every serial they better reunite ishita and Raman with Ruhi soon and send niddi on death sentence she’s sooooo annoying plssss sibilant till when will u punish yourself for what you haven’t even done show Raman what your capable of

  25. The upcoming episode
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Ruhi stops
    Nidhi torturing her.
    Ruhi drops her Ruhaan
    avatar and comes to stay
    at same building where
    Raman and Ishita stay.
    Ruhi wants to keep
    Raman and Ishita safe
    that is why she comes to
    stay in the building.
    House broker gives same
    flat to Ruhi where Ishita
    lives already.
    Ruhi refuses to share flat
    with Ishita and Ishita
    asks her that she can
    stay here like PG.
    Ruhi unwillingly stay
    there while Ishita feels
    she is her Ruhi and
    decides to win her heart.
    Will Ishita get successful
    to melt down Ruhi for

  26. Super girl

    Hello guys? Don’t u think there is a plan behind all this!because yhm is always full of plans!

  27. YHM ki jaan Ishra
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein shocking
    twist: Nidhi tries to kill Ruhi
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some

  28. The upcoming episode
    of Star Plus’
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    voltage drama.
    It was earlier seen that Ruhaan is
    frustrated with the torture of Nidhi
    (Pavitra Punia) and wants to go
    to his family.
    Ruhaan will shed his rock star
    and turns into the sweet girl that
    she used to be.
    However this development will not
    well with Nidhi and she will hatch
    plan to kill Ruhi.
    This will turn out to be a major
    twist in
    the show.
    It is heard that Ishita ( Divyanka
    Tripathi) will save a Ruhi’s life and
    bring her back in family.
    Will Nidhi succeed in her evil plan
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  29. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie and all yhm friends.

    • Darshi

      How are you rithuuuuu…. sorry l could not comment. . But I came here everyday. N read ur comments ?

  30. vp

    Not able to digest this episode … yesterday was a treat … cvs have really made Raman a villain ….totally characterless … and KP proved too good as a villain .Shaghun if said Pihu ke liye … understandable … Ishitha ke liye ..,what nonsense …. cvs making her sacrificer like ..I wonder how Raman can say repeatedly sauteli mom … its sad to hear ….what is the cvs trying to do … we all saw their intimacy … today as Ishitha was putting ice … he was so moved … Mani knows very well Ishitha doesnot love him then why is that cvs make him jealous … A good friend always want the friend to be happy … he should try for that … may be he was loving her from the time subbu loved her … and not able to control his inner feelings … But atleast he tries to move away from her … Ishitha is upset about it and its true it will be defficult for Mani to accept her shooting for Ramans company … really cvs are really making the story line worse ….

  31. Ruhaan’s avatar to end; Ruhi turns up
    as Ishita’s PG
    Raman argues with Mr. Bhalla and
    says he wants to marry Shagun for
    Pihu’s sake. He says Pihu regards
    Shagun as her mum, I don’t care what
    everyone says behind them. Later,
    Raman goes to change clothes and
    gets into an argument with Adi. Raman
    forgets to wear his pant, just like SRK
    scene in KKHH. Pihu makes Raman
    realize about it. Everyone bursts into
    laughter. Raman says its party theme
    and leaves from there.
    Meanwhile, Ruhi goes to her new flat
    arranged by Niddhi and gets surprised
    seeing Ishita. Ishita does not
    recognize her. Ishita asks have we
    met earlier, I think I have seen you.
    Ruhi tries to avoid Ishita and tells
    Ishita that she is new in this city.
    Ishita does not identity Ruhaan’s face
    seeing Ruhi, by seeing the long hair.
    Ruhi shifts to the new flat as PG. She
    scolds the agent for making her share
    the flat. She then agrees to stay for
    just one day and asks him to arrange
    new flat for her. Ruhi acts rude to
    Ishita. Ishita smiles seeing her.
    Ruhaan has turned into Ruhi finally.
    Ruhi is her real form now. There will
    be much drama with both Ruhi and Ishi
    Maa staying together.

  32. Adi and Ishita join hands to unite
    Bhalla’s and Iyer’s in Yeh Hai
    Will the Iyer and Bhalla family unite to
    entertain us with their light-hearted
    All’s not been well between the Bhalla
    and the Iyer family for quite some
    time now and the drama has been at
    its peak since Ishita’s (Divyanka
    Tripathi) come back to the country.
    Yeh Hai Mohabattein (Star Plus)
    doesn’t fail to disappoint us with the
    constant twists and turns. The leap in
    the show only added to more drama
    with the two families at constant
    loggerheads, blaming Ishita for
    abandoning the family and moving to
    Each episode giving us a different
    blow and with Raman (Karan Patel)
    planning to remarry his first wife
    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani), the
    upcoming episodes will show Adi
    (Abhishek Verma), joining hands with
    Ishita to try and make amends
    between the cross-cultural families
    that were once too cute for their petty
    We’re sure it is more than what meets
    the eye in the Bhalla and Iyer family,
    but for the coming few days, we might
    see some peace prevail in both the
    After all, it is all about loving your
    family on television, right?

  33. Starbucks

    Let’s just Raman is still in the trauma that his daughter is dead(whigvh is not true and how can he be angry with his wife for that anyway)but ruhi what r you thinking and I know you saved her mani and Aliya(aliya I know you really didn’t go there and saved her anyway)but you guys you don’t own her she makes her own decision not you people if you just can see how many people r suffering this is Raman and ishu sorry not mani and ishu and writers please this is crazy I know a serial should have drama but at least a little bit if reality too right and pls don’t drag????

  34. Starbucks

    Let’s just Raman is still in the trauma that his daughter is dead(whigvh is not true and how can he be angry with his wife for that anyway)but ruhi what r you thinking and I know you saved her mani and Aliya(aliya I know you really didn’t go there and saved her anyway)but you guys you don’t own her she makes her own decision not you people if you just can see how many people r suffering this is Raman and ishu sorry not mani and ishu and writers please this is crazy I know a serial should have drama but at least a little bit if reality too right

    • Starbucks

      OMG I REALLY DID NOT REALIZE THAT I MADE A LOT OF A MISTAKES WHEN TYPING I will Correct a few I wanted to say “let’s just SAY Raman is …..”and at the bottom it should be “Raman and ishus STORY..”sorry guys it’s just crazy me and sorry for the really long comment too cos there is lot to comment on the serial these days??

  35. Mayuri

    I think ruhi should understand that if she felt pain because of ishita then ishita too felt pain ….. She was away from her dearest family from 7 years …. Even the families of ishita bhalla and iyer family don’t know that she is even alive . she felt the hardest pain when she was away with her newly born daughter , her old daughter means ruhi , her son , her husband , her parents , her family …. And ishita and ruhi felt the same pain … So …
    Nothing to say 🙂

  36. Oh My Gosh this is turning out to be the worse Show ever.. I just can’t believe why they are intentionally ruining it , Was the best show i ever saw at the start thinking this was some very unusual story seen ever. But now it is rubbish . why is marriage being degraded so much . people tend to believe Indian life & women are considered low & treated so badly by men. without even divorcing his wife, he is getting ready to marry the first wife .do u all remember how Raman went through a divorce with Shagun. so why is he not divorcing Ishitha. i saw somewhere a clip Raman marries for the second time & Shagun dressed as a bride. hope this is not true. i am not going to watch this then. Bye bye to YHM.
    Rhui has turned out to be like Her mum Shagun. serves all of them right if Shagun marries Raman. Ishu must live alone & Ardi must move in with her & enjoy life. Mani Another Pain in the neck. He can’t own her just cos he saved her life. the way he is acting with that stupid Aliya is getting on my nerves. feel like giving Aliya a slap he he .. she is no where near here ha ha anyway i am not that violent type. just kidding. today is really a load of rubbish..
    Why is Raman slapping Ardi he is an adult. he is 21 yrs old. Gosh poor guy is taking all that so innocently. these are not good example for people who are watching exp the young ones. they think marriage is a game. as it is their attitude is if the partner is not good like changing a shirt they can move to another woman. Why are the producers giving bad vibes to the younger generation. Some think this show is their world & will try to live like this. i know some domestics say they are so ignorant that some of them copy these life styles. won’t allow the grand ma to touch or carry the grand child.. pls change this to a positive track or get Raman married to Shagun & end this stupid show. though we want IsRa & the whole family together. this is so tiring , boring & going out of control. people voted for the best couple now what??? Hope i did not hurt anyone & put down anyone. if so very sorry to hurt ur feelings. SO FRUSTRATING. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND..LUV

    • vp

      Yes Mino this yhm in the beginning was something which even children enjoyed .. Ruhi and Ishimas bond …… but cvs spoiled it after 450 th episode … after bomb blast if I am not mistaken … Surrogancy track onwards … only to bring shaghun positive … even now Shaghun they are trying to portrait as sacrificer … Ishitha ke liye … Slapping is quite used in Yhm … now the show gives a wrong message … but .. Ramans hatred is his immense love for his jkr … he takes it against her using his children as weapon … 7 long years Aliya stayed with Ishitha that too from her teen age … her in security is justified … but for Ishitha … Ruhi .. Adi … and .. Pihu … family is more important than Alia and Mani … that feeling is crystal clear … Cvs made Raman characterless … they cud frame it in better way … but somehow I love the way it moves … end of the day serials masala is must … they want to make money …,indian …. not educated people will enjoy all this drama … look at saathya … I am not watching but glimple the last part … totally wrong message … to audience …no serials will make life as a beautiful journey … I used to watch with my grand children … from surrogancy that too stopped Mino … cvs are really brainless Mino ….Manis and Alias possessiveness is too much … well wait nd see

  37. summi

    Hi Rithushree missing your comments n thanks for remembering me in your message. Missing you this page is incomplete without you n VP
    Todays episode is not good Raman shouldn’t slap Adi like this n he is misbehaving Ishita soo much . According to human psychology that a person is angry with whom he loves most a sense of belonging ness make him to behave in this manner. Extreme love sometimes leads to hatred.

    • vp

      Summi agree with you …. Raman is full of love for Ishitha … its well expressed in his eyes … And Ishitha knows he hurts the people whom he loves … yes there are people like that … say so many unwanted things when they are angry …he cant see his jkr with Mani and another thing she is involved in Manis business … but look how she was forced to ad for Ramans … these are small beautied … Ramans feelings and Ishitha hurt and sadness is very nicely expressed by this great actors . Thank you for liking my comment ..

  38. Sofy

    I agree with sindhu’s comment.Ruhi forgive her mum shagun easily who abounded her when she was a baby.But ishita ,how many good things she did 4 her?. Even ishita married raman for her sake only.when ruhi was a small baby ,raman also used to hate ruhi because of shagun.But ishita made everything fine for her.During the custody case also ishita fight for ruhi .But ruhi forget everything.Even she didn’t want to think once before taking revenge from ishita.Ruhi become so bad.
    I like adi’s effort to make raman and ishita reunite.very nice adi…..

    • vp

      No sofy … two years of Ruhis life with Ishima was wonderful but 7 years that girl went thru cant imagine … she sees her Ishima has moved on … Papa has moved on … thats becoz for them Ruhi is no more …she is unaware of her Ishima tried to commit suicide … Many people loses their loved ones in life but life goes on … time heals the hurt … but now she knew from Mani that they are not married , she has to find out the truth …..yesterday onwards she is not getting sympathy …from our side …true … cvs mistake .. Alia will understand situation and will b positive …

  39. Alia

    I feel bad for amp because he lost mihika got suspended and is a alcoholic because he is so depressed. I wish he gets a girl

  40. Megha

    Ishita just ignore ruhaan / raman /bhallas /iyers.. Concentrate on yourself…. If possible on mani and aaliya.. They love you so much.

  41. Actually i see that raman’s way of proving love to loved ones is by insulting them to the extreme.. as v cn c how he iz dodging ishu and adi in d show.. though loving karan patel but hating ravan kumar (raman bhalla)

  42. Vijji

    Wh do you all so much want Ishita and Raman be together so fast. I would like that to happen slowly realizing their love. If they are together in one episode, then what is the story? You all want another ghost track or another murder story? I really like this track after the leap. Ishita and Raman look dashing. It is wonderful to see them together in yesterday’s dance episode with love in their eyes. Even today’s episode is so cute Ishita helping Raman and I can see how much Raman likes to be with Ishita. It is just that he does not want to show it. Male ego!!

  43. MAHI

    guyss i know many of you are hating raman but guys try to understand his feelings… you know what 7 years before when ishita attempt sucide she left but she got a new family mani aaliya who tried there best to make ishita happy but guys big point is ishita got mani who loved her and aaliyah who treated her like her mom i know ishita didn’t love mani but atleast she had some one who lovd her but with raman it was just opposite iyers hated him becoz they thought ishita attemptd sucied becoz of him shagun always sees her profit for her raman is a toy which will love her when she want and leave her whhen she want v all know that she has a hidden desire to back in ramans life.. ishitas happiness is just a fake reason ..his son adi for whom he fought with every1 i mean he fought becoz he loved him the most but then adi started to make him rsponsible for every problems in bhallas life he easily forgot how raman fought for him with this world just ishita left dosent mean that he got licence
    to blame raman for every singel problem in his life .simmi forgot that how raman handle her when she herself wanted to go to param after he did so humiliting things to ishita simmi didnt left a single chance to humilate raman but he didnt left her instead he was there with her when ever she wanted but when raman needed her she is not there instead she is with romi whom we all know to be casanova with romi to he did so many mistake sarika’s case , mihika ‘s video but raman forgave him but just bcoz raman is out of control in anger
    even now every1 understand ishita pain but no1 understand ramans pain even he was suffering from th pain of seperation from his beloved wife and daughtr atleast ishita has some1 condolnce but no1 cares for raman feelings

    • Agree with you dear.. Raman too suffered a lot.. But Ravan kumar has alot of ego so he won’t show his love to Ishita.. Whatever Raman said to Ishita after Ruhi’s death is purely in anger. As a father, he lost his daughter partially due to Ishita.. May be if Ishita have din’t tried to committed suicide by now they both would be together.. Raman would have definitely forgiven her especially for Pihu

    • vp

      Mahi …one point is correct … Ishitha was taken care by Mani and Alia … They are the ones helped her to come out of Ruhis death … 7 years is a long time to be together but the beauty is that Ishitha never crossed her limits … And as a person she lives for others and makes her surroundings happy … I felt she was over dressed and make up due to which Raman and Ruhi who suffered the most thot she has moved on … He pain she suffered … but true Raman was living with his hurt … he was showering his love to jkr on Pihu … and now when he saw her with Mani .. his anger is justified … she hid her identity ….as viji said if the Ishra is united … no story line

  44. Plssssssssss now unit our ishra. It’s very painful to see them hurt.i love a lot adis carecter. He want to unit ishra bcz Jr e knows they love each other but I hate aaliya.i knw she worried for her appa but ishu has feelings only for raman.

  45. Ishrakalove

    Today’s episode was just a waste of time Ravan kumar is getting worst as the days goes by I can’t understand his feelings but that doesn’t give him the right to keep calling ishu step mother I can’t just understand how he feels after saying that to the woman who loves his kids more than anything and is willing to sacrifice the world for them I get he is jealous and angry seeing ishu with mani meanwhile he tot she died common get over it he is a grown man abusing and disgracing her a every given opportunity is not the best solution I don’t know about other but the writer need to show us more women power they are making ishu too weak atleast she stood up for adi today let her just divorce Raman and file for custody for adi and leave Raman with Pihu dats 50/50 and just move on with mani and Aliya let Ravan kumar eat his ego and die

  46. Gud mrg to ol….horrible episode…..I don’t understand why r the ruining the show…..plz don’t show ruhi in negative character…..plz unit our ishra nd there children’s….

  47. Good to see Ishita’s care for Raman.. I Loved that scene.. Both love each other but thier ego stop them. Ishita defending Adi is really good which Shagun never did. she always concentrates on Pihu only… And this Mani and Aliya are soo irritating. they behave as if they own Ishita..

  48. Thx for ur views VP, I am Not From India So I can’t understand the language.. This has been the only Serial i hv watched. May Be my Views are wrong.. i just happened to see this on u tube when i was watching a movie. & I Loved the start as the Indian actresses & Actors are so beautiful & I love all the attire. they are so lovely.
    Anyway as u say the writers are brainless. then again they must be running out of ideas . that is why they went out of the track.. Hope the rest of will be better.. Luv to all take care

  49. abc

    I really hate the aalia to the could she behave like tis wit adi as if ishu is her own mom. idiot dump.

    • Yaa u r ryt….alia blo*dy she z….ishita z adi’s mother nd she is behaving lyk dat she is nobody to him…..idiot

      • Ishu is Nt ADI’s own mom na….like adi loves ishima alia LSO loves ishim a…adi has his own mom shagun BT aliaz parents r dead

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.