Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Simmi wants Ishita dead

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man coming home and telling Neelu that her brother met with an accident. Neelu goes to Ishita and says my brother met with an accident, can I go. Ishita gives her money and asks her to go fast. Neelu says you will be alone. Ishita says I m fine, just go. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to sit in puja. He asks where is Ishita. She says we left her at home, Neelu is with her, this smoke isn’t good for her. Raman worries and calls Ishita. Ishita counts the footsteps and reaches the landline. He asks what are you doing there, I will come to take you. She says mummy ji kept puja for us, don’t panic, Neelu is at home. She ends call and says I feel bad to lie to him, what to do, he would have come here, what danger can I have in my house. The man stares at her. She goes. He gets

a knife. He cuts the phone line and switches off her phone. Raman does rituals. Adi asks what happened, are you fine. Raman says I m worried for Ishita. Adi says Neelu is with her, talk to her. Raman takes the phone. Simmi looks on. Raman says someone didn’t keep landline receiver properly.

Adi calls on her mobile and says its switched off, maybe she is resting. Raman says I m going home. Simmi asks where are you going, its abshagun to leave puja. Raman says I m going to Ishita. She says don’t worry, I spoke to Neelu just now, they are fine. Raman sits in puja. Simmi says I won’t leave this chance, that man will get evidence you have hidden, then all problems will hide. The man looks for evidence. Ishita says there is no one in the house. She calls out Neelu. She hears a sound and goes to Pihu’s room. She asks who’s there and opens the cupboard. Pihu scares her and says sorry. She laughs. Ishita asks what are you doing here, didn’t you go to temple. Pihu says I was playing hide and seek with Shitija and hidden here in cupboard. Ishita says she would have gone for puja, its good you are with me, else I would have got bored alone, don’t you want to have food. Pihu says yes, I will get something. Ishita says come, we will get your fav cookies. Pihu goes to washroom. The man’s phone rings. He answers.

Ishita hears the sound and stops Pihu. She says someone is talking, maybe my ears got strong as I can’t see. Pihu says I will come along. Ishita says you stay here, I will go and see, just let me go, get story book, read out stories for me. She goes out of the room. Simmi says you should do my work, did you get any proof. He says no, there is no hint, it will take time. Simmi says maybe she is making stories and has no proof, kill her. He asks what, shall I kill her. She says yes, can you do this or not, do you have gun or knife. He says I have a knife, but I will charge extra to kill Ishita. Ishita gets shocked and goes back to room. Pihu asks what happened.

Ishita says someone has come in our house, you are my strong girl. Simmi says that woman shouldn’t be saved. Pihu asks Ishita to call. Ishita says its dead. Pihu asks where is your phone. Ishita says I kept it downstairs. She asks Pihu to see anyone from window, if they know someone. Pihu says yes, watchman is there, I will call him. Ishita says no, just get a pen and paper, write on it, help. Pihu says we should write Papa’s name, Raman. Ishita says no, no wrong person should get it, write Raavan kumar, Raman’s number, write save jhansi ki rani. The man checks the room well. Ishita asks Pihu to throw the note near the watchman. Pihu says oh no, the paper landed under the vehicle. Ishita says its fine, is the door locked. Pihu says no. Ishita goes to lock. The man enters the room. Ishita holds Pihu. The man leaves.

Ishita says don’t be scared, I have to go and check who is that man, I m going to shut you in cupboard, don’t worry, just listen to me, I will stay safe for your sake. She locks Pihu in cupboard and goes out. The man thinks she can’t see me. She says I have kept evidence of Simmi and Parmeet here, how did I forget, this is the right time, I will check, where did I keep it, was it Adi’s room. He thinks she is talking about clue, I will get it first and then kill her. She tricks him. He collides with the sofa. She turns. He gets worried and goes aside. She says I must have collided and assumed there is someone here, this is the right time to check proof, where did I keep it. She goes to Adi’s room. He follows her. Pihu prays for Ishita. Raman is in puja.

The man goes to stab Ishita. She screams and asks him to leave her. He catches her leg. She shouts for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Both Ishita and simmi have been right in their place but it’s totally intolerable for a mother to lose her daughter she has all right to know the truth as a mother i only say her anger is justified not deeds

    1. Very well said, 1234. Her anger is justified not her actions. Totally agreed!

  2. azuka nkwonta

    If ishita wants to expose the truth about simmi and param then all truth must be exposed including the truth about who killed ananya I think that will be fair enough. It is not good that ishita sits down like one righteous woman condemning others while she is equally bad.

    1. I totally agree with you it’s simmi’s right to know wat actually happened with her daughter

  3. azuka nkwonta

    From what I have been observing since ananya died I don’t think that ananya is really loved much in that family as a family member. I have not seen them hold a puja for her and I think it equally annoys simmi.

    1. ishita is actually trying to protect her child which is quite understandable I am not saying her actions is right all I am saying is that mother’s would do anything to protect their child

      1. Remember the time when adi did someone’s accident and Raman was trying to protect him and Ishita made him realize that it was wrong. I am not saying the situation is quite same but what if pihu start thinking that she can get away with anything

  4. 1234 agree with you, the difference between the simmi n ishita thinking, simmi become monster to take revenge n harm her own family with the help of param whom she know always against her family. Simmi’ daughter doesn’t want her mother to ruin her family n become killer. Simmi never felt bad about her brother condition n enjoy his pain n mental health only because he’s ishita husband why she forgot he is her brother who love her lot , ishita felt that because of her decision to save pihu her both family separate she want to her family reunite n their is love n kindness in her both family member n she successful in their goal. Simmi lost her daughter n ishita punished in jail but harming her family n make planning plotting against her own family is biggest loss of her life

    1. Exactly Sona ! Protecting Pihu is understandable but Ishitha cud have told Raman the truth ! we can blame cvs only for injecting so many wrong messages to the viewers thru this serial . I really liked Simmi from the begining !
      Cvs simply made her negative that too worse than any other . These things will happen in real life … its scaring !

  5. Susan Whitmore

    Azuka, shut up. You keep your opinion to yourself. Ananya is alive but in coma. Parmeet knows that and didn’t tell Simmi. Simmi as usual is dumb stupid a*sh*le. She has no brain as usual follows everything what the stupid husband says.
    Ekta keep the pace of the story up as quick as possible, you are dragging sooo muchhhh. Making everyone mad.
    Do a leap of Simmi n Parmeet being arrested with Raina’s help. And if she doesn’t help put her in the jail.

  6. Susan Whitmore

    Everyone who thinks that what Simmi and Parmeet doing is right then you guys are exactly like them. Two wrongs doesn’t make one right. Ishita has the right to save her baby girl Pihu. I would do the exact thing save my family. How can a mother be happy when their kids are in the jail. Anyways it was an accident that Ananya fell. Pihu did not deliberately pushed her. Only idiots thinks Simmi and Parmeet is correct.

  7. Hope simy is going to get exposed tommorow.if Ishita tell the truth to everyone,simy would have been killed pihu . Ananya got all love and care from this family.i hope Ishita is not blind.

  8. i can understand there is a pooja hold for raman, what was the need of all to go to the pooja leaving ishita alone, even knowing that ishita is blind, ans simmi will try to harm her.

    1. I think they want that so that they can catch simmi.

  9. ishitha could lock inside pihu’s room. when she knows about tat killer. but asusual dump ishitha ne woh nai kiya.

  10. But I don’t think v can blame simmi totally, in her eyes Ishita killed her daughter that’s all she can see like how any mother can go to any extent to protect her daughter like that only any mother can go to any extent to avenge her daughter’s death
    This is wat simmi must be thinking, I guess this is the only way writers can justify her role
    I might even be wrong this is just my perception

  11. The track is reaching climax. Hope that this does not end as a damp squib and give simmi and param another chance to play their dirty games.

  12. azuka nkwonta

    Pihu deliberately pushed ananya, she moved her away so that she can no longer stop her but what she did not know was that ananya will slip and fall this is the truth.

  13. azuka nkwonta

    There is no compromise in this ishita has to tell the truth of what happened to ananya whether ananya is dead or alive and according to this serial ananya is dead and she remains dead until it is proven otherwise.

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