Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman scolding Ashok. Ashok says go and meet your son. I hope you enjoy the party as we planned it very well. Raman and Mr. Bhalla go to meet Adi. Ashok says poor Raman has so many hopes from Adi, but he does not know what will happen with him tonight. Ashok calls someone and says Raman reached here. Ishita is upset as the banl loan got rejected. She gets a call and says the loan did not get sanctioned, don’t worry, I will arrange money from anywhere, I will do anything but bring money, I m coming, wait. She leaves. Raman wishes Adi happy birthday and gives him gifts. Mr. Bhalla says I m your grandpa. He also gives him gifts from all family members.

Adi says I already have lots of gifts. He keeps the gifts aside. Shagun meets Ruhi and kisses her.

She asks how is she. Ruhi says I m fine, Papa and Ishi Maa loves me so much. Shagun says I miss you so much. Ashok says your mum cries for you and misses you. Ruhi says Ashok you lie always. She says what he told in court and he is lying even today. She says we should not lie and tells when Ishita cries, her eyes become red, you did not cry for me. She leaves. Shagun says Ruhi is far from me because of your lie Ashok. He says Adi is with us, he won’t leave us. Raman talks to Adi and says I hope you like this video games. Adi asks the waiter to serve them as they are his guests.

Adi gifts the video games and Raman’s gifts to a driver for his son. Raman and Mr. Bhalla are shocked. Raman asks why are you doing this Adi. Adi says i already have this gifts for me which Ashok gave me. Raman is hurt. Mr. Bhalla says we are happy that you have grown up. Ashok says Adi has done a great thing, now it will be fun. Mr. Bhalla tells Adi about Mrs. Bhalla’s fracture. He says come to stay with us for few days. Adi says I wish she gets well soon. Raman says if you come home, she will be fine. He says I want to come, but I heard you stay very busy and you got married also. Adi says you would have done something with mum, so she left you. You would not remarrried her if you loved my mum. Raman says I always loved Shagun, I married Ishita for Ruhi’s sake.

Shagun smiles. Ishita asks a man to start the visa processing. The man says we can’t start the process without passport. The guy says we don’t have money, we can’t get the tickets. Ishita says don’t leave hope, I m positive. Rumi helps Mihika. Mihika thanks him. She says my boss will be impressed by me. She says come with me, I will show you the plans. She says Amma and Appa are not at home, come I will feel good. Rumi is happy and says no one at home and she called me home, wow……

Adi cuts the cake. Ruhi says wait. Adi asks what. Ruhi says close your eyes and make a wish. The wish will become true. Adi says I don’t believe this. Ruhi says fine, I will make a wish. Adi makes Shagun eat the cake and says this piece is for dad. Raman feels happy. Adi makes Ashok have the cake. Raman is shocked and hurt. Ashok says thanks Adi, my son. Ashok smiles. Adi asks the waiter to serve everyone. Raman says Adi, happy birthday.

Adi says sorry, I did not give you cake. Shagun smiles. Adi goes to play with his friends. Ruhi makes Raman eat the cake and says Adi is busy with his friends. She hugs him and says I love you. Raman says I love you. Ruhi says do you know what I wished for Adi. She says that he comes home. Raman cries and says it will happen, he will come to stay with us for sure.

Ashok says I have a special gift for Adi. Adi says dad please say what is it. Ashok says this is it. Adi sees its a model key. Ashok gives him car keys. The driver says a car for 11 year old boy, strange. Adi goes to check the car. He is very happy seeing it. Ashok says this is your new car and he is your new driver and will take you wherever you say. Adi shows the car to Ruhi and says its like your Papa’s. Ruhi says our Papa. Adi and Ruhi have a talk. Ashok asks Shagun how did you like it, I intentionally bought same car as Raman. Adi says I wonder what will be my next year’s gift. Ashok says it will be even bigger. Adi sits in the car and goes for a drive. Raman looks on.

Raman tells Shagun think and gift Adi. How can you gift a car to 11 yr old boy. She says I know what to give him. Raman says you don’t love him but want to take revenge from me. The lawyer comes and asks what are you doing here. The court ordered you to be away from Adi and you can get arrested. Raman says Adi invited me. The men says you should have not come here, Ashok called us in civil dress. Adi leaves with his friends. Raman says what did you do Adi. Ruhi sees her guft thrown on the ground and thinks of Ishita’s words. She feels sad. Raman is hurt and leaves with Ruhi and Mr. Bhalla. Ashok stops Raman and taunts him. He says your son is still with me.

Ishita asks a man to sanction the loan. Raman sees Ishita in a hotel with men. He says why is she lying, she acts to be perfect wife.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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