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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman telling Ishita that we have lost it. she says we can’t lose Ruhi. He says we lost her and failed. She says there will be some way. Pihu hears this and says what, lost competition, now Ruhi won’t come home. She goes and tells this to Adi. Adi says we won’t lose, do what I say. She agrees. He tells her plan. She says I will do this, but where is Ruhi. Ruhi sees the collage and trophy. She cries. She says whats happening to me, I have to be strong, this does not matter to me. Pihu comes, and Ruhi hides all the gifts.

Pihu asks Ruhi about her return gift. Ruhi says really sorry, I forgot, tell me what do you want. Pihu says no, I just came to say goodnight, if you can’t give that, you will feel sorry. Ruhi says no, nothing is impossible for me, I m Ruhaan

the rockstar, tell me. Pihu says I love you a lot, come and stay with me in my house. Ruhi says but… Pihu says you promised me. Ruhi agrees. Pihu hugs her. Ruhi thinks someone has sent Pihu to me, when I go there to stay, they will make me leave themselves. Raman and Ishita look for Pihu and are worried. Pihu comes to them. They ask her to inform them and go, where did you go. Pihu says to meet Ruhi, she is coming home today. They get shocked and happy. Pihu says Ruhi is going to stay in our home, I convinced her, I will go and tell Adi.

Raman and Ishita smile and hug. They thank each other. He says I knew this would happen. She says you lost hopes. Adi smiles seeing them and thanks Lord. He says our family’s good time started, Ruhi is coming back home, Papa and Ishi Maa’s distance is getting short, Ruhi and Pihu can unite this broken family.

Niddhi stops Ruhi and asks her not to go. Ruhi says I m going for Pihu, she is my sister. Niddhi says you know the court scene, don’t go. Pihu comes and asks Ruhi to come. Niddhi asks Pihu to stay here with Ruhi. Pihu says no, everyone is waiting. Niddhi says why should I send Ruhi. Pihu says Ruhi promised me. Niddhi says you are stubborn like your family, I will explain you. She raises hand, and Pihu holds her hand. Niddhi and Ruhi get shocked. Pihu asks her to behave well. Ruhi says I m coming with you, and leaves with Pihu. Pihu apologizes to Niddhi for being rude and says my mumma taught me to respect elders, don’t worry for Ruhi, we will care for her.

Pihu, Ruhi and Adi are on the way. Pihu asks Ruhi to sleep in her room, I will give you my big teddy, I love you. Ruhi says thanks, why are you like this, you did not get scared of that aunty. Pihu says somewhat, she looks scary, Dadi says we should not show our fear to anyone. Adi smiles happily hearing the sisters’ talk. Ruhi says I m enjoying your talk, I feel like I m seeing my old childhood seeing you, you are so cute. She hugs Pihu. Adi smiles.

Shagun asks everyone where is Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla says she will come with Ishita and Raman. Simmi asks Shagun why did she came early. Shagun says I had work. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi won’t come. Pihu comes and surprises them by getting Ruhi. They all get glad. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi. Pihu says we will stay in same room. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to go out, and asks Neelu to get aarti plate. Mr. Bhalla says just do it here itself. Mrs. Bhalla does her aarti. Amma looks for Ruhi and tells Bala that Ishu called and said Ruhi is coming, we will do as Ishu says, let her come first. Mr. Bhalla comes to them and says Ruhi came, I wanted you all to meet her. Amma says we were talking about her. She stops. Mr. Bhalla asks her to forget old fights, its happy moment, come, our Ruhi came home after many years.

Niddhi throws things angrily and tells Ashok that ruhi went to Bhalla house. He says afterall she is Ishita’s daughter and will have her values, she won’t come back now. She says Ruhi told me that she will trouble her family. He says we can’t believe her, I remember Mr. Bhalla named the house to Ruhi, if Ruhi takes that house and makes Bhallas homeless, then Bhallas will not forgive her. She asks you think Ruhi will do this. He says we have to make her do this, if we play smartly, I will get details of that house.

Amma comes to Bhallas and sees Mrs. Bhalla doing Ruhi’s aarti. Amma meets Ruhi and hugs her. Raman and Ishita come home and smile seeing Ruhi at home. Pihu takes Ruhi with her to show the room. Everyone smile. Shagun says I will see if she wants anything. Amma and Bala leave. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Ishita for getting Ruhi back. Ishita says Pihu got her back, not me. Simmi says you never take credit, you managed everything, Raman’s anger got in control, everything got fine after you came. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I have no worries now. Shagun looks on and says was Ashok saying right, no Raman won’t do anything wrong with me, I trust him.

Raman rests and sees Ruhi’s pic. Ruhi comes in the hall and sees the family pics. She thinks everything is still same, just I was not here. Raman sees her. She starts leaving. He stops her and asks are you not getting sleep, come I will show you something. He takes her to room and shows Ishita. He shows her some things he kept safely. Ishita wakes up and sees them. She thinks its great, Raman and Ruhi are together after a long time, I will not interfere.

Ishita says if this house is on Ruhi’s name, we have to name all properties on someone else’s name, we all will get safe. Ruhi hears this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Now Ruhi will think the only want them back because of the property thing.every time the show makes progress in the Ruhi saga they take two steps back.

  2. shivani

    Hi everyone……..
    Raman is the most funny character in this show…one who sandwiched btwn two wives…in both relation he have kids…when shagun left him, he made ishita as his kids mother….and when ishita left, he brought shagun home …so whom he will choose at the end of this show…shagun or ishita….???
    I think it would be better if he choose shagun….because ishita doesn’t fit in that family…for ruhi and adi, shagun is their real mom..pihu also thinks shagun as her mumma….all bhalla family likes shagun…but Raman himself doesn’t knw what he wants and whom he wants….

    If Ekta is planning to patch up ishra ,then Shaguns has to be changed…and that’s needed….if shagun remains good, raman cant accept ishita because shagun did a lots of favours for raman and his family.. he even proposed her….pihu too loves shagun..and ishu also, being selfless, wont come back to bhalla house as she doesn’t want to snatch shaguns happiness…So Raman, pihu and everyone needs a reason to hate and reject shagun and accept ishita….it will happen only wen shagun turns to negative and tries to harm ishita with the help of ashok and nidhi….

    Episode was nice…..but Precap is worst …..Ruhi got another reason to hate her ishima…using ruhi ashok and nidhi try to harm ishita….

  3. Saima

    Oh no again misunderstanding between Ruhi and ishita but loved the scene when Pihu bought Ruhi home and hi everyone

  4. Siddhi

    Episode was good but precap is bad pihu is so cute I just love ruhi pihu scenes ishra scene was also owesome us k dekh k asa laga jasay our ishra r back but I am missing ishru ishita Aur ruhi ne abhi tak then se ek dosray say bat nii ki missing them a lot don’t know when these misunderstandings will sort out pihu is like choti ruhi difference is sajan ka sasural

  5. Cham

    This shouldn’t have told!!! Ishitha should have use another way to convince Raman about the problem!
    This is the writer’s fault! Ishitha can tell the fact directly to raman that niddhi and all will use this as an Opportunity against their family or sometimes it will happen like this as everyday:ruhi won’t hear the whole this but. A half and will get misunderstood!!
    If this make ruhi to turn back,will raman put all the blames on ishitha as he did before??

  6. Siddhi

    San kuch hogaya kuch nii badla to ye ashoke he didn’t even leave a single chance to hurt bhalla family I think use sapnay Bhi yahi atay hongay k bhalla family say badla kaday lon cheap fellow jitna Bhi mar lo asar hi nii hota use

  7. shivani

    Repetition of story…again & again…..latest spoiler is another example …during the surrogacy track Raman brought shagun for an event in ruhis school..because ishita was busy in clinic..but ishita came on time and created a drama there….now he brought ishita to pihus school for PTA because shagun wasn’t available….

    • Khushi

      They dont have any new ideas to show. Tats y dragging this drama more bcose nothing new to show. Doesnt make any sense at all. Raman is simply using boyh ladies for his benefits. What moral this story gives that man shld insult women or man can manipulatr women for their needs and if anything Baf happens put all blame on her. Women shld leave hse left behind new born babies. Cvs arr making people hate raman. Same story is repeating again. Nd nw shagun turnd negative

  8. yhm fan

    Hey guys nice episode but precap was little bit scary. I liked pihu’s scene when she stopped nidhi from raising hand on her. Nice scenes luved full episode. 😉 😉 😉

  9. disha

    Wow amazing pihu do good with nidhi .i live phu nd ruhi seans good bond in sisters.but precap is shocking

  10. sowmy

    hi rithu and all yhm friends. i hope u are also fine. episode is good and precap is confused.

  11. Amina

    I don’t know why I can’t relate to shagun. People are saying she did alot fr d family. She left a husband and small baby to bcom someone’s mistress nd we all forgot ds bc she gave birth to someone else’s baby that she is even tryin to make her own. I don’t understand Raman either. Did dey jst use Ishita’s egg for a new baby fr shagun?

  12. Amina

    Ishita did nt snatch her children from her.she left dem. Now she doesn’t want to see her in the house. Ishita’s reason for leaving is quite different from Shagun’s own. I reserve my comment til Ruhi’s issue is settled. Let me see how dey wl handle Ishita nd Shagun’s matter,then I will know what to say.

  13. Santanya Singh

    I think Ruhi loves her family and her Ishi maa , surely she has hidden love for them, it’s just that Niddhi has filled her mind with hate.

    Ruhi ❤ her family and she truely ❤ Ishi maa ❤❤❤.

  14. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.all those guys who always remember me .tks.well episode was good , precap wasnt, but I think they trying to protect ruhi.ishu will get kidnapped or sumthing before her wedding. Let’s hope by then raman en ruhi forget what happened before leap and go save ishita. Shugun gona turn negative.

  15. rithushree

    She will attend the parent-teacher meeting Fans of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein who were hoping for some happy family moments will get what they want. In the coming episodes, Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will be successful in bringing Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) back to the Bhalla house. Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) will be very happy and say that Ruhi will share her room. Santoshi Bhalla will give her a warm welcome. Raman will tell everyone that he will give Ruhi a lot of happiness to make up for the years of sorrow. Everyone will start praising Ishita for the efforts she put in. Seeing this, Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will start feeling left out. Then, we will see Raman and Ishita going to a counselor for Ruhi. Shagun will get a call from Pihu’s school for PTM but won’t take it. They will call Raman who will ask Ishita to accompany him to the school. There the teacher will tell them that Pihu is a bright kid but she is too dramatic and addicted to Saajan Ka Sasural. Later, we will see Adi (Abhishek Verma), Ishita and Mihika (Avantika Hundal) taking a hesitant Raman to Romi’s (Aly Goni) place. They want the two brothers to patch up so Ruhi feels her family is a complete one. In the midst of all this, Shagun will start feeling very insecure about her position in the Bhalla household. Stay tuned for more updates on the show…

  16. jeni

    Hi……all my dear yhm frndzz………(sabka naam sirf rithu hi memorise kar sakthi ho!!!!…HATS OFF TO U RITHU)…………………………koi baath nahi…”all” includes evry1 lovng YHM…….

    Evrythng was so nice 2dy…..but then the precap…..ab kya hoga??koi ko precap ke baare mein patha hai???
    Nothng is being said abt precap in Spoilers…..
    GUDN8 GUYS♡….

  17. yuhanina

    I really don’t understand why adi is NT given importance in Raman n shagun life,when adi was not with Raman he used to love him alot n was ready to exchange with ruhi,but now he don’t care for him ,even shagun did same with adi,every time Raman was the one to give away ruhi,early with adi ,n later for Pihu,but blame on Ishita,plz make interesting between ruhi n Ishita n pihu

  18. Rafida

    Oh gosh! Ishita should have closed the door first and then tell the matter to Raman atleast Ruhi still wouldn’t have tried to overhear them right ? Then it will convince ruhi to do something bad to them. Now only god will save them if they don’t name the property to someone else’s name on time . And Raman shouldn’t have brought shagun to Bhallahouse seven years ago . Ishita also shouldn’t have done whatever she did seven years sgo.

    • jeni

      Yes siddhi…..B’DAY without cakes!!!!
      How funny……mayb itna drama hogaya party mein… they forgot!!!!!
      Also niddhi party arrnge kiya….usse hum ye hi expect kar sakthi ho…..

  19. Khushi

    Wow i thnk writer got an abrupt idea of that property in the name of ruhi.

    Heard some new twists gonna happn
    Ruhi nd shravan will be doing cycling nd ruhi falls down suddenly. Shagun blames shravan for this nd even slap shravan bcose of her insecurity abt ishitha. Shravan deeply affects by this lock himsel in room and do something lyk cuttng veins. They will rush him to hosp. Mrs bhalla nd amma mud slinging starts on this mattr. Nidhi records the entire fiasco nd submit in court. Aftr watchng this judge will give away ruhi’s custody to nidhi stating that raman nd ishitha are bad parents nd ruhi cant be safe in this environment. I wonder y this happens alwats that raman nd ishitha alwayz left hapless without any proofs against nidhi.

  20. shivani

    Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) proves Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) bad in Judge’s eyes getting Ruhi’s (Aditi Bhatia) custody in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that 20 days completed of Raman and Ishita for proving to court as they are good parents for Ruhi.

    Judge comes to Bhalla house along with Nidhi and tells Raman and Ishita as she is very disappoint by their behavior.

    Judge tells Raman and Ishita as they are educated but their behavior not safe for children.

    Judge also says Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyyer fight which proves that Ruhi can never get a good environment in this house.

    Raman and Ishita tell them that it is Nidhi’s plan but Judge accuses them for blaming others whey fault in them.

    Judge accuses Raman and Ishita for not able to give good environment to Ruhi

    Raman and Ishita plead judge to give one more chance to them but judge is not in mood to hear anything.

    Mrs Bhalla curses herself for losing Ruhi again when Judge decides to give Ruhi’s custody to Nidhi.

  21. Khushi

    I guess aftr this nidhi will cum nd stay in bhalla house as property is in ruhi’s name nd she is the custodian of ruhi. She will either starts torturing bhallas or throw them out. Seeing her family being tortured ruhi’s luv for her family may come out. Ishitha might nt be shown for a while bcose of beauty divyanka’s wedding.

    • shivani

      But ishita told raman to trasfer all properties to someone else name….i think raman wont do that….and when nidhi claim the right, raman will regret for not doing what ishita said…Actually raman was always like this…he never listen to ishita…when nidhi demanded money raman gave her nd got trapped in her plan…ishita asked him not to give, but he didn’t listen to her….

  22. Khushi

    U r right shivani.. The exact is going to happen. Ramn kabhi nahi sudhrega. He will never heed ishu nd land in pblm as alwayz

  23. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie mino jaz shona aditya jeni and
    all yhm friends.

    • jaz

      Hey rithu wow what a geniuses person you are how can you remember all members names. By god..rithu but up coming episode’s very sensitive na..ishita have to be careful na..but I can’t TOLERATE this ruhi attitude jab tak isharu bonding nahi hojathi.I think I want to quit the SHOW.shagun kafi thi ab niddhi way. Bus ab 2 week I have to skip the channel.any way gd evening

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