Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun shouting on Neelu. Mrs. Bhalla consoles Neelu. She says this is my house, Shagun does not deserve my pity. Shagun says you came to your right place, where are the keys, I want it. Mrs. Bhalla says I will not give it. Shagun says I m still Raman’s wife, I want the keys. Raman looks on. Shagun asks him about Ashok. She says I want the keys, I don’t want to stay here. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she fighting. Shagun goes to rest. Mrs. Bhalla says why did Lord send this Shagun back.

Aaliya says I have lost my dear ones, what wrong did I do. Ishita says we all understand your pain, so we wanted you to come in this puja, why are you punishing Adi, we can’t send you to stay alone in Mani’s house. Raman says I got lonely because of Raman. Ishita says I

won’t talk to change your thinking, just stay here, when Shagun regains memory, won’t you wish to stay here and know who is real culprit, you should be here with Shagun. Aaliya nods and says I will stay here, but not as Adi’s wife, I want to stay here to see Shagun getting fine, I want to see who is murdered in actual. Amma says we will complete puja. Ruhi gets a call and goes out.

She asks what, don’t say anything to police, I will get money tonight, I want him in my custody. She says I can’t let anyone know the truth. Someone meets the watchman. Watchman says I did as you said, else even I have risk to get caught. The person gives him money. Watchman gives the register and goes.

Its morning, men get shagun. Neela asks Mrs. Bhalla to come and see, two strange men got food, maybe Shagun ordered food. Mrs. Bhalla asks who are you. Ashok comes and says they came in right house. She asks why did you come here, what’s this acting. Ashok says you should not welcome guest this way, if guest got shagun, I got shagun for Shagun. He enters the house and asks them to keep things on dining table. She asks why this shagun, take it and get lost. He says I got this for my girlfriend. She says there is no one here. He says you got clever, I know Shagun is here, I won’t go without meeting her. She gets scared and asks did you go mad. He takes the photos and says much changed and not. Neelu goes.

Ishita says Adi did not come till now, did he say anything. Neela comes and says come home fast. Ashok… Ishita says what is he doing here. She asks Aaliya not to go, Ashok would have known Shagun lost memory, we will talk to him. Amma stops Aaliya. Ashok says you cleaned the house well, there is no sign that Raman and Ishita are married, now I have to find out the drama you did with Shagun, where did you hide her. Raman comes and asks him to get out. Ishita comes. Ashok says she is still here, you are very lucky to have two wives, relax, I came here to meet Shagun, I got shagun plates, she wants to marry me, I can’t refuse to her. Ishita says we will get her married, we have to talk to him alone, come with me. They take Ashok out. Mrs. Bhalla asks what is this new problem.

Pihu waits for Ruhi and tells Ananya and Shitija about her project. She says I have to make my project best, I want to go home. Riya pushes her and says my project will be best. Pihu says we will see whose project is best. Riya says I challenge you, my project will be best, loser. She goes. Ananya says I will help you. Pihu goes to ask a lady if she will drop her. The lady agrees. Ishita asks how did you know Shagun is here. Raman says he won’t say without saying. She asks him to answer. Ashok says I got to know by Mihika. Ishita says why will Mihika tell you.

Ashok says I have a deep connection with your family, your top secrets come to me on own, I went to get my BP checked, Mihika came there to meet doctor and talk about Shagun. FB shows Ashok sees Mihika asking for doctor to discuss Shagun’s case. He follows Mihika. He talks to nurse. She asks him to take appointment and then meet doctor. He thinks how to find out why did Mihika come here. He stops a ward boy and bribes him. Ward boy sends the nurse away. Ashok goes and hears Mihika. Doctor asks Mihika about Shagun. Mihika says she is fine, we are trying our best that her memory comes back. Doctor says Shagun got 10-12 years back, small shock can be dangerous for her. Ashok gets shocked. He smiles and says I got a jackpot, Shagun has reached 10-12 years behind, she was desperate to marry me, I can’t get better chance to create a storm in Raman and Ishita’s lives. FB ends. Ashok says so I came here to propose Shagun. Amma scolds him. They send Amma. Ashok asks how to address you, Mrs. Bhalla or Miss Ishita Iyer, she was single 12 years ago, and now Raman will stay with Shagun, life gave me many chances, you got stuck between two women again, you will be burnt in this fire, it will be fun. Ishita says you are not thinking about Shagun, her brain will damage if she knows anything. He says you are Devi, you got Sautan home, I will not keep quiet, you can’t keep Shagun away, the day I know your plan, I will spoil it. Raman says you won’t be alive if you stay here, get out. Ashok goes. Ishita asks Raman to control his anger.

Neela gets a black glove from Ruhi’s bag. Ruhi gets shocked and asks what are you doing. Neelu says I came to keep clothes, what’s this glove. Ishita asks Kiran why did you not stop Pihu. Kiran says Ruhi did not come, so Pihu left. Ishita says Pihu can’t meet Shagun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow!!!! Ashok track is back. I’m njyng it. Both shagun and ashok pair creates a tadka in d story. Hope viewers will njy diz track

  2. azuka nkwonta

    I know the bhallas will hide things from aaliyah. Ishita just knew how to use aaliyah. Ishita should not have told her to stay back. Aaliyah suppose to know what Ashok came for and she is suppose to be there where they talked with Ashok at least this is about her mother. Ishita just knew what she is doing, she wants to keep aaliyah in check. It’s obvious that somebody in bhallas house murdered Mani. Aaliyah should stay in mani’s house, she will still check on shagun from time to time and she can have freedom to do her own investigation but if she stays in bhallas house they will monitor her and ishita will control her. I don’t trust the bhallas, aaliyah is weak and alone, the bhallas will hide things from her as the truth starts coming, she needs help.

    1. Aaliya isn’t weak and alone. She chooses to not listen. I get that she is traumatized because of her uncle’s death. Since she got married to Adi, she’s been brainwashed by Shagun and is now acting just like Shagun. Only Shagun and Aaliyah have opinions and can shout an carry on and everyone must take their harsh words. What did Roshni do to her to deserve such disrespect? Aaliyah used to be a different type of girl before Shagun became her mother. Aaliyah also conveniently forgets that it was Shagun who even tried to blackmail her. Stupid show! There is no reason behind some of this mindless nonsense.

      I used to like this character of Aaliyah’s, but she’s become so much like Shagun that I’m disgusted. Now all she cares about is that stupid friend of hers. Who goes on their honeymoon to hang out with their friend?

      1. azuka nkwonta

        I think you are been carried away roshni is not a family member talk less of telling aaliyah what to do, I think she should stay in her limits and she has no right to arrange puja for mani’s death, I think she is troublesome. As far as I am concerned aaliyah is weak and alone and she is not like shagun , I wish she is. She is still like ishita and I hate that. Another thing is Mani is aaliyah’s father.

      2. At the end of the day, I know it is just a TV show and not reality. Carried away? You are funny! I barely watch this show anymore. Regarding Roshini, I don’t find her to be troublesome at all. Stay within her limits? Are you saying being considerate and kind is overstepping one’s boundaries? She’s trying to be helpful, but that’s my perception of her.

        I can see where you feel that Aaliyah is weak and alone. My observation is that she was once a level headed girl, but right now she is misguided and her judgement is skewed. Shagun is vile, vindictive and a nasty person. Based on your comments, I see you prefer the antagonist(s).

        Mani was Aaliyah’s uncle. After her birth father was sent to jail for her mother’s death, Mani adopted her. Either way you look at it, neither of us are wrong on our views here.

  3. Wat is ruhi hiding

    1. maybe she knows who the killer is ?

    2. Exactly! What is she hiding? Before Mani was killed, Ruhi saw someone. I get this is the drama they are trying to trap viewers with, but shouldn’t she have gone to Ishita and tell her what she saw? Since she couldn’t finish talking before Shagun started her nonsensical insults and aggression, she should have talked to someone else about who/what she saw. Shagun and Aaliyah always jumping to conclusions without facts.

  4. I hope this show ends soon. It is getting more and more ridiculous by the minute.

  5. azuka nkwonta

    If anyone could remember when ruhi and adi were fighting over who is better in business and all that and if you could remember the day of their product launch that ruhi got drunk thinking that adi purposely did not include her name among the people that did the project. Before she got drunk she said something, she went and sat on Raman’s chair in his office and said this seat is mine, it belongs to me, no one can take it away. Ruhi vowed that not even adi can take the seat away from her.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    People still think that nobody among the bhallas can murder or steal or even do bad. Why is it so. So they can never do wrong? Why does others do wrong, why can’t the bhallas do wrong, are they not humans?

    1. wow, this is my first time seeing a Nigerian commenting on this page, am so happy

    2. I think that’s your perception of people.

      The Bhalla family is crazy. Raman has serious anger issues and now so does Adi. Ruhi and Pihu are little brats. This grown up Ruhi is very pompous. Raman’s mother and Ishita’s mother meddle too much and from what i can tell (from some of the previous episodes), have caused a lot of problems between Shagun and Ishita.

      There is too much turmoil in these shows which is why I watch them selectively and sparingly.

  7. Pranav

    I think it is shagun because she can benefit a lot from mani murder

    1. Nivika

      I agree with you…she can cross any limits

  8. I will not jump to any conclusion will wait and watch.

    1. Agreed. I’m right there with you. I read that it is Adi who killed Mani, but these writers love playing games with the viewers.

  9. azuka nkwonta

    Do you remember what I said about ruhi vowing to claim Raman’s seat? Do you think that ruhi has killing instincts? Remember she spent seven years with nidhi. She must have seen alot of things and perhaps she must have learnt the need to acquire power and wealth which is nidhi’s style of life.

  10. Ruhi killed mani

  11. YHM: Not Adi but Ruhi killed Mani, shocking details revealed
    The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It was earlier witnessed that Mani will be murdered in mysterious way.

    The police will feel that Mani died due to some business rivalry.

    If rumours are to be believed not Adi (Abhishek Verma) but Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) is the real killer of Mani.

    It is still not clear as to why did Ruhi killed Mani.

    This will turn out to be one of the biggest turning points of the show.

    Will Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) be able to solve the puzzle of Mani’s murder or not?

  12. Interesting drama. I think Adi was definitely there before Mani died. He must have had an argument with him when Mani gave him divorce papers. I can’t figure out Ruhi yet. But everybody thinks that this new situation will help Shagun get her memory back and then tell who is the murderer. I think that when she does regain her memory, she will either pretend to still have amnesia or she will say that Raman killed Mani. Aliya has become so annoying. Roshni will marry Adi again.

  13. Charu prakash

    Nowadays there is no division as antagonist or protagonist in so called progressive shows.Remember Zindagi show Adhe adhure.Show was critically acclaimed which did invite a debate on good vs bad.Television shows are slowly changing.That’s why they always try to justify Shagun’s actions.You can’t always cry nepotism whenever there is Shagun oriented track.Sometimes Ekta’s complains of regressive audience is right.Anyway I’m not a fan of EK.About Shagun’s nonsensical insults and aggression,Ruhi was always disrespectful towards Shagun.Remember her abuses!Unknowingly Alia might have developed a dislike for Raman due to his attitude towards her.That’s why her subconscious mind readily accepts Raman as culprit.Now Ishitha has started her manipulations.Let’s wait and watch.Ruhi’s pompousness is passed on from Ishima.There is no cure for that.I think Ruhi might be protecting her brother.She might have witnessed the confrontation.Nidhi can be the real culprit and Riya being another pawn in her hands.

  14. azuka nkwonta

    I said roshni should stay within her limits, that is true but some people will not understand it. Staying within your limits is a mark of respect not disrespect. It’s just like my sister going to my wardrobe and taking my shoes and wearing it for a party without my permission it’s a mark of disrespect. Roshni should have contacted aaliyah and talk about this prayer rites with her before taking any action it simply means respect. Well if you like you can let people rule your life that is your business. Aaliyah has never been a level headed girl but she is a good girl. I watch yhm and I study every character that is why I stand on what I say about any character. Shagun has not changed her and yes it is good to be vindictive sometimes. Ishita manipulates, she interferes, she believes she knows more than everyone and very nosy, she is not my kind of character not at all.

    1. I agree that roshni should stay in limits but here she jusy gave a suggestion…..she did not arrange on her own…..

  15. azuka nkwonta

    The bat man can save the world for all he cares but the hero is the dark knight. Shagun is the hero of yhm and not ishita.

  16. Hello I m a silent reader .But I don’t know why azuka always bad mouth of ishita?I don’t like that when some body say something bad about ishita .she is a good daughter ,wife and most important she is an ideal mother.

  17. Charu prakash

    Everybody agrees that Raman has serious anger issues.Shagun left Raman in her early 20s.Nobody was there to guide her or mend her ways.She certainly wasn’t a career woman.In the case of Ishitha she was in her early 30s.Her appa has been a pillar of streangth for her all these years.Moreover being a career woman she was always secured.She too left Bhalla house herself so many times.So how can you blame Shagun alone for all these.Azuka you are right.Show basically revolves around Shagun.Every time they need Shagun to further their lives.Whether it is children or someone’s begunai.

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