Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla telling Amma that she has a good news. She drinks wine and asks Amma to have milk. She tells Amma that Raman scolded Ashok and it means Raman loves Ishita a lot, he can’t bear anyone says a word against Ishita. Amma smiles and says I have seen his love, when Ishita was kidnapped, Raman panicked. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, even Ishita loves him. Amma wishes their family unites, we should find that kidnapped, I will pray. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, this would happen, we will celebrate.

Its morning, Ishita asks Neelu why did she not wake her, I would have said bye to Pihu. Neelu says you are unwell, so Shagun asked me not to wake you up. Ruhi comes to kitchen. Ishita smiles seeing her. Ruhi gets milk. Their head strike. Ishita cares for her, and asks are you

fine, look at your hair, shall I comb. Ruhi says no, I will do myself. Mrs. Bhalla likes the paratha smell and asks Ishita to serve them. Romi says I m eating this after a long time, teach this to Mihika too. Raman smiles.

Everyone sit to have breakfast and ask Ishita to make some food for them, its been late that they had food made by her. A phone rings, and they all ask whose phone is ringing. Neelu finds phone and says Ishita had this phone when she came home. Ishita recalls she took Ismail’s phone. She tells this to Raman. Raman asks who is this boss. Ishita says Ismail’s boss used to call him and they all used to get scared by their boss. Raman attends call and Anil asks the goons to leave from the city. Raman tells Romi that I think its Anil Nagpal’s voice, he thought I m his goon and he did not doubt its me, we will inform police, but cleverly, if Anil knows we are against him, he will use our details, we suffered for 7 years because of one lawyer, Niddhi, she snatched Ruhi, we will deal with Anil carefully.

Ruhi hears them and worries. She goes to room and cries, thinking how can I be so rude to them, I can’t forget those seven years so easily, I feel so empty, how will I give them love, I don’t think I can give love to this family, why am I here, I have no rights to stay here, I don’t have any place here, I should leave.

Mihir asks what, no, Anil can’t do this, why, if he is helpless. Raman says no one has right to hurt Ishita, I will teach a lesson to Anil. He tells Mihir that Anil should not know why we called him here. Anil comes and meets Raman. He asks Raman is everything fine at home. Raman says yes. Anil gives him papers. Mihir checks papers. Mihir asks Raman how is Ishita. Raman says yes, she is fine, don’t know who was that kidnapped, he did not take good training, Ishita is smart and dealt with them well. Anil asks Raman not to worry, he will get his work done. Raman gives him the file. Anil leaves. Mihir tells Raman that you are right, Anil is involved in Ishita’s kidnapping. Raman says he will give its proof himself.

At home, Ishita tells Raman that she will go with him, that man is dangerous. Raman refuses. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to go together and spend some time. Raman says I m going to catch kidnapper, but to spend time, keep Ishita at home. He leaves.

Ruhi goes to Pihu and kisses her. She says I will miss you a lot. Tere dil ka mere dil se…………….plays…………. Ruhi leaves from her room. Ruhi takes her bag and is leaving from Bhalla house. She gets sad and cries. She says its good no one has seen me, and stops seeing Mani. He says I came to meet Ishu, but can we talk, come. Ishita comes out of Iyer house and sees Mani taking Ruhi with him, and Ruhi’s bag left there.

Mani and Ruhi sit in lawn. He asks where is she going, from whom is she running. Ishita comes there and hears them. He says I know you are annoyed with Ishu, close your eyes Ruhi, recall that day when you went away from family. Ruhi refuses. He says it’s a request, try once, please. He asks Ruhi to recall when Ishita said we have to leave, you were scared, there is small change in story here, now you are not Ruhi, you are the woman who just became a mother, the woman who could not become a mother, whom people called infertile, whom people left and did not love just because she could not become a mum, now a miracle happened, she was very happy, then she gets to know her 2 day old child got kidnapped, and the kidnapper is very dangerous, she can do anything with baby, the baby is very critical and crying, mother can hear her cry…..

Ruhi recalls that moment and cries. He says when we get what we want in life, we have fear, the mother was crying for her baby, and kidnapper asked her to get another daughter to get baby, now we will make another change, replace the 2 day old baby with Pihu. Ruhi shouts no, Pihu ….. Mani asks her to think of Ishita’s pain, she has been through this pain that night. Ruhi says I understand, but how to explain you, that Ruhi loved and trusted everyone, especially on her Ishi Maa, she had many emotions, but that Ruhi is dead, she is no more.

Mani says its nothing like that, else you would have no love for Pihu, you reacted this way thinking of Pihu, you just to find old Ruhi in you. She says no, my love is just for Pihu, not anyone else. Ishita looks on. Ruhi says you wanted to know why I was leaving today, I don’t want my and Pihu’s love to end, I love Pihu a lot, and don’t want any change in our relation. He says I think your relation will get strong and love will increase, give yourself a chance. Ishita smiles.

Mani tells Ishita that this house is of Shagun, if you stay here, you will get attached and it will be tough for you to leave, we will go back to Australia. She packs her bag. Mani says come, lets go.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. meenaz

    todays suoer nice episode it mani is explaining pihu for ishita….looking good…hope ruhi never come back in ishita life bcoz ruhi dont deserve our ishu..waiting for tomprrow epis…..

  2. shivani

    Hi EVERYONE……VP Rithu Mino Sindhu Siddhi Jaz Aditya Nish Khushi Monique Az and all others….
    Though precap is little confusing,It was a great episode…what’s mani’s intention..??.. he doesn’t want ishu and raman together….?? But he did a great job today…the way he explained everything to ruhi is commendable….when he said this house is shagun ishita got ready to leave the house..then what will she do when she knows about shaguns kidnapping drama…??….m sure this Mahan ishita will defend shagun and will sacrifice everything for her….

  3. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, Vp, Shivani, Mino, Az, Jaz,Shona, Prisha, Sarita, Aditya, Raisa, Monique, Naaz and many many YHM fans….. I hope everyone is fine. I liked today’s episode. I can see Raman’s love for Ishita and wants to make sure that whoever kidnapped his wife is brought for punishment. He does not want anything to happen to Ishita and wants her to stay at home to be safe. Very nice. Mani I have to laud him in helping Ruhi to understand the pain Ishimaa must have gone through when she was in a dilemma to save her 2 day old daughter and Ruhi as well. NIce only Mani can explain to Ruhi about that night’s scenerio.

    But I don’t understand in precap why Mani wants Ishita to leave for Australia. Why did he ask her to pack her bags and leave without Raman’s permission? She is doing the same mistake that she did 7 years ago. Leaving Raman again…… I want Raman to feel bad for what he has done and sincerely apologize for all the misunderstanding between them but I don’t want Ishita to leave Raman and the children and go for good. I can’t bear to see their separation. They should have a scene of Ishra and both sitting down and recollecting the leap years and Ishita telling Raman how she tried to attempt suicide twice so Raman knows that not only him suffered without Ishita but Ishita too suffered without Raman.

  4. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.episode was sad.precap even sadder. But I don’t think ishu will go Australia. Shaggy shud be caught such a villian. En both her en anil truth shud cum out.niddhi en ashok I stilll don’t trust.dunno what writers have planned their. Plz as a request end all the misunderstanding en unite ishrarupiadi.

  5. steph

    i don’t know what mani was thinking.. is it justified for ishita to put ruhi in danger just because she was infertile and just became a mother.. how awful! this ruhi loved and trusted ishita more than if ishita thought to put ruhi in danger because she became a mother after being infertile she’s more disgustig than shagun.. that proves she always kept in mind that ruhi was not her own daughter.. and she should not forget that she wouldn’t have anything including pihu if it was not for ruhi except that coward mani of course.. im with ruhi, ishita shouldn’t have done that no matter what.. and if the explanation she has is what mani said she’s the most terrible person in yeh hai moh

    • VP

      yes Steph … I too felt and thot these writers cud have worded defferently … Many times it happened in many situationa. quite invalid … i too did not like the way Mani explained … if he had started it due to Ramans compulsion and Ishitha had arranged to save both Ruhi .and Pihu would have made sense He cud have even explained how Ishu tried to commit suicide , how he saved her and how she was living in that guilt …,I dont understand why he compels Ishitha to leave to Australia and convincing Ruhi to stay ? He wants to seperate Ishru or what ?….

      • steph

        thank you VP. i thought i was the only one who noticed it.. yeah mani should have said to ruhi it was just an accident, and ishita never intended to exchange her for pihu.. and ishita also for god sake explain to ruhi that she wanted to save them both.. if she agrees with mani she’s more wicked than niddhi. you never do that to a person who loved and trusted you.. not even when she was her kid.. here ruhi accepted her as a mother, the world best mother, and this is how ishita returns ruhi innovent and pure love! what kind of mother would do that!

    • VP

      yes Steph …and Ani I too felt and thot these writers cud have worded defferently … Many times it happened in many situationa. quite invalid … i too did not like the way Mani explained … if he had started it due to Ramans compulsion and Ishitha had arranged to save both Ruhi .and Pihu would have made sense He cud have even explained how Ishu tried to commit suicide , how he saved her and how she was living in that guilt …,I dont understand why he compels Ishitha to leave to Australia and convincing Ruhi to stay ? He wants to seperate Ishru or what ?….

      • Khushi

        Hi dears,
        Me too feel lyk manis explanation to ruhi was incomplete. He shld hav told entire truth to her. It was all ramans plan. Ishu nvr wantd to exchange ruhi. Infact he was against it. I thnk mani purposedly missed some imp points or may be writers fault. May be mani want ishu to be bck with him. He might hav did this seeing ishitha standing nearby inorder to impress her. He won ishus trust nd at the same time ruhis misunderstandings are nt cleared fully. Dnt knw what he is up to.

    • indira

      hi Steph
      don’t know how long ago you have been watching this series
      however it wasn’t Ishita’S fault it was the inspector

      • VP

        Indira true not at all Ishithas fault … but Manis explanation was totally wrong … I am fully on Ishithas side understanding her situation on that day ……never blame her

      • steph

        indira for your information i have been watching this from episode 1 itself.. i never doubted ishita’s love for ruhi pre-leap, in fact that extraordinary love is the one which had drawn me to the show.. and that is the reason i am this disspaointed and hurt by ishita’s behaviour. do you think a mother would ever put a kid in danger just for the sake of another kid.. if ishita convinces ruhi that it was just an unfortunate failure of her attempt to save them both i would agree. but if ishita’s explanation is the same of mani’s she’s a wicked witch.. because it proves that ishita considers pihu is her own daughter, but ruhi.. ruhi loved ishita more than anything, she never deserved such kind of treatment from ishita.. ruhi brought back the whole world into ishits’s hands.. it is not the world who says that but ishita herself proves that a stepmother is always a step mother, if she doesn’t correct mani’s explanation soon.

    • Appy

      mani ne galat explain kia. ishita nahi chahti thi ki esa ho par raman ne use force kia or pihu tab do din ki thi or ventilater pe thi, agr ku6 ghane or uske bina rehti to mar skti thi par ruhi k marne k koi chances nhi the wo use police ki madad se bacha leti par sab chize galat h ogyi.

  6. steph

    when a kid is vulnerable to something a mother would do anything BUT putting another kid in danger. ishita #GirlBye

    • Leelee

      Ishita should have interrupted Mani to say no, that is not true, this is what happened… Not just stand there. These script writers are not doing a good job. The people on commenting here would be better writers.

    • VP

      very true … I totally agree with you … but asMonique has commented , is it Manis plan to put Ruhi in a situation … and as Ruhi says she cant forget that day … it will take time to forgive Ishima … seven year old girl … what she understands … As much as I say situation … but the little girl gone thru we cant imagine ….

  7. ani

    today’s episode shows that ruhi is nothing everything is pihu if ishu can hear pihus cry then what about ruhi if ishu thought that niddhi has no importance for pihus life n she should also think that niddhi has no importance for ruhis life ishita become mom after getting pihu n is hu want pihu her child n niddhi kidnapped her as Mani say agar app ko kuch cahiye aur koi WO app say le lay then what about ruhi ishu ko kya ruhi nii cahiye thi ruhi was the one who united ishra n then ishita got the baby I know ishita loves ruhi but it means that whenever ishita have two choose between the two she will choose pihu if our real mom have to choose in between the two daughter I mean me n my sis she never exchange me I am not against ishita I am only against today’s episode it shows that pihu is everything n ruhi is nothing

  8. Siyuu

    Ishu wanna tu go back.. Den ruhi can realised ishima’s pain n ready tu call bak her wid luvv..

  9. rithushree

    episode was ok.but Mani Ruhi’s conversation part was good but in the last part it looked as though Mani wanted to take Ishita to Australia as soon as possible.

  10. rithushree

    More emotional scenes are on the anvil
    In the coming episodes, we will see that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) decides to return to Australia with Mani (Sumeet Sachdev). One of the main reasons for this is that she wants Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) to be happy with Shagun (Anita Hassnandani) and Raman (Karan Patel) . The little one is little upset knowing that Ishita is her actual mother. We will see Ishita ready to leave home but Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will convince Pihu to call Ishita as Ishimaa. On hearing this, her heart will melt. She will be left teary-eyed. Adi (Abhishek Verma) will say that all her kids are requesting her to stay back and she cannot hurt them. Finally, Ishita will stay back. The Bhalla family will rejoice the fact that IshRa are now together.
    Prior to that, Ishita tells Raman that she wants to know who kidnapped her. He shouts at her saying she has a spying nature and just cannot live in peace. Raman screams that happiness has returned to the Bhalla house and people should enjoy. Mrs Bhalla tells Raman not to shout at Ishita. Moreover, Ishita goes secretly to Niddhi’s (Pavitra Punia) home which angers Raman. He says he knows that Ishita is very clever. Shagun is very happy to see them fight as she does not want to see IshRa together or happiness in the Bhalla house. Stay tuned for more updates on the show…

  11. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam jaz aditya jeni super girl priyaroli aparna Natasha priya bhagi mansi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel lavanya sachie mino sachie shreya mansi tansuri shivani siddhi az Monique d and all yhm friends.
    hey jaz get well soon.and how are you now?
    I hope Mani doesn’t turn negative and always be positive and both Mani and Aliya stay with ishitha in India with her only.

  12. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that police arrest Anil in Ishita’s kidnapping issue.
    Ishita reaches to police station and forces Anil to tell truth about the lady name who is behind her kidnapping.
    Anil refuses to tell her anything and Shagun enters in the police station along with his sister.
    Anil gets scared seeing his sister and asks Shagun not to involve his sister and Shagun tells him that they will not do anything with is sister but tell the truth.
    Anil tells them that Nidhi asked him to kidnap Ishita and Shagun does not believe on him but Ishita tell her that he is telling truth.Anil tells Nidhi name instead Shagun as real kidnapper to Ishita for his sister’s life.
    Ishita and Shagun go along with Pathak’s sister believing Nidhi is real culprit.
    But twists unfold when Anil recalls the moment about how Shagun blackmailed him about his sister’s life for not telling truth Ishita about kidnaper.
    Shagun is real kidnapper but she warned Anil not to inform about her anyone.
    Shagun has turned vamp again for Ishita and now she will harm her
    being friendly with her.
    How will Ishita save herself from friend cum enemy Shagun?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  13. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    As per the ongoing storyline, Ishita finally manage to reach home and get out of kidnappers clutches.
    However judge gives Ruhi’s custody to Raman and Ishita but Ruhi is still not satisfied with the same.
    Ishita try to convince Ruhi by pleading her but Ruhi walks away.
    On the other hand Shagun tries to get close to the entire Bhalla family along with Ishita.
    Ishita feels bad for Shagun and thinks she made everyone’s life complicated by her re-entry.
    Nevertheless Ishita is unaware that Shagun is playing double game with her to harm her.
    Soon Shagun will showcase her negative avatar.
    Will Ishita learn about Shagun’s intentions? Let’s wait and watch.

  14. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will not listen to the family and will start packing her bags to leave.
    On the other hand Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) will make up her mind to leave India and go back to Australia along with Mani.
    However Mani will go up to Ruhi and will ask her to stop Ishita from going back to Australia as she is the only one who can keep her family united.
    He will even ask Ruhi to bridge the gap between Pihu and Ishita.
    Ruhi will understand her mistake and will insist Pihu to call Ishita as Ishima.
    Ishita will get emotional listening Ishima from Pihu’s mouth and shelves her plan to leave India.
    Stay tuned for more updates

  15. siddhi

    hi everyone I dont like Mani explanation it was totally about pihu I mean mani nay kaha ek aurt Jo abhi abhi maa bani hai means she was not mother before miracle howa hai WO maa ban gi hai miracle to ishita k life may tab Bhi howa tha jab us ko ruhi mili then he said baby got kidnapped n that woman who kidnapped baby is very dangerous she can do any thing with baby Mani said whatevever v want in life when v get it v got scared n then kidnapper ask for kidnapper ask for that woman first daughter in exchange of her this baby n when Mani asked her to replace that baby with pihu she shouts pihu what was the meaning of this does it mean that ruhi is ishitas step daughter n pihu is her real daughter I mean ruhi was imaginaing herself in ishitas place at ishita place she was only thinking about pihu not ruhi when kidnapper ask her to give ruhu in exchange ishu nay ya niii socha that this is the girl who make me realize that I am a mom who fights with everyone that her ishimaa is not a baanjthis is the girl who makes my life complete how I can I give her to that lady who can do anything with her who can destroy her life what ever Mani said describes ishita as a step mom I know ishita loves ruhi very much but I am just saying what I felt after watching today’s episode

  16. jaz

    HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique az naaz vp sindhu shivani salley susan super shona bhgi bhagya lekha megha all yhm fans members HI to all

  17. jaz

    Hi Adu I’m come back here my health is better now today episode was so emotional mani was so nice person he no how to handle this situation but in the precap why mani told to ishu to come Australia with her other wise episode was nice

  18. Ro

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!

    Who agrees with me… Next ep ishu will leave and Ruhi might stop her… do u think…

    And Mani had a big part in stopping Ruhi leaving…Gud.

  19. siddhi

    before leap when ishita give ruhi for pihu I thought that ishita was wrong n choose choose pihu aver ruhibut then VP comment made me realize that ipwharever happened it was not ishita fault n I understand that but today’s episode shows that ishu was only thinking about pihu

  20. Mino

    Hi All YHM Fans. How are u All hope all are good & well.. I think Mani is testing IShu. As he knows she is in doubt cos of Shagun & Raman’s Marriage. Now that Ruhi is back she is also on the fence as Raman has said to her many times it is cos of Ruhi. Good thinking Mani if that is the Case. This time Shagun must be caught . as you can’t excuse her for attempted Murder. just imagine if Ishu did not get away they would have killed her. of course it is not the story.. If Ishu is not there no story at all. Good If IShu Goes then Raman will have to ask pardon & beg her for forgiveness & for all the bad & bitter things he said to her. even Ruhi will realize the value of her Ishima… they should get rid of Shagun i am sick of her wicked ways. hi time to get rid of her. all this time she did stupid things but this time she went over the limit. what a fake she is. Mani knows Ruhi is valuable to the Bhalla family. & that is why he stopped her & to IShu too. anyway hope there won’t be any bad things happening. I am so tired of all the bad stuff. pls give us some happy family lifes in this family. Now focus on another. show how this family is getting on with so much love & Raman has stop shouting & a better father & a Husband..
    Love to VP, Sindhu, Jaz, Rithu, Shivani, AZ & All the others still not good at the name part got a few.. & All the YHM Fans.. Luv , Hugs To all..

  21. Murugan

    I hate Ishita … Never think abt Pihu or Raman … He told her that he doesn’t not want to lose her again … But she is ready to leave him and her children for mani sake ….

    • steph

      tell me about it! i hate the way she acts post leap.. how dare she leaves the ones who depend on her.. she knows raman’s life would be devastated if she leaves.. okay forget about raman.. adi wanted her, and even that ruhi doesn’t say anything she needs her too.. i don’t know the way ishita acts, she kinda proves a step mother is always a step mother.. a mother would not do this, that i can guarantee.

      • VP

        Steph …. For Shaghuns sake Ishitha is agreeing to Mani to leave … but unwillingly … Her responsibility was bringing Ruhi to the Bhallas … if she is to be respected and accepted , she should atleast show to Raman that her duty is over … as he was telling Ruhi ke liye …. both Raman and Ishitha knows they cant live with out each other … Raman is expressing to every one and its crystal clear he is madly in love with her … but I feel he owes an apology .to her …. we cant forget how much he insulted her …. As I always tell One should forgive but to forget is not that easy ….

    • VP

      Hi Murugan …. this story is based on Ruhi and Ishitha and how a stepmother loves her step daughter … No Ruhi … no Ishitha …She has not gone thru the pregnancyhood and motherhood and two days infant she did not see also … Raman took the wrong step … and Ishitha tried to suicide .. it was not her wish to live with Mani in Aus . Situation forced her . I am an intense follower of this serial .. but defferent people defferent views .. I too love Raman the way he loves Ishitha .

  22. Murugan

    She really doesn’t care about Pihu … Whatever the problem might be but staying away from her 2days new born child for 7years is unbelievable …. Even now she is ready to do the same mistake …

  23. R Mehan

    When will they tell Ruhi tht the police failed in the secret rescue operation of not letting Ruhi be handed over to Nidhi. That’s why the policeman resigned n IshitA tried to
    Commit suicide

    • VP

      Yes RMohan that was the most important to be explained to Ruhi … here I felt like choice between Ruhi and Pihu ….

  24. susan

    Although it was very emotional I also did not like Mani’s explanation. It was as if Ishita had a choice and she chose Pihu. As far as I remember Niddhi threw Pihu in the air. In that split second Ishita let go of Ruhi’s hand to catch Pihu. That is when Niddhi grabbed Ruhi. Should Ishita just have let Pihu fall ! ! ! I do not understand any of this. I do not think that Mani actually intends to take Ishita with him. I think he is trying to wake up somebody in her family. But I am afraid not even a bomb blast will wake Raman from his peaceful sleep.

    • VP

      Yes Susan totally agree with you … and Iam sure Mani is not taking her … just to make Ruhi and others understand her importance in the family … he is really a good friend …


    A Big Hi to YHM GROUP.
    Episode Was OK.
    Mani’s Explanation Was Not OK.
    He Could Have Explained RUHI in Some Other Way,SOME BETTER WAY.
    The Subject Arrived At OWN Daughter And Step Daughter.
    Which ISHITHA Doesn’t Feel or Think Like That.
    Making RUHI’s MIND to STAY At Home By Mani Was OK
    But Bartar System of Daughters Was Not OK.
    I Mean Mani’s Explanation.


    Hi JAZ!
    Did You See Yesterday’s Comment of Mine Regarding Your MEDICINE?
    If Not See Now.
    How is Your HEALTH?

  27. nish

    Hi everyone, greetings from South Africa. Today’s episode was good but want family to invite soon soon soon.disappointed with Ishra scenes. Expected more emotion from Raman when Ishita returned. The way he was behaving recently when she got chilli in her eyes. Now such a big thing and he is so distant from her

    • VP

      Hi Ninsh … they wont show that very fast … serial rt ? the more episodes the more money for the producers ..


    Hi Rithu!
    How Are You?
    How is Your LIFE?
    Is Everything Going Well for You?
    Rithu You Are The BACKBONE OF This GROUP.

    Rithu Ahliya And Mani Also Doesn’t Leave INDIA
    AUR YE Log Australia Gaye toh Isko Bahot Karcha Uthana padti HAI.
    Issliye EKTA Kapoor Kum Paise mai SERIAL Banane mai Dekhti HAI.

    Good Morning in ADVANCE Rithu And Have A NICE DAY AHEAD.

    • rithushree

      hey aditya.i am fine . everyone are backbone of this site.good morning to you too.and everything is going well.

  29. Nivedha


    |Registered Member

    I am agreeing that Raman did mistake… He used harsh words… But I wanaa know this….Everyone knows that he loves ishitha more than anything…. Then also why this Ishitha is behaving as such… Again leaving him alone…
    Did he said that he loves Shagun? I agree bcoz of his anger he took decision of remarriage… I think he didn’t made it whole heartedly…
    What’s wrong with everyone? Don’t separate Ishra… Consider Raman too…

    • Lekha

      I agree with you nivedha ….but still ishitha is not sure that Raman cannot live without her…..also she is feeling guilty that she has come in between Raman and shagun…….she said the same to Raman in day before yesterday’s episode… its time for Raman to speak his heart out in front of her and assure her that it is her house and only she can handle everything…….waiting for that…

    • Mino

      Hi Nivedha. Yes Raman did say with Anger. But don’t forget he fave hopes to Shagun.. She thinks Ishu Took her happiness & They owe her for the seven years. It was all Raman’s mistake by hurting Ishu he went & fell in to another soup…

  30. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show turmoil of relationships in Ishita, Raman and Ruhi’s life.
    Ishita has returned home but happiness is still far away from Bhalla house as Ruhi is in dilemma.
    Ruhi decides to leave Bhalla house as court has already given her custody to Bhalla family.
    Ruhi tries to escape from Bhalla house but Mani sees her and takes her along with him.
    Adi stops Ishita from going.
    Ishita sees Ruhi going away from her being upset with her, Ishita also decides to go away as Ruhi no longer loves her.
    Ishita also packs her bag and was leaving Bhalla house when Adi sees her going and stops her.
    Adi makes Ishita emotional and stops her from going away leave him and her family.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  31. VP

    Hi Good Morning all .. Rithu .. Shivani .. Sindhu .., Mino … Jaz … Aditya .. steph … Simmi .. Ninsh .. Jaz .. Az … Murugan and all …

  32. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hi Jaz,Shona Rithu, Vp, Shivani, Mino, Az, Jaz,Shona, Aditya, Raisa, Sindhu, Naaz,Nish
    and many many YHM fans…..

    Well looks like the epic love drama continues….in a matter I understand why Ishita would want to leave for Aus.
    Raman and Ishita need to sit and have a deep conversation about their feelings
    Just because you have your daughter back that doesn’t mean she can just forget the whole thing…it takes time.
    The way Mani explained the matter left a lot of grey area where Ruhi could misinterpret what he meant, but I think it’s just a way that he can have Ishita for himself.
    They have never been open when it comes to matters of the heart, but if you look at their eyes you know they are longing for each other. Their eyes speak what they are afraid to say.

    And ishita forever thinks of other people now she doesn’t want to disrupt Pihu or she doesn’t want to hurt Shagun. She must be selfish for once and take what is hers.
    But No….she don’t want to be happy.

    I think there are a lot of ways the story can still go…….I for one am excited to see how the story will unfold.

  33. susan

    Lekha. 101% correct. Thank you thank you. Also waiting for Raman to CONFESS ! ! Everybody knows he loves Ishita EXCEPT Ishita! Everybody knows how crazy he went while she was kidnapped EXCEPT Ishita! His last words to her was – Don’t get such good feelings. Nothing between us has changed. You are here for Ruhi. Once she is back you will return to Australia. Don’t get too attached else it will hurt you a lot. – And this Shagun! Let me rather not go there!

    • Monique_D


      |Registered Member

      My feeling exactly ,Its like I love you but I don’t want you to know it.Then he drops random lines that indicating his feelings.

    • Lekha

      Very true……he is suffering and also making her suffer without telling her importance in his life………I am very sure if he speaks to her once there will be no distance between their hearts and he will also be at peace…..otherwise see how he is shouting at her……..but I guess it will take much time as karan is out of town for his holiday………….hope he gets back soon

  34. mona

    i think shugun is not bad she love pihu & every one but ishita came back so that is not shagun falut

  35. Appy

    i am 1000% sure ki ishita ka kidnap or jaan se marne ki koshish SHAGUN ki hi thi. ye sara kand shagun ne hi kia tha….

  36. rithushree

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    Coming to the dailies, in the Urban market, Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, and The Kapil Sharma Show are in the top slots. While Jodha Akbar, Kumkum Bhagya and Bandini tops the chart in the rural sector.
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    Siya Ke Ram (Star Plus) 1887

  37. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    As per the ongoing storyline, Ishita finally manage to reach home and get out of kidnappers clutches.
    However judge gives Ruhi’s custody to Raman and Ishita but Ruhi is still not satisfied with the same.
    Ishita try to convince Ruhi by pleading her but Ruhi walks away.
    Ruhi has not yet come out of that traumatised life and still behaves rude with her family.
    Ruhi decides to leave Bhalla house and move back to Australia.
    Luckily Mani reach on time and make Ruhi explain about the same kidnapping incident making her realise about Ishita’s state of mind at that point of time.
    In the upcoming series Mani will take Ishita along with him and will notify her that Bhalla house is Shagun’s house.
    Ishita will get ready to leave with Mani.

  38. rithushree

    Ruhi is upset and Ishita showers love on her. Ishita ties her hair pleats. Ruhi is talking with Ishita well after a long time. Ruhi did not have food, and Ishita pacifies her. Ruhi asks why is everything hidden, things got different. Sshe says Raman and Romi are business rivals, Romi came here for me and he will leave, Pihu does not know you are her real mother. Ruhi has many questions in her heart. Ishita knows Ruhi does not have food when she has something going on in her mind. Ruhi shares everything with her. Pihu would be knowing the truth that Ishita is her real mother, and new drama will begin.

  39. rithushree

    Ishita loves Adi, Ruhi and Pihu. She has many emotions for her children and has equal love for all of them. Ishita spends time with all of them. Ruhi says we have to explain Pihu what relation Ishita has with Pihu. Ishita gets touched when Ruhi calls her Ishi Maa. Ishita asks Ruhi not to take any tension. Ruhi was leaving from home alone at night, but Mani stops Ruhi by asking her to stay back for Ishita’s love sake. Ishita was also leaving, and Adi stops her. Adi cries and hugs Ishita, asking her not to leave him again. Ishita apologizes to him. Ruhi asks Pihu to call Ishita as Ishi Maa. Pihu likes the name and says Ishita is my Ishi Maa from today. Ishita hugs Pihu and shares happiness with her.

  40. shivani

    Completely agree with you Susan….Raman clearly said to ishita not to have such good feelings..she is here for ruhi…and raman got ruhis technically there is no need of ishita..
    actually ishita is stucked btwn shagun and raman…she thinks because of her shagun lost her place….and what did raman do..?
    Instead of expressing his feelings ,he kept
    on saying sirf ruhi ke liye….


    Good Afternoon to ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    Hi JAZ VP Rithu Monique Megha AZ Naaz Sindhu Siddhi Lekha Shivani Ramchin Radhika And ALL The OTHER Participants

    Am Sure Coming EPISODES Would Be More EMOTIONAL.


    Monique Please HELP Me Regarding REGISTRATION As You Did.
    How Are You Monique?
    What Are You Doing?

    • Monique_D


      |Registered Member

      Hey I’m fi e thanks …just the site is giving me problems.

      On top you will get these icons.
      Home….Contact Us….Submit Article…….Activity…..Register……Login
      -Go to the register tab
      – new screen will appear.
      -Pick a username
      -Fill in your email address
      -Choose a password
      Confirm that password
      -Type in the reCAPTCHA
      – on register.

      Here is the link below

  43. siddhi

    upcoming shagun ruhi n pihu goes to ice cream parlor ruhi sees the hospital in which pihu was born n lies to shogun that her stomach is hurting n goes to same hospital so that she can tell pihu about surrogracy

  44. Tehreem

    Ishita is nothing but a b*t*h. her face is like a sucked mango. Pihu is Shagun’s daughter. She left Pihu. She has no right to snatch Pihu from Shagun. There’s no way she can justify her act of giving Ruhi to Niddhi. She is a b*t*h and such an ugly fat ass. And if someone disagrees with my point then he/she may not dare reply to it or else he’d be a bigger doggie than Ishita and he’d be kissing her butt.

    • Maheen

      she is right and you all indians dont dare to reply me because if you all dont want to be insulted by me if you will so you will do as she says

  45. Maheen

    Ishita only knows how to snatch childerns from their parents pihu is too small to be snatched by her parents raman and shagun.If ruhi wants to go with nidhi so whats the problem with ishita after all ruhi is not her real or fake daughter and the director is showing such an rubbish that ruhi and addhi loves ishita more than their real mother shagun .ISHITA IS A BIG MOTHER f**k who only first shows love to other childern and than she harms them.blo*dy UGLY FACED BICTH Divyanka yu are a f**kING BICTH

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