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The Episode starts with Ishita seeing Raman in her clinic and closes the door asking him what happened. Raman holds her hand and says he did a big mistake, I should have told you, what did I do. She says have water. He drinks water. She asks what happened. He says Adi did Amma’s accident. He says I shoulf have told you. She says I know it Raman. He looks at her shocked. He says why did you not tell me. She sits by his side and says how could I ask you, how could I tell you, you did not think I deserve to know this truth, you did not tell me anything. She says I was thinking a lot, that you are supporting Shagun and against us, why do you love her till now, I was not understanding anything and I did not like to fight with you, then I saw Adi driving, Shagun scolded him infront of my eyes, she

said you already did the accident so why are you touching the car, then I knew you were not supporting Shagun, but Adi.

They both cry. She asks why did you not tell me anything. He says I wanted to say, but Shagun stopped me as she felt you will choose Amma over Adi, and I wanted to save Adi, today my eyes opened. He says I have realized I did wrong supporting him, I should give him to police. I went to his school today and tells her what happened there. He says you are right, Shagun wanted to save him, as she is his mum, she took the blame on her head, but I flowed in my feelings, I did wrong. Shagun has spoiled Adi a lot, its not mum’s love, as mum does not spoil kids, but makes them right showing them right path, slap him on mistake and cry being hurt, as you are doing for Ruhi, mum is like you.

Shagun does not have mum’s love for her and Adi is not out of hands. I have lost my son, now he is not my innocent Adi, he got so much freedom that he feels what he does is right. He says Shagun did not do mum’s duty, but I will do a dad’s duty and bring him on the right path. He says the decision which I took, I can’t walk alone on it. Bandh gaye ye bandhan…………….plays…………. He holds her hands and says I need your help and support. She says I m with you, always. He says thanks. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………….

Shagun gets a summon, that Amma’s case is sent to juvenile case, as the kid did this crime. She says he is not accused. He says the court will decide it. Adi comes and the man asks him to come with them. Adi asks Shagun what are they saying, they came to arrest me. The man says judge will be good to you, come with us. Shagun says Ishita did this and tries to protect Adi, but they take Adi. The man asks Shagun to come in her car if she wants. Shagun tells Adi not to tell anything and goes after him.

Mr. Bhalla says I don’t understand Adi did the accident. Mrs. Bhalla says its good Amma convinced Ishita to take the case back. Mr. Bhalla says if we hide his mistake, he will make more mistakes. She disagrees. Shagun calls him and he puts it on speaker. Shagun asks for Raman. He asks what happened. She asks where is Ishita, she complained against my Adi, he got arrested. I will not leave her, she told everyone Adi did the accident, I m going to magistrate and save him, Raman will support me, nothing will happen to my son. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says I will ask Amma why did she not stop Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says don’t create any drama there, I will talk to Pathak.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma and Amma is clueless. Mr. Bhalla says lets go to court and see whats happening, their phone is reachable. Mrs. Bhalla says I supported Ishita against my son, but can’t see my grandson getting punished. Amma says we will come and askl Ishita why did she do this. Shagun comes to the court. Shagun asks who did the complaint, where is my son, he is a minor, you can’t bring him here. The magistrate asks her to stay out. She says you can’t talk to him without his parent. Raman says they can. She sees him and says see what Ishita did, I told you she won’t understand. Raman says enough….. Ishita did not complain, I told the judge all the truth.

Shagun is shocked and says what are you saying Raman, you complaint against your son, what is this drama, the truth is you wanted to punish us, you are so weak in her love, what happened to your love for Adi. Raman says I love Adiu, but it does not mean to encourage him for mistakes, you are a mum, do your duty, you forgot, but I won’t. What Adi did, he has to realize, anyone would have died, I will do my duty and bring him on right path. She says you are using Adi to take revenge from me. He says I m not like you, to use him as a shield.

The judge asks them to stop it, and said I want to talk to Adi to get some answers. Kaur asks Raman to come out. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Ishita and asks why did she do this. She says Shagun told us that you got Adi arrested. Raman comes and says I did this, not Ishita. Everyone is shocked. Raman says this punishment was necessary, as I did not do any duty till now, as dad does not divert the kids from right path, I was wrong but I realized today that I m ruining him, he will do bigger mistakes if I save him today, parents can die for children, but I realized I m preparing him for bad future, where no one can control him. Shagun ruined his life but I can’t, you should be proud that I did the right thing.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says maybe you are right and he will regret and change. The judge calls all of them. He says I took Adi’s statement and will tell my decision tomorrow, he is a minor and will be kept in children’ remand room, go home, don’t worry, he will be fine.

Amma talks to the judge and says Adi is like our family, I did not know Adi did this and now I want to take the case back. Adi cries. The judge says its first time, a rich family kid came here, its good his dad came forward to bring him on right path, I will not punish him, but find a cure for him. He has to be here tonight in remand room. Adi asks Shagun to stop them. Shagun cries. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla to take everyone home. Shagun says what kind of father are you, this is why I left you and went to Ashok, you are disgusting, I won’t let you take Adi, never. The judge sees all this drama. Shagun says I will fight, I won’t let you separate Adi from me. Ishita looks on.

Ishita talks to Shagun and asks her not to behave such, as Adi will not learn good from her. Shagun says you will teach me how to be a mum, the woman who can’t become a mum ever. Everyone looks at Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s getting boring not going to watch it for a few weeks lets see if it gets interesting

  2. it was good by raman ishita.plz raman give a tight slap to that shagun yaar.she deserve that only yaar.thank for fast update amena.

  3. Plz end the accident series nd start romance of ishitha nd raman nd their family life wit ruhi….
    we r waitng….

  4. Shagun u r a Mother but still u don’t know how to look after kids and u saying to ishita atleast she knows how to look after kids u don’t have to be mother to know about right and wrong of kids

  5. this was great .

  6. its intresting nice epicode
    I LOVE THIS …………………………………………………………

  7. spoiling kids with money is not good upbringing, using your child as a shield to get even with your ex is pathetic. Shagun has crossed all the limits. It will be better if the judge hands over Adi also to Ishita, with the clause that Shagun cant see him or talk to him for that time period, if he tries to double cross ishita or misbehave with her he will be in remand home for the term. Then I think Adi can be saved with lot of love that the Bhallas and Iyers give there children. Same incidences, Adis time spent with ruhi and shravan, Raman making time for his son in activities that a dad and son engage in. These might change Adi as he is only 11 yrs old. But Ashok , Shagun and there gang of miscreant should be out

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