Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir doing arrangements in the party. Mihika requests him to play her fav song and make her fav celebrities dance. He agrees. Raman compliments Ishita and asks is she doing this to impress stars. She laughs and says thanks, attend guests now. He flirt s with her. He asks did Sarika come. She says no, don’t worry. Mrs. Bhall and Dolly plan to take selfies with Tisshar. They find Amma worried for Vandu. Mrs. Bhalla cheers up Amma and compliments her. Pallavi manages Rohit and signs Ishita. Amma sees Pallavi and says I will take Rohit. Pallavi says let him be, I like to manage him, no problem. Amma says Rohit is happy and smiling with you.

Vandu and Bala come in party. Vandu asks Bala to come, they will leave. Ishita greets them and sees Vandu’s saree. She

asks what happened to Vandu’s taste, this rainbow saree. Bala says I know its loud, but I wanted her to look unique. Ishita says she is looking unique. He gives Shitija to Ishita and goes. Shagun and Manoj come and like the party. Ishita and Raman welcome them, and say Aftab and Tusshar would be coming now. Pallavi takes care of Rohit. Ishita tells Shagun about Pallavi, Chadda loves her a lot, and she came here only being Tusshar’s fan, she did not wish to come without him, she is managing Rohit. Pallavi says Rohit is not troubling me. Ishita introduces Shagun.

Shagun says I think I have… Mihir welcomes the superstars Aftab and Tusshar. Kya kool hai hum…. Plays………. Girls take selfies with them. Everyone greet them happily. Mihir says a big round of applause for them again, they got a unique surprise, I won’t tell this, they will say it. Tusshar says I m after true love. Aftab asks did we get same girl to love. Tusshar says I did not know Shalu’s father is brand ambassador of Sanskaar. Aftab says her dad takes baths closing eyes, how will he give Shalu’s hand to us. Tusshar says not us, to me, her dad wants to meet my family. They all laugh. Aftab says I will make family with you, I mean I will help you that Shalu’s dad will also agree to marry you, I mean Shalu will marry you. Tusshar says superb, so we will find Sanskari family. Bhalla and Iyer family clap for them, and dance on KKHH3 song.

Chadda comes and smiles seeing the party and actors. He gets shocked seeing Pallavi there, with Rohit. Bala says this film is releasing tomorrow right Raman, book my ticket too. Mihir says all of us men will go, no ladies. Mihika says I also have to watch this movie. Romi asks her to go. Mihir says tickets for only men, done.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla compliment Tusshar and take selfie with him. Chadda goes to Pallavi and she gets shocked. He asks are you not happy seeing me here, I need to talk, come. He asks Amma to take Rohit. Amma takes Rohit and goes. Chadda holds Pallavi’s hand and she gets hurt. Ishita asks Raman why can’t we watch movie. Raman says you won’t understand jokes in the movie. Ishita says we will understand, we will watch it. Shagun says we will also come. Raman says girls can’t see this movie. Ishita says we will ask our heroes why can’t we watch this film.

Chadda scolds Pallavi for lying and coming here. She says I m sorry, Ishita called me, leave me, its hurting. Tusshar sees them and asks whats happening. Chadda greets him and introduces himself and his wife. Tusshar asks are you alright. She says yes. Chadda says she is fine, I love her, I was annoyed that she came here despite being unwell, I was not fighting with her. He asks Pallavi to get her pic clicked with Tusshar. He takes her pic and asks her to come. Tusshar asks you okay. She says yes and goes.

Ishita and Shagun look for stars. Tusshar tells Aftab that he was coming and saw… Shagun and Ishita ask can’t women watch this movie, as Raman told this. Tusshar says we will manage the men, but you have to do as we say. Aftab, Tusshar, Ishita and Shagun dance on Oh boy……. Everyone smile. Raman and Manoj get jealous. Everyone clap.

Tusshar thanks them and asks them to see the movie. Aftab says its releasing on 22nd February. Tusshar asks them to take their wives as well. Raman says sure. Tusshar sends Aftab and tells Ishita about Chadda being aggressive with his wife, its none of my business, but I m telling you as no man has right to mistreat his wife. She says thanks, I will talk to him. He leaves.

Shagun tells Pallavi that we met earlier. Pallavi refuses. Shagun says I m sure. Pallavi makes excuse. Shagun says you are the one who filed domestic violence case against your husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hahahahha…. I told na this girl is somehow related to shagun when she worked for an NGO… story sucks… getting bored day to day.. sarika,ashok,suraj – disgusting people..

  2. Episode is ok. Precap is also ok. Waited for next update. I think ishu will not kill anyone. It’s may be plan of ashok and Suraj

  3. Episode is ok. Precap is also ok. Waiting for next update. I think ishu will not kill anyone. It’s may be plan of ashok and Suraj

  4. I agree that Ishita is not the murderer and she probably has to be off for awhile as she maybe busy preparing her wedding arrangements with Vivek. This maybe the good time for the writers to have such a script so if she is in prison, they would not need to show her parts. I think it will be more of Raman and Shagun for some episodes. That is why they keep showing Shagun more. Does anyone know whether Simmi really left the show? She didn’t return together with Ruhi. Episode was ok and it is nice to show the movie promotion to divert audience mind to something entertaining and fun rather than the srious Sarika, Ashok and Suraj scenes.

  5. Hi i read that the lawyer whom Raman hires to save Ishu who is a childhood friend demands he marry her to release Ishu.. What nonsense is that Have any YHM Lovers heard of that pls say No. Aren’t there any other Lawyer. who can do Ishu’s case. First of all why should Ishu be made a murderer? she is the most practical sane person in this drama. If Div needs a break for her wedding can’t they send her on a mission or something without tarnishing her name as a murderer.Surely the writer can think of another line. i don’t like Ishu going to jail. Period.
    & Those rotten Kannas should be hung with their accomplice Sarika. if at all those three should be in Jail not Ishu. Hope all the YHM fans will protest. Poor girl after all what she has gone through to save this family ends up in jail for nothing & added to that Raman going to marry another stupid lawyer.Gosh has the writer gone nuts.
    anyway now i am having second thoughts of watching YHM again. When the Ghost track came i stopped it for a while as it was so annoying. now this pls end it if u want but not spoil it by doing this to both ( IsRa) the people who have gone through enough for this family. don’t get away.& get side tracked from the LOVE story that was the Original one
    Sad thoughts Good Luck fans.

  6. Hai yhm friends…episode was okay..waiting for coming episodes

  7. If Div wants leave for somedays for her marriage means they can send ishita to some foreign country for medical conference like that why should to show as killer
    Then marrying the lawyer is so useless how can the family,adhi ruhi will accept this why they want ishra seperation disguisting

  8. The khanna bros doing so many mistakes like gambling,murder,goondas etc but they are coming very easily within a day or two from jail means if ishita may be killed some one also why should she stayed in jail as long bcos as per story she is a famout dentist there is no other lawyer in the city except pallavi.
    If she put condition to raman for marrying her means raman should leave ishita in jail itself and stay back with ishita’s memory still she come back no need for raman another marriage

  9. ishita ashok ko mar deti h to acha h
    bcoz ye mr gya to serial me or dusre negative character ki entry hogi jisse show vapas interesting ho jayega

  10. My favourite one is yhm. Even though I don’t know hindi I am watching it from the beginning. But nowadays I stopped watching it. Pls dont drag. Poor ishu, always struggling for the sake of bhalla family. Stop this nonsense…Make her life happy.

  11. Soo lame. The episode sucked, hate when promotions come in the way of story plots. And no RoMihika scenes again?? Give me a break !! It’s been two days and no scenes of this lovely couple like not cool man !

  12. episode was good.precap is ok .

  13. hey guys darahika jhanvi vp misty faya fathi diya ( both the diyas ) nimrit ramchin nivedha zaara naaz anakha siddhi naina sabrin sunaina riya parvathi and all yhm friends.

  14. High voltage drama is
    going to unfold in Yeh Hia
    Raman and Ishita are
    already disturbed for not
    able to find Rohit’s
    New twist enters in the
    Raman and Ishita where
    Ashok get killed by
    Ishita’s hand in front of
    Raman feels that Ishita
    did not do it intentionally
    but it was just an
    Ishita gets arrested in
    charge of killing Ashok
    and Raman wants to bring
    out Ishita because she is
    Raman meets advocate
    Nidhi Chabra who is
    Raman’s childhood
    Nidhi loves money and
    fame and she keeps a
    condition in front of
    Raman for fighting
    Ishita’s case.
    What will Raman do to
    save his wife Ishita?
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  15. we dont want ishraruhadi seperation and that worst track of raman marrying some stupid greedy nidhi and such crap .as i have exams i an not able to comment more otherwise i would protested against it and would have shown my disappointment to this type of worst track in a better way . stop showing such craps in yhm plz makers.

  16. how many lawyers will be there and ro go behind a money digger greedy cheap nidhi chobra the shameless mad lawyer .and if she is some famous lawyer then why should she run behind money when she herself would be having a lot of money . and plz stop this moderation .its a request.

  17. Unexpected turn

  18. hey all. epi was entertaining ……. hated chadda tody .. nd lovd the ishra nokhjhok. bu the upcomng track.. yuck…………… the worst one ….i hope the news abt raman marrying nidhi is fake .. nd if ashok dies well nd good . but no raman cnt marry nyone . ishar cnnt seperate

  19. What ??? Raman marrying some one!!

  20. Really all bull shit.
    I think ashok character is ending soon
    Again new entry
    Congratulations divyanka nd vivek
    For engagement
    I am really glad to hear this news
    God bless you
    Hav a great life

  21. The new entry I will not accept
    Bczz there are many lawyers
    Patak also good lawyer
    Simply dragging the show

  22. Writers plz don’t show murder sequence in love story. Rinki’s murder is more than enough in this show. That too showing Ishita a murderer for your kind information she is the heroine of this show. Yes I agee with Parvathi ishu is a dentist she can go abroad for medical conference but not jail .

  23. i want ashok mihika and abihshek and romi parts not stupid ones

  24. i want ashok mihika and abihshek love thingy and why not

  25. i hope new fr marrying chabbra is fake

  26. I hope shagun find out more about palavi n ishita find rohit birth mother who is rite in front of her

  27. Good morning to all, hi rithushree, both diyas, parvathi, jhanvi, fathi, sabrin, vp, mino,nivedha, natasha,misty, etc all yhm fans. Episode was ok, simmi to ruhi ke saath gayi thi, phir woh kahan hai. Kya ruhi london se akeli aayi. Plz dont make ishita murderer makers

  28. I think that chadda will kill pallavi and blame will come in ishita,
    I think so

  29. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    I don’t want to talk about the episode. It’s nice to watch.(but Shagun was dancing. Is it good ? Whatever…. I don’t think about it too much)….. Ishita was very beautiful as usual. But honestly,I have to tell this……. Shagun was rocking yesterday…… Wow…….(Actually I don’t like shagun,but I really like anita) And raman was very hot and romantic…… Love him…….And Love ishra scene…… I hate chadda…….
    I totally hate upcoming murder twist….. Another hell twist…… Disgusting…….
    From SL

  30. I think I can’t get my Ishra back.. 🙁

  31. I hope d new twist is not true,am fed up with all did bullshit

  32. Lovely episode

  33. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont do this serial rubbish its a request

  34. Goodness me i agree with all of u guys. the writer of this story & the producers are going bonkers & they don’t realize they are spoiling a great very unusual Love Story. Such a pathetic team of writers why are they destroying this story intentionally. who wants a murder track. none of the YHM fans wants it. but they don’t care of the viewers. they must be thinking the suspense is good.NO WAY. don’t put this show down. aren’t there any other lawyer & how disgusting & a pathetic excuse for the lawyer to demand Raman to marry her to save his loving wife. what is the MORAL VALUE & a lesson people can get out of this. the Bad people win & the Good go to prison. If Divyanke wants time out they can find many ways of giving her a break. but not spoiling her great image as a daughter / in law, wife & mother. why tarnish her clean image. there are so many story lines . i think the fiction one writes better than this story writer. very sorry to hurt ur feelings writer but it is true. ur imagination is getting out of control.if so end the whole show so that we will be happy with a happy ending than a murder & silly marriage proposal for poor Raman who loves his wife so much. How can Raman go through so much in the human perspective he has to be a Super Man. having to marry three times with a wife who will give his life for.
    Anyway the KANNAS, SARIKA CONGRATS U GUYS ARE THE WINNERS. The Ballas are in PRISON.very nice story .ha ha & Hurray

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