Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi and Raman arguing. They get some notice and get shocked reading it. Amma and everyone cry. Shagun consoles Amma. Sarika comes and says I know Ishita is declared guilty, this had to happen. Simmi slaps Sarika. Sarika says how dare you slap me, I will call police. Simmi slaps her more and asks what will you do, you did this, you added poison in Ruhi’s milk and called police, you ruined everyone’s lives, you know you are going against Ishita, who made you our bahu. Mrs. Bhalla stops Simmi and says its useless to tell Sarika, she is a cheap woman. Simmi says I will not leave her. Romi says let Simmi beat Sarika, she is doing right. Sarika says its Ishita’s mistake, why did she go to interfere in other’s matter, I don’t care if she died, I m bahu of this

house, and use my rights, I will not give divorce to Romi. Shagun slaps Sarika and asks her not to say a word against Ishita. Sarika angrily leaves.

Bala gets Raman’s message. He says Raman is calling me at Niddhi’s office. Bala says I will come along. Vandu feels she spoiled Ishita’s case and cries. She goes and drinks wine. She recalls what she added in milk that night. She cries and says I m sure I did not add rat poison. She finishes the bottle and sleeps.

Bala asks how can this happen. Niddhi says judge has ordered that Ishita will be hanged within 3 days. Bala and Romi console Raman. Raman gets sad and asks Niddhi can’t she do anything. She says just judge can help, Amar Chadda was a good lawyer, we can try to appeal in supreme court. Raman asks her to do anything, and save Ishita. He cries and says I will go supreme court, I can’t lose Ishita. Bala says every person has right to appeal for free trial. Niddhi says you feel I will lose, we will try our best, please relax. Raman says I want result, I want my wife out of the jail.

Sarika gets to know Simmi is with Ananya, and elders are out. Sarika says now none can save Ishita and smiles. Adi and Ruhi come home. Sarika says your Ishi Maa can never come back home now, she got punished, she is going to get hanged. Ruhi and Adi cry. Ruhi shouts. Sarika asks Ruhi can’t she trust her, call Raman and ask him. She scares the kids and says when executioner punishes, it pains, do you know how it feels. Simmi hears the kids crying and goes to them. She asks them to stop crying and sends them to room. She asks Sarika what was she doing with kids, was she saying how it feels to get hanged. She holds Sarika’s dupatta to put pressure on her neck and leaves her, with a warning.

Simmi tells the kids that Sarika is lying, we all will bring Ishi Maa back. She sends Neelu to get food for kids. Ruhi asks whats Jallad. Simmi says the jail uncle who gives punishment is called Jallad/hangman, don’t think of all this, Ishita will be back soon.

Niddhi meets someone to appeal for Ishita again. Mr. Bhalla, Appa and Raman tell the man about Ishita, she is good citizen. The man says I will try. He goes. Niddhi says we have to go supreme court. Raman says I m ready, but Pathak told Chadda’s father is in influential position in supreme court.

Shagun and Mrs. Bhalla meet the women organization to take help for Ishita. They cry and ask the lady to save Ishita. The lady says I understand, but its about reputed lawyer’s murder. I have to study this case and then I can help you. Ruhi asks Dadi can’t we do something to save Ishita. Adi says we will do something, don’t cry, everything will be fine. Ruhi says can’t we help Ishi Maa, tell me please. Adi gets his laptop. She asks what is he doing.

Adi says listen to me Ruhi, I read in newspaper, I found on net about the Jallad near the jail. She asks shall we go there. Shravan hears them and says I will come along, please take me along, I want to help Ishita. Adi holds their hands and says no one should know this at home, we have to be strong.

The jallad asks what do you want from me. Ruhi asks him to save Ishita. Adi says court punished Ishita to get hanged, she is innocent, if you do not pull the lever, she will be saved, give one day holiday, I read on net that we have less jallads in country. Raman asks everyone about the kids. He gets a call and says I m coming. She reaches the kids. Jallad says I called you, don’t scare them, I understand their feelings, they came to save their mum and asked me to go on holiday, I m the only Jallad in the jail, if I go, none will be there to hang your wife, and you will get time to get her out of jail, your wife might be really good as the kids love her so much, I can’t guarantee, but I will apply for the leave. Raman hugs the kids and thanks him.

Raman tells the family that Ishita will never come now. Ishita and Raman cry. Ishita tells Raman that I m a complete woman now, I m happy that I have a loving husband and kids, I achieved everything in my life so soon.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aakanksha

    I was a real real real big fan of this show…but the only thing I can now say is RIP yhm..I still love kp and dt…but I hate ekta kapoor to make such a good serial go brom best to worst…she might still be getting trps but she doesent know how heart broken ISHRA fans are…all her serials hav number of twists and are alwys dragged but this 1 was super cool at the start nd it become super sh*t now….sry to all yhm fans but this serial shud shut asap.

    • Sajna

      I totally agree. RIP yeh hai mohobattein. It’s all gone downhill from the day ishita lost her baby in the bus/bomb track. This drama should’ve been off air long time ago sorry.

  2. madhu

    what happened to ektha kapoor again seperation dis z tooo worst if ishra got seperated means no one will see yeh hai mohabattein i dont know what happened to writer also making serial as such silly thing

  3. madhu

    precap is worst how raman will die like that please dont go for leap and ishra seperation their pair will be nice and how Acp Abishek marry Ishitha when he loved Mihika how it can happen…???

  4. Such An emotional episode I was literally touched by ruhi adi shravu and raman …. really I got emotional when ruhi adi pleaded the jallad this shows how they are attached with their ishima and precap was extremely extremely emotional I got tears in my eyes only ishra can do this, raman’s eyes in the precap. … oh god it reflected the pain and it just attacked my heart and ishita’s those words were so so heart touching no one could ask more than this but the story line it’s just freaking the hell out of me and the recent video of niddhi hugging raman ….I felt like why the hell am I watching this shit… if there’s no ishra then there’s no yhm, when will that morons( creative people) understand this fact 🙁

    • Sajna

      Meera they will only understand when the trp falls to below 3-4 thousand and they have to go off air. Acting is perfect from kids and ishra but story is sh*t and sarika is ****

  5. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi and all yhm friends.

  6. kajal

    I m just unable to understand that the makers can show anythong like kids reached to jallad to request
    But they canf show that ishita being saved
    These non ending drama na
    I m just unable yo understand
    I donn know what yhe writers are trying to show but they think thst we are really mad


  7. diya

    episode was emotional . today simmi did a grt job by hitting sarika. but sarika the b*t*h deserves more . seriously ..the seral is goingon a wrong path ,wt the hell is happening?
    i also saw the video of raman and nidhi hugging . i was shockd , angry nd heart broken . i wanted to go kill ekta kapoor and sonali jaffar. but whn i saw the video carefully ,, i didnt find raman’s expression genuine. instead of lovve , i saw a ting of hatred nd revenge in it . i seriously felt that he is faking his emotions . and after watching today’s episode . i am finding it hard to doubt raman . nd adi and ruhi evn shravan thr love fr thr ishita is soo unconditional . i am really confused . is it raman and nidhi’s plan to save ishita by showing fake romance to the world? or there is smthng really fishy with this nidhi . i thynk he intentionaLLY CHANGED the chip while givving it to raman . is raman nd nidhi romancing is nidhi ‘s dream? nd the fansi? no it happend . ibut ishita escaped it from underground . the news abr acp nd ishita romancing is fake nnd rman shooting himself also . cz if raman wants ishita to die why would he throw her from the cliff??/ there soo many unanswerd qstns . evry site is showing that its raman’s plan. has he sensd somethng wrongnd that’s why to show evry body that ishita is really dead he is doing all these? its obvious ishita will not die nd neither raman . nd

    nd i cnt tolerate raman with ny othr womn nd ishita with other mn . fr me yhm = ishra
    if no ishra thn definately no yhm fr me . i want the truth to come before evryone ASAP. wtevr it is . cz the cvz r simply playiong with our emotions and confusing us . the precape was really shocking nd emotional . without ishita’s presence raman knows that the whole family will break down especially his kids nd wt abt i=his upcomng baby??? ovrnight raman wont turn insensitive nd insane . how? i think some thng is fissy . things r not really the way they r showing us . well precape was quite shocking nd raman’s expression was not understandable , anyway have to watch tmrws epi to know wts gonna happen .

    i really love love this show . nd am prtty sure some unxpectd is gonna happn in future . nd that we hv to see .but if leap nd sepertion happens . which i dnt want to thnk abt ,,,i m gonna quit the show . cz without ishra nd thr love .this serial is not a thing .

    • Ahem

      What r they doing they r showing lie wins over truth as it happens nowadays in real life but atleast in this drama they should show truth wins hate u sarika,pallavi,ashok,suyyash

  8. SIndhu

    I felt sad watching today’s episode as it is more or less confirmed that the leap will take place. There will not be Ishra anymore and for all the fans including who love them very much is coming to a standstill. Those fans who are love to watch Ishita and Abhishek will get their joy fulfilled. This is so maddening to think it. Why can’t they just split other couples instead of Ishita and Raman. It is so stupid…. By doing this leap, what is going to happen to Raman? Is he saying goodbye to YHM? If Ekta wants Ishita to be hanged then just hang her and close YHM just like others who have said in their comments YHM RIP. By doing this leap, who is going to benefit?? What story are they bringing in? What about all the children? The children are crying, the in laws and parents are devastated, Shagun and Mrs Bhalla are trying to get help from NGO, Raman is really in a depressed state and at a lost on what to do…. With so much sadness in YHM as of now, they are doing the leap. It is really ridiculous!!! It might be happines for the writers and Ekta to see the real life couple together but it is really saddening for all who love Ishra very much. I look at both of them as only Ishita and Raman and not Karen or Divyanka. I am looking at their characters they are playing and playing very well. By incorporating wrong plots and bizarre twists, the whole YHM is totally gone and out of focus. Currently,I enjoy watching the old episodes and I just console myself watching them. At least it is not complicated. They only quarrel between them but they are still together. Now both are totally going to opposite poles of a compass. I am going to go some corner in my house and just cry.

    • i totally agree with you sindhu .even i am watching old yhm and be ready to watch present yhm after that .otherwise the present track is not all worth watching .

    • diya

      sindhu i know u r sad but the nrws abt ishita nd abhisekh romancing is fake nd vivek confirmed it nd the leap news also . but i dnt know wts raman’s plan and why is he romancing nidhi ? but if u see the video u will get thats its fake …. i hope thngs gets well soon nd ishra unites

  9. Meghana

    I totally agree vth akanksha i m a very very big fan of this show.i really love their chemistry a lot.this show when started i used to watch twice nd even read the episode bt really watching yesterdays episode i stopped watching show from today i wil oly read d dis ekth gone mad wats wring vth her.hw can she turn such a beautiful love story into violent track wrost than d i totally love div nd kp.ur acting is fabulous.plz if u dont find any other track plz gve a happy ending with ishu nd raman having their own baby along vth ruhi adi nd shagun vth manoj romi vth pallavi as he wants rohit by his own mihika vth mihir nd sarika should a maid in bhallas houz she deserves it nd let that stupid ashok die in plz dnt make fun of viewers feelings.

  10. mum

    what a cheap story trak ektha mam doesnot have a emotional …plz we want to love family and old trak ..the ngty ..crazy momentz .but u destroy ..the story …plz mam …we will beg u ..plz ….we want to ishraruadi

  11. Pallavi is more cruel than sarika
    She doesnt have a heart
    Its all because of pallavu
    She would say the truth and save ishu
    Does she really think that suyyash will leave her like this
    What a stupid women

  12. deepa

    raman looking so handsome. Such an adorable couple, but unfortunately the story is nothing but crap. Such a talented couple, they just wasted in this rubbish cheap stupid story,

  13. Aakanksha

    ekta if u get time plzzz read yhm ffs they are much much better then ongoing track of yhm is it necessary to drag all serails made by u.

  14. Zoya

    Ekta kapoor wat hpnd to u…y r u making d story too worst….really horrible track is gng on in yhm..boring too….

  15. vasantha

    totally boring. In which court within 3 trials hanging will be done in three days. ekta madam go through law before making serials.

    • Hannah

      That’s what I too want to know .. how come court give verdict in such a short time ..
      All those going on now is just utter foolishness .. bakwas he ..
      I think nidhi intentionally changed the clip ,, and I guess there’s a connection between bhalla family and nidhi .. cause it’s shown Mrs bhalla thinking the name nidhi has been heard .. am I right?what’s your opinion?

  16. Stupidity is not the world. I have completely stop watching this but once in blue moon I read and now find it even not worth. Ekta u ate the whole show hope this drama ranks fall to lowest. Please stop this drama soon unless people might throw stones to yr house or burn it

  17. yhm ne toh court aur law ko mazak banaa ke rakh diya hai .pehle makers ekta aur cvs ne show mein shaadi ka mazak banaaya, ab court aur law ka aur uss se zyaada niddhi aur acp jaise characters ko show mein laakar khud ka mazak banaa rahe hai .

  18. YHM-The video chip mystery must read
    Currently the serial yeh hai
    mohabbatain showing the case against
    ishita recently we have seen that in
    court that judge announces the death
    penalty to ishita because they lost the evidence.
    when needhi gives chip of video clip to
    raman which has an evidence to prove
    ishita innocent but mistakenly raman
    lost the original chip
    but the question is where is the original chip is someone stole the chip from
    raman or something else
    the thief may be sarika who stolen chip
    from raman and given it to suyash
    another situation may be that needhi chabra is not given original chip to
    raman (when needhi giving the chip to
    raman she smartly changed the original
    chip with fake) and this may be a plan
    of needhi because she know that
    suyash may challange this clip that this video is morphed.
    needhi changed the chip because the
    original video is also captured real
    murder and needhi only shown an
    short clip to raman the clip has
    something more fishy and needhi wants to solve the mystery without
    knowledge of suyash chaddha if suyash
    may get any hint he will defiantly try
    to interrupt in it that’s why she
    changed the original chip
    and needhi has planned something when raman takes away ishita from jail
    and both raman and ishita will go
    underground then needhi chabra will
    prove ishita innocent with the help of
    original chip because original video is
    also captured real murder ( because ishita is not real culprit)\
    for more updates stay connected
    ishita will be safe, abhishek and ishita
    are not going to romance and ishita will
    proven innocent by needhi chabra

  19. vandu jaise strong confident character ko weak drunkard bana diya .uska character show mein bahuth horribly shape ho raha hai aur uske track toh aur bhi backwaaz hai.

  20. pallavi jaise aur ghatia aurath aur koi nahi ho sakthi .uss se toh sarika thodi better hai .buri toh sahi lekin uske bachaane aur usse jail se bachaane wale ashok ke liye toh woh wafadaar hai .woh pallavi toh khudgarz hai . usne ishitha ko jhoot bolkar chadda ko jalaaya .ek toh jhooth uske uupar ghor paap kar rahi hai ishitha ko naa bachaake , jisne uski jaan bachaayi .warna woh uss chadda ke hatho hanved ho jathi . greedy selfish horrible lady.

  21. Rithika

    I suggest ektha mam &writers to learn basics of law..which court will give final judgement within 3 hearings..i dont understand u r fools or fooling viewers chi..?

  22. Vasi

    In which case hanging can be done within 3 days of judgement. Viewers are not fool. Even in Kazab case, he was allowed for making appeal.

  23. if ekta makers or cvs cannot make a story simple good and interesting as per fans and viewers choice without leap then they should atleast stop making such craps as now .just for their satisfaction if they are bringing twists like this of now then its not for viewers i think .they should just look at the old yhm and present yhm then they will realize a big difference in it .old yhm was simple good and not too complicated that grabbed a lot of viewers for it .present yhm is complicated in terms of story ,characters and everything . high voltage drama is not at all necesaary .yhm will be liked by fans and viewers just as like it was with small simple tracks . and like wise it would fetch trp for them also .why to scratch their head and our head which is not beneficial to any one .it is not liked or entetained by us and they may not get trp .so plz makers ekta or cvs return us our old yhm .

  24. Natasha

    very emotinal and touching epi. kids r reauesting not to hang their mother. its called heart to heart connection. in spite of being step kids they didnt even leave mother in tough time. when they know all r calling their mother a criminal a killer they still believe their mother. when these little kid can understand this then isnt the whole world?

    guys read it and i will be very happy if u will read it. its written by me for u all. consider it as a gift from me.

  25. summi

    Very emotional episode.Shagun n Mrs Bhalla went to some NGO to get support in Ishita’s favour but its too late they must had taken this help when this case started in court. Adi Ruh n Shravu are too good their love for Ishita unconditional plz writers bring back Ishita home. Its request from YHM fans fraternity that plz save Ishita from death sentence but in legally from court with respect. We don’t want to see Raman giving her fake death to save her from hanging . Plz re start the case in Supreme court. I think kids request to jallad to take leave will workout n Nidhi can file fresh case in Supreme court. These kids are nothing but angles. Simmi is simply did great job. I want to see Sarika’s sufferings from now onwards. Plz let good people win. Its again a humble request dont make fun our judisiary. I hope YHM friends will agree with me.

  26. Roselyn Dada

    Heart Touching Episode Welldone Sinmi Pls End This Serial Absent Of Rahman And Ishita Marks The End Of This Show Pls Dont Split Them Ekta Ma You Stressing Us Too Much From Nigeria

  27. Haina

    I was a fan. Now don’t watch it only reaf the updates .so thanks’s getting boring n same thing so predictable n ishita can be so dumb at timea.

  28. diya

    guys i know u ppl hate this track so do i .but dnt talk abt off airing this show . nowadays they hv made yhm a shit by showing ishita as as a murdurer . nd the fansi track is worst .but let me tell u that thenews abt ishita nd abhisekh marrying nd leap are fake .VD confirmed it . another thing , yhm is nothng without ishra. we all know that .but if u hv seen the video in fb that raman is hugging nidhi u shld hv noticd his xpressions . it was of pretention of love with hatred nd disgust .as sure ravan kumar is planning something to prove ishita innocent with the help of nidhi or without the help of nidhi . nd the hard xpression of precape showd me that only . i thnk after the baby comes things gonna change in ishra’s life .nd plz don”t think about separation .i don’t think raman will turn so insensitive nd insane overnight . today he was crying fr ishita nd nxt day totally frgttng abt his family nd kids he would romance nidhi? i find it impossible. it’s all his plan . i think we should wait nd watch .but see the love of ishra nd ishru is still intact in the serial at least till now nd its in top 2 in starplus nd until nd unless the trp goes below 2. the chances off airing this show is quite slim . nd now its 3.1 . nd i thnk if the trp falls furthur ekta will surely end this track nd show us romance .its her funda to gain trps .she did the same during the ghost track . but off airing a show is NEVER an option . keep faith in ishra’s love nd pray that things gets sorted out .i guess all will be well soon . prayers r the most powerful thing ever .if u really love ishra nd this serial frm ur heart nd care fr it . pray fr its well being nd trust it nd try to positive . nd remembr good always wins over bad nd truth always comes out . so , the same thing will happen here .

    nd plz dnt jump into conclusions aftr reading spoilers nd seeing olvs cause its always not the truth we see thr is much much more to it . wait for the epis nd keep hope .maybe a little in ur heart . see, wt the results comes .

    but really smthmg ultimate like leap nd seperation ( i dnt thnk so! ) happens .thn i will leave watchng the show . i cnt tolerate ishra without each other . never ever !! nd its torture to me to see them with ny other person . but still i will keep faith in thm nd worthless just my mind’s sake nd in my all worth god .nd wait fr the happiness to return in the show. 🙂

    i hope u ppl will agree .

  29. nina

    starPlus please stop nonsense programs on your channel. saathiya is number one and second is Yeh hai mohabbatein. Most ridiculus story on both serials.
    We pay a lot for your channel in Canada. If this does not end here. i will be writing to ATN or may be go further.
    I hope you will let your production know how we are feeling in west about these serials.
    Thank you.

  30. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has
    been successfully entertaining
    viewers with interesting twists and
    turns. There is no pause for Drama
    in Karan Patel and Divanka
    Tripathi’s show.
    As we have already informed you
    that in order to save Ishita from
    death penalty, Raman will take her to
    a secluded place and push her off a
    cliff. Ishita will be shocked after
    knowing Raman’s intention and will
    beg him for her life. However,
    Raman will betray Ishita and and
    throw her off a cliff.
    Isn’t that a shocking twist? But there
    will be another plan of Raman. If
    rumors are to be believed,this will
    be a Raman and Abhishek to save
    ishita from death. Vandu will also be
    included in this plan of Raman.
    There is another twist in our store
    for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    According to a source,After Pushing
    Ishita from the cliff,Raman and Nidhi
    start their Romance.
    Actually Raman will bring bouquet
    for Nidhi and hugs her.Soon,We will
    see they both spending time
    Seems like Raman is trying to find
    out the original Chip which proves
    ishita is innocent in Amar Chadda’s
    murder case.May be he got a doubt
    on Nidhi hiding the chip.
    Will Raman will be successful in his
    plan? or Raman will fall prey to
    Nidhi’s plan?
    Well,We will update you with more
    news in the coming day.

  31. According to telly wood form kp’s character is going to end soon and vivek dahiya will take his place. But after raman’s plan to fake murder of ishita why he is going to shoot himself. I dont undersrand and now in sbs the closeness of raman and niddi is shown. As it is confirmed by this news none of lead actors are quitting the show of yhm.and they are keeping irritating by such news. This is not fair to create such gossips and none of lead actors are declared this.pls i dont want any ishraruadi seperation

  32. Sarika should be slapped more tightly…chudail
    When will this track end?……
    When will leap come?
    Already ekta kapoor’s one serial have ended due to her carelessness….plz dont repeat this with YHM…..

  33. Preety sid bieber

    M a biiiig fan of *pls n now what da hellll is going on dis show its getting boring dy by dy..whts wrong wid u sarika n roman…btw can anyone tell me who is nidhi???? Actualy bahat dino se mene yhm nahi dekha hai ???

  34. V P

    saathiya i dont watch at all but utter nonsense … never thot yhm too will come to that level . we fans want Ishra to be together …. … understand the depth of Ishras love and their chemistry is mindblowing . which fans want Divek together …. if at all such twist is coming …. its only the production team wants the trp to go up . ekta is cashing on Diveks real life love . its is totally a foolish decision if Divek agrees for the same . and Karan a top actor to be side lined ? vandu was a very strong character , role model to her sisters , makers have damaged her …. what happen to her case ? first proof so many things not prooved …. chase on Shaarika for adding poison in the milk ….no follow up for the negative actors actions . no court will take a death sentence on one or two hearing . all over the people are watching this show …, they are losing respect on our Indian culture . please try to understand Ekta madam . very bad … and i agree with you all for your valuable comments and a big hi to Rithu for your updates . And Diya happy to hear from you and we all try to be positive that no I shra seperation

  35. Ude

    This ekta will make us heart patients surely. Ekta is only doing wht she want. She dnt listen to the fans thoughts. We every time say her nt to seperate ishra bt she’s always doing so.

  36. Reshma Pradeep

    I was a big fan of the YHM………But now I am not……….Its Really hurting me Now, for loved this serial from core of the Heart……….What Rubbish is telecasting on it…………….We want ISHRA together forever even in their death also………Now a days news were hearing that Raman will die & Abhishek take place his Role………R U writers are gone Mad ?????How can U even think like this……….If it will happen on YHM,I will quit the show forever………… What nonsense R U thinking to do ????The current track is really worst & Sooooo cheap…….If Divyanka is engaged to vivek ,then its her real life……..Soooo plzzzzz drag div real life to YHM……..we want ISHRA’s life on YHM……Not DivEk’s…….We fans become happy when we see our ISHRA Together………. If it is not possible to make it on YHM,Plzzzzz just give a Gud bye to serial by our ISHRA’s Happy ending life or By their death…….Its much more better than this current track & Agar ISHRA ke death se kahaani katham hoga tho,we Will happy for that ki Un logonem Zindagi ki aakhari katham thak saath diya Hai,Ek saath jiya Hai aur ek saath hi dunyia KO alvida keh diya Hai………..

  37. Appy

    kisi ko koi idea hia kya ki wo chip damage ya blank kese hui?? or itni badi bewakufi ek chhota bcha b nhi krta ki video ki koi copy na bnaye :/ bewakuf vakil or bewakuf raman :/

  38. diya

    vivek nd divyanka romancing nd raman’s charecter to end in a fake news . divyanka laughed over in twitter . but raman amd nidhi romancing is true . sbs ns sbb segmnt showed that .according to many sources ita raman’s pln to take the cheap from nidhi nd to take revenge from her . ishita will oviously come back.but thrbr rumours like ishita will come back in a mordern avtar nd new looks with new name shalini .but its not confirmed
    i hope this is fake . we want only the original ishita not some one else . i think for some days divzz is gonna chill at home.
    but am not gonna watch this show without raman and ishita .never .the day ishita falls from the cliff i will stop watching the epis nd will only watch it whn she comes back as ISHITA . evn if its raman’s pln . i am not gonna tolerate nidhi nd raman romance at all . i m happy seeing old yhm in star utsav .at least no toture for 2 yrs. . i am heart broken to see raman like this . how can man change frm head to toe ovr night???? how cn his grgt his kids and his family ??. so soon .nd y did he savd ishita from getting fansi if he wantd her to die nd thn he pushed hr frm the cliff.its confusing .but without ishra no yhm fr me .

  39. gopal

    any chip cam be copied and made two if lawyer was smart to get the chip was she dumb to handover everything to raman ; sarika is shown as completely negative and shagun has become reverse are there any logic to have sudden changes ; this is going DABH way of court calling bhabo culprit and public voting bhabo innocent ; all tv characters slap each other most of time now a days do we in real life slap and hate , plan against one person all time so much as these serials do ?

    There used to TV days where rajini serial used to bring social awareness ; ye jo hai zindagi was a pure comedy ; buniyad, humlog , ramayan and mahabharat were viewed on sundays and tuesdays with 100 percent trp ; siddarth basu bournvita quiz contest was like gk test for schools ; chitrahar was mix of old and new ; rangoli was sunday morning relaxant – one channel to variety generations now many channels but to whom we do not know . Ishita, Gopi , Akshara are all foolish emotional characters

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.