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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi coming home while elders are having a talk. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to get ready as its Rinki’s Roka. Amma says come soon, we will wait for you. Mrs. Bhalla says some uninvited people also come, and taunts on Shagun. Ishita treats the little girl and asks her to open her mouth. The girl refuses and Ishita thinks Raman will be waiting for me. Raman comes to know getting job is difficult, and he will find it himself. Ishita comes and says sorry, the girl was not cooperating. He tells her about not getting job as Malhotra spoiled his name everywhere. They are on the way. She says the people know your work.

He says it does not matter what I work, this goes on in business, Malhotra will ruin my name, I did not believe they will do this with me. He says people

will think why the big CEO resigned and they will ask Malhotra, they all will believe him, not me. She says rumors have half truth, you also tell them your truth, it can’t be hidden for long. He says what will we do till the truth is understood by them, we have many expenses. He says you alone can’t manage the home.

She says this family is not burden on me. She says ups and downs will come, is this happening for first time, you remember from where you started when Shagun left you, and when you can come to high point on your own, why can’t you overcome this now, I know you can do this, no one can take your real assets, Adi and Ruhi. She says their values and love is your legacy. She says what Adi did, he came to meet you to ask for fees, he heard us and came to know you lost your job, he did not tell Shagun, and made reason to cover up to maintain your respect, this will always be with you, they don’t equal your love with money, its bad time and will pass soon. Raman cries happily. She gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call and says we are coming, we are on the way.

He thanks her and hugs her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……….. He says you hug in public, what will they think. She says you will never change and they smile. Mrs. Bhalla welcomes Pammi and Nikhil’s family for the roka. Raman asks Ishita to get Rinki. Ishita and Simmi get Rinki. The roka ceremony starts. Ishita gets the gold coin. Nikhil says its not needed, Rinki is my gift, I can’t take this shagun, you can give it to Rinki. Raman asks his mum to give it to Rinki, its same. Everyone is glad seeing Nikhil’s self esteem.

The ring ceremony is done. They all clap. Nikhil talks to Rinki and talks well giving her a gift. Ishita smiles seeing them and says so sweet they are talking with love. Raman sees her and calls her Jagga jasoos and she tells about them. She asks him to learn romance from them. He teases her and asks is she ready to come to garden. She says she is ready. He asks is she not ashamed. Ishita talks to Nikhil about his college mate Sanyukta whom she knows too. Raman takes her with him.

Pammi and Nikhil’s family leave. Mrs. Bhalla says Nikhil is such a nice guy. Simmi says he knows Ishita’s junior too. Ishita says she will call Sanyukta and talk about Nikhil. Nikhil calls Sanyukta and asks her to talk to Ishita well about her. Ishita talks to Sankyukta and tells everyone that Sankyukta said Rinki is lucky, as Nikhil is very good. Mrs. Bhalla says she has given this duty to her, as her judgment is right. Sanyukta tells Nikhil that she did not tell Ishita about his wrong deeds and praised him. Dimple says its good their enquiry is over. Nikhil says yes.

Ishita comes to Appa and Amma and looks for them. She sees Shagun and asks her to have Gulab jamun. Shagun says no, I m on diet. Ishita asks about Adi. Shagun says he is sleeping. Ishita asks her to give it to him. Shagun asks her why did she not invite her, she is acting to be good bahu and do all duties. Ishita says we don’t see each other’s mistakes, but we share it. She says I found out about the guy, he is nice and family is good. Rinki will be very happy, this is promise and taunts her. She leaves. Shagun says I will be waiting.

Shagun finds out about Nikhil and says Mrs. Bhalla trusts Ishita and wants to marry Rinki to her, do the arrangements, I will not say anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. raman ko naya job milega aur rinki ki shaadi nikhil se toot kar mihir ke saath hogi.yaar kya backwaaz hai .main lead ke saath we were expecting mihir mihika aur ashok shagun ki jodi aur yaha toh har roz twist laa rahe hai jiss wajah se trp pe effect hotha hai.

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  6. Star Plus Popular show ‘ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ‘ is all set to grab viewers attention by bringing twists after twists almost every day. With the entry of Raman’s Boss Mr. Malhotra , there comes certain problems in Raman’s professional life . The crisis is as severe that for the cause Raman has resigned from his job on prospect of saving his dignity. The decision taken by mutual understanding between Raman and Ishita .successfullyplanted a further deep rooted bond of love in between the already blossoming love of the couple; which gloriously helped the script of the show grow strong on its family-based content.

    Moreover, the series of trouble doesn’t end here for Ishita-Raman, as not only in Raman’s professional spectrum but also in personal life, the Bhalla family is going through routine family troubles, some of them a bit too dramatic due on Shagun’s presence.

    All and all the whole family is juggling through struggles to stand strong and solve the unruly issues within. However, the positive factor in all these traumatic troublesome issues is again the strengths, lessons and good changes such struggles welcome in.

    Apparently, Aditya who was blind in his mother’s love is slowly realizing the true colors of his mother. He’s being able to see the stark difference between Shagun and Ishita, say the wrong and right. His relationship with Ishita is surely soon to see the warm rays, as reality of Ishita’s goodness slowly sips in through the innocence Aditya always held, however, clouded by the wrong judgement’s infused by Shagun to misguide him maliciously.

    Like the saying goes, in every wrong there is a right, the audiences will be witnessing many more adorable and inspirational Ishra moments and a strong family bond by each passing trouble the family is going through.

    From here, how the Bhalla family juggles to stride the unnerving problems? Will Raman be able to solve his professional down-going soon enough? Will Ishita naturally win over Aditya’s heart and become his rightful nurturous mother like she’s been always ofRuhi? will Ishra find out truth of Nikhil before marraige?…

    The times of struggles and resulting strengths of our beloved Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is certainto rule our hearts like it has always been.

  7. In the coming episode’s of Yeh hai
    mohabbatein ,we will see shagun
    finds out that nikhil as her friends
    brother through a wedding
    planner.Shagun knows about criminal
    background of nikhil.She now starts
    her cheap tricks and doesnot reveal it
    to Bhalla family.
    Shagun thinks that when they find
    nikhil’s truth after marriage,then
    Bhalla family and raman throw ishita
    out of the house,as she took
    responsibility of rinky’s marriage.
    But if we think,why will they throw
    ishita out of the house as she doesnot
    fixed the marriage with the guy.It was
    pammi aunty who suggested and
    everyone agreed keeping trust on her.
    On the other hand,Rinky who wanted
    to do her wedding in jodhapur
    palace,cancels her request after
    knowing that raman lost his job.After
    this we will see raman and rinky’s
    cute and sweet conversation of
    brother and sister bond.Which we
    often see in our house holds.
    Later Raman gets a job in a new office
    and shares this with his
    family.Everyone will be happy.Adi
    accepted ishita as raman’s wife and
    now he is not plotting any plan against
    As we know ishita is a jagga jassus
    and she will finds out the truth
    soon.How will ishita finds out the
    truth ?What will be rinky’s reaction?
    Will toshiji blame ishita?

  8. I

    IshRa intrview

    1. Sorry thats old one….verh old…

  9. Hey Raman ne Resign kar diya to ……..
    wo log company ke service apartment me reh rahe hai…….to kya unhe apna ghar nahi chhodna padega??????????
    Kya makers yeh baat bhul gaye………..

  10. makers aise hi bakwas kaam karte hai aur soch te hai ke viewers yesab bhul gaye what a stupidity.

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    Yaar yeh makers itni badi baat kaise bhul gaye………& yaad hai to Bhalla & Iyer family ab kaha jayenge rehne ke liye???

  18. Haan prayosha maine pada. ……ye bhul gaye hai. …….par agar ghar chod na pade toh pehle wala ghar hi hoga. …….kyun k kuch din pehle. …….pura ne k bare main baat chal rahi thi. ..hai. ……
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  20. OMG……..ab yeh din dekhana baaki reh gaya tha ki…Raman us cheap 6’2″ ke haatho ke niche kaam karega……….. whaat a big nonsences…………

  21. Hayy ye kya kehrahi ho prayosha ……
    …… no aaisa nahin hosakta. …aur nahin Hona chahiye. …….raman uss cheap ashok ke paas kam karega. ………ye makers ko kya hogaya. ………

  22. Aur ek baat suno Mizun…….FB paf kisine coment kiya tha ki Raman Subbu ke umder kaam karega…..& iss spoler me likha hai….Ashkok ke under kaam karega……..ab kise sach mane………….
    Yaar kisi ke under hi kaaam karna hai….to Ashok & Subbu hi kyo…………Mani ko bhul gaye kya…….Mani ke undr nahi…Mani ke saath kaam karo…..hume itana to khushi hogi ki kam se kam Raman ki insult koi nahi karega……

  23. kya bakwas news a yaar.and prayosha ur right.raman can work with mani bt nt that cheap ashok and should never happen.better raman can be home atleast.

  24. yeh kya bakwaas hai raman got new job in ashoks company ashok is boss to him…….iss se jyaada acha tho yeh hotha raman ke pass job nahi ho……patha nahi issss makers ke dhimaak me chal kya raha hai aab kya hum ko yeh din dhekna baki hai yhm me raman gets daily insult from that so called ashok kahnaa abb muje aur bardaash nahi hoga

  25. Haan…… log mani ko bhol gaye. Raman …..mani k companyamain bhi toh kaam karsakta hai na. …………..uss ki insult to nahin hogi.

  26. Ye news sunn kar mera leg pain hi gayab hogaya. ……

  27. & Mizun….mera pain shuru ho gaya…………………
    Kitana irritate karo ge hume………….

  28. backwaaz backwaaz aur backwaaz.ashok ke yaha kam karne ke liye raman kaise maan gaya.maine socha tha ki woh sadu akdoo md malhotra khud raman ke paas aayega aur mafi mang kar yeh kahega ki ussne jyada bol diya lekin yaha toh kuch aur hi khichdi pak rahi hai. bilkul backwaaz.

  29. Yeah. .bahut irritated karrahe hai. ……..bas karo

  30. Jab Mihir waaps aayega Banglore se to kya wo ab bhi uss Malhotra ke saath lam karega………….kabhi nahi……….
    Usneapne bhai Raman ki insult karne wali apni sagi bahen ko chhod diya to yeh MD kya cheej hai………….
    Wo Mihir ko bhi kho dega………
    Phir hum dekhate hai…….Apne 3 lead employees Raman Mihir Appa ke bina kaise company chalata hai………….Ideot Malhotra…………khud aayega haath jodta hua maafi mangne…….

  31. Aaj ka din hi kharab hai. ……..colg main pair ko Mar laga. ……..aur ye news sunn kar. .saar mein Dardh shuru hoga ya. ……..

  32. Yes. ..malhotra phir aaye ga. ..maafi mangte hoye
    ………aur Mihir bhi ye job chod dega. ………….phir malhotra k paas maafi mangne k aalawa aur koi charra nahin hoga. ……

  33. Are yaar ab yeh Tondon kaha gaya?????? Wo Malhotra kya keh raha tha…….mai ape financers ko kya jawab dunga to Tondon hi unka financer hai naa…….to use to pura bharosa hai ki Raman kuch galat nahi karega company ke saath……pehli bar bhi usi ne saath diya tha jab Raman ki job khatre me thi……..usse Lohri par dikhaya…..usse to abhi dikhana chahiye tha………..

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