Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Simmi wants to know the truth

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita bailing out Appa. She asks him to come home. Appa refuses. Lawyer asks Appa is the allegations has come truth. She asks how dare you ask this. Bala says our lawyer has to know the truth to defend us in court. Appa says I was helping her as she called me dad, I didn’t know this will happen. Ishita says we know you are innocent, come home. Bala says Amma will understand you, don’t worry. They leave. A man calls Sudha. Simmi asks how can you say you have no clue about Ananya. She throws papers and says Parmeet troubled us so much, maybe all this didn’t happen, it might be Sudha’s plot, I have a right to ask Parmeet, I won’t leave him if he did this. She calls and says I have to meet Parmeet, its urgent, fine I will take permission from magistrate. She

goes. Rohan looks on and says so finally Simmi is going to meet Parmeet, she is very eager to know truth, I can understand, she must be desperate to know truth.

Ruhi says don’t worry for Appa, this woman has taken advantage of him. Ishita says its bad to get blamed for such a thing at this age, how will Appa tolerate this, let Bala return the money, I want Appa to get out of this mess. Bala says Appa isn’t getting that money, he is much worried, come fast. Ishita comes to Appa and asks her to remember where did she keep the money. He says I have kept money in this box, where did money go. Ishita says I will get medicines for Appa. Raman asks how is he now. Ishita says I gave him mild sedative, he is sleeping. Raman says Nisha has put such a bad blame on him. Ishita says I wish to slap her. Amma comes and asks what happened.

Sudha comes and asks Raman what’s this, your Appa went to jail. Amma asks what is she saying. Raman asks her to leave. Sudha says they didn’t tell you. Ishita asks Sudha to just leave, its not her family issue. Sudha says I will tell you, your husband was in the jail because of that girl Nisha. Appa gets up and thinks of Nisha’s words. He gets hurt. Amma asks what are you saying. Appa stumbles. A vase falls. Appa goes and locks the door. Raman and Ishita rush. They ask Appa to open the door. Raman says Bala we need to break the door. Sudha says you must be shattered, if your husband is…. Amma says shut up, I know my husband, he must have helped that girl, she has taken advantage of him, I don’t trust you, who knows you got that girl to do this.

Ishita gets shocked seeing Appa fallen down. Everyone rushes to see. Ishita says he got hurt, he is bleeding. Sudha smiles seeing them worried. Sudha comes home. Rohan hugs her and says I m fine, I will just come. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Pammi on call. Rohan gives her tea and goes. Karan hugs Sudha and asks will your plan work. Sudha says everything will get fine. Rohan says Simmi has gone to meet Parmeet to find out if heart transplant was done, Simmi is under our control. Sudha says yes, nobody can save Bhallas now. She hugs them. Mrs. Bhalla comes to scold him. She sees Sudha and asks her to go. Sudha says I came to meet my sons, I m going. She goes. Rohan says the plan is working and hugs Karan. Sudha calls her aide and says explain it well to Parmeet, its about my sons’ life. Doctor treats Appa. Ishita says Appa was much stressed. Doctor says give him medicines, make sure he is calm and happy. Raman asks shall we admit him in hospital. Doctor says don’t worry, just make sure he is happy. Ishita asks Amma not to cry. Bala goes to get medicines.

Simmi comes to meet Parmeet. She asks did you sell Ananya’s heart to some family, organ donation is a noble deed, but you can’t do this, you sold your daughter’s heart for money. She cries and says you can’t hide this from me, I m her mum, its my right to know this. He says yes, I sold it, she was my daughter, it was my wish. She asks but why. He says I was compelled to do it. She beats him. He says Ananya was dead, if heart saved someone’s life, isn’t it good, if I got some money, what’s wrong with it, you cheated me and left. She asks why didn’t you tell me. He says you are not a great mother, Ananya’s heart is beating in Rohan, you are staying in Ananya’s murderer’s house. She says you are lying, please tell me. He smiles and goes. She cries. Sudha says you have done a good job, you will be paid for this, good job to convince Parmeet. She says now Simmi will be convinced that Ananya’s heart is beating in Rohan, my son will fool her, Simmi will make her family fall apart. She laughs.

Simmi worries for Rohan. Simmi asks Raman to see Rohan’s state. Appa shouts Bala. Nisha attacks him and gets a scissor to stab.

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  1. A humble request to the creators of yhm …. please end up this show . It’s a torture to see Sudha Srivastav. Sooo cheap ploys … Appas track is boring …. Any random girl gives money to keep safely ? Ekta pls don’t image India’s culture so badly … the sad thing is that both KP and Dt are tolerating all these nonsense .. for dramas sake .what Divan started with yhm … the old episodes till surrogacy is mind blowing with Divans sizzling chemistry . I will tell Mihir, Old Mihika, Vandu and Ashok are the lucky one to get an exit from this show ….

  2. Simmi doesn;t have sense. Time of Ananya’s death Parmeet & Simmi very closer against ISHra. She does’ nt think use of her brain. Simply accept Sudha’s word .Or let her accept the Sudha’s word she has to go check up in the hospital . The creators fooled viewers & Simmi.Her character is stupid . Pls end this serial

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