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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala talking to Khosla. He tells Vandu’s reaction and Shravan’s matter. Khosla asks him to take decisions at home, and not ask Vandu. He says you are a businessman now, and I m with you. Bala says I was thinking to gift video games, but Vandu will be angry. Khosla says don’t tell anything to her. Bala thanks him. Khosla thinks Suraj will be happy knowing about Bala. Ishita asks Prateek to say the hotel bill amount, she will pay. He says he has kept bill at home, he will check and tell the amount, she can pay. Sarika hears them and informs Ashok about the hotel name. Ashok says good work. He ends call and says now I will take Shagun to Bhalla house, Ishita’s game is over now.

Ashok goes to hotel and asks receptionist for his friend Prateek’s wife. She

says she can’t give him details. He thinks how to find out in which room is Shagun staying, he has to get her out doing something. He sees the fire alarm and says I think I have to use old technique, Ishita feels just she is intelligent in the world. He asks his goons to cover up. The man ignites fire and the alarm rings. The hotel staff starts vacating the hotel. Ashok says now, Shagun will come out. The receptionist calls Shagun and asks her to come out. Shagun sees the people running. The manager asks her to come out fast. She wears burqa. She thinks to call Prateek. Manager asks her to go out and call.

Shravan asks Vandu why is she not talking to Bala, I m sorry, I know you fought with Bala for me, talk to Bala please. She asks him to go, she will talk to Bala. He goes. She thinks to talk to Bala and goes to him. she takes his fav aloo parathas. He sits annoyed. She feeds the food to him and asks him to finish it, she made for him. She says I don’t like to fight with you, we decided to end fight same day, I m really sorry. He says no, its my mjstake, I was adamant, I m sorry. They smile. He says its tasy food and takes the plate. She kisses him.

The manager asks everyone to stand here, this place is safe. Ashok sees a lady in burqa and says I will expose you today. He goes to her and sees more two ladies with burqa. He stops and gets confused. The manager asks Shagun to sit, she is pregnant and they will see to it that she is fine. Another burqa lady tells the manager that she is pregnant and needs rest now. Ashok gets more confused and says Ishita…… Shagun hears it and turns lifting her veil. She gets shocked seeing him. He tells his men that she is the one, catch her. She runs. Ashok and his men run to catch her. Shagun runs on the road, while it rains. She calls Ishita. Ishita’s phone is kept away. Shagun hopes Ishita calls her back.

Ishita comes to the room and sees Shagun’s missed calls. She calls Shagun and it does not connect. She calls Prateek and asks for Shagun. Prateek is on the way and says I got to know about false fake alarm ring, and Shagun is not there, I m trying to call her, she is not reachable, I will take Abhishek on line. He tells Abhishek about Shagun missing. Ishita says I think Ashok did this. Abhishek says nothing will happen to Shagun, I will leave now. Ishita says I will also leave to find her.

Shagun gets tired of running and pauses for a while. She sees Ashok and hides behind the jeep. Ashok looks for her. She runs seeing the goons. She gets inside a PCO and hides. A goon goes to check PCO. The goons do not see her and run to other side. Shagun comes out of PCO and sees water pots on roadside. She goes to drink water. A goon sees her and shoots. Her hand gets short and she falls screaming.

Ishita looks for Shagun and worries. Abhishek and Prateek come there to that same road. Ishita asks them to find out. Abhishek says we are unable to find out. She asks did Ashok’s goons kidnap Shagun?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hey guys darshika jhanvi siddhi diyas parvathi natasha faya fathi zaraa and all yhm friends good morning.

    1. Gd mrng rithu… Nd all YHM friends….

    2. Hi ritu n only YHM fans
      n hw r u??

  2. I guess that Sarika has had something to do with Param ( Simis husband) which is known by Ashok Kanna. Most probably at the hotel she worked something have taken place.
    That is why she is fearing Ashok ..

  3. whats this yaar…First ishita had misscariage then shagun died and the hope also died now when we came to know that shagun is alive than again she will have misscariage…Ishita ka baccha lana is so difficult in the show??

  4. Hi all!
    Who is this barun will delected comment?

    Anyways, yeh sab chal kya raha hai? Shagun buudhu ho gaya. Usse pco ke ander hi rahna chahiye tha. Toh phir ishita usse barish khatam hone ke bad dhund leti.
    Aur what? Ishita will die? Then what will about the story? Story toh khatam ho jayegi. And dont know about shaguns miscarrage.

  5. What it is unbelievable….how can ISHITA DIE???????????????????

  6. shagun ko goli haath mein lagii thi toh miscarriage kaise hoga .aur agar hoga bhi toh ishitha kaise maregi .

  7. When Ruhanika Dhawan CRIED while

  8. Well, the current track of
    Star Plus’ poplar show ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ is currently showing
    Raman bringing an ‘agni-pariksha’ for
    Ishita so that he be released from
    Shagun’s evil spirit. Now Ashok who
    is really keen to exposing Shagun’s
    truth in front of everyone that she is
    not dead but alive, will send his
    people behind Shagun to seek her.!
    Shagun will discover this and in this
    process of hiding from the goons, she
    will get shot by one of the goons.
    In this process, do you think that it will
    actually be the end of her character on
    the show?
    Will Raman and Ishita continue the
    show and Anita waves goodbye?
    Watch this space for more!

  9. Hey guys I want to know that is barun ne kya comment kiya tha k WO delete kar diya

  10. Reading all the comments , I feel not to expect the old Yhm soon . Unbelievable twist …. What’s the use of commenting …. Negative characters are winning …. Very sad . I had been simply watching episode one onwards …. How beautiful the way it was …… Ishitha is going to die ? …. Then the story line is gone …. Now a days watching for the sake of watching

  11. plz ekta ji aapka motive yeh dikhaana hoga ki ek aurath kuch bhi kar sakthi hai apni family ke liye toh phir jab miscarriage hoga aur ishra ke beech differences honge toh raman zaroor ishitha ko bewakoof laparwaa aur dhokebaqz hi samjhega aur uske sacrifice ka sacfrice reh jaayega.

  12. Revathi Anandh

    i think while the crocodile will Ashoks persons who was chasing shagun.. he might be behind ishita while ishu was seeing shagun.. shagun might get shock of seeing that person with gun… but behind him crocodile might be there…. it should be as usual story… how the main heroin will die… and due to that baby only everyone will be join together.

    And i though already that sarikas baby wont be romy’s. Sarika made the false certificate for romy too.. her mother might die due to Mrs.bala scholded her and insulted her for her daughter sarikas character.

    I know this will happen. is not it YHM.

  13. no no ..main heroine will nkt die nd a real crocodile will attack ishita .it will b just the way the promo showed us . divyanka confirmed this that day only . main heroine never dies in a serial . so ishita or shagun none of them is going to die . dunno abt the misscarraige . hope it dsnt hppns

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