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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi scolding Shagun. She says Ishi Maa can’t think bad of anyone, she got you from the junk bin, she was leaving all of us so that you get your right, when she got to know we all love her. She got convinced to stay here, then she thought to settle you with Mani, you are responsible for all this. You don’t deserve Pihu, I m feeling guilty to hurt Ishi Maa, her love ended my hatred, she did not play tricks to get me like you, she has unconditional love for us which you won’t understand, anyways you are elder, Ishi Maa taught me to respect elders, we won’t take legal action against you, I want you to please leave. Shagun leaves. Ruhi sees Ishita. Ishita cries and hugs her. Teri bechaini ka………..plays………… Ishita says I love you so much. Ruhi says I

love you too. Ishita says you made me speechless and hugs Ruhi.

Ishita says no one can fail me ever. Aaliya takes Adi and asks where were you. He asks why, were you missing me. She says yes, a lot, I need to talk imp, Rajat is eloping and marrying. Adi says wow, that’s so cool. She says that’s not cool. He asks what happened to you, are you fine. She says my friend says family is also imp like love. she recalls Mihir and says we have traditions and culture, which we should respect. He says you are much influenced by your new friend. She gets a call and goes. Adi says she is mad, but lovely, if I have to impress Aaliya, I should do it in traditional way.

Raman tells Mihir that he will send all papers to him, sorry I know I have put all work on you, I have to manage Pihu, she is better, I have to get Ishita and Pihu close, I have much work. He thinks to go and pick Ishita. Adi collides with him. Raman asks what are you doing with my suit. Adi says I took suit to wear in meeting, I borrowed your suit. Raman says meeting was yesterday. Adi says I wore this to impress Aaliya. Raman smiles and asks am I understanding right, look at me, whats going on with Aaliya. Adi says you are thinking right. Raman asks do you love her. Adi says yes, a lot. Raman says mad, and hugs him. he says you have grown up Adi, you fell in love, come. He hugs Adi and asks does Aaliya love you. Adi says don’t know.

Raman says if Aaliya is impressed with you, it means she is impressed with me, its all my suits, take all my suits, impress Aaliya, tell me, I will get more, we are Punjabi and we don’t lose, don’t get scared. You are in love, don’t be shy. Adi says don’t overreact. Raman says we Punjabis overreact, imp thing is don’t take advantage of the girl you love, complete studies, when time comes, I will talk to Mani. Adi thanks him and hugs. He says every way should be done traditionally. Raman says don’t worry, I did this many times. Adi says I love you. Raman says tell this to Aaliya, I have to pick Ishita.

Ishita tells the girls that she attended class after long time, I heard of ragging, does that happen there. The girls say yes, its not serious, small pranks. Ishita says prepare me for that. Raman comes to college and looks for Ishita. Ishita keeps book on her head and walks balancing it, while everyone cheer for her. Raman gets angrily and scolds them for troubling Ishita. He says she is doctor and more educated than you all. Ishita says no one is ragging me, they are kids, they are my classmates, I just asked about ragging and this was demo. Raman tells them that they will get worried if they worry Ishita. The girl say bye Ishita and bye uncle. Raman says I m uncle? Ishita says if you scold like uncle, they will call you uncle, I forgot my list, I will just come.

A man greets Raman and says I have seen you love your wife a lot, its hard to get such passionate man in today’s world. Raman smiles and says love is love and wife is wife, be it any times, where is professor’s room, I need to talk about Ishita. The man shows him the way. Romi asks Sanchi to listen, you can’t leave me, you have to come with me. Sanchi says understand, I need this job, if anyone sees you, I will lose this job. Romi asks her to come and holds her hand. Raman enters the cabin and sees them. Romi leaves her hand. Raman asks what happened Romi. Romi lies about hiring the girl. Raman says you can’t force anyone to work with you. Romi says its profitable for her. Raman says she can think of her profit, final decision will be hers. Romi leaves. Raman sees Sanchi and leaves.

Ruhi comes home and shows rakhis to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks did you get for Pihu too. Ruhi says yes, why did you take medicine. Mrs. Bhalla says I had headache, you go and show rakhis to Pihu, she will be glad. Ruhi goes to Pihu. Pihu shows handmade rakhis for Adi, mumma used to help me always, who will help me. Ruhi says I used to tie rakhi to Adi, this year we both will tie rakhi to him, I will help you in making rakhi and take gifts. She asks Pihu why is she sad now. Pihu says mumma is not here so Raman is doing all work, mumma went because of Ishita, if Ishita goes, it will be good. Ruhi thinks how to explain Pihu, its not right time to tell her. Ruhi says we will make rakhis. She thinks Shagun is using Pihu, I won’t let Shagun hurt you, I will save you.

The girls praises Raman’s look. A girl says we will do project at my home, will you come. Raman too praises the girl’s looks. Ishita gets jealous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey Adu monique khushi rithu shivani mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi jeni saritha aliya vp and all members of yhm fans HI to all dear friends

    1. Hiii jaz l am good ? ? ? ? ? how r u

      1. I’m fine aliya

    2. Monique_D

      Jaz how are you ?
      I have not seen you on the site for a while.

      1. Yeah monique I’m not watching now days properly yhm serial that’s why I’m not coming this site..nothing to see after leap ektha playing games with ourselves..this show is not going on the real track..just I’m not interested to watch..and other side aliya dressess so horrible ..

      2. Monique_D

        Yes I saw she wears a lot of skimpy clothes more like something we in SA would wear….but I was a little surprised to see it in the show…..

        Yes I too don’t watch it as i have done before but I do come to read the updates.
        But Ishqbaaz have me hooked thought..Esp yesterdays epi.

      3. Adityakiran

        Hi Monique!
        How Are You DEAR?
        How is Your LIFE?
        Why Are You Not Commenting in ISHQBAAZ?

    1. Adityakiran

      Adejoke Did You Like AHLIYA’s Dressing?
      I Mean Do You Like Her Dressing Sense
      Good Afternoon

  2. Guys pls tell me what nonsense going on..shaggy abtak expose nahi.hoyi hain pihu abhi b ishu se nafrat karthi hain..aur ishu college jarahi hain..aur ruhi ghar mein chub bethi hain..scl,college nahi jana kya usse…pihu ki class lerahi hain ghar bethe bethe..and writers forcing ishra moment whr is our old ishra romance nothing sab bakwas..arey kam se kam isharu moment tu dhika yeh…aur aliya dresses baab re baab..jab b aliya ka scene aatha patha nahi muje gosssa kyun atha hain..kal adi ke emotional ke saat khel rahi thi..agar o mere saamne hothi zorse thappad dethi os aliya ku..and just fed up of this show..and I miss my old yhm guys and ishra ,isharu also..

  3. Hey are you and how is your vision..Adu did you watch bramarakshas ,agar nahi dektthi tu dekhu mein aur meri daughter weekly dekhthe hain..acha hain..

    1. Adityakiran

      Hi JAZ!
      How Are You?
      How is Your LIFE?
      Your Daughter And Husband
      Is Everything Going Well?

      Why Are Not Commenting?
      No Matter SERIAL LOST EVERYTHING it’s TRACK SHAPE And Storyline.
      As Expected

      1. Monique_D

        Hey Aditya …
        I still watch but the network in my area is so poor yaar,not even whatsapp msg go through.
        Making the 2 phone and tablet I have useless.
        I have another device that I use for that.
        I have been good just busy at church and with the normal household stuff ,

    2. Adityakiran

      But You Shouldn’t Stop Commenting
      Of Your Friends.
      You Should Comment for US
      From Now Onwards Start Commenting.

      If You Don’t Want to Comment Here
      Then Please COMMENT in ISHQBAAZ.
      There You find Me.

  4. Thanks sheraya tumne yeh site se quitting nahi ki thank you so much jisse bolna hain osse bolne do (viraj) nothing though

  5. Wow Weldon ruhi

  6. shreya shetty

    wowwwww ishita and ruhi unconditional bonding has come back in action!!!!yipeeee I am began to love this show now thanks to ruhis realization of love towards her lovable ishi maa even as a huge fan of ishita amongst yhm fans.why cant this pihu think something else other than expecting poor ishu to leave??????no sense in this small kid even after raman has been taking care of her for some time till she realizesthat ishita is her real mom.c mon ruhi please tell the truth to pihu otherwise shagun will keep taking advantage of this little girl.u ve got to do soething to unite pihu and her biological mother ishita back.theres got be some hope in u.heheheheheh shagun deserves such scolding from ruhi for troubling innocent last shes finally exposed to the entire family as ruhis words would be believed by all claiming ishita to be very sweet.hhahahahahaha those students are trying to have fun with ishu by ragging as demonstration by placing the books on her head and raman didn’t realize that she was actually having fun.that made me laugh

  7. hai to all yhm fans
    nice episode l feeling very bad for adi l think adi deserve a girl better than aliya
    happy to see ishra moments

    1. Adityakiran

      Hi Ahliya!
      You Are Right. Adi DESERVES A Better Girl Than Ahliya.
      Usko Budda PASAND Ahyi Shayed.

  8. Hi guys mujhay asa lag raha hai k Raman will support adi aaliya n ishita will support mihir aaliya pair which will coz problem between ishra of ishita n adi

  9. I dn understand one thing if they wanna get pihu close to ishita…still thy didn’t start the mission…of bringing ishu n pihu close ?instead of business blah blah ki n ka twist if they thought of better idea it would have been interesting…but nw forced scenes…pale situations?poor adi I feel bad fr u???does shagun look as a mom of 3kids??

  10. Mihir should marry mihika.Adi should marry aliya.what do u think about aliya’s dresscode?frequently wearing shorts in a city like delhi.This is not australia

    1. yes Rocket …. Alias dress code is to be changed …

    2. Adityakiran

      Rocket See in Future Episodes Ahliya Will Dress up Like MARIA SHARAPOVA.
      Even Her Shorts Will Get SHORTER.
      I am Giving You Future Update

  11. Please unite ishita mom and pihu before shagun plays her trump card whatever that is. Change the track and show mihika finding out about romi somehow. At least show something different rather than Raman and ishita’ role reversals.

    1. I think they want to show more shagun drama that why they are not uniting ishu n pihu

  12. Ischita is a dentist not doctor.From beginning of seriel why do they call her Dr.ischita?A disrespect to the doctors.

    1. What are u saying dentist Bhi doctor hotay hain ?????

    2. No Raman himself stated that Ishita is not a Doctor but a Dentist

    3. Rocket …. nothing like that Dentists are called by Doctor also

    4. rekha vaghela

      No rocket ishita is a doctor as she is MDS. Where they have to do their dissertation. And any course that have a dissertation itgives a doctorate ddegree.

    5. true…
      i am a doctor.a mbbs doctor.Dentist are doctors but they dont pose like real iv injections and all…I hATE ISHITHA DOING THAT…
      Dentist is is [email protected]

  13. Hi everyone episode was good ishita n ruhi love ?love is maa beti jodhi aditi is really good actress I think after leap ishru hug first earlier during add shoot of that drink they hugged but as ruhaan and ishita ruhi loves ishita a lot but still our ishru were something different when fb came n they showed old ishru moments I was like I miss u tooooooooo sooooooo much ?writers show very less ishru scenes but finally they showed a good ishru scene so plllllzzz cvs give us more ishru scenes adi n Raman scene was also good after leap first time Raman was talking happily with him it was really good I notice they show Raman n pihu scene n adi n Raman seem but they don’t show much raru scenes want to see some n ishra scene was also nice raavan Kumar concern for jkr but now a days Raman is too sweet with ishu want some nok jhok v fans want nok jhok not a adarsh patii n nok jhok not means that Raman insult ishita or shouts on her ?i don’t think ishita going to college was needed I am feeling bad for adi he such a loving guy
    But I don’t like aaliya but aliya n adi look good together as I said earlier pihu n aliya should exchange clothes

    1. Ha ha ha well said Siddhi, Aaliya should exchange clothes with Pihu….really horrible dressess I must say…. did any one dress like this in any office ? its too much ….please dont play with the emotions of Aadi… poor guy

  14. Hi rocket according to department of health Dentist have a doctorate qualifications so technically she is a doctor. Anybody with a doctorate as a qualification is addressed as a doctor. Do your research well.

  15. I am new to yhm fan group. Hello everyone!!! Today’s episode was nice, it was really lovely to see ruhi and ishita together. I just wanna now see some happy moments of ishrarupi…….???

  16. Hi all yhm fans. Nice episode. What I don’t understand is why they wanna pair aliya with not right.any way hope u guys all have a lovely week.

  17. dr prags ( dentist)

    You are from which world??
    Dentists are doctors. They qualify the same entrance exam as an MBBS student. They study medicine superficially and dental aspects in depth. I am sure you have never had a tooth ache, you would consider dentists as GOD. Seriously dental pains are the worst of all the pains.

    I Watch this serial just because ishita is a dentist.

    1. Yes..but why does she pose as areal mbbs iv injections and all…dentist are called dentist,not doctor…i am a mbbs doctor…OR you can be called dental doctor…but not just doctor…

    2. what…same entrance exams…as mbbs doctors…ohh my means u have written mbbs exam..then you shud practise mbbs leaving ur dental practise…

      1. rekha vaghela

        Dr. Prag which common entrance test does an MBBS and dental student give together?? Pls acknowledge me.

    3. rekha vaghela

      I think u r from Gujarat as they have gujcet. An entrance test common for all 12th student. But dear their is merit as well. And MBBS merit is way high till I know as my brother took admission in 2009

  18. Thanks Mercy and Siddhi. I was just beginning to wonder how a dentist is addressed in India. I address my dentist as doctor.

  19. I missed the episode.episode was good . precap was ok.ishruh scene is good and the background music after many days it came .

  20. Hey guys a very good morning to all.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz sindhu Natasha mino Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel Shona aditya jeni super girl jaz az naaz jaz disha juhi siddhi ananthi anakha Pihu and all yhm friends.

    1. Hii rithu lam fine how r u ? ? ?

  21. Home
    Written Update
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    YHM: Raman motivate and wishes luck for Ishita’s business meeting Upcoming Future Story

    Saturday, August 20 2016
    YHM: Raman motivate and wishes luck for Ishita’s business meeting
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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman (Karan Patel) helps Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) to crack business meeting

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita had taken each other’s responsibilities.

    Raman and Ishita had under gone role reversal, where Raman takes care of household work while Ishita has turned a business women.

    Raman-Ishita also helps each other in their work, motivates and supports each other.

    Raman-Ishita are doing all this just for their daughter Pihu and to win back her love and trust.

    Ishita-Raman’s love

    Ishita has to go for a huge business meeting and seems tensed, Raman motivates Ishita to believe in himself.

    Ishita thanks Raman for his support takes elders ‘s wishes and leaves for business meeting.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  22. Hi all … where is Sindhu and Shivani ? Aditi gave well to Shaghun … in that she explained everything …. thinking that Shaghun is changed fir good Ishitha took the initiative to get her married to Mani .. Aditi acting very well …and the Ishru bond too was very good . Raman really really very happy after Shaghun is left and Ishitha is with him …Good to see that .. Ishitha really takes care of him and he agrees to do whatever she says .. Adi nd Raman was nice … I really wish Mihir will not be paired with Alia …Involve Pihu more with the family and she should be changed before the next attack of Shaghun …As Nandu says these are forced scenes …. creatives are not able to bring a new and interesting scenes ..trp is falling down … Shaghun soesnt look as a mother of three kids … and Adi is 21 year old too .though ..Ishitha and Raman looks very matured …Jaz .. after a long time … Adu I hope your vision is ok now …just take care …

  23. rekha vaghela

    OK their is a rule any doctorate is called Dr. Ishita is pediodentist (BDS+ MDS) BDSis bachelors in dental subjects . a bBDS dentist is not a doctor therefore. However as ishita is MDS is is a Dr. Their is nothing related to any exams. For knowledge. The MBBS course is also not adequate to call u a doctor. U need a MD/ms degree for that. Or a PhD in any subject for doctorate degree.

    A simple dentist is not a doctor though.

    1. ohh is it…?/you mean to say mbbs is not doctor…great..ppl who are not qualified also speak about mbbs doctors.
      i have done my mbbs and i m practising as gp from a wellknown hospital in a wellknown company…

      1. rekha vaghela

        Dear, hari.
        A lay man calls all those doctors who treats them of any kind of ailment. But those who could use this prefix are those who have undergone a dissertation. And I know that their is no dissertation in MBBS. Its in pg. So technically speaking MBBS can’t use Dr as well, nor can a BDS . but ishita can as she is a pedio- BDS and then did MDS in that subject which has dissertation and study. ( myself MS gynec)

  24. Hi all…Whats this happening, The story is going in unusual tracks,This college drama,pihu hating ishu, adi love..god god..its high time for pihu to know of ishu and also unless pihu loves ishu this writers wont go for custody case…What the…

    By the way where are you prads ,ur comments are amazing and i miss u in this episode.Kudos for ur fantastic reply to senseless basher in last update…Hope they got sense..Take care prads..

    1. Thanks shan, How are you…

  25. . Both who do MBBS n BDS r doctors once they finish one yr of internship . . one doesn’t need MD/Ms for that .. as m a doctor wit a MBBS and MD degree working as consultant felt lik replying

    1. Thank you Radhika and Dr Prags … atleast those who are not sure of it got cleared ..

    2. Adityakiran

      You are Absolutely RIGHT Right Radhika.
      Even My Sister is A Doctor.
      Very Nice Doctor.
      She is A NEUROLOGIST.
      SHE EVEN DID paediatrics.

    3. rekha vaghela

      Its is a guidelines. My self
      Ms. Gyne.. I knew this after getting my first doctorate degree.

    4. rekha vaghela

      Actually most of the Indians uses this prefix. But actually those who have done any publication or research studies. With their own publication and lead to enhancement of knowledge in the subject can b called doctor. Their is no dissertation in MBBS and BDS(. As I did MBBS so know that.) Their is dissertation in pg.(I did it about iron sorbital in pregnancy and pph benefits) so was telling it.

      Even those who do PhD undergo a dissertation .. And so they can b called doctorate too.

      1. Rekhavv

        Yes rekhaji. I know it. Because I was using Dr in my name when I had completed my MBBS. But my uncle told me similar thing. Now I m a doctor. MD psychiatry.

  26. Hi, YHM fans. I loved the episode. But this Aliya’s dress is just not suiting her. Especially for office. Some may think cos she came from Australia. She’s wearing these kinds of outfits. But still I don’t think in Australia too they won’t wear these outfits to office. Also being a Madrasan. Couldn’t accept it. And Aliya and Mihir scenes just waste of time. Mihir should be given a more matured partner like Sanchi. Romi’s lover. Anyhow I’m happy the way YHM is going now. Gradually happiness is entering Bhalla house and Ishita and Raman’s life. It should stay forever.

  27. Rekhavv

    Yes rekhaji. I know it. Because I was using Dr in my name when I had completed my MBBS. But my uncle told me similar thing. Now I m a doctor. MD psychiatry.

  28. Monique_D

    For all those who follow my FF here is Burning Desire (Episode 76)

  29. Ruhi, welldone, u scolded shagun. And told right things about ishimaa. The episode and precap is so nice. All the family members should know that Romi have a girlfriend. Poor mihika. What’s the bad behavior of romi. Nonsense. Pihu should know her real mum is ishu. Shagun should die. Ashok should die. I hate them. Alia is too much. What’s the dress she wearing for office, a s*xy and short dresses. First mani should teach her how to dress. I love u ruhi. Mihir now shouldn’t be with alia, ugly couple. They are not matching. Alia suits for adithya. Poor aidi.why is Romi romancing with that new girl Sanchi.

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