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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a good time scene in Bhalla house. Ishita takes care of kids. Raman says lets prepare for bachelor’s party. Ishita gets a call and says how can you offer me CEO post, I m a dentist, I completed the order with family and workers support, the credit does not go to me, I m happy to get the offer, but I m dentist and love my work. Raman smiles seeing her. He gets a call and says what, my wife is happy being dentist, find someone else for MD post. He jokes with Ishita asking her to manage office and he will do her dentist job. She says sorry. He says I m proud of you, you managed business, united family, thanks, you earned this. She says I have work at clinic and also meet new doctor at Mukherjee’s clinic, my business is set. They romance and she gets a call. She answers

the call says I will come on time and get the papers.

Ishita comes to meet Manoj and shows her reports. He says I m handling this case, whats your husband’s name. She says Raman Bhalla. He says I heard this name recently, oh yes, he was admitted in hospital, I met him there. She says he had injury. He says he is very interesting, how is he now. She says he is fine, I thought you will be senior doctor. He says everyone thinks my age is less, I have seen your reports, we have to do some tests. She asks why. He says your case is different from normal case, so I want to be sure before giving any result. She says fine. He says don’t worry, we will try the best, you are a doctor yourself, be positive. She says everyone is positive at my home, I m trying this for Ruhi.

He says Ruhi, surprisingly I heard this name for second time. She says its unique name. He says my room.. his neighbor. She asks him to come home and meet her family for lunch or dinner, he can get homemade food. He says lovely, I will come. She says I will message the address. The men are ready in bright tees for the bachelor’s party. Appa says he does not want to come. Ishita asks them to go. They ask Raman whats the plan. Raman says this time, we have police officer with us.

Ishita says she called cab, driver is waiting. Romi says so sweet. Raman says this is her trick. They all leave. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita why did she call cab. Ishita says to know about their activities. Raman sees the driver on phone and tells Appa that Ishita left this spy, but you all wait, watch and learn. He talks to driver and sends him to get the phone, and asks for car keys, saying he has leg pain. The driver goes. Romi says great. Raman asks them to come fast.

Ishita looks for phone, and sees the men leaving in the cab. She says they fooled us, they went in party. Mrs. Bhalla laughs. Ishita calls Raman and says he won’t take call being scared. She talks to Appa. Mrs. Bhalla and Rinki plan to have loaded party with Iyer ladies. Raman and the guys enjoy and drink. Raman asks them not to tell anything to their wives and especially Bala.

Rinki asks Mrs. Bhalla will she really make them have loaded Golgappa. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, and adds wine in the golgappas. Iyer ladies come. Mrs. Bhalla says she will serve them today. Amma says she loves it, she will have it. Rinki serves other ones to Vandu and Sarika, as they feed their baby. The men are drunk and have a talk. Abhishek says Romi is my friend and brother, you taught me many things. Bala asks what did Romi teach him, we could not teach him till now. Raman says he is first one to learn something from Romi. Abhishek says you all are my brothers, I can prove this to you. Raman asks will he do blood test now. Abhishek says exactly, and cuts his hand, and asks Romi to come. Romi says is he mad, he is going to get married. Raman says leave this, just swear, there is another way to prove this. He asks them to finish the bottle without any stop.

Ishita says its taste is different. Mihika says its tasty. Mrs. Bhalla and Rinki laugh. Ishita, Mihika and Amma come in the effect and laugh. Vandu and Sarika find them weird. Sarika asks what happened to them. Mrs. Bhalla tells Rinki that they will know in morning, that they were stopping their husbands and got drunk now. They laugh.

Ishita shouts for party and Sarika says what happened to him. Appa and Raman talk and ask Abhishek to find their bag.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. jhanvi

    Nice epi.. Enjoy it…. BT plssss kuchh different aur interesting ho shadi aur baki functions me….to aur bhi maja ayega….

  2. jhanvi

    Kitne dino k bad Adi ko dikhaya… BT simmi ko kyu nahi dikhate ghai… Missing simmi….

    Ishra scene achha that…..talli ho gaye hai sab men…..

  3. jhanvi

    Aur sari ladies bhi talli ho gai sivay vandu aur sarika ke….

    Kal aur maza ayega…. Waiting for next epi…

  4. ruhi aur adi ko kum dikha rahe hai show mein.accha nahi lag tha hai jab ruhi show mein naa ho.agar woh show mein hogi toh show mein chamak aa jaayega.

  5. precap mein patha nahi raman aur gents ko kya ho gaya tha ki unki kapde phaade hue the.appa ke toh shirt hi nahi tha aur raman ka toh phatt gaya aur acp ka ulta hoga gaya shirt.

  6. Ishita ne raman ko drink karne se mana kiya. .par bechari khud talli hogayi hai. ..aur amma bhi …mihika, amma, ishita golgappa khakar talli hoye par. .Sarika aur vandu toh normal lagrahe the. ….

  7. Hey rithushree bhagi jhanvi gopu, SS. .sab kaise ho…
    yeah rithushree simmi ko nahin dikha rahe hai…..par rinki ko pehle jaise dekhker achcha laga. …

  8. In the coming episode’s, Romi and Sarika’s sangeet and mehendi celebrations will be in full swing and may be fans will get to see IshRa’s dance performance.

    According to spoilers,Shagun re-entering Raman and Ishita’s life. It is said that, Ishita and Raman are going to realize they will never be able to conceive a child on their own. As a result, she and Raman will approach Shagun and ask her to be a surrogate mother for them.

    • bhagi

      yah am fine yar par yar ye makers kyom iss surrogacy ke peeche hath dhoke pade hai we dnt need it ye log kyom nahi samaj rahe hai its just disguisting yar…… surrogacy ke track ke baadh tho serial me jo bachi kuch charm bhi chalajayega aur phir serial top 10 me nahi dhikayi dega

  9. bhagi

    nice episode yar yhm me saari bachelors parties intresting hothe hai…….they r soooooo funny…….

  10. please do not want surrogacy track ishita should have her baby by her own preganancy
    so that she can feel the happiness of preganant ladies other wise just leave her without child ruhi and adhi is enough for her

    • bhagi

      yah ur absolutely right ishra ko apni baby ho tho ishu should conceive at any cost nahi tho no need of baby par surrogacy bilkul bhi nahi

  11. jhanvi

    Ya right makers samaj nahi rahe hai ki hum shagun ko wapas nahi chahte ishra ki life me…. Aur kuchh bhi ho akhir matlab to wahi hoga ki ishita baby carry nahi kar sakti ….

  12. Darshika

    veryyyyyy nice episode. I really like whole episode. And lovelyyyyyyyy precap.
    I have been waiting to watch ishita’s weird attitude. It will be fun.

    And yes….. Please makers, avoid this surrogate mother idea. If ishita can’t conceive, I don’t want to see any third child…… And I hope that this news won’t real……
    From Sri Lanka.

  13. A

    Plz… We don’t want a surrogacy track… If Ishita can’t conceive, then its OK… But we don’t want them to have a baby through surrogacy… Adi and Ruhi is more than enough for them….

  14. kya zaroorath thi itnaa sab kuch dikhaane ki jab surrogacy hi hona tha toh kuch dikhaane ki zaroorath hi nahi hai .ki jo, unn makers ne fans ke liye itnaa sab kuch dikhaaya ab unhi fans ko uss se bhi zyaada disappoint kar rahe hai. absaari duniya ishitha ko bhaanch ,aaya etc.kehke bulaayenge .especially uss bala ki amma.

  15. Anita Hassanandani, who plays the role of Shagun in
    ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, says she never thought that the
    serial would become such a huge hit. (Source: Gurmeet
    TV actress Anita Hassanandani, who
    plays the role of Shagun in hit TV
    serial ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, says
    she never thought that the serial would
    become such a huge hit.
    In an exclusive conversation with
    Indian Express, Anita said: “Honestly I
    never expected the response would be
    so huge. It is a small show which
    started at 11 pm slot. I liked the plot
    and said yes for it but the kind of
    response and love people have given
    to our character was unexpected.”
    Anita walked the ramp for designer
    duo ‘Anu Aastha Couture’ at Wedding
    Asia event held in Ludhiana on
    Thursday (August 20). Showstopper
    for the collection ‘Dastoor’
    representing the theme of an
    ‘independent and empowered bride’,
    Anita stunned in a peach silk wedding
    gown with golden embellishments and
    smoky eyes.
    Showstopper Anita Hassanandani at Wedding Asia
    event held in Ludhiana. (Source: Gurmeet Singh)
    Spilling some beans on the future
    track of Yeh Hain Mohabbatein, she
    said: “The uniqueness of Shagun’s
    character lies in the fact that she is
    hated and loved at the same time. For
    the time being she has realised her
    mistake and staying away from
    Raman and Ishita but it may not
    continue for long. The nature of her
    character is such that it can twist
    anytime. If someone instigates her
    again then Shagun’s character can
    take a negative turn.”
    She further said that the show is not
    expected to take a leap anytime soon.
    “Currently, there are no plans for a
    leap. We have a story which is moving
    at the right pace and in a right
    direction, so leap is nowhere in plans.
    Even if there is a leap, I am going to
    continue with Yeh Hain Mohabattein.
    There is no point leaving this show,”
    said Anita.
    On her off screen chemistry with her
    co-actors, Anita said that ‘YHM is
    more like a family.’ She is particularly
    close to Ruhanika Dhawan, young girl
    who plays the role of Ruhi.

  16. ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’: Here’s What
    Karan Patel aka Raman and Other
    Boys Did During Shooting of Comedy
    Scenes Aly Goni/Instagram
    Even as Romi (Aly Goni) is happy to
    get married to Sarika in “Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein”, the actor seems to
    be having a difficult time off-
    According to reports, Aly — being a
    Kashmiri Muslim — is finding it
    extremely difficult to get a house
    on rent in Mumbai.
    Although it has been a couple of
    years since Aly moved to the city,
    the hunk has not been able to rent
    a house as he is from Kashmir. He
    has been staying with his cousin
    ever since he shifted to Mumbai.
    Disappointed at the discrimination,
    Aly told The Times of India : “I am
    sure every house has a TV and
    people watch us for entertainment.
    So why is it so difficult for an actor
    to rent a flat in Mumbai? Is it a
    crime to be born in Kashmir?
    “We have the same documents,
    have the same passport, same voter
    card and same pan card. Then why
    do we have to face this
    discrimination? Not letting someone
    rent a house anywhere in the
    country is undemocratic. I am
    heartbroken that I am looked down
    upon as a threat to the society just
    because I am a Kashmiri Muslim.”
    added the popular actor.
    Meanwhile, in “Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein”, it’s celebration time
    for Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and
    others as they have decided to
    welcome Vandita’s (Shruti Bapna)
    newborn baby with a grand
    Further, Ishita and Raman (Karan
    Patel) along with the entire Bhalla
    family will soon start preparing for
    Romi and Sarika’s wedding. The
    event will be a grand one and will
    include pre-wedding ceremonies
    such as sangeet and mehendi .

  17. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Raman and
    Ishita enjoy getting know
    about Ishita has chance
    to conceive a baby.
    But their happiness will
    soon get spoiled when
    doctor informs them that
    Ishita still has some
    internal problem for
    which she cannot
    conceive baby.
    Ishita once again gets
    broken down and curses
    herself for not able to
    complete Ruhi’s wish.
    Raman also regrets to
    force Ishita for thinking
    about baby.
    However, doctor
    suggests Raman and
    Ishita about surrogacy
    and asks them to find a
    woman who gets ready to
    become surrogate mother
    for their baby.
    Raman and Ishita try to
    find the woman and
    Shagun get ready to help
    Shagun thinks that she
    can get her kids (Ruhi-
    Adi) love back helping
    First, Raman and Ishita
    will not be ready as they
    do not want to believe on
    Shagun but later Ishita
    will think about it.
    However, this Surrogacy
    drama will bring some
    humiliation drama for
    Ishita as society will
    comment on her for not
    able to becoming mother.
    Will Ishita get ready to
    make Shagun as
    surrogate moteht of her

  18. shagun apne bacche
    ruhi aur adi ka pyar paane ke liye
    agar yeh sab kuch karegi toh kahi
    ruhi aur adi shagun ki taraf
    inclined naa ho jaaye aur ishitha
    akeli rahe.kya patha ekta serial
    mein kuch bhi ho saktha hai toh
    shayad raman bhi inclined ho

  19. iss serial mein aurath
    ke izzath ka mazak bana ke rakha
    hai.hamesha kisi ko bhaanch
    kehthe hai aur poori duniya taane
    maarthe hai.its soo horrible to

  20. agar yeh surrogacy
    track dikhayenge toh yhm ka trp jo
    ab 5th hai woh shayad trp mein na
    ho.waise bhi aajkal yhm mein koi
    twist ya woh utnaa accha track nahi
    chal raha hai ki veiwers attract ho.

  21. Hari priya

    Today’s epi was awesome and in the last raman says to abhishek areey havaldar dundo jaldi then abhi says acp.and I am living abhishek he is best for our their scenes’s epi was funny

  22. darshika

    Guys Isn’t kashmir India’s part…..? Or is kashmir pakistan’s part….?
    And who is Radhe maa….? Is she indian goddess….?
    Actually I don’t know those questions……
    If someone can, tell me.
    From Sri Lanka.

  23. V P

    In fact YHM is the only one serial that each and every one actors act very well . You miss Simmi if she is not seen for days like wise Mihir , Rinki and all . Rinki Romi and all superb . It’s a very good serial where Ishitha and Raman is the centre of attraction . Love the serial but no surrogacy please . But I am sure they will twist to surrogacy but later on It will not be required . Asking Shaghun to be the surrogate mother can’t imagine . Please avoid . I understand at the end creators are really making at the interest of viewers . Ishithas acting level is gone little down , don’t know what’s the reason . Please take care Ishitha love you a lot

  24. Aisha

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz no Surrogacy scene we wanna see Ishitha’s baby not Surrogant baby Makers Don force us 2 stop watching YHM bcoz of dis

  25. Mihir

    TRP rank of YHM will fall down to 10 as soon as surrogacy track comes….. Is n’t it a good news to all of Shagun lovers special Ekta ma’am…I have already stop watching with Adi-Vinnie track and now i only read the story….. This reading interest also will go away with surrogacy

    I miss you Ru & Inhita

  26. Roselyn Dada

    Rahman you look so handsome when you shave you are too much in that attire love you so much. Mr Ballah and Iyer are not bad The men are cute.pls where is Simi andi Miri ? Love the episode so much my thumb up for you all.pls no surrogate mother for ishitas baby pls pls and pls Ekta Kapoor from Nigeria

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