Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi talking to Raman. Raman asks where are you, we are worried for you. Adi says I m near Khandpur. Raman says we came there yesterday, factory worker said you left for Delhi. Adi says yes, but I stayed in hotel at night as I was feeling tired. Ishita says you should have told me. Adi says yes, how are you two. Raman says we reached home. Ishita asks when are you coming. Gagan gives phone to Adi. Adi says I have to go back to Khandpur for work, I will be getting married soon, I will come. Raman asks him to come soon. Adi ends call and asks Roshni did she hear it, my fiancee is waiting for me there, I don’t believe this fake marriage, this was forced on me by blackmailing, I can’t be stuck in this fake relation, break this marriage, I will see what they do. She asks

him to listen. He shouts shut up, don’t try to talk to me.

Ishita says Ruhi and Adi are so busy in work, they are not coming home. Raman says wait, I did not leave office and came here for any ghagra discussion. Shagun says its bridal dress discussion, it should be important, I got this as I liked it, it does not matter you buy it or I did. Ishita asks Aaliya did you like it. Aaliya says I loved it. Shagun shows them the dress. They all like it. Ishita says its very beautiful, is this not much heavy. Shagun says its bridal dress, when Aaliya tried this in trial room, we were just seeing her.

Ishita says lahenga comes from groom’s side, so we will do its payment. Shagun says we will do it half, its not much expensive, the designer gave me discount, its just 2.5 lakhs. Ishita says its perfect, but we will pay for it, we wanted Aaliya’s dress to go from our house. Aaliya smiles.

Mihika and Ruhi come home. They like the lahenga. Shagun tells about designer. Ruhi says Aaliya, when Adi sees you in this, he won’t be concentrate on pheras. They laugh. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to have food and go. Ruhi asks Adi to hold this, I will click pic to Adi. Aaliya says no, its a surprise. Ishita says Adi will not focus on work if he sees Aaliya’s pic, let it be a surprise.

Adi does aid to his wounds. Roshni comes from bath and dries hair. He gets angry seeing the sindoor in her maang. Gagan comes there. He asks Adi to accept fate and bride soon, it will be good for him. He stops Adi and asks where are you going. Adi says I have to go, she is not my wife. Gagan says she is your wife. Adi says I have to go factory. Gagan says we have sent your order for delivery, we did your work, even when you killed my brother, we have let your parents leave, we are good people, not murderer like you, you can go, we have to do girl’s bidaai, you will be going home with Roshni. Adi gets shocked. Gagan says you have to take Roshni to her Sasural if you want your parents to be safe.

Roshni’s bidaai is done. Her mum gives her sindoor from Mata Rani’s temple. Roshni greets everyone. Adi and Roshni leave. Mr. Bhalla, Raman and Mani watch cricket and laugh. Shagun gets juice. Raman asks her to get starters. Shagun says I will get it. She gets a call and goes to attend it. Ishita cooks food. Neela says Ruhi is with Mihika. Ruhi likes the designer outfits and shows Mihika. Mihika says its very pretty, wow you know what, you should buy this, it will suit you. Ruhi says its good, but see price, its costly, I don’t think Ishita will let me take it. Mihika says she won’t say no. Ruhi says I was thinking how did Ishita say yes for Aaliya’s costly lahenga. Ishita comes and likes the dress. She says Ruhi will look lovely. Mihika says I think we should buy this for Ruhi. Ishita says yes, take it, its reasonable price. Ruhi asks what, it costs 11 lakhs. Ishita asks how, Aaliya’s lahenga is so heavy, its for 2.5 lakhs. Mihika and Ruhi say its impossible and check its price on the website. Mihika says its worth 15 lakhs. Ishita gets shocked.

She says Shagun told me 2.5 lakhs. Mihika says maybe Shagun thought you will refuse for it, so she said less price. Ishita says its wastage of money. She goes. Shagun talks to caterers. A lady meets Shagun. Shagun says we are doing preparations for my daughter’s marriage, this is her inlaws, so I came here. The lady says I think its big fat indian wedding. Shagun says no, its simple. Ishita comes and says we decided we will get lahenga, how did you buy costly lahenga, its worth 15 lakhs, you knew we will divide the price, you lied to me, you have spent a lot. Lady says you have spent much on a lahenga, you said its simple wedding, and reduced guests, but be true to relatives. She goes.

Shagun argues with Ishita for her lecture. She says we have different views on marriage, its not done, Aaliya is my daughter, if I want to buy designer lahenga for her, what’s your problem, why do you start always. Ruhi says I m sure they fought. Ishita asks is this a competition for you, Mani is my best friend, I stayed with him for years, I raised Aaliya, 15 lakhs is too much, Aaliya will wear it for one day. Everyone hear them argument and come out. Ishita says its a simple thing. Shagun says you always want to prove you are right and everyone else is wrong, you are making a big issue for an outfit. Ishita says Raman can also buy a costly lahenga for Aaliya, there should be clarity in our families, if everyone do as they want then… Shagun asks what will happen, I liked the outfit and bought it for Aaliya, I paid my money, you always want to boss around, you said you want simple wedding and then rejected the wedding card of my choice, why don’t you do that. Mani asks Shagun to calm down. Shagun says I got insulted, I won’t stay here now. She goes. Mani and Aaliya go after her. Ishita gets angry.

Ishita says I would like to make FD for Aaliya instead spending money on lahenga, you tell me if you think I m wrong, else talk to Shagun. Raman worries. Adi asks Roshni to sit here, I have to go for delivery, I will pick you on return. He goes. Goons follow Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What Ishita is saying is logically right but she’s also always “rob jamao-ing” for everything – my son, my daughter, my beta, my bahu, i am the saas…she should realise that everyone should have a right to make decisions in a family wedding. And it’s not like Shagun is making these decisions without asking Aaliya. This Ishita-Shagun dynamic is really confusing- one day they’re being best friends and the next they’re fighting. Can the CVs move on and focus on exposing Ashok or something.

  2. I hink as pandit said that adi wife will save him from danger so i suppose roshni will sacrifice her life and save adi later may be adi and alliya will get married who know ?.?

  3. I agree with you Raima about shagun and day they’re being best friends and the next they’re fighting.I think adi should tell everything in detail to his family and also make them understand about all these.Cvs has gone insense thats why they are making nonsense stories.Missing old yhm very much…

  4. i really dont understand this yhm . just think over, first ishitha raman got married . they always kept hating each other like every other hero heroine do . then finally they confessed their love and their life was full of problem when finally ruhadi accepted ishitha as their mother . shagun who was already married to raman and dated ashok now loved manoj . ish and shagun did a stupid ghost drama and made all fool . the track was a total mess . then for the mistake ishitha never did , she was sent out of the house and ruhi became ruhan , does it not seem stupid , how can a girl look like a boy and her voice will definitely be like a boy . when finally ishra were united pihu got away . they could have told pihu that shagun was not her real mom but noo they wont . they dragged this for one year and then finally when the whole family was united , our grandma shagun got pregnant and lost her baby tooo , god what is this , shagun has almost married and lived with three to four people , while our ishitha mahan will always love , think nd live wid raman even though he always scolds her . now when finally everythings over , they were going to have bro-sis marriage . ailiya who is the adopted daughter of shagun and mani was going to marry shagun,raman and ishitha’s (who she calls amma ) son , adi . i am happy that this did not happen . god end this drama soon

  5. Oh god the soutan-saheli-samdhan drama has started again,it is really never ending,but the most funny part is that,Adi is married now nd they are fighting for a lahenga,bechare paise waste ho jaenge tumlogoke,but I am just thinking about Alu ab uska ka banega,uske sapne to lahenge tak hi simit rahe jayenge

  6. while ishu is not totally wrong about the lehenga but for once she should allow sagun to do what she wants
    aliya herself loves the lehenga so ishita should stop forcing her decisions on others all the time

    1. Rina , its not the wuestion of choice or money its the lie Shaghun told 2.5 lakhs instead of 15 lakhs . cvs wants to bring space for Shaghun so all these third class cheap drama … street fight . Ishithas mistake is questioning infront of that NGO lady . Shaghun type people ,how became head of NGO and all cvs only know .Alia is not Manis daughter nor Shaghuns … Marrying Adi is not considered to be wrong apart from Alia calls Shaghu Mumma and Adi is her biological son .very cheap the stiry line now ..

  7. I agree with raina. Ishita has too self pride

  8. Never expected the story can go this cheap and third class . Costly Lehenga is not the question here … shaghun lied … which is wrong .. How Alias custody is Shagjuns I dont know … Ofcourse she is with Mani … she may choose her own dad now . So far so good Alia apart from her short dress , she is very fair and true like Ishitha . If she is carried away by Shaghun … she too is going to be negative . simply giving a space to Shaghun … cvs for that will bend the story to any level . Totally rubbish !!And as usual putting the blame on Ishitha she escaped followed by Mani .

    1. I totally agree with your comment VP.

  9. Hi all

    Like I said Cv’s should just wrap this series up. The content been displayed is so demeaning . I DT acting is not up to scratch these days, in fact from the tym she got married. I truly feel that both KP and Dt are awesome actors and having viewed the earlier YHM episodes like 50 times over …what a contrast in her acting. Well for whatever reason so be it.

    But as a viewer I am very sadly disappointed with the storyline. Instead of killing it further,they should just finish it up. I will watch the old episodes and be happy. Or Cvs can make this all a big bad dream.

  10. KAN

    How many children do ishita want …she always snached others right he she has alreday 3 childrrn to fulfill her wish .. So why she alwalya say that aliya is my daughtr i raised her…. Shagun is right marrige is the thing which happend one in life …she always give lecture to othernow shagun has only aliya so let her fullfill her wish u foucs on adi

    1. Shaghun is right ? Marriage happens only once in life ? True …. but what about Shaghun ? How many marriages ? Having a street fight on Lehenga is wrong … cvs are not getting any other plot to twist … whats coming on their way the track is changing . Alia is not Ishithas or Shaghuns ! One morning Adi is your son Isheeeetha , Alia is mine will not change anything . Children are now matured … one cant twist them for their convenience ! So sad for Adi nd Alia … they deserve each other . Now Alia too will be negative ..

  11. I think even Adi and roshni make a gud pair.i guess Adi’s hatred for roshni would turn into love and aaliya might turn negative.

  12. aishwarya lakshmi

    If they want to unite Adi and roshni,then y did they introduce aaliya’s father.

  13. aishwarya lakshmi

    Ishita should not have insulted Shagun infront of another woman.

  14. Why all of you sees negative in these track
    of cvs . I am much happy about this. Now it will be interesting .We can atleast see our Ishra as sideline.If it end soon to ye nahim ho jaoogi .I want Ishra together if they end their serial we cannot se
    e them together

  15. ishita is scientifically correct in today’s world it do not make sense to spend so much on a wedding outfit give the children that money instead to start their life yeah yeah yeah everybody knows you get married only once reality check no no not in these times today’s generation do not take marriages seriously just a little sneeze and all hell break loose divorce is always the option for them and only once she will wear that outfit and then keep it for antique it is stupid on shagun’s part but as usual she always wants to compete with ishita this is my opinion and as one of my dear friend said ‘NEVER TRADE RESPECT FOR ATTENTION’ and hell no friend marriage do not happen once in life look how many times saif ali khan got married lol

    1. Well said Jayasree!!

  16. we all earnestly awaiting Ishara scenes which will never come. You can see their characters getting sidelined.

    I am just enjoying the old YHm episodes.
    Like I said CVs can just make this a bad dream and give the story line a good revamp.

    But I think we wasting out time

  17. Radhika malhotra

    Nice episode

  18. Ishita is actually annoying. Poking her nose in everyones business. No wonder Nidhi hated her lol

  19. Ishita is not wrong about spending too much on a one day wedding outfit but she has absolutely no filter in her head as to say what in front of whom. Couldn’t she see that Shagun was with someone else? Then why was she hell bent on insulting her in front of the NGO lady? Either she’s so dumb that she didn’t realise it or she just wanted to insult Shagun. Ishita is being extremely selfish.. she wants Ruhi, adi, Pihu and now Alia too to be only hers. Shagun has been bad and stuff but she is doing her best to make up for her wrong deeds and it is extremely unfair if ishita to be such an ‘I me myself’ person and take everything away from Shagun

  20. Mark my words! Ishita will one dqy whole heartedly accept Roshini and her clan saying thatvthey are Adi’sas and made them all glorified criminals.

    1. Yes Manju .Possibility is there .

  21. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  22. YHM is looking so blank with very few cast .They removed Mihir and simmi is missing .Rinki and vandu were shown dead. Whole iyyer family is not seen properly. Pihu is missing from the show. And Romi is not seen . And on top of it they are showing this crap .I think those CVS should see the old episodes of YHM and should think how their creativity was and stop this crap now and should give a nice story at present and bring back the old YHM again.

  23. Star plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twists and turns.

    Adi is not ready for the marriage yet has to marry Roshni to safeguard his parents from gaggan’s thugs.

    Adi is left with no option and is blank as of what to do next and thus decides to return home to his Raman and Ishima.

    Adi is also scared over what consequences he has to bear post this devastating situation, Ishitha, Raman and whole bhalla family is shocked.

    Adi and roshni enters the house and ishita has to accept her as she is not the culprit at all.

    Ishita accepts roshni as Adi’s wife and raman and bhalla family are shocked and are on aliya’s side.

    Stay tuned for more information and updates.

  24. Ashok delivers the news of adi ‘s marriage with roshni to mani and aliya .they both being shocked reach bhalla house .

    While mani accuses adi for ruining aliya’s life and betraying her and ishita accepts roshni as her bahu and mani will seen furious on ishita.

    Stay tuned for more details and updates.

  25. I think ishita over reacted. Shagun is right. She is aliya’s mom. She can buy her a costly lehanga. And knowing ishita its okay to lie to her as she would create a matter on it. Both the families r rich and can do lavish marriage. Also most of Punjabi marriages r like that. And aliya too liked

  26. Yhm was based on a book! It concentrated on one issue hence Ekta and team decided to use it for their serial! Either they should have had it as a short series concentrating on the main plot and shown how children at young age suffer from this fight for custody as additional plot! The makers decided on mega series after seeing the initial response to the show! Fresh concept for a serial with wonderful leads including Ruhanika! Too many unnecessary twists and turns has led to a stage now we enjoy older episodes! Audience were always for DT&KP! Still it’s them we are longing to see! Fresh pair’s chemistry(Adi&Aaliya) is good but could not overpower the audience to forget DT&KP! Better for the makers to wind it up with a good happy family wala ending with villains being punished(Long enough or tough enough for them to escape on any basis)!

  27. There qre many possibilites. If roshni is negitive and will show her true colors then aliya and adi will definately reunite. Or agr Rishni positive character then Adi will fall for Roshji and their chemistry will start then it will a possibility that Aliya will turn negituve and try to harm Adi and Roshni.
    About todays episode i dont think Ishita is ri8 this time shaadi life mai aikhi br hoti hai or agr hm afford kr sakein tu we should spent money and one thing every girl has a dream that uski wedding bht axhi hooo great hoooo. Han theek hai itna zada spend nhe krna chahiye jo ky fazool kharchi main ay butt itna tu ho hi skta hai ky aik lehnga hi axha hoo or sb sy bari bt Aliya ko wi lehnga pasand haiii

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