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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun trying to find out about Ishita. Ishita visits the pastry shop and talks to Aaliya. Shagun does not see her. Mani calls Ishita and reminds that they had to meet doctor. Ishita says I forgot, Aaliya said you met Ruhaan, sorry, I m reaching there. Shagun looks on and tries to call her. Ishita leaves. Shagun gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call and talks. Ruhaan talks to Nupur about the two contracts. Nupur says Mam said our financial position is weak, and this is necessary. Ruhaan asks how, I recorded many songs, I think we should sign Abhimanyu’s contract as he is paying double. Nupur says just sign both, Mam asked you, you have to leave for India tomorrow, continue your practice. He asks her to inform Raman about other contract, I can’t cheat anyone. She says fine

and leaves.

Ruhaan says whats happening with me, I m doing ad for Raman and Ishita, its good no one knows I m Ruhi. Nupur gives contract papers to Raman. Raman asks can I meet him. Nupur says Ruhaan is rehearsing. Raman says tell him it will be best shoot for him, it will be memorable. He leaves. Ruhaan says I don’t have to make any memories now.

Mani meets doctor. Doctor says its good progress, credit goes to Ishita too. Mani says yes, she did a lot for me, she would be coming, just tell her I m weak and can’t travel, its my request, there is some work, she has to travel to India alone. Ishita comes and asks for reports. Doctor says its good development. She gets glad. Ruhaan’s manager calls Mani. Mani says great news, thanks. He tells Ishita that Ruhaan accepted our deal, our plan worked, he will do our ad shoot in Mumbai, you have to leave tomorrow, I will book your tickets. Ishita says Mani can travel too. Doctor says there is improvement, but he should not travel, he can get fracture. Mani says if you don’t want to go, its okay, I understand, I don’t want to force you. She says no, this project is important, I will go.

Adi tells Mrs. Bhalla that he is fine. Shravan looks on. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi not to meet Iyers. Simmi asks Shravan to come. Shravan apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla and says Adi was trying that supplements for me. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to make tea for her and goes. Shravan apologizes to Adi. Adi says its fine, whatever happens, nothing should change between us.

Mani asks Ishita to relax, I m feeling guilty that you are going alone. Aaliya asks did you keep password. Mani asks her to cheer up. Aaliya says don’t worry that you are travelling alone, Lord is with you, come we are getting late. Mani says you guys go. Ishita asks are you not coming with me till airport. Mani says I have some work, don’t worry, you are going your country, it will be all fine, visit Siddhivinayak temple. She leaves with Aaliya. He says sorry Ishu, I know its not easy for you, you have to face your fears, then you can move ahead in life.

Raman calls Mihir and says I signed Ruhaan as our brand ambassador, we will keep ad shoot in Mumbai. Mihir says great news. Raman says give this news in all papers, everyone should know our company will always be best. He says I will be leaving, and Shagun and Pihu want to stay here for some time. Mani reaches Ruhaan’s home. He sees Raman outside and says Raman, no what will Raman do here. Mani says thank Ruhaan for signing contract with me. Nupur says the contracts are so similar, you know are Indians and shoot is in Mumbai too. Mani asks whats the name of other company. Nupur says Pihu industries. He thinks is it Raman’s company. He asks is this any Delhi’s company. She says we are running late, and asks for his card to contact him. He sees Pihu industries card there with Raman Bhalla’s name. He gets shocked and asks Nupur. She says yes, he just left, his shoot is in Mumbai, do you know him. He says yes, no, I mean I just asked, thanks, I will leave. He worries and says I have to tell Ishita that she can face Raman in Mumbai. He calls her and gets number unreachable. He calls Aaliya and asks for Ishita. She says Amma checked in just now. He worries and thinks to talk to Ishita somehow.

Nupur informs about Ruhaan travelling to India. Nancy packs Ruhaan’s bag and says you take Niddhi’s bag too. Ruhaan asks does she know we are going today. Nancy says she maybe knowing. Ruhaan says I wish this plan cancels. Nupur tries to get the tickets. She says Mam will meet us at airport, come Ruhaan. Ruhaan refuses. Nupur asks him to come, we have to catch flight. Ruhaan says I don’t care, I will talk to Niddhi, call her. She says fine, I will try. Ruhaan thinks to reach late and miss either of the contract.

Ishita and Raman board the flight. A lady asks Ishita to just keep an eye on her son Rohan till she comes back. Raman looks for his seat. A man pushes him and goes ahead. Raman asks the hostess for any other seat. He changes his seat with that lady. The lady thanks him. Ishita and Raman do not see each other. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays…….

The man blocks Ishita’s way. The gun falls down. She gets shocked seeing the gun. Raman hears about the gun and gets alert.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Since the telly updates were posted a little late so it was difficult to comment right away. As always we thank Amena for doing a good job.

    Hi Rithu, Siddhi, Ananka, VP, Diya and many other YHM fans. It is sad to watch yesterday’s episode. It seems they are not going to meet after all. KP left halfway because he was unwell so they did a double to shoot his part. Initially it was suppose to be Pihu being there and Ishita saving Pihu. I doubt very much that Raman and Ishita will meet. Even if they meet, what are they going to say to each other. She might just walk off thinking he is married to Shagun and he might just walk off thinking he has insulted her so much and she is the cause of Ruhi’s death and all the old memories will come back. Do you think the producers are going to make them hug and accept one another in a single frame unless they are going to drag the terrorist episode and on the plane itself both clarify everything. Perhaps there is a chance of acceptance. I am very sad there are too many hits and misses. Mani is so worried she is going to meet Raman so Mani does not want Raman to meet Ishita. What is Mani thinking?

  2. Then again we have Ruhi/Ruhaan who is completley a dump fool. Can’t she tell the difference between who is good and bad? By taking revenge on Ishita and Raman, she is destroying her own life in taking drugs by Niddhi and she knows very well that Niddhi is making use of her. Why does not Ruhaan understand that Raman and Ishita are separated because of her? She thinks they are both happy. They are not. They are not even living together. They are only happy superficially. Ruhi should know that. She supposed to feel that when she saw her Ishimaa. That connection is so strong. Ruhi can even know that the parathas were made by her Ishimaa during the shanaya drama. All these really can help a person feel that you love someone so close, you can feel it. Raman too should be able to feel as same as Ishita should be able to feel when they were on board the plane. When Raman hurt himself in India, Ishita can feel it in Australia but they can’t feel each others’ presence when they were on board the same plane, How stupid Ekta has made us? What a blooper? Even Raman should have recognized NIddhi assistant Nipur because she was there during Ishita’s trial. You mean to say in 7 years Raman can’t even remember her. We are the ones being made fools. I can definitely say they will make sure Ishra will not meet or they meet but walk away opposite directions. Ruhi/Ruhaan has to meet Pihu then Ruhi will know that Pihu looks exactly like her. In the old episodes, Ishita did tell Ruhi that I want my daughter to look exactly like you and if Ruhi remembers that and softens her heart, maybe she will reunite her parents. All this we only can hope…..

    1. haha i agree with…how come they can’t feel each other when they were close???i think writer making everyone fool..i guess!

  3. Raman will realize dat he still luvs ishu when d hijacker will kip ishu hostage n her life will be in danger den he will decide 2 accept her as pihu’s mom n his wife n bring her back in d family…amazing naa

    1. Wow its great so excited to watch it

  4. Without dramas serial won’t get high trps even though we all don’t like leap and separation the serial is getting high trps after this why is it so? even though we says that the track is boring and Ekta mam made it worse, we still watch the serial. And that’s what the makers wanted. Its a true that yrkkh is a nice serial no villains no plannings no murders. But it has got only 5th or 6th position in the trp charts. While the serials with full dramas such as sns yhm kkb ssk are at the peak of trp charts. Ekta mam is called the Queen of television, its coz she knows to play with viewer’s minds. When we all said that we don’t need leap, commented at various sites regarding our opinion about leap ( I even rang up to star plus and said there is no need of leap a couple of times) she showed leap and the trp increased. so what ever we day that yhm lost its charm, it was a cute love story, we all will watch serial for KP, DT and ruhanika and the trp will increase. But I really like Ekta mam and her serials even though I say bad about her serials. The one whom I hate is Rashmi Sharma and her serials. sns ssk is such a waste of time. I am sorry if there is any sns or ssk fans.

    1. Hey wat u guys r speaking…..actually of course we don’t want the leap but its very thrilling n interesting na ……..n we r expecting unexpected thrilling senes n the locations r also awesome……..of course I agree tat we always want ishra always to be ………..but these leap stories r very thrilling n interesting la……….veryyy soon ishta will be together ihope ……………n ya tats y trp s increased?????

  5. another dragging episode….waiting for ishra reunion..

  6. Bakwas…..

  7. Good if ishra meet

  8. Think so many of them commented on this update

  9. Hello yhm sindhu,rithu,vp and everyone

  10. They are not going make ishra meet

  11. Ekta is making us fool

  12. Some says ishra will meet….some says they will not meet…..if writers wants to reunites ishra , i think its the best time…none is there….ruhi, pihu,shagun,mani,aliya…..only raman and ishita…pls ekta….pls let them meet…

  13. Hi all i just hate this leap. Ishu will get ruhi back to raman and then she should leave raman bcoz she is insulted by him many times without her fault everytime the same is going so this time finally ishu bring ruhi to raman and should left him

  14. i m fully agreed wd u niraja…even we all viewers nt liked the leap nd current track in show bt still show is gaining high is all bcoz we r still watching d show wth all its twists nd drama..nd the time when raman nd ishita come face to face nd raman come to knw abt ishita drama will still going on…even ekta’s other show kkb nw ruling d trp charts jst bcoz of such twists nd drama sequences…

  15. Hi everyone. I’m new to this comment session.. I’m a fan of YHM

  16. Hi every one.. I’m YHM fan.. 1st time I’m commenting..


    Anita Hassanandani confirms Shagun to reveal her evil intentions soon, to create havoc in Ishita’s life….

    1. Why ekta makes everyone and everything NEGATIVE…if shagun turns negative , YHM should be same as Meri Ashiqui Tum Se Hi…

  18. Flight hijack and love lessons to spice up Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Raman and Ishita board the same flight. A passenger on board hijacks the plane. He aims at Ishita and orders her to sit. He tells everyone that he is a hijacker and has just hijacked the plane, if anyone acts smart, he will just shoot. Raman and Ishita did not know they are close. Ishita does not see Raman. But after the plane hijack, there is tension in the environment. The man has hijacked the plane for the sake of his love. The man wants to go Delhi to meet his girlfriend. He hijacks the Mumbai flight, and asks the pilot to take the flight to Delhi airport. The man has a fake gun with him, and scares everyone.

    When it comes to love, Raman and Ishita are the best ones to explain. Raman and Ishita meet the man one by one and explain love to the hijacker. The man tells them about his love, he cries and acts weird. He asks Ishita not to fool him and aims gun at her. He says I just want to meet my girlfriend and troubles passengers. Raman tells him that love does not exist, and Ishita gives lecture on love positively. The man then surrenders as per Ishita’s good lessons. Raman and Ishita then reach Mumbai for Ruhaan’s ad shoot.

  19. So friends finally its concluded that todays episode would be a hit and miss episode ….Flight hijack scenes are just to make a lecture on love….not for ishita raman union….wat do u think about us ekta….?

    1. Its osum??? actually she s making us in thrilled…… so much exited to watch more n many many many more episodes ……..waiting nlookingtowards their reunion eagerly……? oh god…..

      Am very exited???

    2. Shivani isra reunion will be taking place soon I think ????? u c?

  20. Hey guys have u seen the pics of ishu nd mihika meeting…
    Ishu had badages on her head nd neck nd ol nd then mihika showed the pic of pihu to ishu
    Nd ishu says she looks like her ruhi…
    Just hope ishra meet nd unite soon..

  21. hey guys good afternoon to all.

    1. Hey r u ww in skr page rithusri? Coz nowadays I saw we craze adt skr brindha sanjanaleaving? if u also r ww plz tell me

      1. I did not understand your comment properly but I am not in skr page .

  22. precap mein raman ishitha ki awaaz bhi nahi pehchaan saktha hai kya.

  23. Oh.. Is only love lecture?? What’s this nonsense.. Impossible.. So sad… Waiting for romance,comedy,superb.. Movements… In yhm..

  24. f*ck off… what’s the hell… same plane , hijack drama, tension but they don’t see each other… making us fools…

    hey guys my sincere request to all the fans , as we know all the spoilers we have to stop watching the show on TV. if trp falls ekta will realize…

    I wonder how YHM is in first position though it was showing bullshit….

  25. Raman’s character is so confusing…its difficult to determine whether he loves ishu or not..

    1. very true Shivani

  26. Have u guys voted for yhm in star parivaar awards 2016
    Hurry up guys…

  27. Iss ekta ko kya maza aa rajasekhar hi fans ko pareshaan karne mein, pehle sirf ek hi villain that..ashok khanna n nw saarika, nidhi, romi n ruhi also, omg…..she completely lost her senses, so much impractical script, within fraction of seconds she ruined everything… Stupid woman..ab kahi bhi mohabbatein nahi dikh raha hai, dikta to sirf naphratein..I hate u ektaa n I hate yhm…
    How many times ishita dies before world..n now ruhi also..dis blo*dy romi..instead of repenting on his negligence, hating his own brother joining handa with ashok khanna, he felt his ego is superior than ruhi n ishitas foolish it is..just ekta wanted all dis to happen..USS ko kya lagta hai, she makes everything fine after 100 r 200 episodes n yhm gets its charm back..nevr gng to happen, dis is finished…I have stopped watching dis serial, nw I hate yhm..ekta at least nw u realise wat fans want, try to get yhm back

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