Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi recording the movie. Amma welcomes and praises her family. Mrs. Bhalla too talk with love. Adi asks them to fight like they have done in their first meet, and the ladies get into a real fight and passes silly comments against each other like before. Everyone smile. Adi sees them getting much in fight and holds his head. He says this way my film will never end. Ashok tells Suraj that the client did not get proposal, we will be ruined. Suraj says not us, you, I got the contract. Ashok says what. Suraj says I don’t have any option, the company is sinking by your reputation, I made my own firm. Ashok asks how can he do this, being his brother.

Suraj asks shall I sink with you, I did this to save this company from sinking. Adi says great shot and Mrs. Bhalla

thanks him. Shagun comes and asks whats going on. Adi says school project and his teacher asks him whom did he cast for his mum, they need best actor. Mrs. Bhalla says I will do, double role, I love acting since childhood. His teacher says she wants young actor. Simmi says shall I do, and taunts Shagun. Shagun says imitating me is easy, from where will you get style, grace and elegance, you are fat, I don’t think this is possible.

The teacher asks Shagun to help Simmi. Adi insists and Shagun agrees. Adi thanks her. Shagun says come, I will groom you. Adi asks Simmi to go. He asks Mihir is he ready. Mihir says I just got the script, I m not professional actor, this is not right, see this line. Adi says Papa said I love you to Ishita aunty. Mihir says he did not tell till now. Adi says what, how will it be perfect love story without I love you. Ruhi looks on.

Everyone stare at Raman and Ishita at dinner. They ask about the story and scold Raman indirectly for not telling I love you to Ishita. Ruhi says we need to teach everything to you both and takes them to room. She says Adi is making love story, but how, Papa did not tell I Love you to Ishita. Raman says how does she learn all this, tv and internet off from today. He says he has some work and goes. Ruhi asks why is Papa shock. Ishita says he works at office, lets go and have dinner. Ruhi asks her why did Raman not say. Ishita says no more internet and tv, go for dinner.

Everyone wait for them. Ruhi comes back. Mrs. Bhalla asks what did they say. Ruhi says I m not allowed to use internet and tv. Adi says whats this now. Adi says what about my movie now. Simmi smiles and winks Romi. She comes to Ishita and asks her to go to her room. Ishita says I don’t want to. Simmi says I know. Romi asks Raman to say I love you to Ishita, if he can kiss him. Ishita says kids are asking like elders. Simmi says kids asked a little thing, you say my husband loves me a lot, now what. She says you both are mad, everyone can see their love, it will increase if they say.

Ishita says how can I say, he should say first. Simmi says I know Raman, he shows he is tiger, but he is rat, you have to tell him. Raman says feelings are complicated, am I mad to tell anyone. Romi says she is your wife. Raman says it has to be special vacation. He says everytime I wanted to go alone, world comes in between, its tough, I can’t. Simmi asks Ishita to go and everything will happen on its own. Romi asks Raman to go to Ishita. Simmi brings Ishita there.

She asks Romi to come with her. Romi smiles and leaves with Simmi. They shut the door and maybe Adi’s film can be made. Raman and Ishita look at each other. Raman says Ishita, I was saying… Romi and Simmi stick ears to the door. Raman says I wanted to say I…. Ishita says yes. Raman fails to say again and says wake up early in morning, and Simmi and Romi lose hope, thinking kids will make them fine.

Raman leaves. Ishita says he is Buddhu and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein………plays……….. Mihir asks Mihika about her interview. She says it was good and wants to talk. He says he will help her out. She says I want to talk about you, and tells about Rinki. She asks him to o for a holiday. He says you are right, I will try to take off. He says thanks. She says thank me when you come back from holiday. Rinki looks on and gets sad seeing them together.

The teacher asks Adi does he have tension. Adi says his film is stuck,. Papa and Ishita aunty did not say I love you to each other, how to make love story without it. She says its challenge, I know you can do it. Adi comes home and asks Mrs. Bhalla to do anything. She says they both are stupid, I left them alone by plan and nothing happened, a thief came at home and Raman got friendly with him, and when we came home, we found them fallen on the ground. She laughs and says we made picnic plan and Mihir gave them wrong address, they got lost and they did not use it, Ishita had allergy and nothing happened. FB shows the scenes.

She says then we booked hotel package on their anniversary and Ishita sent belly dancer to Raman, and now you try, maybe we can get good result. Adi smiles and says idea. The client scolds Ashok and says he will prefer Suraj, as Raman is with him. Shagun looks on. Ashok says whats wrong with this people. Shagun meets Ashok and sits to talk. She asks what is he thinking, that what is she taking his side. He says I know it might be your big need. She says enemy’s enemy is friend, Ishita ruined my life and Mihika ruined yours, we can get together, think about it, what did you get leaving me.

Rinki gets her anger out on maid. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to say what happened. Rinki says Mihika always comes in between me and Mihir, she should know Mihir is married and she should maintain distance. Ishita hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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