Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi recording the movie. Amma welcomes and praises her family. Mrs. Bhalla too talk with love. Adi asks them to fight like they have done in their first meet, and the ladies get into a real fight and passes silly comments against each other like before. Everyone smile. Adi sees them getting much in fight and holds his head. He says this way my film will never end. Ashok tells Suraj that the client did not get proposal, we will be ruined. Suraj says not us, you, I got the contract. Ashok says what. Suraj says I don’t have any option, the company is sinking by your reputation, I made my own firm. Ashok asks how can he do this, being his brother.

Suraj asks shall I sink with you, I did this to save this company from sinking. Adi says great shot and Mrs. Bhalla

thanks him. Shagun comes and asks whats going on. Adi says school project and his teacher asks him whom did he cast for his mum, they need best actor. Mrs. Bhalla says I will do, double role, I love acting since childhood. His teacher says she wants young actor. Simmi says shall I do, and taunts Shagun. Shagun says imitating me is easy, from where will you get style, grace and elegance, you are fat, I don’t think this is possible.

The teacher asks Shagun to help Simmi. Adi insists and Shagun agrees. Adi thanks her. Shagun says come, I will groom you. Adi asks Simmi to go. He asks Mihir is he ready. Mihir says I just got the script, I m not professional actor, this is not right, see this line. Adi says Papa said I love you to Ishita aunty. Mihir says he did not tell till now. Adi says what, how will it be perfect love story without I love you. Ruhi looks on.

Everyone stare at Raman and Ishita at dinner. They ask about the story and scold Raman indirectly for not telling I love you to Ishita. Ruhi says we need to teach everything to you both and takes them to room. She says Adi is making love story, but how, Papa did not tell I Love you to Ishita. Raman says how does she learn all this, tv and internet off from today. He says he has some work and goes. Ruhi asks why is Papa shock. Ishita says he works at office, lets go and have dinner. Ruhi asks her why did Raman not say. Ishita says no more internet and tv, go for dinner.

Everyone wait for them. Ruhi comes back. Mrs. Bhalla asks what did they say. Ruhi says I m not allowed to use internet and tv. Adi says whats this now. Adi says what about my movie now. Simmi smiles and winks Romi. She comes to Ishita and asks her to go to her room. Ishita says I don’t want to. Simmi says I know. Romi asks Raman to say I love you to Ishita, if he can kiss him. Ishita says kids are asking like elders. Simmi says kids asked a little thing, you say my husband loves me a lot, now what. She says you both are mad, everyone can see their love, it will increase if they say.

Ishita says how can I say, he should say first. Simmi says I know Raman, he shows he is tiger, but he is rat, you have to tell him. Raman says feelings are complicated, am I mad to tell anyone. Romi says she is your wife. Raman says it has to be special vacation. He says everytime I wanted to go alone, world comes in between, its tough, I can’t. Simmi asks Ishita to go and everything will happen on its own. Romi asks Raman to go to Ishita. Simmi brings Ishita there.

She asks Romi to come with her. Romi smiles and leaves with Simmi. They shut the door and maybe Adi’s film can be made. Raman and Ishita look at each other. Raman says Ishita, I was saying… Romi and Simmi stick ears to the door. Raman says I wanted to say I…. Ishita says yes. Raman fails to say again and says wake up early in morning, and Simmi and Romi lose hope, thinking kids will make them fine.

Raman leaves. Ishita says he is Buddhu and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein………plays……….. Mihir asks Mihika about her interview. She says it was good and wants to talk. He says he will help her out. She says I want to talk about you, and tells about Rinki. She asks him to o for a holiday. He says you are right, I will try to take off. He says thanks. She says thank me when you come back from holiday. Rinki looks on and gets sad seeing them together.

The teacher asks Adi does he have tension. Adi says his film is stuck,. Papa and Ishita aunty did not say I love you to each other, how to make love story without it. She says its challenge, I know you can do it. Adi comes home and asks Mrs. Bhalla to do anything. She says they both are stupid, I left them alone by plan and nothing happened, a thief came at home and Raman got friendly with him, and when we came home, we found them fallen on the ground. She laughs and says we made picnic plan and Mihir gave them wrong address, they got lost and they did not use it, Ishita had allergy and nothing happened. FB shows the scenes.

She says then we booked hotel package on their anniversary and Ishita sent belly dancer to Raman, and now you try, maybe we can get good result. Adi smiles and says idea. The client scolds Ashok and says he will prefer Suraj, as Raman is with him. Shagun looks on. Ashok says whats wrong with this people. Shagun meets Ashok and sits to talk. She asks what is he thinking, that what is she taking his side. He says I know it might be your big need. She says enemy’s enemy is friend, Ishita ruined my life and Mihika ruined yours, we can get together, think about it, what did you get leaving me.

Rinki gets her anger out on maid. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to say what happened. Rinki says Mihika always comes in between me and Mihir, she should know Mihir is married and she should maintain distance. Ishita hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Yaaar……Aadi ne IshRa ko judaa karne me koi kasar nahi chhodi thi…..& aaj wo hi milva raha hai………..Good Job Aadi…..
    Keep It Up…………

  2. divan

    Ya prayosha inkankuch nahi ho saktha….jo bath bacche samaj rahe hain vo yeh dhono nai samaj pa he hain….

  3. Sqhi hua Ashok ke saath…..babafi me tuj jaiso ko saath koi naahi deta…….
    But yeh Duahman ke Dusjman Dost ban gaye hai…..ab inn me Subbu bhi add na ho jaye…….

  4. divan

    But kuch bhi ho yar these guyz are super cute….inke bare mai sochte hi dhil khush ho jatha hai aur chehre pe ek muskan aa jathi hai….haina guyz?????

  5. divan

    Bt yar muje lagtha hai ki yese hi maar kha kha kar ashok bahut jald sudharne wala hai….lekin yeh shagun tho sudharne ka naam hi nahi le rahi hai…

  6. Room me kya haalat hui IshRa ki……..I Love You ……3 words bolne the……uss ke badle..pura bekar ka sentance bol diya……
    I have a meeting @ 7 am………
    What yaar……..
    Ishita se jyada to Raman blush kar raha tha….

    • divan

      Raman hai hi aisa….kithna blush kartha hai??? Yaad hai vo bellydancer kai samne kya halat ho gayinthi uski??????

  7. Yaar kal toh bada ishita se flirt karrahatha.lekin aaj. .I love you bolna tha toh aaisa lagraha tha ki raman ishita first time milrahe hoon. .

  8. divan

    Vaise simmi sahi thi…bahar tho bada sher bantha phirtha hai lekin I LUV U bolthe vakt bheegi bhilli ban jatha hai….

  9. Jo Adi kuch din pehle ishita se nafrath karta tha …aaj wahi unn dono ko mila raha hai. …Adi ki wajhe se IshRa woh three magical words bol payen ge. ….

  10. arey yaar raman wt this.say it naa.just three magical words.come on raman u can do it.ur raman kumar bhalla the great ceo tho say it just an i love u ishu.

  11. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    entertaining audience with it’s
    interesting story line and amazing star
    cast. Adi is busy with his project and decides
    to feature a movie on Raman and
    ishita.He takes audition from different
    people but no one will suit for raman
    and ishita’s character. On the other hand,Romi asks raman
    that why he didnot told ‘I Love You ‘ to
    Ishita.Raman gives excuses saying that
    whenever he tried someone disturbed
    him.Romi tells him to confess his
    feelings as soon as possible. Adi and Ruhi will think a plan to make
    raman confess his feelings.They
    decorate the room with flowers and
    ballons. They bring raman and ishita to
    the room and they hide behind the
    sofa.They display cards showing raman what he has to say to ishita. Raman follows their cards and praises
    ishita that she is looking beautiful in
    the saree and continues reading what
    the chlidren showed him.But ruhi
    mistakenly shows Raman a card
    written as “I Love You Ishima”.Ishita finds out the plan of ruhi and adi when
    he says those lines. Anyhow Raman will say those Three
    Magical words ‘I Love You’ to ishita.She
    will be amazed and happy.Seems like
    happy days ahead in raman and ishita’s
    life.But will it last for ever. The real intention of subbu’s entry in
    ishita’s life is yet to be known.Will
    Shagun join hands with subbu to
    disturb raman and ishita’s happy life? Well,it will be a treat for the fans who
    are waiting from a long time to see the
    love confession of Raman and ishita.

    • divan

      Ya prayaroli…..dnt worry jaise vo aajkal ramn ko papa bulatha hai vaise hi ek dhin ishu ko bhi ishimaa bulake rahega…we ll give him sometime….

  12. wowwwwwwwwww aaj ka episode kamal ka tha mai tho haas haas kar pagal ho gayi hu………..ruh kithna cute lag rahe the……..

  13. hiiiiiiiii mizun prayosha priyaroli angel kise hai sab……..kithna maajaa araha hai na aaj kal hamari puraani vala yhm ko dhek kar

  14. divan

    Raman to ishitha-
    Theri dhadkano se hai zindagi meri
    Quayishein theri
    Ab dhuvyaen meri..
    Theri meri jaan jo ek huyi……
    Zindagaani badi khoobsurat huyi
    Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin………..

    Agreed guyz????

  15. Hy yhm friends….
    Hy mizun, prayosha….
    How are you all….
    Aaj kA episode different tha it’s really awesome….
    All ishra fans enjoy today episode…
    IshRauhadiiiii always rocksssss….

  16. Hey raman sahi hi kaha na jab bhi IshRa Akeley hote hai. .koi na koi family member disturb kardeta hai. ..
    …par raman ko mauqa mila 3 magical words kehne ka. ..par kaha nahin. …boldo raman. ….kyun darr rahe ho. ..

  17. Sorry prayu….aaj kuch kam se colg gayi thi. .friends bhi aaye the. .phir unlog mere ghar bhi aaye toh time nahin mila 6 baje gaye woh log. ….iss liye online nahin aayi. ..sorryyyyyy♡♡

  18. 2 songs for IshRa……..
    Kya yaar IshRa……..
    Pyar hai ………par keh nahi paate……
    Ek dusre ki feelings Dekhte hai….
    Par samjana nahi chahte……….
    Ek dure ko chahte hai……..
    Par batana nahi jante……….

    Mann yeh sahib ji
    Jane hai sab ji
    Phir bhi banaye bahane
    Naina nawabi ji
    Dekhe hai sab ji
    Phir bhi na samjhe ishare
    Mann yeh sahib ji
    Haan karta bahane
    Naina nawabi ji
    Na samjhe ishare
    Samjhe ishare
    Dheere dheere
    Naino ko dheere dheere
    Jiya ko dheere dheere
    Bhayo re saibo
    Dheere dheere
    Naino ko dheere dheere
    Apna sa dheere dheere
    Lage re saibo
    Surkhiyan hai hawaon mein
    Do dilon ke milne ki
    Ha haan arziya hai nazaron mein
    Lamha yeh tham jane ki
    O kaise hazuri ji
    Yeh lab dikhaye
    Chupi laga ke bhi
    Gazab hai yeh dhaaye
    Dheere dheere
    Naino ko dheere dheere
    Jiya ko dheere dheere
    Bhayo re saibo
    Dheere dheere
    Begana dheere dheere
    Apna sa dheere dheere
    Lage re saibo
    Saibo, saibo…
    Dheere Aa…
    Dheere, dheere

    Meraa Dil Bhii Kitanaa Paagal Hai
    Ye Pyaar Jo Tum Se Karataa Hai
    Meraa Dil Bhii Kitanaa Paagal Hai
    Ye Pyaar Jo Tum Se Karataa Hai
    Par Saamane Jab Tum Aate Ho, Kuchh Bhii Kahane Se Darataa Hai
    O Mere Saajan, O Mere Saajan, Saajan Saajan, Mere Saajan…
    Meraa Dil Bhii Kitanaa Paagal Hai …
    Kitanaa Isako Samajhaataa Huu.N, Kitanaa Isako Bahalaataa Huu.N
    Kitanaa Isako Samajhaataa Huu.N, Kitanaa Isako Bahalaataa Huu.N
    Naadaa.N Hai Kuchh Na Samajhataa Hai, Din Raat Ye Aahe.N Bharataa Hai …
    Meraa Dil Bhii Kitanaa Paagal Hai …
    Har Pal Mujhako Ta.Dapaataa Hai, Mujhe Saarii Raat Jagaataa Hai
    Har Pal Mujhako Ta.Dapaataa Hai, Mujhe Saarii Raat Jagaataa Hai
    Is Baat Ki Tumako Khabar Nahii.N, Ye Sirf Tumhii Pe Marataa Hai
    Meraa Dil Bhii Kitanaa Paagal Hai
    Ye Pyaar Jo Tum Se Karataa Hai
    O Mere Saajan, O Mere Saajan, Saajan Saajan, Mere Saajan…

    Yaar……IshRa ab yeh 4th ya 5th time hai …haa…..iss baar koi gadbad nahi chalegi……

  19. waise raman should say i love u with feeling which we remember every time.and even we want to say that ishra ka love confess isbest superb ever and ever.

  20. Hey…ek baat notice ki…….
    Vandu ki pregnancy July se dikha rahe hai…….matlab ab tak 10 months ho gaye…..9 months se jyada………
    To yeh lig delivery dikhana bhul gaye kya…..

  21. Hey jab raman ne ruhi ko kaha ki woh ab se Internet use nahin karegi. .toh ishita ne mana kiya raman ko aur jab ruhi ne ishita se kaha ki ussne bhi ab tak I love you nahin bola raman ko toh ishita ne bhi kaha ki ruhi ko Internet use nahin karna chahiye. …. achcha hai apni galti ko chupa ne ka tarikha. …….bechare ruhdi. ..

  22. Tum logo ne suna hi hoga…maine kaha tha…Nach Baliye…Mon to Sat aayega..& Sunday repeat……yeh SBS me aaya tha aaj ……to yeh sach hi hai…….kyonki..uska timming 26 april se 8:00 pm dikha rahe hai…..

  23. Tum logo ne suna hi hoga…maine kaha tha…Nach Baliye…Mon to Sat aayega..& Sunday repeat……yeh SBS me aaya tha aaj ……to yeh sach hi hai…….kyonki..uska timming 26 april se 8:00 pm dikha rahe hai…..matlab hum roj Karan ko dekh payenge……..

  24. Haa….wo hi to……galti khud kare…..& saja bechare bachcho ko mile…….Rujoi ke yeh sare ideas na hote to IshRa iss Relation me itne aage aaye hi nahi hote…..

  25. Yes ishra’s love confession should be difrent from.othrers because they ar special so dis confession should be unforgettable and superb romantic like tat we never saw before ar u agrer guys

  26. Yaar….yeh Toshi ji ne kaha ki yeh sab unhone plan kiya tha IshRa ke liyw….to yeh IshRa lockho gage the….raasta bhul gaye the…wo pkan thodi tha….wo to itteffaq se hua tha na…..

  27. Yaar….Ishita to sun ne ke liye ready hi thi……But yeh Blush Kumar ko Sharmane se fursat mile tab to bole….Ishita se jyada to Raman blush kar raha tha……..

  28. Hey mai kya soch rahi thi ki ……ab Ashok ki company to doob hi gai gai….to ab wo Malhotra ko dikhana chahiye naa ki wo paairrr pakd kar maafi mangta hua aaye & Raman ko uski post waapas de…..

  29. divan

    Nai prayosha malhotra nahi aayega…dhekna raman ashok ke company ko bachayega aur in sab ke beech main ashok mai dhimag aa jayega aur vo sudhar jaayega…..

  30. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    hate rinki as negative character I hope the misunderstanding clears soon she is too cute for negative character she cant do it she talks so sweetly how can she be a negative character & the second point is now there are too many negative characters in the show we – the audiences cant tolerate any more negative characters

  31. Nahi yaar Divan…..Malhotra ko dikhanachahiye…….hum yeh Ashok & Suraj ke niche Raman ko kaam karte nahi dekh sakte…kaisa raub jaadta rehta hai wo Ashok…………
    & wese bhi…..Raman ne Malhotra ki company chhod di to uss ki company me nuksaaan hua yeh to dikhana hi chahiye na……..naa dikhaye to yeh to RKB ke talent ki insult hui ……..

  32. hi guys.good mrg.have a wonderful day.and sry guys aaj saza kam tha office may tho c u all in evg.bye.per any news of ishra then share here.and haan mizun,paryu any news of ishra then plz share in fb too.plz.aaj iam so busy isliye dont mind guys.bye

  33. after a long time watch the real episode of u ishraand i also love the comments in this section .specially prayosha,mizun,prayu

  34. hiiiiiii guys prayosha mizun and priyaroli angel kaha ho sab I hope ki aaj ishra ka confession ho aur I really hope ki ishra will be aware of subbu or uski maa ki intentions………hope they takecare

  35. gree

    Wow dats gr8 news… Hope atleast dis tym no drama @confession… Guyz any1 hav on location video links of yhm… Plzzzz post d link here plzz…

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