Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu talking to Mrs. Bhalla on phone. Shagun comes and sees Pihu. She removes the phone line and asks what happened. Pihu says I was talking to Dadi about tv show, and Dadi disconnected call, why did she do this. Shagun says its okay, what can we do, people change, have this milkshake, mumma will watch tv show with you. She smiles. Ishita wakes up Raman. He sees time and says Pihu will get late for school. She asks him to stop. He goes to Pihu to wake her up. He does not see her and realizes she is gone. Raman and Ishita cry. He says I got habitual, sorry. Ishita hugs him and they cry. Adi sees them crying, and cries. He says its all because of me, I m responsible for all this, Mani supported Shagun for Pihu’s custody because of me, Papa and Ishi Maa are worried,

I have to make things right, but how…. yes I have to do that, Aaliya can help me.

Aaliya talks to Adi and asks what, are you sure, if you decided this, I will support you, I will see you soon. Mani stops Aaliya and asks her why is she doing this, is she going to meet Adi, he is wrong. She says stop it, you punished Amma, you supported Shagun and broke Amma’s heart by making Pihu away, Adi needs me, I won’t leave him alone, like you left Amma alone. She leaves. Shagun looks on worried.

Ruhi asks Adi not to worry. Aaliya meets them at the clinic. Ruhi asks how are you Aaliya. Aaliya says better. They ask Adi to calm down, everything will get fine today. They meet the doctor/hypnotherapist. The doctor asks Adi not to worry, hypnotherapy can make us know things in our subconscious mind, you just think its like a dream, come. She starts the session and asks Adi to think of that day, you are driving, you can see the way, you can see your friend, you gave him lift, where did you go from there. Adi recalls and says I dropped my friend, I started drinking more. She asks where did you go then. Adi recalls going to some park, and seeing someone throwing chemical on Aaliya. He opens eyes. She says just relax, tell me what did you see. He says there was someone, I don’t know who, I was seeing everything blurred, I have seen him running away, I guess its one who attacked on Aaliya. She asks him to relax and gives him water.

She says you will remember everything soon, its first session, go and wash your face, you will feel better. He goes. Ruhi asks Mam whats happening, why does Adi not remember anything. Doctor says its his first session, things will get clear. Aaliya says its clear that Adi is not the culprit, he is the witness. Doctor says yes, he is main witness, he does not remember as maybe something happened, we have to keep another session, I will give you appointment. Adi comes. She asks Adi not to worry, our next session will be fruitful. They leave. Ruhi asks Adi are you fine. Adi says I was there when this happened with Aaliya, I m sorry Aaliya, I could save you if I was not drunk, it happened because of wine, Ishi Maa and Papa used to get angry when I came home drunk. He gets angry. Aaliya hugs him and calms him down. He says we will go office, and help Mihir, he is managing Singhal project along.

Ishita talks to Mihir on phone and says Raman and I will come factory to help you. Mihir says I will manage, you stay at home. She says Raman needs a change, we will come thee and handle project. Raman says we are not going. She asks how will we give double profit to Singhal as we promised. Raman says Mihir will manage, we will go to Pihu’s school, I called ten times to Mani’s house, they are giving excuses and now Pihu went to school, we will go and meet her, don’t I have right to meet her. Mihir asks Ishita to go, he will manage office. Ishita asks Raman won’t Shagun take revenge now, will she let us meet Pihu. Raman says I will say I came to give this book, I have to meet her, why will they not allow me. He goes to get ready. Ishita says I can’t see his state, I really hope his heart does not break.

Adi, Ruhi and Aaliya come to office and see Mihir talking to staff. Adi is worried to talk to Mihir. Mihir meets him. Adi cries and hugs him. Mihir smiles and says no need to give any explanation, your hug explained everything. Mihir goes to Aaliya and asks how are you, you came back to work after big incident, that’s big thing. Aaliya says I will get a change, I want to support you and Adi. Mihir says I think we all should make a new start, I love you all. Ruhi says I hope I can help you. Ruhi tells Aaliya that Adi looks relaxed now. Mihir and Adi talk. Ruhi asks shall we work now. Mihir says yes, production is lagging, it can become big problem if any investor knows it. Singhal comes and says my new partner said right, he doubted that there will be some slip up, this project won’t complete on time, I will make you meet my new partner, he will deal with you. He gets Mani. They all get shocked. Aaliya says Appa…..

Teacher does not permit Raman and Ishita to meet Pihu, and says its last year notebook, don’t make such reasons, Shagun did not allow you to meet. Raman requests her. Teacher says don’t do anything that school has to take legal action. Ishita says we were missing Pihu. Teacher says I can’t help, sorry, I got copy from court. She goes. Raman gets angry and says I will wait outside till school hours end, then I will meet her. A lady says don’t worry Mr. Bhalla, I have seen you loving Pihu as her mum, I will get Pihu and make you meet her, what if you can’t go to meet her inside, I will get Pihu here, you can wait. Raman and Ishita get glad.

Shagun scolds Raman for meeting Pihu. The lady who helped Raman takes Shagun’s side, and says Raman did not tell me the matter, I had no idea of all this. She apologizes to Shagun. Ishita looks on and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.twists twists and more twists. I can’t wait for the episode where raman is charlie Chaplin and ishita the joker. At least there will be sum fun in yhm.coz this week was sad.

  2. Honeypriya

    After another session adi will see ruhaan throwing acid on aliya
    Actually it’s niddi who is dressedup like ruhaan to take revenge from ruhi
    N adi being trapped in all this
    He will get himself arrested to save ruhi

  3. Sindhu

    What i find ridiculous in YHM is this?? Shagun who has kidnapped Ishita is free and easy and can even get custody of a child but not Raman and Ishita who have not done anything. What nonsense is this? Why don’t they bring the matter up that Shagun was suspected of kidnapping Ishita? Where is this Abhishek? He is supposed to be doing his police job. HE only comes to show his face at certain frames and says his famous line that “I know this family and we have to help them” and then eh disappears from the screen space. Even Aliya realised that Shagun is up to no good and the stupid Mani is so blinded by love with Shagun that he becomes the YES man. MY heart goes out for Raman and Ishita. How restless Raman is without Pihu? This is exactly when Ruhi was exchanged for Adi and was with Shagun. Ishita was also very restless and goes to the school to meet Ruhi. I really hope Pihu will realize that Ishita genuinely is her mother and rejoins. I can’t see Ishra in pain without their own daughter. I am glad that it is a he who throw the acid at Aliya and not Ruhi as some of you suspected or even as the spolier said according to the hypnotist. But I don’t know why Adi is trying to save his friend and surrendering himself.

    • Mino

      Hi Sindhu this has become the most Rubbishy show from what it was.. no point us getting huffed up as it is the CV’s who have written this load of rubbish & spoilt the entire beautiful YHM. The Actors are doing their best.. for all i know they too must be not happy with all this twists. never mind the twists but never ending the story . they go into another. as you say Shagun was a kidnapper plus she should be charged for attempted murder of IShu. But in this YHM not Law & Order giving a bad impression on the Police dept of India. How can she get custody of a little girl mind u with a track record like that. this was not the first time she has done wrong & was arrested. Mani’s love was a fake love for Ishu How he changed over night without any evidence. Ishu should not even look at his face or talk to him. the meanest things he did knowing the truth. & without facts how can he accuse Ishu of brainwashing Arliya
      The Bhalla ‘s are destined to cry every turn of their lives. they are a bit dumb but they are good people they don’t deserve to suffer like this. & In the flats only they have the problems not small ones either. but major once that end up in court or getting arrested for nothing. But the Villians are all let out in the open. They are insulting the Indian culture.. sorry but they give the wrong impression to the out side world. The small Pihu behaving like a fool all the time thinking of material things & serials. why the little kids are used like this & given a wrong lesson to the kids who are watching too. why aren’t they ending this show??? it will be better. Poor KP, DT , Anita & The Whole Crew. Sorry this is my opinion. hope i did not trod on any toes… luv to all YHM Fans.

      • Manju

        Yeah now when considering the Custody, why did not the Court grant joint custody to Shagun and Raman together, In the earlier incidents, Raman was not given Adhi’s custody as he had alledgely assaulted his child and second time Ruhi was give to Shagun on the matter of insulting Ishita. But this time without any incident and knowing Raman is a doting father the Judge Ordered child’s custody to given to mother. For that fact no medical or psycological record was called and on to of that no access was given to the father and it is a rediculus decesion. How could court give an order preventing a father even visitation rights to his daughter. So it was all wrong before the law and we only have to accept that it is drama. But one thing I appriciate is acting of the KP Divyanka and Anita is superb in this show

    • Siddhi

      Sindhu I think ye news true hai niddhi nay ruhaan ban krr aliya prr acid phenka n ya mujhay bhi Raman ko dekh krr ishu yad ii jab ruhi aur adi ki exchanging hoi thi

    • Parichary

      Adi did not defend his friend.
      Adi see Ruhaan avtar but did not see who is behind this.
      Adi think that Ruhaan is his sister Ruhi.
      Adi defend Ruhi and confessed his crime to save Ruhi.
      Ruhi had stopped using Ruhaan avtar and did not meet Aylia.
      Nidhi send someone as per Shagun suggestion of Adi friend and ask Adi’s friend to throw acid on Aylia. Because Adi’s friend is in love with Aylia but Aylia doesn’t like him so Aylia like Adi.

    • shreya shetty

      I agree with u pp this ekta madam has gone virally mental in bringing back the same old back story that was earlier bad again to the present

  4. Jagruti

    Pihu ko nikalo yar batmiji ki had hoti he apki trp kam he usaki vajah se kyoki uski ma ishita he fir bhi wo behave jese badi ho gai ho use next award nai milega

  5. Sindhu

    I hate the precap. How dare Shagun just pushes away what Raman has bought for Pihu? Shagun is such a mean woman!!!! She needs to be shot. Even though Shagun has gotten the custody, why Raman is not given visitation rights? What are the cvs up to? Raman is still the father right? The judge should give visitation rights to Raman. In this case, Shagun has totally banned Pihu from seeing Raman. This is preposterous. It is not fair. Even when Ishita got custody of Ruhi, Ishita always allowed Shagun to meet Ruhi. Shagun is really a stupid lady.

    • Parichary

      I agree with you Sindhu.

      Shagun threw and insult Raman infront of Pihu.
      Pihu get shocked to see Shagun behaviour and get bit scared and want Raman to protect her but Raman get helpless.
      Ishita will exposed Shagun evil in front of Pihu but goes in vain but Ruhi and Adi will support Ishita defend against Shagun.
      Raman in Chaplin and Ishita in Joker, Mrs Balla in clown and Mrs Iyer in bunny outfit and all goes to Pihu’s birthday party. Pihu did not know that Raman, Ishita, Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyer are there to celebrate. Pihu’s friends mother take Shagun out and leaving children to enjoy the party and Shagun get worry and tensed then Shagun leave.
      Raman and Ishita spend time to have fun with Pihu for Pihu’s birthday in party outfit. Pihu won the musical chair and Raman carry her and hug then kiss her. Ishita as Joker give Pihu fun and dance then give Pihu’s favourite give, a barbie doll. Pihu get happy and hug Ishita and Ishita get shocked by Pihu hug and see Raman. Raman smiled happily to see Pihu hug Ishita (joker). When the party are over then Raman and Ishita return home and sleep peacefully.

  6. TUFFY

    I think that adi will confess because he’s thinking its ruhi that threw the acid all because of shagun’s evil plan. But I’m sure ishita will clear everything. I think she should try and play shagun at her own game, only then maybe mani wi realise he’s supporting the bad.

    • Parichary


      Adi is much confusing and he believed that Ruhi is still wearing Ruhaan avtar so he want to protect his loving sister. Ishita and Raman get shocked by Adi confession of his crime but Ishita did not believed Adi and she smell something fishy. The person get to know about Adi being in jail that Adi did not harm Aylia then the person feel guilty and come to police station to ask police to free Adi and then confession his crime. Police arrest the person and inform Raman, Ishita, and Mani about the criminal confession and Adi innocent. Raman and Ishita get relieved that Adi is innocent and Mani get shattered but Adi truthful and his breaking friendship with Ishita. Aylia get angry on Mani for taking Shagun side and give Pihu custody to Shagun and call Ishita a bad mother. Mani feel guilty and ask Ishita for forgiven and Ishita refused that leave Mani hurt. Aylia tell Shagun evil plan to revenge to hurt Ishita and taking Pihu away and want to poision Pihu to hate Ishita.

    • Parichary


      Adi is much confusing and he believed that Ruhi is still wearing Ruhaan avtar so he want to protect his loving sister. Ishita and Raman get shocked by Adi confession of his crime but Ishita did not believed Adi and she smell something fishy. The person get to know about Adi being in jail that Adi did not harm Aylia then the person feel guilty and come to police station to ask police to free Adi and then confession his crime. Police arrest the person and inform Raman, Ishita, and Mani about the criminal confession and Adi innocent. Raman and Ishita get relieved that Adi is innocent and Mani get shattered but Adi truthful and his breaking friendship with Ishita. Aylia get angry on Mani for taking Shagun side and give Pihu custody to Shagun and call Ishita a bad mother. Mani feel guilty and ask Ishita for forgiven and Ishita refused that leave Mani hurt. Aylia tell Mani about Shagun evil plan to revenge to hurt Ishita and taking Pihu away and want to poision Pihu to hate Ishita.

  7. Vasanha

    I hate phihu and Shaun character. . When son life is in problem which mother will dress like Shagun. Phihu acts like old lady. Look at the way she dresses.

  8. Indira

    All this because Ishita and Romantic didn’t take action against Shogun how stupid
    They didn’t even tell court that she helped Night a criminal out of jail and Mani some funding friend he turned out to be years of friendship he threw in the bin because of Fing Shogun
    I don’t think Mani deserve to be anybody friend

  9. shreya shetty

    guys if u are all very irritated by me using nasty language please forgive me.i was trying my best to control my patience and temper so well but its all because of that evil character shagun pihu and mani I get very by any chance if any of u fans wish me to quit then I ll but will never return to this site ever again because I know none of u all behave friendly towards. even I too am a great huge fan of ishita and raman and also don’t want pihu to be seen with her evil surrogate mother shagun get me.i suppose my last wish is that if only Kimberly and tehreem give up in coming here then I would feel better again.and yes to u so called madam MISS DIYA AND PARICAHRY,any problem regarding against my behavior I am extremely very very very sorry for that.u both might be assuming that I am too judgemental in commenting others posts isn’t it,well u both r 100 percent wrong.actually I don’t want any of the fans to start hating ishita at all but that evil shagun is behind all this,i just literally hate her like hell u know!!!!

    • Minaal Meer

      It’s ok I’m new but all I’m gonna say is that everybody deserves a second chance. Don’t quit I read all ur comments!☺😆

    • Parichary

      That is okay and this is about you so I am not involving in this issue with your behavior.
      Carry on with your way.

  10. shreya shetty

    I guess all of u don’t want to see me again in this site well this time I am going to quit from here for sure,not the first but permanently.hey miss diya, parichary please stop thinking that I am getting arrogant and nasty,i didn’t mean to use such offensive dirty words like that its just that whatever I feel I comment,cant I be given a right to give out my opinion to comment here or not,see this is indis understand and here everyone has equal right to do whatever they want especially joining together with this lovable yhm fan group site I am happy to be a member but now as I went through its all my fault dear friends,MY FAULT!!!!I AM SO SORRY TO OVERREACT SO VIOLENTLY TOWARDS U ALL PLEASE DONT GO AGAINST ME I AM WITH U ALL IN SUPPORTING ISHITA AND RAMAN GOOD.

    • Parichary

      Shreya, I am not forcing you to leave the site. This is your decision so I am not stopping you to leave the site. Because I am backing out from your lines and give you the space. That is why I did not comment in your post and let you do your way and I just comment others to clarified their understanding.

      If you don’t want to leave then continue with your way and no one will stop you. I am not abusing you and act like I am the boss in the site. This site is for everyone and everyone want to comment for their own free will. All of your friends are like a sibling to you and you should accepted that and everyone want to recified their mistake like Magic ask you for forgive and apologies occasional and try to make you understand and even others friends also.

      You accused me that I am over-concerned over you but I am not happy with what you had said. Anyway you will get my forgiveness and don’t put your frustrated with family to this site. People want to see your good way and will assisted you with love and respect. Like Ruhi to Adi and Pihu. We are all one families in this site and no-one will force you to leave this family site.

  11. shreya shetty

    and one thing u both must remember diya and parichary since u both are eagerly awaiting for me not to comment in this good site as being a very bad girl,never try to boss over me like that coz I don’t like I am politely expressing my views to u all.see.this is my final move,after exams I am not coming here again,on hearing this both of u will understand of how good a friend is not like that stupid thinkers such as Kimberly and tehreem.let them go and rot just ignore those 2 opposers

    • Parichary

      Hey Shreya!

      Did I tell you to leave the YHM sites?
      I did not say anything so I say that I will not commented in your comments and post so I am staying out from your comment!

      I am not bully you. I am not bully you to leave the site. Every one want to comment in this site and be free to do so. I am not stopping you to post your comment. More of all is that I am not the boss in this site.

      I only just read everyone comment and not to go against them and want to understand what they are thinking just like Danny giving his opinion and questions and I am freely to answer him also so I won’t stop you for wanting to answer Danny back.

      Thank you!!!!

  12. shreya shetty

    vp vp vp and magic please don’t try to stop me let me go.i told u na that I shall never return to this site ever again since diya and parichary told that I don’t deserve and have right to comment my views regarding upon day to day serial episodes.i too am suffering in a big problem in reality I am quite serious about my future and that’s why for me instead of coming here and blabbering nonsensical words which I always do,maybe preparing is much better.vp please I don’t care whether u stop me or not but for me its upto my decision taken.

    • Parichary

      Shreya, you are putting your frustrate on me for no reason. End your anger and change it. If you have anger in you then do your yoga to relieved your anger management then you will be happy to comment anything you want.

      VP and Magic

      I am tired to explaining to make Shreya understand but I am giving up with this person. If she want to stay and I won’t objection with that. She is not much quite mature like I did to everyone.

      • shreya shetty

        parichary I am very mature but the problem I have is to can I tell it???well the thing that’s bothering the most is about my short temperdness and since u ve suggested good methods in breaking my unnecessary anger towards everyone,i am happy to believe that u still care for everyone and advice them for good.i mistakenly thought that u were against me but as I went through ur comments I felt silent and kept on thinking that my friends were just trying to help me out like a family

  13. shreya shetty

    Kimberly and tehreem do how much ever u want to spit harsh words against ishita and raman spit keep on spiting we fans r not going to stop u.hate her how much ever u both want but it would be better if u both change ur minds correctly,got me clear???tell me why why do u hate ishita so much and happy on hearing that shagun wins the pihus custody over raman and ishu???actually I can understand that shagun took ishitas place for all those 7 years in raising pihu like her own daughter but instead of using that little girl she should ve taken revenge by her own not like this.i support ishita and u both keep supporting shagun coz shes ur favourite isn’t it I will not stop u what u both feel like

  14. shreya shetty

    bye rithushree,magic and all the other yhm friend fans.i suppose I wont be commenting in next morning at all

    • rithushree

      Hi shreya.plz don’t leave this site .all that you comment is about your views and thoughts.though you use nasty words but whatever you comment is true and you have full freedom to express your views . If someone objects then i think you should not care as they have their own point of view .and you are an active member of this plz won’t leave this site . Many left this site and you don’t go.plz.

  15. rithushree

    Episode was ok.atleast everything got well and good with Adi and mihir.and the new villain joined Mani is not good at all. this mean woman shagun is too horrible . everyday she gets ready as a bride who looks like a witch . everyday new sarees and in today’s episode she looked like 50 ranged woman. In daily soap they are showing all these craps . Which person will wear or dress up like a fashion com Halloween parade everyday and that too that shagun is getting worse more and more in every episode.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna mino Sarita sara prisha Aisha siddhi az Pihu and all yhm friends.

  16. rithushree

    There is some kiddie drama in store in Yeh Hai Mohabbatien where Raman (Karan Patel) has become Charlie Chaplin and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) has become a joker. Last night, Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel shot for this interesting sequence in Mumbai. The story shows that Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) has got the custody of Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) and that’s why Raman and Ishita are barred to meet their own daughter Pihu. They will don up this look to meet Pihu. So, Raman and Ishita actually go to Pihu’s friend’s birthday party as Charlie and Joker and spend time with their daughter .

  17. shreya shetty

    diya weren’t u the one who opposed against my arrogance isn’t I am very sorry for those harshness.u said that I don’t deserve to comment anything here right,well then u would be very happy if I go from here forever???who cares but still friends are friends and enemies remain as enemies and for those who got hurt by my dirty language please please forgive me I admit that I ve committed another mistake

    • VP

      Shreya .. dont take anything negatively .. we are all in discussion oh yhm ..We cant blame commenters as well as actors .. Pihu no way …

  18. Fan

    CVs are scraping the bottom of the barrel for new material, in YHM. Some old stuff is being redressed as new and the latest stuff leaves much to be desired.

    Perhaps some new writers can come up with some new and interesting things to bring back the old charm of the show. The actors are amazing but the story needs a shake up

  19. rithushree

    Very emotional and happy moment will unfold in Raman and Ishita’s life in the upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    Raman and Ishita are shattered losing their daughter Pihu but they are not ready to accept defeat and keep try meeting to Pihu.

    Pihu’s teacher informs Raman about Pihu will come to school celebrating her birthday.

    Raman and Ishita decide to make it special for Pihu and celebrate it with her at any cost.

    Raman has already taken Santa avatar for his son Adi, Superman for his daughter Ruhi but now he becomes Charlie Chapin for Pihu while Ishita turns Joker.
    Pihu gets failed to identify Raman and Ishita

    Raman and Ishita dance with Pihu and kids as they want to spend time with Pihu as much as possible.

    Pihu gets failed to recognize Raman and Ishita but she enjoys with them.

    Let’s see if Shagun come to destroy Raman and Ishita’s efforts.

  20. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Pihu’s custody case turn bitter and painful for Raman and Ishita.

    Shagun wins getting Pihu’s custody with help of Mani and use this opportunity humiliating Raman and Ishita.

    Shagun has filled poison in Pihu’s mind against Raman and Ishita in which Pihu puts condition in front of Raman to choose between her and Ishita.

    Raman is helpless as he does not want lose both beloved ones of his life and breaks down seeing Pihu left him.

    However, Ishita can bear anything but cannot see tears in Raman’s eyes so she decides to teach a lesson to Shagun for snatching happiness from her family.
    Adi and Ruhi help Ishita defeat Shagun

    Ishita will now take some negative step against Shagun in which Shagun reveals her evil truth in front of Pihu.

    However, this will not be very easy for Ishita so her big supporter Adi and Ruhi join hands with their Ishima getting Pihu back from Shagun.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  21. shreya shetty

    if only mani had realized that he has been doing such a wrong deed by taking shaggys side then till now this wouldn’t have occurred at all,poor ishita and raman I hope how will they be managing without their precious daughter pihu!!!shes just their actual real biological daughter,shagun just gave birth to her as a surrogate mother and took care of her for such a long time on behalf of ishitas sake

  22. shreya shetty

    I am never ever going to forget u two parichary and diya for those comments u ve gone against me I fell really sad and bad.u hurted a young girl like that even after she apologized properlyards everyone for her harsh behavior with u all,thats so mean

    • Parichary

      Shreya… stop behave negativity. I told you that I am not against your comment and I am stay my distance from you.

      • shreya shetty

        well if that’s the case so let it shall be.thanks for suggesting me good methods of relieving my anger out parichary.I never knew that u were convincing me for my good dear.thanks.ok then I ve returned and god promise that I shall never behave lunatic or aggressive towards anyones comments.please all of u trust me as a good girl I will never ever try to use any abusive words ever again.

  23. rithushree

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Twist in Raman-Ishita

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Raman and Ishita get shattered as Shagun wins Pihu’s custody.

    Raman goes to meet Pihu in her school but Shagun warns Raman to stay away from Pihu and informs teachers to not let Raman and Ishita meet Pihu.

    Soon in the series to come Shagun will throw Pihu’s birthday party.

    Raman and Ishita disguise themselves and clown and Charlie Chaplin and attend Pihu’s birthday party to wish Pihu.

    Pihu and children gets happy to see clown and Charlie Chaplin.

    Let’s wait and watch for the upcoming twist in Raman and Ishita’s life.

  24. rithushree

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Culprit behind Aliya

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Post Adi’s acid attack and later losing Pihu to Shagun Adi is completely shattered.

    Adi decides to sort out everything as he thinks all bad things are happening due to him.

    Firstly Adi decides to sort out Aliya’s case and hence takes doctor’s help to get hypnotised to recollect what happened.

    Adi recollects the incident and witness Ruhi’s face who turned as Ruhaan and attacked Aliya.

    Adi gets shocked and thinks how can he blame Ruhi and send her behind the bars.

    Let’s see will Adi expose Ruhi before entire family.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  25. VP

    Hi Sindhu and Mino … me too share the same feelings of you too …. but my mind says Mani is acting to bring Shaghuns truth …or not realize it very soon … with Romi I had always said he is not turning negative … but Mihir Adi Ruhi nd Alia scene was very good

  26. Shresta

    Hello everyone! I read in tellychakkar sometime ago that aliya isnt adis pair…Swati kapoor of Mastaa gi fame’s gonna be paired opposite aditya?? Is it not true?? Was so excited 😓

  27. Pixiedus_t

    I want to kick that writer! seriously!!! You can’t just ruin Man’s character now! Spare him at least! Already the show is full of negativity why spoil the few good ones left? Mani can’t be like this! Gosh!! I loved him so far! Value the Friendship at least!! He helped Ishu always! The hospital scene is pretty convincing because he was worried for Alia & lost senses! But supporting Shagun & all is disgusting! Someone like Mani can never be like that! I’m fed up!!!

    • VP

      very true Pixiedus … I always loved Mani .. many times requested not to turn him negative ..atleast value the friend … a true friend is the best and close relative .. I hope he is acting to bring Shaghuns truth .. I feel .. I dont know

  28. KIRAN

    A Big Hi to ALL The Members of The GROUP
    JAZ Kushi Monique Mino AZ Naaz Ahliya VP RITHU SHONA BHAGI Siddhi Sindhu Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Magic And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    I Hope You ALL Having A NICE TIME
    Now A Days Am Little Busy With My STUDIES
    That’s why Not Watching SERIALS.
    YHM mai Kuch Bacha hi NAHI Dekhne keliye.

    Dear Shreya I READ Today
    Some of Your Yesterday’s Comments
    Very RUDE And Aggressive
    Language Was Not GOOD.
    Dear Shreya Don’t Take These SERIALS to HEART.
    JUST Watch The SERIAL for Your Entertainment.
    Don’t Get EMOTIONAL or Adicted to SERIAL.
    Don’t Take to HEART The Comments of Viewers.
    Whatever They Say, Let Them Say.
    Don’t Quit The GROUP
    Prepare Well for Your EXAMS.
    Don’t Worry Regarding The SERIAL
    Consontrate On Your STUDIES.
    ALL The BEST.
    Take Care

  29. shreya shetty

    look this is for the last time I ve been saying if any of u try getting in my way then 100 percent gurantee I am ready and all set to leave this site forever understood.please don’t think that I a m threatening u all its just that I feel ver uncomfortable here with u all and dont like to be friends with anyone when now I am mood off thanks to that miss diya.I aint blaming u miss diya but to tell u the truth neither I wanted to be ur friend or nor do I want u to come here and join this group.enough I have a big problem going on and u r all in a plan to stop me????

  30. shreya shetty

    Aditya serial is just a serial agreed.thanks for ur convienience but I am not coming here ever again did u get me.and yes magic thanks for ur support and concern as a true friend but I am going to miss u all a lot after my exams

    • valpa

      Yes Shreya Shetty…Get out of here…We do not need some lunatics in this site…You are mad completely…Insane…
      Taking a serial so damn personally and scolding other ppl and commenting on their brought up and all…shame on you…Yuckkkk….

      • shreya shetty

        hey valpa better learn some good manners from others first before assuming their problems.i had a problem and only vp and parichary were able to help me solve it thanks to them I ve completely changed my mind.once again sorry for behaving like a mad person.

      • shreya shetty

        u r not welcome to comment here if u say anything bad against someone like me.look I already regret my mistake of getting insane and so decided not to behave like that ever again get it.i wont get out of here,ok fine but first mind ur words and control ur tongue before calling me a lunatic understood.those words are not good but very offensively rude just like how I had used earlier.please dear valpa I suggest u would leave from here in this site if u behave badly towards me and any of the yhm family member of group site

      • shreya shetty

        valpa I don’t even know u dear.where did u come from also who asks.did u ever met me before instead of calling me a lunatic,have u ever thought once or twice before opening ur bad mouth filled with dirty words calling me lunatic.i had a problem and so was behaving completely insane as someone must suggest me something good to get rid of it

      • shreya shetty

        no diya please I understood what u wanted from me.actually I am very good good girl towards everybody cant u c.parichary and vp were able to help me in some problem that I had earlier shared with them regarding upon my lunatic behavior.who cares if u call me miss,go on how much ever u hate me hate.i don’t care unless u realize that I am very nice person and not mad just like how that valpa mentioned about me so cruelly

      • Parichary

        Diya, what is impossible?

        You also need to speak with respect and stop abusing others!

        Shreya, Please ignore Diya and be happy with other friends who support you and give you all the respect and love. Your happiness are important to all of your friends in this site.

  31. susan

    Hi you all. I was just wondering. What does somebody earn while working for NGO. Shagun has a lot of money. She paid 50lks for union guy. Then she gave an undisclosed amount to Mani to “save” his businesses. Where is all this money comming from!

  32. shivani

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) accuses Raman-Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) for Pihu’s kidnapping

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Raman-Ishita goes to Pihu’s birthday party.

    Raman and Ishita dons Charlie Chaplin and jokers avatar to be near their daughter.

    Shagun is unaware yet finds about it later, Pihu will also get kidnapped from her birthday party.

    Shagun’s master trick
    Shagun will accuse Ishita-Raman for Pihu’s kidnapping and files police complaint against them.

  33. appy

    ye abhishek acp h ya hawaldar. iske bas ki koi b case solve krna h k nahi. shagun ne itgan bad akand kar diya, ishita ko kidnap kia ,murder krne k ikoshis ki, kidnapper yani k wo lawyer , usne shagun k iwajah se suicide kia, uski sister ko kahin pe chhupa diya, itne sangeen jurm kiye or fir kya??? wo azad ghum rahi hai, ku6 b nhi hua??? or nidhi wo to ruhi ko kidnap krke bhag yi uspe itne torture kiye ab uspe koi case nhi aram se ghum fir rahi hai :/ had hh maana ye sab mangadant kahani hao kya ?? kal ko kya zameen ko upar or asman ko niche dikha doge :/ >:(

  34. shivani

    I m glad that raman has changed and is supporting ishita….i m saying this because raman used to blame ishita when something unpleasant happens…when adi left home,he blamed ishita for that….when ruhi died, he blamed ishita…but now he lost pihu because of ishita…but didnt say anything against ishita,not even a single word..!!!… pihu chose shagun because she doesn’t like ishita….also pihu put a condition that if ishita goes from there then they can stay togother as before…but raman was standing silently…i think these 7 years has taught him that he cant live without ishita…good….finaly he got some realization…
    But mani…??…unbelievable…
    Adi aliya ruhi mihir part was really nice…. they solved their problems themselves….they are teenagers but how wisely they handled the situation and relationship…adi realized his mistake and apologized to aliya and mihir…whats mani shagun ishu raman are doing…??..they are unnecessarily fighting with each other and breaking the relations…they should learn from their children….
    What’s stupid plan ishra are making…? Going to party as a disguise…??…shagun will create more problems if she caught ishra red handed…stupids….why they didn’t go for a DNA test….they can easily prove in the court that shagun has submitted wrong birth certificate…court will punish shagun for submitting wrong documents…………………but no…ishra are planning something else, that can bring them into more troubles….

  35. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hey All long time since ive been on YHM page the show just lost its umph…..
    Hope all have been good…Jaz?Rithu?Shivani?VP?Shona?Khushi

      • Monique_D


        |Registered Member

        Im good Shivani…..
        This show is driving me insane…what kind of mother keeps her daughter away from her father?
        Shagun is so selfish but I must say I don’t think anyone other could have play that role better then Anita.
        The show’s name should change to “Shagun the ex everyone loves to hate”

  36. shivani

    Abhishek and Ishita join hands to bring out Adi’s truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    High voltage drama is going to unfold in Raman and Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    Ishta makes ACP Abhishek believe that she is assure about Adi can never harm anyone and there is must be a secret.

    ACP does not is ready to convince with Ishita but Ishita request him for giving a chance to bring out truth.

    Abhishek then makes Ishita arrest and sends her to the jail while Adi is shocked seeing Ishita in jail.

    Adi gets shocked by Ishita went to Tihad jail

    Adi tells Abhishek that Ishima can never do this so please leave her but one more shocked wait for him when constable takes Ishita for Tihad jail.

    Ishita thinks that Adi will reveal truth seeing her in pain.

    Adi thinks that Ruhi threw acid on Aaliya but reality is that it was Nidhi who disguised to as Ruhaan trapping Ruhi.

  37. Raghu

    Reply Shivani
    Few days ago when Shagun got Pihu custody. Raman blamed himself for losing the custody because Raman knew abt Shagun being mother in birth certificate. I think Raman would have done it just because pihu should not ask abt Ishitha. Even if the certificate had not come Shagun might have got pihu custody just because Ishitha did exactly what Shagun did left her 3 days baby and never came back. Till the truth about pihu paternity comes out Shagun would always win.
    As per Mani issue he feels betrayed by both Ishitha and Raman. Ishra are 2 ppl who always think of justice but when it came to Adi they supported their son even when the evidence is against him. For him it is difficult to trust Adi. But I there is positive for ishra fan’s. He is involved in the singhal project. Mani could make life difficult for Ishra but he can never destroy them.

  38. diya

    even i dont want to b a friend with arrogant and agressive ppl like you Miss Shreya Shetty,.. I was just suggesting you to be good with ppl.. you r keeping on targeting me and Parichary. your life your wish.. dont even dare to take my name miss Shreya shetty

    • shreya shetty

      diya sorry its my mistake please forget it.i aint arrogant at all as u think.i don’t care even if u call me miss get it.its just ur I am politely accepting ur friendship.ohhhh I c,i am good but the reason is that I get angry over small things dear so please don’t hurt me with ur words like that.stop behaving like a bully towards me dear,i know that all u wanted is to make me a good person and behave good towards others isn’t it.i know dear

      • VP

        Shreya … please do not react … silence is the golden answer ..There is nothing wrong from Diya and Valpa is new …we are just discussing … being the eldest here … just telling we cant find Aditi, Jaz and Az and all ..They are just characters . I too love Dt … be positive in your comments ..I am at this enjoy in the site .. feel very young at heart .. Really reading rude comments is very unpleasant dear .. understand .. sorry if I hurt you … I may b like ur grand mom .. ok dear

  39. danny

    Hey all the discussion were going on normally no one was fighting yesterday. Some somepeople critized everyone’s comment for pihu. And they came up with their point of view for supporting their comment. Just a few people went out of line and today its a whole different story.
    Parichay and diya stop dear. I think shreya is very much frustrated and stop replying to her it will just trouble her more and more. And shreya u too forget everything and for now concentrate on Ur studies and return to forum after ur exams, Ur mood will also b good by then. Good luck for Ur exams

    • shreya shetty

      thanks so much danny I ll surely do well in my upcoming mid term examinations for sure.dont worry I ll be fine actually silly me I was angry for over a serial and didn’t even realize that I was behaving like a mad person at this site

      • Parichary

        Please focus on your upcoming exam so study hard. Think before write the exam. Good luck.

        I am also writing exam in the end of the week of October. I need to focus with my study. Need to get stress free while reading here and surprised by your comment and make me stressful.

        Then I do yoga and relieved all my anger and stress and comment in calm way and make you understand what is going on in our mind.

        You are not mad person but some have mental issue with much stressful. You need to relax, like listen to good music and do yoga and this will help you.

    • Parichary

      Danny, I did not make any fussy with Shreya. I told her to continue with what she want and I an staying out of her way and will not comment anything to her. I don’t know why Shreya point her finger on me.

  40. Raghu

    Reply diya
    Why are you making it personal. Do you know who shreya shetty is. Have you met her. How can you say she is arrogant.. The thing is nobody knows who the other is. For each of my comment parichary replies against it. I consider parichary as my greatest fan because someone is looking at my comments. If you feel targeted just ttry to ignore the comment.

  41. magic

    Hello shreya how are you? Now i am happy for you because you behaving like a mature girl this time i know you are a 16 year’s old girl you have told me that before but i am also 22 year’s old young gun plz don’t get me wrong but diya and parichari did nothing wrong i know, i know you also did nothing wrong the whole problem is this fictitious serial you took all the matter of this serial on your hurt but i think now you realize that nothing is real in the yhm and ofcource all are your friends so talk to your all yhm friends with maturity than you will see all is your good friend. Now about your exam so i told you before that do hard work and you will definitely will get the success so go and top your class best wishes from all yhm fans

    • Parichary

      Magic, I am much older than you and Shreya. I am 35 years old and much mature. That is why I know what is right or wrong. If I did make mistake then I will recify my mistake then I had to put others happy. I know what you saying is right and try to clear the misunderstanding with Shreya. Shreya is young and understand her problem with family.

      Thank you so much for your patient and understanding.

      • shreya shetty

        ohhh I didn’t know that u were that experienced and sweet lady parichary.sorry to run against u like that I am only 16 as u may be knowing earlier of what I ve mentioned.but to control my anger thanks to ur help I feel very comfortable and happy now that medidtation and silence really helped me out a lot dear!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.