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The Episode starts with Bala asking Adi why is he behaving so, is he annoyed with Ishita. Adi says no, I m here because if Ishita, but I miss Shagun. Bala says you know Ishita, she saved you and Ruhi first than her baby, she can’t hurt Shagun. I don’t agree that Ishita did not try to save Shagun, if you cry, Shagun will get sad. Adi says you are right, I won’t make Shagun mumma sad. Bala takes Adi to home. Ishita talks to Adi and talks in Shagun’s style. Adi feels it weird. Ruhi asks Ishita to help her in solving problem. Adi says what happened to Ishi Maa, Shagun mumma used to do this. He recalls Shagun used to call him baby and pumpkin. Bala says Ishi Maa is also your mum, so maybe their love is same, you have to forward hand to her, I will leave now. He leaves.

Adi notices

Ishita’s mannerisms. Ishita says I don’t like maths, ask your Papa, he will help. Ruhi says its your fav subject, what happened to Ishi Maa. Bala tells Raman that Adi is missing Shagun a lot, this loss is big for him, talk to him about dealing with Shagun’s loss. He sees Vandu with candles and flowers, and says it looks my lottery, its romantic night setup. Vandu calls Neelu and gives all that for Ishita. Rama holds Bala and smiles. Vandu says Ishita asked for all this. She asks them to come for coffee. She goes. Raman smiles. Bala asks Raman to enjoy.

Its night, Raman helps Ruhi in maths. Ruhi says Ishi Maa said maths is not her fav subject. Raman says its fine, sometimes choices change. He asks her to have milk and sleep. He asks Neelu about Ishita. Neelu says she is in room. Raman says scented candles and flowers… lets see. Bala tells Vandu that he can’t hide it more, and tells about online chatting done by Appa’s name, he was doing all that. Vandu is shocked. Bala says he did this to make Vandu insecure to get her attention, all he did was because he loves her and wants to spice up their married life. She smiles and hugs him. She says I m very impressed. He asks what, are you joking, did you hear what I said. She says yes, this is so cute, romance and all in marriage, we were hot and romantic couple before Ishu’s marriage, then we got busy in family and all, you made efforts, so sweet. She hugs him. He says wow, I did not see your this side, thanks.

Raman comes to the room and smiles seeing the candles and flowers. Ishita lights the candles. Music plays………………. He asks how many candles will she light more? He opens his arms and gets shocked seeing her wearing Shagun’s nightie. She says I was waiting for you, I m looking good right, you used to say seeing me like this completes your dreams. He recalls Shagun and him, and his words that his dreams fulfilled seeing her like this. He asks whats wrong with you and pushes her away, as she gets closer. She falls on the bed and he apologizes to her, saying I m sorry, are you hurt.

Ishita looks around and asks who did all this Raman. She sees her clothes and asks whose clothes are these, its not mine, I did not change…. She asks him. He says Shagun…. She asks how could you make me wear Shagun’s clothes, you missing her? She asks whats all this, I can’t bear this, unbelievable. She goes to change. He says whats happening, Ishita… Shagun….

Its morning, Ishita talks normal. Raman looks on and thinks what happened to her at night. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take some rest. Ishita says I m fine. She cares for everyone. Ruhi asks Ishita to tie her shoe laces. Ishita forgot to tie, and says I can’t, go to your Papa. Raman recalls Shagun behaving similar way. Ruhi goes to Raman. He ties the shoe laces and Ruhi kisses him. She leaves. Raman says I will leave for office. Ishita smiles and says bye Raman….

Romi talks to some man and says I can’t pay shop rent for 6 months, give me some time, thanks. He worries seeing the notice and thinks how to get money. Sarika comes and asks why is he in tension. He says nothing. He leaves. She says there is something and checks his bag. She gets the rent notice, and says I can take loan from company, I will pay his rent, he will be glad. Romi thinks to talk to Mrs. Bhalla. He goes to Mrs. Bhalla and says he needs some money, he did not pay shop rent for 2 months, he has sold computers on credit, and he will get orders next month, but he can lose shop. She says she will talk to Raman. He asks her to help. She asks him not to worry, Raman will not refuse. He thanks and hugs her.

Amma brings some snacks and Mrs. Bhalla likes it. Ishita asks Neelu for tiffin. Amma asks her to try halwa puri. Ishita says its oily, I can’t eat. Mrs. Bhalla says your mum made it by love. Ishita says whatever, I can’t put on weight. She leaves. Amma wonders what happened. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is teasing her on her weight, that’s why. Amma says Ishita never did this before. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is maintaining, give me her share, I will eat. Amma gets thinking.

The man tells Mrs. Bhalla and Amma that Ishita has bought designer saree of 1,25000rs. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita can’t do this. Amma says but, Shagun could do this. Mrs. Bhalla gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. superb acting by Ishita. A very nic episode.

  2. So now ishitha is living corpse of Shagun n y can’t no one figure her out it all Shagun doing

  3. End ghost track at the earliest, the serial’s story is going downhill.

  4. ishita’s acting is superb,rahman’s expression is amazing,ruhi and adi sensitivity is great.vandu and bala you are you all frm nigeria.

  5. nice epi.nd if its really a case of spd .. dn it will be much more sensible . divyanka is as always brilliant at her job . :*
    she simply nailed it today . ruhi nd raman scenes wr cute . actually i loved old shagun’s dressng style . *_*
    will love to ishita that way once .
    i am enjoyng the show .
    hope the trp increases.
    keep watchng yhm

  6. Bull shit, it’s all stupid . What is meaning of shagun getting a rwin sister.uf sgaun is leaving yhm. Fine let her go and continue the. Show.

  7. i dnt think its like spd i think ishu want to make everyone feel that she is a ghoast so that sarika will afraid more nd kahina kahi vo kuch esa galthi jaroor karegi jiski vajhe se uska poora ka poora bhanda khol jaaye……

  8. Superb and brilliant acting Divyanka ….. You are gifted actress . Looking very beautiful and stunning performance . And she has really reduced a lot ….. Always wish you all the best .

  9. just saw the on location shoot of yhm where ishita is looking like shagun .. same saree nd hairstyle. she looks even better in it. she is dare with raman but goes nd speaks to ashoke nicely. raman is a dillemma looking that. nd thn he drags her to sm other place. btw anita ws also dare in the same saree divz is wearing don’t wat she was doing . maybe shooting for some flashback scene.
    twist nd suspense reigning .

  10. The beaut of YHM has gone with all these stupid tracks. I did not watch it for many months now just reading, I love to read the comments specially.
    One thing is confirmed, if this ghost track is real then whether shagun is alive or dead, she never let Ishita to live peacefully. If it is Split Personality issue how come Ishita knows the conversation between raman n shagun (regarding nighty)
    For sure I think Ekta is somehow possessed with character shagun that’s why she somehow wants to continue shagun’s character in YHM even as a ghost/split personality. Crazy.
    We love the old YHM not this

    1. yes u r right the old yhm is lost but y r nt u watchng it fr mny months . upto 20th september the show was quite good nd sweet like old yhm . nok jhok nd all. romi’s shaadi wala episode was grt nd funny . ishruh moments were there and ishita became pregnnt 2 .then??!?? u must hd seen those epis they were great. hope sab jaldi thik ho jay .

    2. Very true . I agree with you

  11. Guys … SBB me dikhaya ishita is suffering from split personality BT if she is suffering from disorder… Then how she came to know abut d private talk of Raman-Shagun ( in bedroom , what happened how can she know…).

  12. We r really developing. Ghosts r have started shopping in India that too online. Hahaha

  13. very nice diveyankas best acting….like to see raman and ishithas romantic love scence

  14. jhanvi…. I also notice it….. That’s why I didn’t tell my prediction before…… But take a close look and hear….. They are not SAME DIALOGS…….! but SAME MEANING…..!

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