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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir telling Raman that Ishita is not always Shagun, she gets attacks and then she transforms. Raman says I will create situation that Ishita becomes Shagun and answers me what all Shagun knows. Mihir says we should be careful to not let Ishita affect this. Raman says he will be careful. Ishita irons her clothes and thinks how can she hurt her family to prove she has Shagun in her, she can’t do this and have to find other way. Raman comes and thinks to see if she is acting or really Shagun. He calls her Shagun and she gets shocked.

She asks why Shagun, I m Shagun. He says actually, I was missing Shagun a lot today, it was special day for me and Shagun, you get Shagun’s soul in you, so you should know. She thinks Raman is testing me. He says yes, I want

to test you Shagun, whether she is his Shagun. She says what Shagun, I m Ishita. He says you are Shagun. She says I m not Shagun. He says you hate Ishita, and wanted me to call you Shagun, you want to be with me, why are you getting tensed when I m calling you Shagun. She denies. He says you shouted and told this to family, when I accepted, why are you denying.

He holds her and says I want to talk to my Shagun, it can be just you, I believed you are Shagun, we will celebrate today, we will go out, lets have a drink, you drink scotch at home. She worries and says Raman is really testing me, he wants to know I m really Shagun or not, what will I do now. Raman gets the scotch bottle and glasses. He asks her to come, he felt Shagun loves her, when she can tell family, and now I m telling you Shagun loves me and somewhere I also ….. She thinks to pass this test anyhow and holds his hand, acting like Shagun. She says you also love me.

She says I love you Raman and hugs him. He thinks now it will be proved whats true and whats lie. He says lets celebrate come. She says sure and sits acting like Shagun with her mannerisms. She thinks she will do something to avoid this drink and not letting him know. He gives her drink and she coughs. He goes to get water and she acts like drinking it, till he comes back. Raman looks at her. She says you still worry, scotch is the best medicine. He says leave all this, I want to have butter chicken cooked by you. She says you are having much love on me today, I remember you liked butter chicken cooked by me, and that Ishita can’t give you this pleasure. I can do anything for you. She says dinner will be ready in sometime, and asks him to come. She goes to cook.

Raman says Ishita did not have scotch till now, I will know it today. Ishita serves him butter chicken and asks him to have it. He stares at her and she gets thinking. She asks whats wrong, have it. He leaves. She says what did I do. Raman goes to room and says she has lied till now. He calls Mihir. Ishita calls Shagun and tells her everything. Shagun asks why did you not call me before. Raman says Mihir you were right, Ishita lied, I will ask her why did she do this. Mihir says don’t ask, she won’t say, Ishita will have reason for this planning.

Shagun says Raman did not like butter chicken made by me, he used to have butter chicken cooked my mummy ji, Raman used to like black Daal cooked by me. Ishita says I never saw him having Daal. Shagun says maybe he left having it, recalling me. Raman will tell everyone knowing you are acting, how will we know who is helping Ashok. Ishita says I m ready to do anything, I can’t let Raman’s life come in risk, I have to do big thing to make everyone believe spirit thing. She cries and says its my big test, help me. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………..

Its morning, students see their marks. Sameer gets disheartened seeing less marks. He says Vandu has cut my marks, what will I tell dad, check who topped. The guy says Suraj Khanna. Sameer says its fishy, how did Vandu give him more marks. The students go to meet Vandu and ask for getting low marks. She says she will talk in college and they argue. She scolds them and says she gave them marks they deserved. Appa comes and looks on. The guy says he will give her diwali gift if she wants, he will send her money in sweets box. Vandu asks them to leave. Appa worries. Vandu says I will manage. The guy says I will complaint. Vandu says she will show trustees their paper. She shuts the door.

Ishita asks Romi to have more parathas. Romi says no, I m done. Ishita sees Raman and says Neelu, get black Daal from general store, I checked yesterday, box was empty. Raman looks at her and goes. Mrs. Bhalla worries for Raman. Ishita says I will pack heavy lunch for him. She goes and suggests tie. His mood is off. She asks why is he upset. He says I m finding answers, if the answers match what I m thinking, you won’t know what will happen, result will be bad. He leaves.

Amma gets the tantric baba there. The tantric says he will check all the rooms. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma why did she get him. Amma says tantric will make Ishita fine, lets give him one chance. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman will be angry seeing this. Amma says I feel Shagun’s soul will leave Ishita forever. Mihir comes and looks on. Amma says all this is for Ishu, I will call Prateek, he knows all this. Ishita asks Raman does he think she can hurt anyone in this house. He says I don’t feel so, even if you try to hurt yourself, I will not bear it, whatever the reasons. She asks him to stay at home today. He says he has project work. Neelu comes and says Mihir has come to meet Raman. Raman says make him sit, I will come. Ishita thinks maybe Mihir will say whats happening in Raman’s mind. She says she will send Mihir here and goes. He thinks he won’t be quiet till he knows whats happening in Ishita’s mind.

Ishita scares Romi and says she will leave Romi, and just kill this Ishita. She keeps knife on her wrist and they all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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