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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shagun tells her friends her dreams remained dreams in her last marriage and this time her marriage will be complete. She goes on praising Ashok. Ishita looks at Raman who gives her gesture to leave now. Ruhi comes running to Raman and tells him to stay for while. Ishita tells Ruhi to stay with Shagun and don’t bother her. She tells her to drink milk and brush before sleeping. Both take kiss from Ruhi. Ruhi tells Ishita to come tomorrow and bring everyone. Shagun also tells that to her. Raman and Ishita leave.

In car, Ishita thinks Shagun reminded past to Raman even before her marriage. She starts talking to Raman about their marriage. She says it was best marriage, there was so much drama, unimaginable. Every moment was enjoyable. Punjabi tadka in south indian marriage. She laughs

talking about rasam. Raman laughs a little, but still doesn’t seem happy. Ishita continues talking about funny moments in their marriage and laughs. She then reminds him about his dance. It was so hot.. he was hot and she had crush on him for a moment. When she found Ruhi, she found all the happiness, but she didn’t know with Ruhi, she got world’s best family. She starts praising all family members and calls herself world’s luckiest person. They reach their home. They get off. Raman thanks Ishita for trying to cheer him up. Ishita says he’s right she’s telling him all this so he forgets what Shagun said. She really wants him to forget all that. Their marriage was not show-off, hungama, it was a beautiful experience which she can never forget in her life. Unknowingly, it was a fairytale marriage. Raman asks really? She says yes, but only one thing was missing. We used to fight a lot, there was tension in marriage, we never had those sweet talks new couples have like jaanu, dear, etc.. Raman laughs and asks how it would look him saying all that. Ishita says she must have had fainted. Both laugh. Ishita says she cant even imagine that. Her phone rings. It’s Ruhi. Ishita tells her to sleep, they will come tomorrow. Raman watches her and thinks she got rid off his wounds so easily, and he only keeps hurting her.

Mihika wakes up in a shock in middle of night. She says she can’t stay quiet. Ashok doesn’t love Shagun, he will never keep her happy. Poor Shagun, he trusts her so much and Ashok is just doing drama. She can’t stay quiet, she won’t be able to forgive herself. She will have to stop this marriage. Ashok is marrying only for contract and after that he will leave her. Along with Shagun, storm will come in Mihir, Adi, and Ruhi’s lives. She tries to think of Ashok’s weakness and sees herself in a mirror. She remembers Ashok giving her a hint to take a step forward. She thinks of doing drama and show Ashok that she loves him and he will try to misbehave and she can bring Shagun there. She wonders but how she will be able to flirt with him when she hates him so much. She is confused. She thinks of talking to Ishita, but then says she already has so many problems. She calls her regardless.

Ishita is with Mihika. She asks what’s the matter. Mihika says she’s very worried. She tells Ishita about Shagun’s situation using her friend’s name and says she must stop her marriage. If she doesn’t stop, then she will be in guilt rest of her life. Ishita tells her to explain it to her friend, why won’t she understand? and if she can’t talk, then Ishita can talk herself. Mihika says no, I can’t tell her that I shared her personal problem with you. Mihika then says she has a plan but it involves risk. Ishita says there’s risk in everything and encourages her to take some action and bring the truth out. Mihika says many will get hurt. Ishita says, at least one life will be saved from life time sorrow. One day sorrow/anger is better than life time’s. Mihika says she’s scared. Ishita hugs her. Mihika prays for everything to be okay today. Ishita asks her if she needs any help. Mihika says she will manage and asks Ishita to leave now, Raman is alone. Ishita says Mihika is mature and sensible, but still she will keep an eye.

Mihika comes back to her room and thinks Ishita is right. It’s only her who will have to bring Ashok’s true face to Shagun. She receives a call from Mihir. Mihir flirts a little and then says, there’s so much work in a marriage. He feels like he has become a wedding planner. He says they will do a simple marriage. He just wants her to come to his home. Mihika is quiet. He asks her why she’s quiet. She says today you’re saying, so you can speak. He again flirts and says he loves her a lot and gives her a kiss. He then says, his mum is not coming so she will have to perform all rituals. Mihika is crying, but controls herself. She asks why mum is not coming. He says she didn’t have enough time and got stuck on airport now. He asks if she’s okay doing everything. She tells him not to worry, she will reach early with Ishita. And Ishita has become a punjabi now so she knows all rituals. Mihir says what he would have done without them two. He gets back to working and tells her to sleep. Mihika asks him if he’s happy. He says of course he’s happy, she’s in his life, Raman is also there, and now Shagun is also settling in her life. Mihika says she wants Shagun always to be happy. Mihir thanks her for doing all this for Shagun. Mihika says to him, if she makes any mistake tomorrow, then he will understand she did for Shagun’s good right? Mihir is confused. He says you can never do anything wrong, but what has happened to you? Where is my Hitler Mihika? All this don’t suit you. Mihika gets emotional. He tells her to sleep now and hangs. Mihika hopes, when she breaks Shagun’s marriage, Mihir understands she did that for Shagun’s good.

Haldi ceremony starts. Ladies apply mehendi to Ashok who seems irritated. Camera man asks him to smile. He asks if he will get an award by smiling? Mani tells Ashok to smile so in future when he sees photos, he remembers he was happy during his marriage. Suraj comes to apply haldi to him. He whispers her to smile as well. Forget marriage, just smile thinking about his night. He smiles little. Mani comes forward now and congratulates Ashok. He then says they are supposed to send haldi to bride’s family, right? Some ladies say yes. Ashok says Mani is their grandma, do whatever he’s saying. Suraj says it’s only him who is everything for Ashok so he will get haldi there. Mani says okay.

Shagun asks Mihir about their mum. Mihir says she missed her flight due to bad weather. Shagun becomes sad. She asks who will perform all rituals now. Ishita comes there with Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi comes running and hugs Ishita. She tells them about Shagun’s mum not coming. Mrs. Bhalla laughs saying who would come in marriage again and again. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla to stop and asks Ruhi why she’s not coming. Ruhi says she missed her flight. Ishita says not a problem, they all will do haldi ceremony. Mihika feels sad looking at Shagun, but says she must do what she planned, no matter if Shagun’s marriage breaks.

Precap: Mihika talks to Mihir and makes her mind stronger to do what she planned. Other hand, Ashok says he is always a step ahead from Mihika.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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  1. Astha and 123 upar mere naam se likhi hui comment mene nahi likhi hai . Muje lagta hai ki ye wo fake commenter hai jo mera naam misuse kar raha hai ya phir sach me koi aur Prayosha hai is liye ab me is site par apna naam change kar rahi hoo.

  2. Are yaar tum ladkiyo ka naam kyu missuse kar rahe ho. Ab to me sure apna naam nahi badlungi

  3. I feel like I’ve wasted almost an year for this drama !! I have doubts whether i should watch this serial in the future… i really don’t like the current storyline !!! If this doesn’t change im going to stop watching this serial

  4. wt do u mean girl .we were not weak we r strong of dare u call me stupid.waise bein y iam saying this to u .it just waste of my time.and who miss use others id r stupid and mad.

  5. Who is this 123 using my id. Plz use some other id. u r spoiling my name boss/madam. so many people r saying so many things abt YHM like Raman will have an affair with Bala’s mystery girl, Raman will slap IShita & she will leave him in anger, strong bonding of IShra is the upcoming track. What is correct here? Raman is really making us cry everyday. His expresssions r tearing my heart so touching. He is not having an eye contact with Ishita. Ishita is a dumbo really. She is not asking him wat he wanted to her the other day. He was so restless. Romance gone in vein and no good moments for 2-3 months now I guess suppose. Raman will never tell his feelings to Ishita thinking he is not eligible to get her love. Damn Ekta.

  6. Nice episode… .. Thanx for the update

  7. Ekta kitna drama banega ye kaisi insaaf ek khudgarz aurat ke liye apna yaar ko chodna aur apna zindagi barbaad karna 2……….much
    Stop it yaar wobhi us ashok keliye worst situation

  8. i hate tis serial hw dare raman to make ishu free frm marriage

  9. Ekta is just making chewing gum of this serial. Slowly the trp will come down if she continues to show such series.!!
    She’s doing the same thing with kumkum bhagya at times i have a feeling that ekata doesn’t like to see people uniting

  10. What is this whole mihika thing???? We don’t want to see mihika and Ashok’s marriage but mihika and mihir’s marriage !!! Mihika is sooo stupid !! is she trying to prove that she can do anything for mihir?? If raman and ishitha gets separated yhm will get negative ratings for sure

    1. Never separate Raman Ishita in yhm serial….just serial confusion guys….be cool…..

  11. Yaar Raman tum Mani Amma Shagun sab ki baton par belive karte ho ki Ishita tumhare khush nahi hai. To tum Ishita ki baton par belive kyon nahi karte ke wo tumhare saath khush hai. Just belive Ishita…..She loves you so much…..

  12. good episode. but in the promo what all vulgar they are showing.shagun dont have eyes and i think so she will never get. blo*dy ashok what the nonsense yaar. i think there should be a competition between ashok suraj and param named as who is the best kameena ?because all three are really cheap minded. whatever ishitha and mihika do shagun will always blame them. and in future what all is she gonna do. just seperate ishra .any how she the vamp

  13. I’m not understanding one thing here. This show is Raman and Ishita’s love story. Except that, everythig else is happening. Moreover, the screen presence of Ishra is just 4-5 mins and that of Ashok and Mihika is the balance time. I think, yeh hai mohabbatein is the love story of Ashok & Mihika. Shagun is also gettin so much screen presence.

  14. You people are some saddos like seriously do you not have anything else to do this update is for you to read not to chat I mean really GET A LIFE because apparently your life is HELL BORING!! If you want to chat go to fb or twitter NOT HERE
    Don’t give your opinion on the script and do NOT tell Mihila or Mani or EKTA to what to do it’s not like she will listen to you and use your suggestions. REALLY JUST GO AND GET A LIFE
    I’ve got 3 exams tomorrow really important business studies, maths and science ISA so wish me luck and pray for me!!

    1. Excuse me ?? Who r u to advice us what to do and what to not ?? U r saying us to not comment here about any1 and advice any1 and even not to chat !! But i think u didn’t noticed that u r doing the same here by commenting ! And after that u r saying that ” DON’T HATE MY COMMENT ” !!! And u have exams also but still u r commenting here , but let me clear ur doubt that most of us don’t have exams so we r commenting ! If u have exam then don’t waste ur time on us , go n study …. And as u have said “WISH ME LUCK” so best of luck n do well in ur exam …. And hope u don’t get hurt cuz it also also hurts what u have written in ur comment !

  15. and you CANNOT spell correctly. at least some of you can ( BTW it’s me)

  16. I love you guys

  17. who are you zoya??

  18. Mihika is such a stupid character I ever so she knws she is dumb why would she go to ashok. N from now on this drama is going to be boring

    1. I agree….

  19. R there two zoya s ??

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