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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our visitor, reshma, here’s detailed update.

The Episode starts with ISHITA saying to director have u gone mad, i have to do mother character with him, sorry, I’m not doing it okay.. Raman says listen, listen there will be some drums which sounds but doesn’t bark from inside. With fear she tells big big words, she can’t do it. Director says only one line mam.. ISHITA says Don’t instigate me, I don’t want to come in this wateful talks. Raman says I’m telling you na, she doesn’t have confidence, leave it & bring some other one. director says only one line sir. Adi looks on worried. RUHI/RUHAAN comes & looks on. director says u can do it mam, ISHITA says y should I do, y, I don’t. Raman says she is like that,

she doesn’t have confidence, she doesn’t want other’s good, just knows to give pain. Call someone, search.. ISHITA says yes call other one. Director says does it mean You don’t want his shoot to get complete? ISHITA says shot get complete or not, i have nothing to do with it. Yes, she said truth, she doesnt have anything to do with, just she knows to give pain/poise. She came here, my actors ran away, stopped my shoot. For what she has come, she did it. why will she help? ishita says I didnt do anything. don’t blame me. Director says exactly mam, please work for the ad and show. Raman says I’ll reap buy stripping and you go.. ISHITA says go and look at ur face, don’t point out finger at me again & again. Director says U can help, and u r not helping, it means u doesnt want want to help to complete the shoot.. Raman says don’t joke yaar, will she help and laughs. Ishita says okay, I’ll do. Adi smiles, RUHAAN worries. Raman asks director to once again make confirmation whether she can do the whole work and can complete it. Director says she will do, thats good, okay, superb. Raman says lets see how superb it will be and u will know later. director says Do makeup and get ready I’ll meet u on set. ISHRA move forward and stop and then move opposite directions. Director says to set everything ready and Adi thanks him. RUHAAN looks on and thinks its all the plan of Adi bro, he sent all the actors. Director explains the add to ishru. RUHAAN looks at ISHITA and stares. ISHITA looks at RUHAAN and both have eyelock and ISHITA continues staring and RUHAAN turns his face.

Music plays….. Dilse dil KA rishta Jo HAI………

ISHITA stares at RUHAAN’s mole and she recalls little RUHI..

Director says ISHITA, when music plays you have to touch ruhaan’s face with love for MOTHERING TOUCH. just do it once now.

ISHITA touches ruhaan’s face, he removers the hand and says what are u doing, just stop it. ISHITA says I’m doing what director has told me to do. RUHAAN says U can do it on the shot and why u r staring at me since long time. ISHITA says actually I’m sorry, ur mole , ruhaan ur mole is very distracting. It reminds me of my daughter, i feel like my daughter sat beside me, but im sorry, u r a boy and roo… RUHAAN aks so, u remember ur daughter seeing at the mole, okay where is she? ISHITA says she is not there in this world. RUHAAN says so ur daughter is dead, if she is dead why u r always talking about her again and again. Adi looks on worried and shouts RUHAAN.ISHITA says Adi.. Adi says don’t u have minimum manners. I know u r a rock star, but u can’t talk like this to my mom. RUHAAN says ohh please,u didnt tell me anything. u told u added some new changes, I’m not comfortable with this. And u have said u have done many ads with many good actors, where r they? And with these non-actors I can’t work. if they do anything wrong, my reputation will be in stake. Look, I’m a professional, if they irritate me, I don’t wait for them. so, go and bring new good actors. I’m leaving, this is no way and RUHAAN leaves. ISHITA says I’m not going to do this anymore and leaves angrily. Director says mam, plz.. Raman says i told u na, this women breaks every work wherever she stays. where can I search for other actors now..

RUHAAN comes to his van and thinks its all the plan of Adi bro, and I won’t let ISHITA & Raman to stay together, Never. ISHITA comes to RUHAAN and says RUHAAN, RUHAAN says please leave me alone and moves. ISHITA holds his hand and says listen to me, U have haulted the shoot and came here, and showing attitude here, Why?? Very big teen sensation, pop star, is it for that?? its all because u worked good, so u have come to this level. If u won’t work, u can’t stay in this level. If ur talent can make u up something, u can fall down at the same time. u signed contract( v booked u) U took money, and u r not working for free. I’m sorry, I know u r a child, but first u r a professional, So behave like a professional. U have signed contract with us, so if don’t come out and start the shoot in 10min, i wont talk to u, myself & Mr. Raman Bhalla will sue u. So, think how u & ur mom can deal with this. So, keep ur attitude away for the shoot, if not with this attitude u will end ur career for lifetime.See u on floor and she goes.

After so many years Today ISHIMA scolded me, like this… (yeah, RUHI called ishimaaaa, dance dance)… Teri bechaini ka song plays, RUHI reminds of the moments with ISHITA(during ishra marriage, roo @hotel ISHITA teaching how to eat, maata raanu ki chunni)….

Nupur comes and says RUHAAN, mam’s call and gives the phone. RUHAAN says hello, nidhi says where r u, why u r not doing shoot? they r calling again & again that u r not willing to do the shoot. What’s the hell is happening, I don’t understand. Listen to me very carefully RUHAAN, I don’t want to pick all the calls, go and do the shoot now. she ends the call. RUHAAN says tell them I’ll come in 5min, I’ll get ready.

shoot starts RUHAAN says his line.. Director says now final dance, everyone come on the floor. RUHAAN & someothers complete the dance and moves out. ISHRA enters the floor holding their hands and dances while some other pairs join them on the floor. ISHRA eyelock with much emotions. Adi thinks yes, I know papa u can’t forget ishima, u r made for eachother and I’m very happy as my plan is working well..
RUHAAN looks at them and thinks no way, its not happening right. I heard papa and SHAGUN mumma r getting married and everything will be fine. but here, some other things are going on. I have to think some other plan to make them stay away. Director says cut but ISHRA will be lsot in their thoughts/emotions in their eyelock. RUHAAN stares at them. adi looks on happily.Mani and aliya come. Mani looks sad. director says sir it is cut. aliya looks sad. director says just sometime before u guys are fighting, we r not getting what’s happening.. RUHAAN says Mr.abhimanyu have u changed the script, after bhallas its urs we have to shoot. Mani says yeah and RUHAAN leaves. ISHITA comes and asks Mani was script changed? he says yes and leaves. ISHITA says aliya & aliya also leaves. ISHITA looks on sad and worried.

Mrs.bhalla ask there to take care of the house. I’m going to shaila’s house and may take much time to return as I have to take care and stay there. I’m worried abt Adi & pihu, take care. u know what’s all happening in the house, so I’m not telling anyone and going. kids responsibility is yours, take care.
SHAGUN comes and asks Mummy hi are u going anywhere? she says yes, I’m going to london, shaila’s health is not good. I got the visa, so going. SHAGUN says ill tell Raman & he will drop u. Mrs.bhalla says no need to tell him. he won’t listen to anyone. have u seen what he did yesterday in front of everyone. He burnt ishitha’s belongings. what did she not do for this house? she changed Raman to human. she took care of the house, she took care of children, she raised them. I accept mistaken happened by her, but she did that also for us. but who will tell Raman, he came and in anger he said he wants to marry u. Mrs.bhalla comes forward and holds SHAGUN’s hand and says see, don’t think I’m not with u, for whatever u did for us in these 7yrs we will be grateful. and I know for Raman, for this house and for children ISHITA is the right person.. I’m a mother , for children i have to do something for them by agoing against. and Raman needs ISHITA badly, he will not listen to his mother. So, I’ll leave from here and I don’t need to see all this. let them do whatever they want. Take care of the house and tc of you too. SHAGun thinks mummyji is not at all happy with mine&Raman’s marriage.

Adi thinks I know my plan will work, papa is not even turning his looks away from ishima and laughs. aliya comes and says I know u r the one who sent the actors away giving them big amount. Adi says u r thinking wrong I didn’t do anything. aliya says I helped u to meet Amma, but u paid the actors in double and sent them just to bring ISHRA together. aliya says Mani has taken care of ISHITA in the past yrs and he didn’t ask anything in return , but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for her. do u know how bad my dad felt when he saw ISHITA in your papa’s arms?? can’t u understand. Adi says I understand aliya, ur anger is also correct. as u worry for ur dad, I too am worried for my dad and ishima’s relation. I’ll bring them together for sure. to bring them together I all do everything whats all needed to be done.

ad shoot resumes and RUHI hugs ISHITA.. shoot completes and all disperse. RUHI asks abhimanyu to come to vanity van to discuss the changes. ISHITA comes and says let’s go Mani. Mani says no no, u might have tired and take rest, I’ll take care of all these.Mani leaves.

Mani & RUHAAN talk and he says script is good. Mani says okay I’ll leave. RUHAAN says can I ask u a question. Mani says yeah sure. ISHITA ki is really worried for ur company and now working for Bhallas company. I don’t understand this, she was ur wife. mani says she is not my wife, but she is my friend and tells aliya is his neice and calls them amma& appa. RUHAAN says I thought that ur wife & husband as u care for each other, its okay.. she was easily convinced for Raman bhallas add.

PRECAP: Raman has allergic reaction and coughs. he starts scratching his skin. ISHITA comes and says u have allergic reaction and checks it is mushroom and takes him to cool place. Mani looks on sadly.

Update Credit to: reshma

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  1. ow fantastic ishra and adi ruhi were excellent

  2. excellent and fantastico episode

  3. how can this happen ..?? ishita has allergy with mushroom previously and now they are showing that Raman has allergy with mushroom.. hw cn this be possible… Guys do u remember that episode where ishra had to visit some hotel instead they go somewhere else n suddenly they meet with an accident and later they reach a near by dhaaba …there they have food that food mushroom was fixed n bcz of that some rushes appear of ishita body and face.. on seeing that Raman makes some cream and applies on hr face neck and hands.. u guys remember this episode..

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Yes, I remember, but is it because of mushrooms that ishita got rashes?

  4. hatsoff to ameena for the written updates. it took almost 40min to give the update (for watching the serial online and remembering the dialogues & translating them)..
    Ameena gives update just in a min time after 8pm. that’s gr8. I still wonder how she can do it in a min… hatsoff ameena & thanq for entertaining us.

    1. this update isn’t by amena but yeh she is good 😀

  5. If I remember correctly it was actually Ishita who was allergic to mushrooms and not Raman. They both ate that hotel food and Ishita got “polka dots” al over her face. But if it means that Ishra will share some time together then I am good with any story line.

  6. Yes it was ishita who had an allergic reaction to mushrooms but I don’t mind seeing ishra together.

  7. IshRa scene suberb hope to see IshRa together soon

  8. Isn’t Ishu allergic to mushrooms

  9. Ishu is allergic to mushrooms dude but i dont knw how did raman end up having the allergy

  10. Hi people forgot to intrd my self im elli n hope to get along u all as well

  11. Nice episode….I now ruhi/ruhaan came to know the about her ishimaa…..nd hope ruhaan will tell ishita that he is her ruhiiii….

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