Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashok meets Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi saying the day Raman refused to take pills, I was worried and thought how to give him the medicines, Ishita, Neelu and kids were also alert, I knew I couldn’t give him medicines through food, I saw him using his planner, I noticed that he was wetting fingers with saliva to turn the pages, I took double dose of his medicines and made a paste of it, I applied the paste on every page of the planner, Ishita can’t think of it. Parmeet says no one can know how we are giving medicines to Raman. She says Ishita is blind, she can’t harm us, things are in our control. Raman says I spoke to doctor, we will get a donor soon. He gets a call and says I can’t come for meeting, I can’t leave Ishita alone. Ishita asks why are you cancelling the meeting, I understand everything,

I can do my work on my own, don’t do this. He makes her sit. She says if you want me be happy, make me feel I m not a burden on you, how will I feel normal, I will look after myself, I can get your things, I will give you a demo.

Hasne laga sehra…..plays…..She gets his things and helps. He says you were not so perfect when you had your eyesight. She laughs. He calls her Jhansi ki rani. She says your name would have been Raavan kumar. He says maybe you called me by this name before. He looks for his planner. She says go to office, I will ask Aaliya to look for it and send it. He says no, it has my meeting details. Mihika gets the planner and says it was outside in hall. He takes it and leaves. Ishita asks did you replace the planner. Mihika says yes, your doubt was right, he said there is a chemical on the paper, he asked me to make you talk to you. She calls the doctor. The man says those papers were traced of a psychiatric medicine, person can lose his mental balance, he can lose memory as well, there are many side effects, I will send detail reports.

Ishita says no, Mihika will come and take the reports. Mihika asks what did he say. Neelu asks Ishita to come, someone came to meet her. Mihika says I will take you. Ishita says I will go on my own, I know this house. Mihika says you have any negative thing so positive. Ishita goes to meet and says who is it, Ashok…. He says you identified me. She says your perfume… He says you are training yourself so well. He says you consider me a friend right, you lost your vision, you didn’t tell me anything. She says I wanted to tell you, I didn’t wish to disclose this to you, knowing your health is bad.

He says don’t change the topic, you have hurt me a lot, I feel we were never friends. She says don’t get angry, we are good friends, sorry I will never repeat anything and share things, tell me how are you, are you taking treatment on time. He says yes, its matter of few days now, I want to go on long vacation to get a chance. She says stay in touch with me. He says Raman is right, you are a chatterbox. She says just promise me you won’t forget me. He says yes, I can’t forget you, I m leaving something for you. She asks what. He gives her an envelope and says you did a lot for me, I want a last favor, you changed me into a good man, just do this last favor. She says I will take care, read it out for me, what’s the matter. He says read it later. He leaves. She calls him out.

She says what’s the matter he wanted to share with me. She calls out Neelu. Romi and Ruhi come. Romi asks why did Ashok come here. Ishita asks him to read the letter. Romi reads…. Ishita I wanted to say this personally, I knew you would have not agreed, my treatment is over now, the cancer cells have spread in entire body, my survival chances are nil now, I just have few days, I m tired and want to die in peace. I have done many bad things in my life and troubled you and Raman, even then you took care of me, you were my biggest enemy and became my good friend, you have changed me, I m a businessman and want to give you something in return, there is an eye donation form in this, I have signed it and sent to hospital as well, fulfill my wish, I want to donate my eyes to you, please accept it, I will be alive via you, take care Ishita, Ashok…… Ishita cries. Simmi looks on and goes. Ishita says this news isn’t good, give me the letter…. I really hope Ashok recovers.

Simmi says Ashok is donating his eyes to Ishita, she said she has some evidence, we will get trapped, we have to find out what proof she has. Parmeet says give me some time to find, why didn’t she give proof to police. She says we need to deal with her. He says don’t do anything hasty, I will send my men to get proof from her and get her killed. She says I will do some drama that Ishita is alone at home, do something to kill her.

She goes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks are you busy. Mrs. Bhalla says I m reading Ramayan to get peace. Simmi says I m happy for Raman and Ishita, Raman is recovering, Ishita is getting her vision back, I had kept a mannat for Ishita, I want to keep a puja for her. Mrs. Bhalla says you did good, we will keep puja at home. Simmi says no, we will do it in temple, tell everyone its your mannat. Mrs. Bhalla asks why. Simmi says no one will come if I call them, because of Parmeet, everyone thinks I m a liar, I want Iyer family to come as well. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Simmi says puja will take place at night, please manage everything. Mrs. Bhalla asks did you tell Ishita about it. Simmi says no, Ishita won’t come in puja, Raman will do the puja, havan smoke won’t be good for her eyes, I will stay back and take care of Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says you are so good hearted, I will ask Neelu to stay back. Simmi smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla meets Amma and says I had a mannat for Ishita, she got a donor, we are going temple tonight, you have to come. Amma says I m glad you accepted Ishita, we all will come. They hug. Everyone smiles. Parmeet looks on. Ishita asks Aaliya not to worry, smoke isn’t good for her eyes, she will be fine at home, Neelu is with her. Simmi hides. Ishita says I want you to keep an eye on Simmi, she shouldn’t harm Raman. Neelu asks Aaliya to go, she will be with Ishita. Aaliya says fine, call me if you need help. Simmi thinks Ishita has to stay at home for my plan to work.

Ishita says what danger can I have in my own house. Simmi asks the man to kill Ishita. The man says I will charge extra to kill her. Ishita hears him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Day by day simmi is stopping more low.

  2. Akshayaaa

    Oh My God! Such a great guy Ashok is.I will Miss him.Ishita will get her eyesight back.Simmi is going to get exposed too.Waiting for that episode to come.Now interested to see that how Ishita will defend herself. Awaited!!

  3. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita is doing everything to prove to everyone the truth about simmi but what about her.she has not told the whole family the truth about ananya’s death which she is still hiding. So what is the difference between ishita and simmi. Ishita is nothing but a two face woman that is why I hate her.

  4. Well said Tanya ! As much as I dont like Ishitha with Ashok or bestie with Shaghun … its to be admired to be a character like that . A selfless person having a good heart to forgive the enemies too . This one message is a good one to the audience ! Acceptance and forgiveness is something that a person canot easily achieve .But Ishithas role , Dt is beautifully portraying it very well and Divan/Ishra chemistry is amazing now a day .
    Ashok def is a good actor , will miss him .But the way the speed in which things changed to positive is not that convincing … Ramans marriage not accepting Ishitha as wife … now to tell the house is Ishithas … plus the medicine intake thru planner … all writers rubbish only .


    1. True Vidhya agree with you !

  6. Past two days this serial is very nice to see. Again this serial Ekta giving importance to Param & Simmi ( for ( killing & kidnapping what’s wrong with her .Is she mad

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