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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita suggesting Ashok to come with her to Raman Bhalla’s house, then she will go out with him. Ashok says not a bad idea. She feels sorry to take Ashok there, but finds it necessary to fool Niddhi. They leave. Sarika hears Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi talking. She thinks whats hiding in this shagun plate. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Romi, and prays. They go to see Shagun. Sarika goes inside the home, and think why are they decorating the plate like this, are they giving diamond set to Shagun, I will see. She hides seeing Mrs. Bhalla coming. Mrs. Bhalla leaves with the plate.

Sarika thinks whats in this plate, that she is guarding it too much, I have to find it. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla compliment Shagun. Amma makes her wear gajras. She says I got such fat, this saree is

making me feel uncomfortable. Ruhi says I will help you in welcoming Ishita’s little baby. They smile. Ruhi helps Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla applies kajal to Shagun. Ruhi compliments Shagun and says if Ishita was here, she would have made you ready. They all smile. Ruhi asks whats their secret, else their stomach will end. Shagun says patience, maybe you will get some surprise. Ruhi asks Dadi, why these two similar plates. Shagun says you will know it in function, come.

Pammi asks Raman about Shagun. Raman says she would be getting ready. He sees Niddhi in stress and goes to ask. Niddhi says I made all this, samosas burnt, taste it. He says you made it, it will taste good. Ishita comes there and thinks Raman is doing over on pretext of acting. She greets Mr. Bhalla and says I got my fiancé along. Mr. Bhalla asks her to call him. Ishita calls out Ashok baby and makes Raman jealous. Raman tells Niddhi that he invited Shanaya for business association.

Ishita asks Ashok to get her purse from her car. Ashok asks whats the need. She says my style will not get complete without matching purse, don’t you care of my choice. Ashok says no, I will just get it. He goes. Raman asks Ishita to come. Niddhi looks on fuming. Raman argues with Ishita for acting lovey dovey with Ashok. She calls him jealous and smiles. He says mummy ji and all women are planning something, please be alert.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma see Raman and Ishita. They call Simmi there. Amma says our plan starts now. Raman introduces Shanaya to Pammi. Simmi gives dhoop there and asks Shanaya to go out. Ishita goes out and sees Ruhi. Ruhi takes Ishita to Iyer house. All women get Ishita alone and shut the door to make her confess she is Ishita. Ishita says you all… and gets teary eyed. She congratulates Shagun and compliments. She says I got gift and forgot in car, I will get it. Amma holds her hand and stops her. Amma calls her Ishu… Ishita cries.

Amma says you are my Ishu right. Ishita says I m not. Ruhi holds her hand and says we won’t let you leave today, you say face your problems. Simmi says you have six problems infront of you to make you accept truth. Mrs. Bhalla says we know you are our Ishita. Shagun says Ishita, this baby is yours, its your day today, your godh bharai……. They all cry. Shagun says you know this baby right. Ishita denies. She says Shagun, you are intelligent, explain them I m Shanaya. Shagun says we are not in your plan, but we should know.

Ruhi says I know you are my Ishi maa, tell me once, you did not hug me, will you not kiss me, swear on me and tell me. Ruhi cries a lot. Ishita cries and hugs her. Ishita says enough, I m your Ishi Maa. They all cry happily.

Ishita talks to all of them, and says she missed them a lot. She hugs all of them and apologizes for hiding her identity. Vandu hugs her and cries. Everyone hug Ishita. Ishita and Shagun thank each other. Ruhi says let me love my Ishi Maa now. Ishita hugs her and says I love you, you caught me, I will never leave you, promise. They all smile.

Sarika gets shocked seeing lady in ghunghat…… Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wao amazing episode family reunion

  2. Awesome episode….i am first to comment

  3. Nyc episode..waiting for more..?

  4. Amazing episodes…. …..
    Last part awesome

  5. RKB and JKR jealousy………… Wow cute Ishra,…
    Stupid Ashok and Niddhi… Can’t they figure out… then they are not terror pieces.. Dummy pieces…

    1. hey nivedha .how are you? after many days?

  6. Missing episodes bcoz of matches. Bt all thanks to hotstar.

  7. Bt rithu r spoilers true.plzzzzzzz dnt seperate ishu nd hurts all fans.v love them a lot.v cant see their seperation for couple of days at the begining of this track then hw can v see their sep for 10yrs.plzzz dnt do that

    1. hey are you? I dont whether the spoilers are true or not.

  8. Superb yaar…..,

  9. Wow i feel like im flying in the air. Nice epi.

  10. Revealed: Aditi Bhatia’s look for her role in ‘YeHai Mohabbatein’

    there is a leap guys where ruhi will be called as ruhaan as a tomboy

  11. FIRST LOOK: This is how Ruhi will look post leap in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

  12. I missed the episode .awesome episode .precap was ok .

  13. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbtein will show that Ruhi is
    angry knowing Nidhiplans to do Holi
    pooja with Raman.Ruhi thinks that
    she cannot let Nidhi take her
    Ishima’s place.Ruhi keeps her doll
    on stairs purposely.Nidhi comes
    down and loses her balance on
    stairs.Ruhi pretends of showing her
    concern of making Nidhi fall.Raman
    (Karan Patel) and Ishita celebrate
    HolitogetherRuhi is happy when
    doctor inform Nidhi has to take bed
    rest because she gets big injury in

  14. OMG ! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    ‘rumored’ leap scrapped?

  15. The details of most awaited leap of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are out and the
    shocking facts about grown up Ruhi
    are out in open for the viewers.
    As knkown, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    set to take leap of 10 years and Raman
    (Karan Patel ) will exchange Ruhi with
    Nidhi for his newborn baby.
    Further it is revealed that Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman will
    part ways post leap.
    Also Ruhi will hold Ishita responsible
    for her fate and will turn dead against
    Now, the details and the looks of
    grown up Ruhi are revealed.
    Grown up Ruhi will be played by Aditi
    Bhatia and will be called Ruhaan
    instead of Ruhi.
    Nidhi will grow Ruhi like a tomboy and
    will name her Ruhaan.
    Ruhaan will be complete tomboy and
    will sport short boy cut and will
    always wear boyish clothes.
    Ruhaan will also be popular as
    Rockstar amid friends.
    Surely, viewers will miss the sweet
    and cute little Ruhi.

    1. Rithu kya leap ki news true hai

  16. I dont know which spoiler to be believed or not but I think leap is not confirmed and it should never get confirmed .hope there wont be any leap in yhm.

  17. plz makers dont bring
    leap in yhm and dont seperate
    ishraruhadi in yhm .otherwise we
    cant watch yhm.

  18. yeh log ishitha ke
    character ko kyu kharaab kar rahe
    hai . bhale hi show ishruh se shuru
    hua toh lekin baad mein ishruh bhi
    ishadi ban gaya tha . kabhi bhi
    ishitha ne ruhi se badkar kuch aur
    dekha hi nahi hai . show mein adi
    missing hai .ishitha jab jail mein
    thi tab jallad ko request karne ka
    idea adi ne diya tha. adi ne bhi
    ishitha ke liye fast rakha aur jab
    ishitha nahi thi tab ruhi ko
    sambhaala . lekin ishitha hamesha
    ruhi kehthi hai lekin kabhi bhi woh
    adi ke baare mein nahi poochthi ya
    phir woh kabhi bhi adi ko lekar
    zyaada emotional hothi hai . ab
    family reunion mein bhi adi nahi
    hai aur ishitha phir se adi ko bhool

  19. Wow v good episode Ishita’s union with family is very touching, specially Ish Ruh scene was beautiful.

  20. I will now start crying
    I don’t want leap
    I don’t want leap
    I don’t want leap
    I don’t want leap
    I don’t want leap
    I don’t want leap
    Makers plzz don’t play with our emotions like this plllz
    I love ruhi n ishruu plllzz don’t seperate ishrarudi

  21. I am scared I don’t want leap
    Makers pllz don’t bring leap

  22. After so many days I enjoyed the today’s epi…. but I’m sad after reading rithu’s updates. … don’t take away ruhiiiii…we want ruhiiii not that bakwaz ruhan….. we don’t want any leap….if there is. …at least bring sarika’s truth out .. also bring adi n rohith back to the show…. makers have gone mad….. as they are making the show on their own….they are not thinking about the fans…. I’m rly disappointed. .. I’ll stop watching this

    1. yes Darsh the makers can do so many things like bring out the truths of Sarika , Rinky and how vandita is saved . Nidhi staying in the same house and all so un natural … that too an advocate ….where is Mihika … I think she is gone for a break … Good upbringing girl Ruhi can never hate Ishima … we saw that when exchanged fir Adi …. The cvs are giving Karan any rubbish roles … he is tuned accordingly …it wont be a success if Ruhi is exchanged ….surrogate child no probs …. or even If Ruhi they have to get her soon . That smaller time Ishitha can be angry and stay away from Raman . long leap please no so too seperation too . please bring the show to the fans interest ….

  23. Family reunion.. shagun was looking u ruhi

  24. The episode was lovely ….. and Ishitha Ruhi moments mind catching …the depth of their love is even stronger than Ishra . Ishithas upbringing of Ruhi is so nice and this Ruhi the cvs are going to show as tomboyish ….,if Nidhi kidnaps let it be Ruhi only who is Ishithas weakness but not the surrogate child and Raman exchanges Ruhi and Ruhi to hate Her Ishima …. soooo sad it is . At the end what we are going to see that Ishra wont be living happily with their three kids .This serial started with Ruhi and Ishitha …was amazing … ishra hatred grew up to a love …. matured love … both of them were for the families on the fair and true way . once the surrogancy started …, rubbidh only …. just to bring Shaghun as a devi ..,she is telling Ishitha to feel the baby kicks and shanaya said she did not feel anything what shaghun said … once you become a mother only she will understand …. where was this mother when she left six month baby for her own happiness ? hated the way Mrs Iyer and Mrs Bhalla pampering Shaghun .but really felt pity on Shaghun when Ruhi wanted Her own huggy time with Ishima .Ruhi has no attachment to Shaghun . Adis love to Ishima is also aforable and genuine . But Ruhi is much stronger than Adi ….Ruhi ia acting so well So too my favourite Divyanka . Emotions are equally managed . Simmi too is so true .This serial does not need a leap …. Ishra seperation nor Ishima , adi and Ruhi seperation also cant imagine .cvs use your brain and make the storyline much enjoyable to fans rather than playing with their emotions …. It was very sweet when Ishima told Ruhi her baby shower is already over when she got Ruhi ….so touching and meaningful . i have nothing against Shaghun , loved her as the vamp , her dressing style all were so good but here for normal people it is defficult to digest ex wife is pampered and current wives best friend . very funny it is …Ekta has . gone to that level to brnng Anitha happy …be real istc please … dont make this story like Saathiya . It will be defficult to see Ruhanika as the surrogate child .

  25. VP ji I completely completely agree with u even I also don’t like the way Mrs iyer n Mrs bhalla pampers shogun the way ekta is now showing shogun is completely unrealastic n I also loved the way ishita said to ruhi merely godh to pehlay she hi bhari hooii Thai really ishru rock

  26. it is unbelievable to think that ruhi can hate her ishimaa n Raman can exchange her

  27. Darshika Prasadani Senadheera

    Superb epi……. Lovely………..

  28. Darshika Prasadani Senadheera

    Superb epi……… Lovely……

    1. hey darshika .how are you? after many days .

  29. Hi rithu and all yhm fans the episode is lovely. But none of the actors confirmed about leap but news is going around the leap . we cant bear ishraruadi seperation. Please concentrate on what audience want. We dont want any leap. Pls pls pls pls

  30. Pls end the serial….much better than leap/separation???..ishu-ruhi bond is the essence of this serial..if they r seperated , it would be a great flop..spoilers also says there would be ishra separation!!! it means no reason is left to watch it anymore…seriously this leap doesn’t make any sense…10 year leap means some characters like mr&mrs bhalla, mr&mrs iyer must be shown as
    aged…and wat about mihir nd mihika ? wil they be friends? Or marry someone else…?? And ACP ? I think he wil become IG..adi, 23 years old boy…oh god i cant imagine anymore..hahaha

    1. hey shivani .I totally agree with you .

  31. Pls end this serial ektha madam….and let karan live with ankitha , divyanka with vivek…ithna tho karo….

  32. Hiii all yhm fans…sorry to comment like this…but i m very disappointed with the spoilers…i cant see any separation or leap…

    1. Hi Shivani …. you r right .., I fully agree with you

  33. hey guys good afternoon.

  34. Good after noon Rithu ..,,

  35. Upcoming Scene :- Ruhi will put her
    doll on the steps so that Nidhi falls
    and Ishra can do Holi puja together.
    That’s what happens. She falls and the

  36. Good afternoon rithu and all yhm friends

  37. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    witness some twist.
    It seems that Raman Bhalla (Karan
    Patel ) and Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) are
    planning to sit in Holi pooja together,
    however this does not go well with
    Ruhi (Ruhanika Diwan) who hates the
    idea that Nidhi will take Ishita’s
    (Divyanka Tripathi) place in pooja.
    Apparently Ruhi will make Nidhi loose
    her balance and fall from the stair.
    The doctors will inform Nidhi that her
    injuries are very bad and she needs to
    take proper bed rest.
    On the other hand Ruhi will tell Raman
    that since Nidhi is not well and won’t
    be able to be a part of the pooja he can
    do pooja with Ishita.

  38. ….Raman and Ishita reach hotel room. Shanaya tries to woo Raman and get intimate with him. Raman is surprised. She dances on a romantic song and tries to woo Raman holding rose in her hand. Shanaya is determined to win Raman to show Niddhi. Niddhi gets jealous, and peeps in their room. She thinks how can Raman do this? Ishita challenges Niddhi that she will be successful and will make Niddhi lose. She will win her love and family. Ishita tells Niddhi that Raman will be just hers and Niddhi can’t do anything.

    At holika dahan puja, Bhalla family is celebrating. Raman and Ishita’s truth is out to everyone, except Niddhi and Sarika. Shanaya is doing puja with Raman. Niddhi gets angry and tells Sarika that Ishita was innocent, and she has trapped her. Shagun hears Niddhi accepting her crimes. Shagun informs everyone about Niddhi’s confession. Niddhi and Sarika will be kicked out from Bhalla house. This holi will bring many twists and all things will get fine.

  39. Hiii rithu, vp ji and all other yhm fans…Gud evng all….

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