Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla sharing her happiness with Dolly. She says I need some gifts for Adi. She does Balle Balle. Ishita calls Mrs.Bhalla and says ask Rumi to pick Ruhi, I m busy in surgery. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. Ishita says I m sorry Ruhi, I had to lie again. The bank employee tells her that the loan application is accepted. She asks him to process the loan fast as she urgently needs it. Raman and his employees are packing gifts for Adi. Mihir says go home and get ready, I will manage everything. Raman says I can’t be late, Adi called me. He says Mihir, will Adi like all this. Mihir says Raman got happy after so many days. He wishes he always stays happy.

Amma calls Appa as she makes hot idlis. The bank employee calls Amma and tell her that Ishita applied

for Rs.15 lakhs loan. Amma says she does not need loan. She says we don’t need loan and ends the call. The man says we are giving them money and they don’t want. He rejects the application. Amma says if Ishita really…. no she can’t take loan, her husband is a top CEO. Rinki tells Raman that she is not coming as she has to stay with Mrs. Bhalla at home. Raman asks Rinki about Ishita. She says she did not come till now. Raman tries calling Ishita and calls on her clinic. He comes to know that she did not go clinic and thinks she lied to him.

Ishita brings food for a man and says we have to get out from here soon. He says where will we go. Ruhi tells Raman she brought a gift for Adi. Raman says go and get ready. Rumi says I think you and Papa should go, I don’t think I should come. Raman says fine, take care. Rumi misses Adi. Ishita comes home. Mrs. Bhalla says you are so slim and eat so much. You took all the food, if your mum knows you had chicken, you will have heart attack. She says we had kitty party and they asked me to bring punjabi food.

She says everyone likes the chicken. She says teach me how to make halwa. Mrs. Bhalla says make Ruhi ready and you also get ready. Raman says where were you all day. She says clinic. He says I don’t care, stop acting and get ready. Amma comes and asks where are you going. Raman says your daughter came late. Amma tells Ishita about bank loan. Raman hears this. Ishita takes Amma outside. Amma says they called and said you took loan, I scolded them. Ishita says I actually took loan and did not tell Raman’s family. Amma says why do you need so much money. Amma says ask Raman to help. Ishita says no.

Amma says you are not behaving like my Ishita, you spoke to Raman so rudely, what happened. Ishita says believe me, I have to go now, don’t tell anyone. Amma says if secret comes in relations, relations become weak. Ishita makes Ruhi ready. Ruhi says even Adi will get ready well. She says I got a gift for Adi and shows her. She says will he like it. Ishita says yes. Ruhi asks how old is Adi. Ishita says 11 years. Ruhi says how will he identify me. Ishita says brothers and sisters are linked, when he sees you, he will identify you.

Ruhi says get ready soon. Ishita gets a call and says it might be his call. She closes the door and talks to the bank employee. He says your proposal is rejected. He says your mum scolded us, are we here to have fun, sorry. Ishita says please sanction the loan. He says sorry, nothing can happen now. Ishita says what will I do now, what will I tell him.

Raman comes to Ishita and scolds her for not being ready. Ishita says I can’t come, I have head ache. Raman says this is the limit, I don’t care. He leaves. Ishita cries and says what should I do now, I need money, if I don’t get money on time, everything will be ruined. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman what are you thinking. Raman says we are going for Adi, but what about Ashok and Shagun. Mr. Bhalla says everything will be fine. The birthday party starts at Ashok’s house. Ashok and Shagun welcomes the guests. Raman comes with Ruhi and Mr Bhalla. Raman shows Adi to Ruhi. She says shall I go to him. They say yes. Ruhi goes to Adi. Shagun and Ashok stop them and starts the taunts.

Ruhi calls Bhaiya….. Adi turns to see her and asks his friend is she your sister. They say no. Ruhi looks on. Ruhi says I m Ruhi. Adi says oh, Hi Ruhi. She says happy birthday Bhaiya. She kisses him. She gifts him. He says thanks Ruhi. He keeps the gift and asks with whom did you come. She says papa and Dadu. Raman says my son invited me. Shagun says leave them, I don’t want to spoil my son’s party. Ashok says i will bear them for my Adi. He says he is a top CEO but he comes to our house, I pity him. Raman says Adi’s father came here, not a CEO. Raman says I pity on you and taunts Ashok.


Raman meets Adi. Adi says I heard you got married and you got busy. He says mum always told me that she did not leave you without reason, maybe you really did something.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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    I thnk ishita is helpng simmi and her husband. May be they wuld hv sm financl prblms.

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