Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shagun gets caught

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking the doctor to come and check Roshni. Doctor asks her to calm down. She checks Roshni and says she is fine, she had a panic attack and fainted, since she is claustrophobic, make sure that she doesn’t stress. Ishita asks are you sure, shall we admit her in the hospital. Doctor says she is fine, don’t worry. Ishita thanks her. She sees Raman….Raman recalls the happenings and goes. Ishita asks what are you doing. He says I will find out who is doing this. Simmi and Parmeet come. Raman scolds him for trying to kill the baby. Simmi asks what did Adi do now. Raman says ask him, he tried to kill Adi’s child. Simmi says we didn’t leave from community hall, when will Parmeet plan this, we aren’t interested in Roshni and her baby. Raman says we all know

your bad doings, I have seen Parmeet talking to those mehendi artists. Parmeet says she bumped into me and her purse fell down, I just gave it, I don’t know them. Raman asks about the call. Parmeet says I was talking to my lawyer. Ishita says we will find the mehendi artists, once we get them, they will tell us who is behind this. They leave.

Simmi says who would have sent the mehendi artists. Ruhi says I know you didn’t forgive Roshni, did you do all this, you don’t like her. Aaliya asks how dare you, you think I will harm Adi’s child. Ruhi says I didn’t mean that, sorry. Ishita asks the watchman about the women. The man says my friend is an auto driver, he went to drop them. She says then call him and ask. He says my friend isn’t answering, take his number. She takes the number and leaves with Raman. Roshni gets conscious and asks where is Ishimaa. Ruhi says she is here, you take rest, I will call her, please lie down. Ruhi calls Ishita and says Roshni got conscious, she is asking about you, where are you. Ishita says we doubt on those women, we are trying to track them, take care of Roshni, be with her. Raman says call us if there is anything. The women wait for the money. Ishita and Raman come there. The women try to run. Ishita slaps them and scolds them. She asks who is behind this.

The woman says we don’t know who is behind this, we just got a call. Raman asks how will we know who is messaging them. Ishita says there is one way to know who has sent them. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihika and Ruhi about Raman and Ishita. Mihika says I don’t know. Ruhi says dad went to settle caterer’s bill. Raman and Ishita come and ask Ruhi to call everyone from Iyer house. Mrs. Bhalla ask the matter. Ishita asks the woman to call on that number. She makes the call. Raman says what’s the hurry, everyone is not here yet. He goes. Simmi says I don’t want to stay here, my mood is spoiled, we will have dinner outside. Parmeet says a film is going on here, we should find out, Raman and Ishita will find out who is behind all this. She says leave it, we are getting late.

Raman comes and gets their phones. Simmi asks what are you doing, what’s going on, where are you taking our phones. Raman asks Ishita to call. She calls on the number. Parmeet asks what’s happening here. Ishita says its ringing and follows the tone. She sees a purse. Shagun says its my bag, what are you doing. They get shocked. Ishita says it means this is your purse, your phone, these women were here to harm Roshni and her child, they got the instructions by this phone. Aaliya says sorry, Ruhi didn’t get water, I will get fine, Amma is in hall, she has some imp work. Roshni says take me to her. Aaliya asks her to rest. Pihu gets surprise for Roshni. She shows the cute gifts. They smile. Roshni says you made all arrangements to take care of me. Pihu says I will be baby’s Bua. Raman asks how can you harm Roshni and her child. Mani asks what is this nonsense, you are doubting on Shagun, sorry Shagun I got you here. Ishita says sorry, this is proved now, Shagun contacted these women. Mani says its not true. Ishita says how would the women get Shagun’s number, she has paid them to hurt Roshni and her baby. Shagun says no, I didn’t wish to hurt that baby, I just asked them to scare Roshni. They get shocked.

Shagun says I didn’t wish to hurt Adi’s child, I saved Roshni when she was falling by the marbles. Raman asks why did you do this. Shagun says for Aaliya’s sake, I wanted to scare Roshni and make her out of this house, that’s it, I didn’t wish her to take Aaliya’s place, why is she given so much importance, sorry Mani. Aaliya looks on. She comes to Shagun and asks you did all this? I m not hurt that Roshni is here, I m hurt that you did all this.

Romi says I felt Simmi is wrong to ask for share, but she is right to do this. Raman scolds Romi. Romi says I m just supporting Simmi, do anything you want. Roshni says I can’t tolerate that my child is called illegitimate, please take me home. Ishita says Raman, I m taking Roshni home, no one shall stop us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. actually roshni’s child s illegitimate.. why she feel this now… she should feel these all nonsense before she share her nyt with adi. roshni deserves this all. why ishita pampers her like this way

    1. Silent reader

      No child is illegitimate!?
      Children are a blessing whether it’s in marriage or not?

      1. haha actually am not jagatmata like ishita…

  2. Roshni needs to come back to reality, her child is illegitimate. if she doesn’t like that she should have thought before sleeping with a married man and get pregnant with his child. She dared showing her shameless face in front of aliya, got pampered for caring her husband child, is getting bhallas property then expect to have respect too… isn’t she being too greedy…the only thing she deserves is tight slap from bhallas. That ruhi is not less than ishita who is that roshni that she is accusing her friend and babhi. Off course shagun is wrong to try to get rid of the mistress in order to protect her daughter rights but jaggamata is right to support cheating, lying, extramarital affair? . Shagun and romi are villain because they are the only ones who are genuine and real ?!?…if that makes someone evil then it is 1000 times better to be evil than being fake, too faced, immoral, cheap, shameless like ishita and bhallas. At least shagun is a good mother to aliya and a good wife to mani. We can’t say the same about ishita…she is a failure in all category…stain on womenhood nd motherhood because no women would support the mistress over the wife when the wife is her daughter…the biggest chameleon after mrs bhallah if not before her.

    1. Silent reader

      May I remind you that shagun was evil before ishita brought her in when Ashok through her out and yes Roshini may have been Adis mistress but it’s not the child’s fault. Yes shagun is protecting her daughter but her method is wrong. You want to blame Roshini for the affair but it takes two to tango. She loved Adi yes she was wrong but everyone falls weak at some point. And ishita she is not wrong in protecting Roshini hate her if you want but that is her grandchild she’s carrying and she seen Roshini as her daughter like Aliya Ruhi and Pihu. Yes the bhallas are two faced but no one is perfect. Ishita may have killed her son but shagun and Aliya was also there why couldn’t they help ishita by trying to stop Adi from making the biggest mistake ever

      Don’t be a hater on Roshini and her baby. She is not the only one to blame for the child and Adis death they all are I think she’s stronge to keep the child despite what society would think! What gives shagun the right to harm another is that the example she wants to set for Aliya who is trying to accept the child and Roshini.

      A stronge woman is one who can forgive. Remember the child is not at fault but the people around him.

      1. No character is dudh ka dhula, shagun had done many mistake till this date she did not get forgiveness but one thing she did is that she learnt from her mistake. She has guts to accept her wrong. She improved herself and ended up being a good wife and mother. Her actions are wrong but she is behaving like a mother who only wants her child happiness.
        You are right it takes two… adi was shameless cheater so is roshni but only adi got punished while roshni is pampered as she is a victim when she is equally responsible as adi. Is it fair ?
        I don’t know for you but for me “feeling weak” doesn’t justify in any way sleeping with a married man. If she was in love she should have kept decency and ask him that divorce first before coming to her.
        Being like a daughter is not the same as being daughter- ruhi/adi are ishita’s husband child and the ones who made her mother, aliya is the child she raised for 7 years more than she ever stayed with any child, pihu she is her biological daughter, who is roshni that she abandon all of them for her? If tomorrow 100 other girls call her ishima are they gonna become her daughter too and take priority over her children? Where is the special bond only present between mother-children ?
        Couldn’t she just help financially roshni’s child, what was the need to fight for roshni’s right when that would hurt her daughter aliya who is the real victim. She congratulated roshni ? for her pregnancy in front of aliya
        There are reasons why roshni is bashed is she is a home weaker. Let me remind you ishita always gives moral lectures, about right vs wrong, motherhood, women equality etc but support adulterous relationship for her ghar ka chiraj ?
        Aliya have no reason to forgive and accept, she had done no wrong to sacrifice herself. No women have to accept her husband mistress to set examples to society ?
        A strong women is not who forgive a strong women is one who keep her dignity, self-respect, loyal to her idiology, takes stand for herself and for her family.

      2. Most of them r nt lykn ishita nd roshnis character nw.
        Instead of supporting blindly just think abt d logic ur supporting ishita fr killing adi nd blaming shagun nd aliya
        They were cluelessnunlike ishita who shot n conscious state nd nw doing drama nd being an aaya fr dat homebreaker nd roaming guiltlessly nd dancing nd showing attitude such a pathetic character nd a big jagatmata
        Nd abt shagun u all nly see her past bt nt d present atlst she s being a gud mother dats y she did dis
        Any gud mother wont terate dis unlike ishita who s supporting dat b*t*h roshni nd left aliya wen she needed her d most
        Nd y she s doing drama of illegetimate nd all as if she was legal wife of adi

        She s such a deseprate dumb to sleep with a married guy bt evry blame went only on adi
        Ishita can just be an aaya other dan dat she failed n evry relationship
        If bhallas r double faced den ur ishita nd roshni b*t*h s double standard who r enjoying shamelessly
        Feel lyk slapping ishita nd roshni
        Chi such a worst character once i liked her so much bt nw i hate ishita frm d tym wen she shot adi
        She dont deserve these attention nd all
        She just deserves accusation
        Her face i dont knw y she keeping her face lyk someone punched her badly wen she gts angry

      3. Silent Reader you are right no child is illegitimate and it’s wrong for society to blame an unborn child for the mistake of its parents….but why is no one pointing out how wrong this obsession with the heir is?? I bet if Roshni delivers a boy, suddenly he will be given more importance than Aliya, Ruhi and Pihu – and the number one culprits in doing this will be Mrs Bhalla and our jagat mata Ishita.

        In reality they should’ve simply supported Roshni financially in raising the child, rather than treating her like the bahu of the family. Ishita’s behaviour disgusts me – she is an example of what NOT to be as a mother, wife, and mother-in-law. To hell with the future child, look how she is treating her own children right now!

      4. Completely agree. Adi and Roshini are the baby’s parents and the Bhalla family accepts it, so how is the unborn baby illegitimate?

  3. Dt needs a break there’s a permanent frown on her face always

  4. I think Shagun n everyone else should stay out of roshni life

  5. People….

    Roshini’s baby don’t belong to Adi. Adi is alive and is kidnapped. The person who Roshini sleep is Adi lookalike. We will get to know who killed faked Adi, will it be Param or Kiran. Kiran is still working for Suraj. We don’t see Kiran since Pihu was sent to remedy home and faked Adi death.

    Roshini will have complicated during and is hard to delivery the baby. When baby is born then Rossini will die. Is hit a will be alone but Raman will get to know about it and will fight with Ishita for child custody. Real Adi will escape so Aylia will remarried after Adi arrive. Whole family will be shocked to see Adi alive. Adi will look for his loving mother Ishita.

  6. Exactly Leila Roshini can make her own decisions,all in all she did the deed so she is paying the price and may I remind readers that we as adults do the wrong and our child/ children have to bear the burnt of person’s taunts indeed her child is called illegitimate because it is ILLEGITIMATE having a child out if wedlock is called ILLEGITIMATE regardless of the child being innocent if Adi was alive and had given the child his name then that would have been a different story and indeed children are blessings no child is cursed but we have to face the fact that Roshini did wrong and she is facing the consequences of her actions. Not sorry for her one bit she should have been taught to keep her legs closed. My opinion okay!!!

  7. If ADI is alive then what about this relationship and Aliya

  8. I think bhalla family is doing wrong with aliya this time. Roshni has done wrong with aliya. How can they give attention and care roshni so much in front of aliya ?just because she’s is carrying adi’s child.?? No wife /daughter in law can tolerate that. Even she can never accept the child also. I don’t understand what are they trying to say with this track?? ?

  9. i was right, the real culprit behind roshni attack was planned by shagun.

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