Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman gets arrested

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying home is made with love, affection and togetherness, you are leaving everything here, you haven’t packed anything to make your new home. Raman says whom are you explaining, if he valued relations, he would have not left the home. He says Romi came home drunk, he puked and I cleaned the floor, I lifted him and took him to washroom, I slapped him hard, I m at fault that I m his elder brother. They all cry. Raman says Romi can’t bear scolding and beating, he wants to leave home, he can go. He asks Ishita not to stop him.

He says I will beat Romi and get him back. Raman says you are leaving by your wish, I won’t stop you, just hug me for the last time. He hugs Romi. They cry. Romi apologizes. He hugs everyone and says forgive me, I forgot I can’t

live without you all. Mr. Bhalla says don’t think that we don’t love you, all children are equal for parents. Raman says he won’t understand that one whom we lost the most gets the most scolded, this time he will be punished, he will go for a few days. Romi asks where. Raman says you will go to Rome. Romi says you are joking. Raman says no, I m serious, you will handle my new project there, its approved. Mrs. Bhalla says great, its a happy day. They all smile and hug. Raman sees Ishita and smiles.

Raman finishes the call and tells everyone that Romi has boarded the flight. He asks Ishita to come, he needs to talk. He says I just wanted to thank you. She asks why. He says for whatever you did for me in the office and stopping Romi back, I fail to look after the family, thank God that you have come. Raman gets a call. He gets shocked. She asks what happened. He says all of us need to go to Tania’s house right now.

They come to Tania’s house and find her dead, hanging to the ceiling fan. The police seals the place. They stop elders from seeing Tania. Shagun comes. Raman asks what’s this. Ishita asks why did she commit suicide suddenly. Shagun says someone informed this at NGO and I informed you, I will ask inspector, relax.

Parmeet and Simmi come home. Simmi says I guess there is no one at home. Parmeet says I guess the NGO lady got to know this, everyone will be coming here, lets go to our room. Shagun says I m from NGO, can you tell me what exactly happened. Inspector says we can say it after post mortem. Shagun says it seems Tania has committed suicide. He says yes, we can’t confirm it. He says I have seen you on tv, NGO women came to your office and blacken your face, I wish they came to police station and filed complaint, if Tania filed a complaint against him, this would have not happened with her. Mrs. Bhalla asks how can you accuse my son. He says Tania left a suicide note before dying, this letter says that Raman pushed her to commit suicide. They all get shocked.

Parmeet says Simmi, act like you are asleep. Simmi says I will go and see once. He says sleep for some time, you shouldn’t have stress on your face. Simmi says yes, we changed the things in our favor again. He asks shall we get some drinks to celebrate. Simmi says celebrate what, we shall wait till Raman gets arrested, we will celebrate when I see failure on Ishita’s face. Inspector says come with me Raman. Ishita says you can’t take him, he is innocent. He says let us do our work, we have to take him for interrogation. Shagun says this will spoil things further, let him take Raman. Ishita says you know Raman is innocent. Shagun says evidence is against Raman, we can bail him out, don’t spoil things. Ishita says let me talk to him. She says Raman, I will get you free, nothing wil happen, you didn’t do anything wrong, you aren’t responsible for Tania’s death, you don’t blame yourself, trust me. Raman goes with the police. She cries. Shagun says you don’t shatter this way, you are Raman’s strength.

Pihu asks where is Ishimaa. Mihika says I will call them. Aaliya asks what happened, Roshni was in tension, I made her sleep with difficulty. Everyone comes back home. Ishita asks Pihu to go and sleep. Ruhi takes Pihu with her. Simmi says I want to know if Raman has been arrested. She goes out and asks what happened, where is Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says you are acting like a good sister, you celebrate your victory, Raman is in police station because of you.

Simmi asks why, what did he do, why are you accusing me. Simmi says I heard you all and came to see, so I asked, is this a problem, Raman is arrested and you are accusing me. Ishita says stop it, everyone can see what you are upto, you are framing Raman, you suggested Tania to make her video and frame Raman. Simmi asks what evidence do you have. Ishita says I have no proof, else you would have not been free, we know you are responsible for Tania’s death, you framed Raman in Tania’s suicide. Simmi asks did Tania commit suicide. Ishita says don’t pretend, Tania mentioned Raman’s name in her suicide note and blamed him for it, just stay away from us. She cries. Simmi goes to Parmeet.

Mani says courts are closed, Raman can’t get bail. Raman says I know you will free me tomorrow morning. Reporter questions Raman and asks why did you defame Tania so much that she killed herself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If raman himself valued any relation he wouldn’t have treated his little brother like crap, are we gonna let go he was ready to mary his younger brother’s wife when his brother was still in love with her.
    Someone please reminds jagamata’s present doing so she shut up with her double standard lectures. Ghar made with love…yes and she broke that home many time that too for outsiders. Bhallah family should be locked in mental asylum

    1. Completely agree with you.

  2. She is not dead n. It all simmi n param set up

  3. They don’t care about someone dying. All they care is Raman is framed. Selfish people!!

    1. Child they know Raman is innocent the girl did it on her own by her own wish did she need to commit suicide for someone else’s revenge noooooo why should they care there not selfish they just know that this girl is evil as she working with simmi if the girl was innocent they would support her did you not witness when Mr bhalla slapped Raman when they fought that stupid girl was innocent

  4. This series is so blo*dy corrupted it needs to be pulled off with immediate effect. How long will Simmi keep up with this charade of being good huh,it has now gotten to a point where the writers need to stop pu**yfooting around and end this shit.

  5. many times will Bhalla ppl go to jail?????they didn’t spare even pihu in dragging her to jail…and I started hating ishita…does she have even a little self respect??and tat Raman!!always drinking!!they don’t know what new to take in this they are repeating the same plot again?and this unwanted roshni and her little adi plot is disgusting???…now a days even ishra romance sucks..adi-Alia pair was awesome..wat hatred did the story writer have with them?everything is messed up..

  6. Riana

    If a neighbour’s dog dies then also the fault will be of raman’s ??????????????..Param & Simmi are a true ideal evil couple !!! ??????????

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if simmi and param kidnaps the new born child to increase more problems

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