Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying I don’t want to go back to that phase, where I just got sorrow. She says you have to do this, she feels Adi and Ruhi are young, she does not know Mani is no more, she does not remember anything, Pihu knows everything, she is with you. He says you won’t be with me. She says I m always with you, Shagun does not know I m you wife, I m not going away from you, I will be in Amma’s house, Adi, Ruhi and Aaliya will be with me, its matter of some days, I will be neighbor’s daughter for you. He says I left that inauspicious time behind and it came in front of me again. She says Shagun needs belief, which just you can give her. He says I was better in jail.

She says I m sending my husband to someone, its tough for any woman, I m doing this as your proof

of innocence is imp, you have to be strong for me. He hugs her and says you always be with me. She says I m always with you. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Bala and Adi get Shagun. Bala says this is Raman Bhalla’s house, we could not contact Ashok. She says I had to go to Ashok’s house, I don’t think he stays here. Adi says he recently shifted here. Bala says we had no option than getting you here. She says thanks for helping me, you can go, I m sorry I could not give anything, I will tell Raman to call Ashok. Bala says doctor said you are not fine to go alone, we don’t want to take any risk, we will drop you home. Raman and Ishita hear bell. Ishita goes to Iyer house. Adi and Bala get Shagun. Raman says this injury…. She says you would be upset that I m still alive, I don’t know how did this happen, I did not remember numbers, they got me here. Raman says they are our neighbors. She holds her head and says please call Ashok.

He says I will call him, come home. He sees Ishita. Ishita thinks I have to be strong for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says she has come, Ishita had to go because of her. Shagun says I have tolerate them now. Mrs. Bhalla asks how are you now, I heard of your accident, take rest. Mr. Bhalla says make badam milk for her. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, I will get it. Shagun says I don’t remember room. Raman says its upstairs. She sees the photo wall. She asks is Ashok coming to pick me up. Raman says no, his phone is unreachable, I have left a message. She goes.

Mrs. Bhalla says she is talking about Ashok. Raman says I will see, get the milk. Amma says Shagun is behaving like before, what will we do, she is a problem. Ishita says she lost her memory, don’t blame her. Adi says she thinks she is staying with Ashok. Ishita says Ashok should not know, we have less time to find murderer. She gets inspector’s call. Inspector tells her about the building entry register going missing. She asks what do you mean. He says we are questioning watchman. Adi worries. Ishita says this is wrong, register will have detail, but how will we know now.

Shagun says so many sarees, I shifted much to Ashok’s house. She sees Raman and says you did not forget me till now. Mrs. Bhalla gets milk and asks her to sleep. Shagun thinks why is she getting love for me. Shagun asks what’s this drama, what are you doing, I don’t trust you, maybe this has poison. Raman signs Mrs. Bhalla. She says fine, I will drink and show. Shagun acts and says who mixed poison in milk. Raman asks her to stop acting. Shagun says I don’t want to stay here. Mrs. Bhalla says what’s this, being good is also a problem.

Shagun scolds Neelu. Raman calms her down. Shagun says Neelu cooks so bad, always Mrs. Bhalla rules. Raman says you are still her bahu. Shagun says then tell her to give me house keys. Ms. Bhalla says fine, its your house, I will get it. Shagun thinks what happened to Mrs. Bhalla, she hates me, she got ready to give me keys, something is not right. Mihika says something is wrong, the register thief is the killer. Ishita says let’s see what inspector finds out. Ruhi says we forgot about Mani’s final rites, Roshni reminded me, so we called pandit. Amma says you did good, we will prepare for it.

Adi calls Aaliya. Roshni says if Aaliya is not here, how will Mani’s soul get peace, call her. Adi says I will call her again. Raman asks what are you doing, you agreed to give keys to her. Mrs. Bhalla says I m doing this to get her memory back. He says she is 15 years ago Shagun, you fight with her, give her taunts. She says fine, see what I do with her. He asks her to hide the photo. She says see how I make her abshagun, I will not give keys.

Pandit asks Mani’s gotra. Amma says I don’t remember, Mani told me. Ishita asks why did Aaliya not come. Adi says I will try again. Aaliya comes and sees them. Aaliya asks why are they doing drama, she knows Raman killed Mani, no need to do this puja. She takes Mani’s photo. Adi asks what’s your problem, you think Raman killed Mani, ask Shagun when she gets fine. She asks were you there, how can you be sure. He says I was not there, but Raman can’t kill Mani. Aaliya goes. Ruhi worries. Roshni stops Aaliya and says Adi loves you, he understands your sorrow. Aaliya scolds her. Adi and Ishita come there. Ishita says Roshni has no right on you, but I have a right, I won’t let you go, come with me. Adi apologizes to Roshni on Aaliya’s behalf. Roshni says its fine, I can understand her mental state, I pray real culprit gets caught. Adi worries.

Ishita says why are you punishing Adi, we can’t let you stay alone in Mani’s house. Aaliya says I m alone because of your husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is this nonsense??? I stopped watching yhm.. Now only read updates..

    1. Me too.. Abhi written update padna he kaafi hei..

  2. azuka nkwonta

    I was just wondering why does Adi worry everytime they mention culprit. Adi’s hand is in Mani’s death that is what I can say.

    1. I think ADI went to talk to Mani and Mani gave him divorce papers… ADI is trying to hide this matter from his family… That’s y he is behaving wierdly

  3. Hi friends.. nice episode…. Ishra scene was good… We will get some good episodes now…. Shagun vs bhallas… This Aliya is too immature… She is not ready to listen to anyone.. I think she is already manipulate d by Ashok… We don’t know wat happened in 12 days…I felt like Shagun is also doing drama…she has lost her memory, but she was asking house keys and said she will stay in Bhalla house.. now Raman made toshi realise to how to behave… It will be comedy for some days now…

  4. Worst episodes nowadays.
    Roshni is soo good .And at times I really don’t like Aliya, because she doesn’t have any sense and she behaves soo kiddish . She thinks what she does is always right.

    Hey guys darshi VP jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma jaz Sam tansuri shivani naina Priya jassi Sarita juhi Natasha aparna Aliya naz priyaroli Aisha ankitha priyanka Sindhu priyamvadha Lavanya summi naaz Meghana darshi sowmy sowmy darshi unique angel Mino khushi sachie and all yhm friends.

  5. Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya has won an award for Most Admired Leader in the field of Entertainment by Herald Global.

  6. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It was earlier witnessed that Mani will be murdered in mysterious way.

    The police will feel that Mani died due to some business rivalry.

    If rumours are to be believed not Adi (Abhishek Verma) but Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) is the real killer of Mani.

    It is still not clear as to why did Ruhi killed Mani.

    This will turn out to be one of the biggest turning points of the show.

    Will Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) be able to solve the puzzle of Mani’s murder or not?

    It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

  7. azuka nkwonta

    What is this nonsense the bhallas are doing performing mani’s burial rites without aaliyah’s dadi on top of that they are fighting with aaliyah. If aaliyah says no they should obey it because they don’t have rights over aaliyah on this issue. Aaliyah’s dadi should have been the one making this decision on Mani’s burial rites not ishita not ruhi not roshni who are they.
    Thumbs up aaliyah for the war with the bhallas but you are not as strong as shagun. The bhallas have no rights to fix mani’s burial rites without aaliyah’s decisions, that is just like them, they always interferes.

    1. They are just doing pooja….not cremation… must have been done in the 12 days………there is nothing wrong in doing a prayer…..

    2. Very true Azuka ! What right to do the rituals . If Adis call Aalia is not picking … Ishitha should have called her . Ishitha and Alias bondness completely ruined . what a bond they had . Felt Ishitha very indefferent … of course she is totally shattered about Raman and being awayfrom him .
      I felt Raman is finding very defficult .
      I dont think such a story line we have seen ! Roshini better to stay with in limits . Her
      adoration to Ishima and Bapuji is
      understanding ..Why cant Adi open to Ishimma .. So too Ruhi ..Mrs Bhalla superb ! Isjitha Mani and Alia had kept very good intimacy than shaghun Mani and Alia .. Cvs are really mad …Not able to enjoy the serial at all ! Really want to say good bye !

  8. Dntknow when diz “saas bahu aur sauthan” drama will end. And some better series vil start freshly. Eagerly waiting for yhm off air news guys

  9. I think so mani got bankrupt.maybe it’s Shagun’s plan to be financially secure.

  10. Shagun said she was with ashok….and at the same time demanding keys…….wts this

    And the pics on the wall….they showed adi and ruhi together……but they never lived together before ishra marriage?…..cvs r fools

  11. Charu prakash

    How could these people forget Mani’s final rites !How could Ishita be so casual about informing Alia!Again Roshni fulfilling the duty!!!Wow!!!Her interference is actually making things worse.’Roshima’ in making,Right!!Regarding keys:Shagun must be checking the true intention in Mrs Bhalla’s change of attitude towards her.She surely knows something is not right.In the middle of all these, Raman is changed into a henpecked cry baby.Kp must be trying to escape from this emotional turmoil by holidaying in London.The only silver lining is we will get to watch Shagun’s monologues.At least we will get to know the real Shagun.

  12. Pranav

    can someone tell me what happend to mihir?

  13. hp why would he agree to meet raman then if he planned on giving adi divorce papers

  14. Candiva007

    Sorry guys, but isn’t Mani the brother of Aliya’s mom? Why would her Dadi have say on his last rites? I remember Mani calling her Aunty. I think Aliya has rights to perform any poojas for him.

    I also think that Ashok and his goons killed Mani and framed Raman. Since Mani’s murder where is Ashok?

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Aaliyah’s dadi is related to aaliya and she is an elder, I know that aaliyah’s mom is mani’s brother and aaliyah has the right to decide this but instead of ishita to decide this aaliyah’s dadi should do it because I know whom ishita is she will try to act mom and convince aaliyah and take over the rites. I know that aaliyah’s dadi was the one that gave aaliyah to Mani she is more related to aaliyah than ishita. I am not even sure that she has been informed about mani’s death and they are doing rites, on top of it all Raman is a suspect and adi could be the murderer, this family has no clean hands they should stay clear of organising mani’s burial rites.

  15. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  16. azuka nkwonta

    Aaliyah was more like an invited person to the prayer rites, they did not even ask her to arrange it. The truth is that the bhallas are not even that concerned about Mani’s death they are more worried and concerned about Raman’s freedom. They should not have taken shagun to the bhallas house instead they should have taken her to mani’s house. That place could help shagun remember the present. They are lying to shagun now they can also lie to her and take her to mani’s house, the environment of that house could help shagun recover her memory faster. To be honest they should tell shagun the truth about her accident. She does not know what happened to her, it’s a start to helping her recover she will ask questions I know but she does not need to live in her past she needs to have a little bit of the present with her. The doctor should also help to remind her that her accident made her lost her memory. Shagun should have a little bit of her present situation with her and not to live in total darkness.

  17. shagun k hisab se ruhi 8 saal ki hai. jubki wo 6 saal ki ruhi ko cchr k ashok p ass gyi thi. or 8 saal ki ruhi jub thi to ishita or raman married the ,or nidhi ne ruhi ko kidnap krke apne sath le gyi thi. or jub shagunashok k sath thi tb wo already diverced thi to raman uska pati kese h oskta hai ?? or age factor kay koi mayen rakhta. 15 -7 saal bhut hote hai kya use sab log aged nazar nhi ayenge :/ ku6 b bakwas dikhta h. year kese chhupa skte hai ki kon sa year chal rha hai. m sure ye mani ka murder isi ne kia hai ab memory loss ka drama kar rhi.par as usual ye humesa bach jati h kitne hi logo ka murder krke :/




  19. azuka nkwonta

    I am still on the memory loss thing . In most movies that I have seen memory loss victims they are never in complete darkness over their present situation. In most cases the doctor always tells the patient about his or her conditions before discharging them. Then the family will help to tell her things she did not remember and take her to places she use to visit before she Lost her memory. And she can meet people she use to know before that time. She spent twelve days in the hospital and yet nobody told her how she had the accident at least she would have moved to mani’s house knowing that this is her husband’s house that she could not remember. Her processes of recovery depends on how much they will tell her of that part of life which she did not remember. In this memory loss story CVs failed completely to match up to the real standard used to wake up a dead memory. Shagun should not live in complete darkness otherwise how is she going to remember things . They are helping her to go back to twelve years past and live there. What will happen to her present, will she ever remember anything not knowing anything at all.

  20. Charu prakash

    There is no logic behind this memory loss track.They simply want to rehash the old scenes.Going kumkum bhagy way.Trying to satisfy both Shagun and Ishitha fans!.Poor Raman!His soul is completely lost in this plot!

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