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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with NGO lady congratulating Shagun for her NGO work and saving many girls. Shagun thanks her. The lady says they have to send someone to Delhi branch and she wants her to handle that work. Shagun thinks she can be close to her kids, Ruhi and Adi, and smiles.Shagun refuses to go to Delhi. The lady asks her to think about the women and kids. Shagun says I can’t do this, I m sorry. The lady says I want you to think once. Shagun leaves. Rinki wakes up and asks Mihir did he not go office. He asks what happened to her, we are friends and asks whats her problem. He says you are coming home drunk and late. She starts leaving. He stops her and asks her to answer. He says leave my hand. He ask whats wrong with you. She says my friends made fun of me, you feel everyone is like you,

you are innocent, Raman told Shamit that you work under him.

Mihir says I m CEO and work under Raman. She says you are not his servant, he insults you and you don’t care. He asks why is she saying bad about Raman. He says Raman is your own brother, you have right to tell anything, for me he is more than brother, I love and respect him, its honor for me to work under him. She says Raman knows him, so he treats you this way. They have an argument.

Ashok tells Suraj about Rinki and they plan to use her in their favor. Everyone come home and praise Salman’s movie. Ishita asks about Mr. Bhalla and kids. Ishita says she has kept Rasgullas for Rinki and calls her. Rinki comes home. Ishita says good you came, and gives Rasgullas. Rinki asks her to stop this goody act. Ishita asks what happened. Simmi, Romi and Sarika look on. Simmi stops Rinki. Rinki says Ishita is new owner of the company now. Romi asks what nonsense. Raman comes and says one min.

He asks Rinki whats happening. Rinki says you named company to Ishita. Raman says so what, its my company. Rinki says Mihir worked so hard and you did him sideline, your wife is dentist, not a businesswoman. Mihir comes and asks Rinki to stop it. Rinki says you came with files following Raman, I have right to ask Raman. Mihir says enough is enough, I explained you in morning, come. Rinki says I can’t bear this injustice, you are spineless, but I have self respect. He says enough.

Rinki says I would have never married Mihir if Ishita did not make her. Raman asks Rinki to shut up, and scolds her. Ishita asks Raman to calm down. Simm asks Rinki to keep quiet. Rinki says this is my parent’s house, Raman has to answer. Raman says I run this house, get lost. Rinki says Raman is kicking me out because of Ishita. Raman raises his hand and Mr. Bhalla holds his hand. He scolds Raman and says you can’t slap Rinki, is this your home. Raman says let me handle her. Rinki says Raman runs the home, so he can slap anytime.

Mr. Bhalla asks what did Rinki say, you want to show you manage expenses and we have to follow you. Raman says my meaning was different, show some maturity please. Mr. Bhalla says you mean I m immature. Simmi asks Raman not to talk like this to dad. Ishita asks Mr. Bhalla to understand. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita not to talk in between. Raman says she is my wife. Mr. Bhalla asks who are we. Ishita apologizes. Mr. Bhalla says Raman will get angry if you apologize. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla to tell Rinki, will he not say if Rinki is blaming Ishita.

He says he has right to defend Ishita. Mr. Bhalla argues and says you are insulting me, I won’t stay here. Raman says we will leave. Ishita asks why will we leave our home. Mr. Bhalla says right Ishita, we will go. Ishita says no, I mean our home. Rinki says its nothing for us, and cries saying Mihir gave 15 years to company and what Raman did, he did not give any share to him, you got everything, my parents did not get anything. Raman says shut up Rinki. Mr. Bhalla scolds Raman and says I won’t bear you boasting about managing expenses, when you feel Simmi and Romi hurting by words, you will kick them out like Rinki, and even your parents too, great Raman, till I managed, this house was mine and family was united and now its yours, I was wrong to think Raman is responsible and take care of siblings, but you were just pretending to be good.

He says you said this house is yours, we are not valuable to you. Ishita asks him not to be mistaken. Rinki says yes, we are fools, this is because of you, you are owner of this house and company, when bad time came, Raman secured your future, why did he not think about us. Ishita says its nothing like that. Raman says I don’t have to answer anyone. Ishita says stop it Raman and takes him to their room. Mihir asks Rinki is she happy now, and drags her along. Ishita says she will tear the papers, why did he get angry and argue with Rinki. She says he is right, but his anger made everyone think he is wrong. He says I made you responsible for them, so that if I die, you will look for them. He says I m ashamed that money has blinded Rinki, she will trouble Mihir, where did I go wrong, if anything happens to me really, I m scared to think.

He sits and cries. She says nothing will happen to you. He says when I was in Mumbai, I used to send money to dad, Romi ended everything, if I handover business to him, he can’t manage, I m thinking about everyone. He says the day I feel Romi is responsible, I will give him duties, Simmi is broken within, who will take care of mum and dad.

He says I know dad, he will not forget this soon. He says like parents think about a child, what if child does their duty. She cries and says we both will secure our family, I can’t do this alone, and give this some time. She says all this was very wrong, and pacifies him. He says dad did not give me chance to speak. She says sorry for what happened. He says I m mad to say anything in anger, but dad knows me well, he should understand me. They cry.

Mr. Bhalla shows annoyance and asks Neelu to cook vegs he has bought, and others can manage on their own. Ishita cries. Raman comes to café and meets Appa. Rinki meets Ashok there and gets tensed seeing Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. rinki became so selfish… she is manipulated by her friends…

  2. Star PlusYeh Hai Mohabbateinis going to see anew entry who will be paired opposite to Shagun(Anita hassanandani).As per the current track,shagun changed her name to Ruhi Arora and working for a NGO which helps women and kids.According to reports,Shagun will be seen with a change of heart and turning into a positive person. The upcoming track in the show will focus on her love life.If everything falls in place, actress Anita Hassanandani will romance her former boyfriend and actor Eijaz Khan in TV show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”.“Eijaz is being approached for the doctor’s role and both will be paired together, and help Raman Bhalla (portrayed by Karan Patel) and hiswife Ishita (played by Divyanka Tripathi) to overcome the complications with their baby,” the source said.In the past, Anita and Eijaz have worked together in serial “Kkavyanjali”.Actor Manoj Chandila has also been approached for the role, but nothing is locked as yet.“Their contracts are not yet signed. The channel is more keen on Eijaz given his past chemistry with Anita on screen,” added the source.Soon we will see shagun reaching Delhi and will be seen working with NGO for the welfare of girls.She will try to visit her children Adi and Ruhi.What is going to happen next in shagun’s life?Will Shagun able to get her children’s love?To know more keep reading for more updates.

  3. Lavneeta Gukhool

    This serial is becoming like bull-shit……. i started to hate this………
    There should be more romance between the couples and not problemsss……

  4. Urgh who wants this nagin love track. Not interested at all. Btw how many men’s for one girl. Sorry to say this Shagun all men women not one man women. Damn shagun I hate her 😡 . Now I hate this rinki more than shagun. Shit there is no privacy and respect for ishta in bhalla house. Hope Mrs.bhalla will handle this situation and make it better like before. Rinki u don’t deserve mihir. Mihir juz leave that selfish devil. Let her live with his so called high class stupid friend or with that Ashok. She deserves them not u Mihir. Insulted her husband in front of everyone. Shame on her yawwk rinki. End this track soon. Want happy ishraru scenes.

    1. Well said ? I’m totally agreed with you ??

  5. I think rinki will repeat shagun history
    She’ll left mihir for some wealthy businessman! Gold digger

  6. Noo thsi cant hapnnd rinki plzzz dont support ashok n suraj plzzzzzzzzza

  7. Mrs bhalla will blame ishitha for all this…

  8. andhru ela unaru….

  9. just hate her,stupid rinki.
    nd mr bhalla should not do this wid ishita.
    ishita is the reason of happines of bhalla family.

  10. rinky is doing to much
    she is behaving like she is mad
    bt what happend to mr.bhalla
    y he is against Raman

  11. The best sho on star plus became the worst show now
    Can’t see yhm spoiled like this?

  12. wowww change in cmts
    poor mihir
    he can’t do anything
    rinky u don’t respect mihir

  13. makers taking revenge
    plzz stop this track
    atleast bring romi marriage
    or acp nd mihika track
    or else focus on ishuram
    (hai frds)

  14. nw rinky is gng to stupid ashok
    ye rinky useless character

  15. emotional episode
    sad for ishuram

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