Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with NGO lady congratulating Shagun for her NGO work and saving many girls. Shagun thanks her. The lady says they have to send someone to Delhi branch and she wants her to handle that work. Shagun thinks she can be close to her kids, Ruhi and Adi, and smiles.Shagun refuses to go to Delhi. The lady asks her to think about the women and kids. Shagun says I can’t do this, I m sorry. The lady says I want you to think once. Shagun leaves. Rinki wakes up and asks Mihir did he not go office. He asks what happened to her, we are friends and asks whats her problem. He says you are coming home drunk and late. She starts leaving. He stops her and asks her to answer. He says leave my hand. He ask whats wrong with you. She says my friends made fun of me, you feel everyone is like you,

you are innocent, Raman told Shamit that you work under him.

Mihir says I m CEO and work under Raman. She says you are not his servant, he insults you and you don’t care. He asks why is she saying bad about Raman. He says Raman is your own brother, you have right to tell anything, for me he is more than brother, I love and respect him, its honor for me to work under him. She says Raman knows him, so he treats you this way. They have an argument.

Ashok tells Suraj about Rinki and they plan to use her in their favor. Everyone come home and praise Salman’s movie. Ishita asks about Mr. Bhalla and kids. Ishita says she has kept Rasgullas for Rinki and calls her. Rinki comes home. Ishita says good you came, and gives Rasgullas. Rinki asks her to stop this goody act. Ishita asks what happened. Simmi, Romi and Sarika look on. Simmi stops Rinki. Rinki says Ishita is new owner of the company now. Romi asks what nonsense. Raman comes and says one min.

He asks Rinki whats happening. Rinki says you named company to Ishita. Raman says so what, its my company. Rinki says Mihir worked so hard and you did him sideline, your wife is dentist, not a businesswoman. Mihir comes and asks Rinki to stop it. Rinki says you came with files following Raman, I have right to ask Raman. Mihir says enough is enough, I explained you in morning, come. Rinki says I can’t bear this injustice, you are spineless, but I have self respect. He says enough.

Rinki says I would have never married Mihir if Ishita did not make her. Raman asks Rinki to shut up, and scolds her. Ishita asks Raman to calm down. Simm asks Rinki to keep quiet. Rinki says this is my parent’s house, Raman has to answer. Raman says I run this house, get lost. Rinki says Raman is kicking me out because of Ishita. Raman raises his hand and Mr. Bhalla holds his hand. He scolds Raman and says you can’t slap Rinki, is this your home. Raman says let me handle her. Rinki says Raman runs the home, so he can slap anytime.

Mr. Bhalla asks what did Rinki say, you want to show you manage expenses and we have to follow you. Raman says my meaning was different, show some maturity please. Mr. Bhalla says you mean I m immature. Simmi asks Raman not to talk like this to dad. Ishita asks Mr. Bhalla to understand. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita not to talk in between. Raman says she is my wife. Mr. Bhalla asks who are we. Ishita apologizes. Mr. Bhalla says Raman will get angry if you apologize. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla to tell Rinki, will he not say if Rinki is blaming Ishita.

He says he has right to defend Ishita. Mr. Bhalla argues and says you are insulting me, I won’t stay here. Raman says we will leave. Ishita asks why will we leave our home. Mr. Bhalla says right Ishita, we will go. Ishita says no, I mean our home. Rinki says its nothing for us, and cries saying Mihir gave 15 years to company and what Raman did, he did not give any share to him, you got everything, my parents did not get anything. Raman says shut up Rinki. Mr. Bhalla scolds Raman and says I won’t bear you boasting about managing expenses, when you feel Simmi and Romi hurting by words, you will kick them out like Rinki, and even your parents too, great Raman, till I managed, this house was mine and family was united and now its yours, I was wrong to think Raman is responsible and take care of siblings, but you were just pretending to be good.

He says you said this house is yours, we are not valuable to you. Ishita asks him not to be mistaken. Rinki says yes, we are fools, this is because of you, you are owner of this house and company, when bad time came, Raman secured your future, why did he not think about us. Ishita says its nothing like that. Raman says I don’t have to answer anyone. Ishita says stop it Raman and takes him to their room. Mihir asks Rinki is she happy now, and drags her along. Ishita says she will tear the papers, why did he get angry and argue with Rinki. She says he is right, but his anger made everyone think he is wrong. He says I made you responsible for them, so that if I die, you will look for them. He says I m ashamed that money has blinded Rinki, she will trouble Mihir, where did I go wrong, if anything happens to me really, I m scared to think.

He sits and cries. She says nothing will happen to you. He says when I was in Mumbai, I used to send money to dad, Romi ended everything, if I handover business to him, he can’t manage, I m thinking about everyone. He says the day I feel Romi is responsible, I will give him duties, Simmi is broken within, who will take care of mum and dad.

He says I know dad, he will not forget this soon. He says like parents think about a child, what if child does their duty. She cries and says we both will secure our family, I can’t do this alone, and give this some time. She says all this was very wrong, and pacifies him. He says dad did not give me chance to speak. She says sorry for what happened. He says I m mad to say anything in anger, but dad knows me well, he should understand me. They cry.

Mr. Bhalla shows annoyance and asks Neelu to cook vegs he has bought, and others can manage on their own. Ishita cries. Raman comes to café and meets Appa. Rinki meets Ashok there and gets tensed seeing Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Angel

    Kya drama h yr…ye serial kaise shuru hui thi aur ab kahan ja rahi h…typical ekta kapoor’s saas-bahu drama?

  2. diya

    Hate this Rinki……..she is the reason for all the fights …… has blinded her……she is forgetting relationships

  3. ya angel ur absolutely correct…… patha nahi ye serial ko kaha se kaha tak pahunchenge e log…….bekaar ka drama aur e rinky ise tho kahi doop marna chahiye the ye kaise ladkhi hai apni hi family me ithna badaa dharar kadaa kar diya aur mr.bhalla bhi ese kaise baath kar sakthe hai bina kuch jaane……..hate u rinky really u dont deserve mihir………… tho shagun num 2 bangayi hai sach kahe tho ye shagun se bhi badaaa bewakoof hai apni bhai aur papa ke beech me ghalath faimia shuru kar diya aur phir uski vajhe se ghar me ithna sab kuch hogaya

    • completely agree with u….,..its just nonsensence this track is only to drag the track till leap…..this track is just like ektaa is taking revenge frm yhm fans

  4. emotional episode.rinki ne hadd hi kar dee.she is soo horrible.itnaa gir jaayegi ki ashok ke paas jaayegi aur mihir se itnaa batameezi se baath ki. uupar se mr.bhalla,bina koi baath jaane ek choti si baath ko itnaa bada bana diya ki unki misunderstanding ki pahaad bangayi.horrible precap.

  5. ab mr.bhalla ke liye ishitha alag aur rinki alag.even he has turned negative.mrs.bhalla ko hona chahiye fizool ki drama hai.horrible drama.

  6. once upon a time ye serial dhek ne ke liye hours count kar the the par aab ye 1baar bhi dhek ne ke laayak nahi tha………aur phir mujhe tho pakka yakhin hai ki e sari drama ke baadh jaroor koi leap lenge e log…….,..,chiiiiii kaisi ladkhi hai yar ye rinki ashok se haath milane ke liye bhi thayyar ho gayi hai…………sharam aani chahiye apne aap par……….muje nahi lagtha yhm aab top 10 me bhi hogi bt iske liye hame burA maan ne ki bhi jaroorath nahi hai kyom ki aaj kal yhm top position par hone ka layak hi nahi hai am sry guys agar kisi ko bura lagaa ho tho,…….par really i felt ki aaj kal it doesnt deserve

  7. anu

    I think now simmi will bcome business women to support raman in their company.. so many negative characters the show..

  8. Mehfaa

    Rinki ne to bht he fazul hrkt k he r ab ashok se haath milane chale gae he…………dont believe rinki

  9. ab show mein drama hadd se zyaada ho gaya hai. ek drama khatam nahi hua toh uske saath kayi saare drama aur jud jaathe hai.really jaise show start hua bahut acche se ab waise hi show bigad gaya hai.

  10. If everything falls in place, actress Anita Hassanandani will romance her former boyfriend and actor Eijaz Khan in TV show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”. Her character named Shagun is undergoing change of heart and turning into a positive person. The upcoming track in the show will focus on her love life.
    “Eijaz is being approached for the doctor’s role and both will be paired together, and help Raman Bhalla (portrayed by Karan Patel) and his wife Ishita (played by Divyanka Tripathi) to overcome the complications with their baby,” the source said.

  11. gree

    Wth I juz hate todays epi. All made my Raman cry ?. Stupid rinki ab Mr.B bi shuru kardi. Yh Raman is best all eating and enjoying only his food and money. Mihir juz give her a bigggg slap damn it. Baahar ka dushman kam hogaya yeh kya ab ghar Mein bhi Raman ka dushman paida hone laga. Y CV’s taking revenge from us ha. I never expect this 4m Mr.B u juz spoiling all good characters one by one. 1st rinki now Mr.b. Oh u turned that damn shagun to +ve so now u showing all people as _ve. Wat do u people want to prove ha. Shagun is best all are worst yehi chatha hai na aap log. Show some good things. Vamps aur villains bahut zyaada hogaya. What’s wrong in that if Raman wrotes all his property to ishu. Ishu will not like you people she will take care of everyone so he wrote on her name. See u juz want Raman and his money not Raman ha. Mr. Bhalla u really overreacting. And this stupid kamina brothers ek bhi chance miss nahikarthe. Jab dekho Raman ke piche padke mar raha hai. Damn brothers with another lambu jakkad goto hell. Spoil more and more 😡 . Still bearing this crap only for ishraru. There’s nothing worth to watch rather than ishra. Omg 1st time im yelling this much. U made cool persons to hyper persons wah wah credit goes to only ekta shows.

  12. thank god ki ab shagun ishra ke beech nahi aayegi .lekin 4 months ke baad leap zaroor hoga.leaving aur ruhi bid audie.i hate leap.plz dont make it. it is ailly and horrible decision by the makers because many veiwers are attached with the little girl ruhi.

  13. after all this drama everyone will start that apni hi bhai se badla lene ashok ke paas gayi.sharam aani chahiye usse.aur jab usne mihir ko pati nahi kaha toh uske office share ke baare kaise pooch sakthi hai.besharm batameez ladki jisse naa toh apni friend circle chun ne ki samaj nahi hai aur naa hi apne se badon ki baath karne ki tameez.

  14. nothing is left in the show now.all just typical houseold drama for property and being an enemy of their own siblings.which nowadays happens in all houseold.there should be some uniqueness as before.

  15. siddhi

    Mr bhalla ne Raman ki koi bat hi nahi suni aur drama start kiya

    Aur similar aur romi ne Bhi sach nahi bataya

  16. siddhi

    Aur ye puri bhalla family har problem me ishita k sath rudely bat kat hain
    But happy Raman ne ishita ka sath tha

    Aur ye ashok aur suraj kon s sand k ban hain

  17. thank god in sab me ek baath acha hai ki vo shagun vala spoiler kaash vo sach ho jaaye aur phir shagun ke liye ezaz khan ko kya salman khan ko bhi le aaye hame koi farakh nahi padtha bas hamare raman ko chod dijiye…,,,

    • tahira

      Ha ha sahi kha apne salman ko bhi le ayenge tabhi koi farak nhi padta hamare ishra toh save rahenge

  18. tahira

    Yeh rinki pagal ho gayi h jake us ashok se haath mila liya khud ki family uske liye dushman ho gayi h andhi ho gayi h paise ke karan lekin aisa hota hi hai ki parents hamesha apni beti ko hi support kartey h jaisa mr. Bhalla ne kiya bas jaldi se ye drama khatam ho

  19. tahira

    Waise ye track interesting lag rha h kam se kam us dirty devil shagun ka toh koi tension nahi h bas wo spoiler sahi ho jaye ki eijaz khan ke sath uska romance hoga hamare ishra ke beech toh nahi ayegi wo

  20. Kp

    Whenever Raman used to shout at Ishita like “Get out of my house”, Mr.Bhalla never opened his mouth & suddenly when Raman said that to Rinky he got his prestige issues. Wah! Cvs without creativity possible only in our show.

  21. tahira

    Raman ishita ko toh ghar chod ke hi chale jana chahiye tha mai toh kitni excited ho gayi thi jab wo long ghar chodne ki baat kiye koi disturbance toh nahi hota unke life me ghar me rhenge toh roz naya drama hoga kash ki wo long ghar chod ke chale jate writers ne aisa kyun nahi dikhaya

  22. aaj kuch zyaada hi drama ho gaya.uss rinki ki wajah se.mihir se kaise baath kar rahi thi aur mr.bhalla ne bhi ek choti si baath ka bhathangar bana diya.its not all good track.uupar se raman ro pada.ishitha ki insult karthe gaye sab aur hua bhi toh kya ek tamaasha.

  23. ab lagtha hai yeh drama zyada dino ke liye nahi rahega. kyunki telly mein yhm ke pivs aaye hai .mrs.bhalla hogi aur romi ka baccha ghar aayega aur sab kush hai aur bacche ko phoolon se sajhe paalne mein rakha hai.

  24. tarun

    hi to all!! seriously yr aj kuch zada hi drama ho gya…this shows now becomes asusal ekta’s other shows…all this bakwas drama only last part of ishra was good…precap ko dekhkar to aur drama hoga lagta hi…rinki ab ashok ke sath…oh god. wht the hell is this??? yr ek bat samaj nahi ate ki jab bhi bhalla house me koi bhi prb ati hi us ashok suraj ko sab pata hota hi or wo prb ko or badate hi….cvs kya bakwas dekha rahe hi ye suraj .nd ashok hamesha raman ke bare me sochte rhte hi…..all bored drama…

  25. V P

    True the episode was so upsetting and the viewers are very sad . But these all happens in a house , only request to the creators should twist it in a way that they realize their mistake and accepts Raman and Ishitha. Romi and Simi knows their brother so well , so please don’t put them in negative role

    • Gree

      Its creatives (CV’s) . Yup hope soon this track will end. I don’t care what others think about ishitha and Raman. They are best whatever they have done and doing only for everyone. They are not selfish like idiot rinki. Hope this rinki Ki dimaak teek hojaave jaldi se. Went to help that idiots.

  26. aesthets

    Wow, today’s episode was intense. To the point and true to the fact that a little misunderstanding can create a lot of problems in the family. My opinion since this serial has always thought about a twist out of the box, this tension in the Bhallas won’t last long. Mihir will find out that Rinky’s friend is none other than someone who is under the influence of Ashok. Mrs. Bhalla will come home and get on everyone’s case about the whole situation. Rinky is still immature but just like Romi she will grow up to be a responsible adult and realise the damage her immaturity has done. Her mother will make her see things through and make her understand the value of family bonding. Rinky said some pretty harsh words to Mihir being disrespectful and Mihir should not get over it for few episodes but will forgive Rinky. Ashok will fall back on face realising that if love and understanding is there in the family no outsider can come to your house and ruin the bond. We need to see more and more joint family in the serials.

  27. Romi

    Hate rinki to day!! After all she is an educated girl she should think twice before she speaks ?
    Mr bhalla proved that he is a typical FIL who always back their daughter infront of bahus when daughter is at fault!
    So pathetic and shameful ??

  28. gopu

    Star PlusYeh Hai Mohabbateinis going to see anew entry who will be paired opposite to Shagun(Anita hassanandani).As per the current track,shagun changed her name to Ruhi Arora and working for a NGO which helps women and kids.According to reports,Shagun will be seen with a change of heart and turning into a positive person. The upcoming track in the show will focus on her love life.If everything falls in place, actress Anita Hassanandani will romance her former boyfriend and actor Eijaz Khan in TV show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”.“Eijaz is being approached for the doctor’s role and both will be paired together, and help Raman Bhalla (portrayed by Karan Patel) and hiswife Ishita (played by Divyanka Tripathi) to overcome the complications with their baby,” the source said.In the past, Anita and Eijaz have worked together in serial “Kkavyanjali”.Actor Manoj Chandila has also been approached for the role, but nothing is locked as yet.“Their contracts are not yet signed. The channel is more keen on Eijaz given his past chemistry with Anita on screen,” added the source.Soon we will see shagun reaching Delhi and will be seen working with NGO for the welfare of girls.She will try to visit her children Adi and Ruhi.What is going to happen next in shagun’s life?Will Shagun able to get her children’s love?To know more keep reading for more updates.

  29. Lavneeta Gukhool

    This serial is becoming like bull-shit……. i started to hate this………
    There should be more romance between the couples and not problemsss……

  30. Tigress

    Urgh who wants this nagin love track. Not interested at all. Btw how many men’s for one girl. Sorry to say this Shagun all men women not one man women. Damn shagun I hate her 😡 . Now I hate this rinki more than shagun. Shit there is no privacy and respect for ishta in bhalla house. Hope Mrs.bhalla will handle this situation and make it better like before. Rinki u don’t deserve mihir. Mihir juz leave that selfish devil. Let her live with his so called high class stupid friend or with that Ashok. She deserves them not u Mihir. Insulted her husband in front of everyone. Shame on her yawwk rinki. End this track soon. Want happy ishraru scenes.

  31. Romi

    I think rinki will repeat shagun history
    She’ll left mihir for some wealthy businessman! Gold digger

  32. Tinses

    just hate her,stupid rinki.
    nd mr bhalla should not do this wid ishita.
    ishita is the reason of happines of bhalla family.

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