Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shagun fails to convince Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying I will not marry, happy now, I will talk to Mihika, I will call off the wedding right away. He goes. Puhu dances saying marriage cancel. Ruhi asks what happened. Pihu says dad has agreed, he will not marry Mihika. Adi says someone may hear you. Ruhi asks really, you are a magician Pihu. Ishita ties a cloth rope to the window and gets down. Parmeet asks his man to check if Ishita is in room. The man checks for her. He tells Parmeet that Ishita isn’t here, she jumped out from window. Pamreet asks how can this happen, she shouldn’t reach here. Ishita gets her car keys in trunk. She sees flat tyres and says he has punctured the tyres. She hires an auto and leaves. The man says there is no taxi, if she goes, Parmeet will not leave me. He hides seeing Aaliya.

Shagun and Aaliya rush upstairs. Ishita is on the way. She asks driver to drive faster. Shagun and Aaliya look for Ishita. Aaliya gets the dupatta and shouts to Shagun. She says it means Ishita was here, they tied her here. Shagun says yes, she tried escaping from here, I m sure she went to venue, we should reach there.

Simmi says everything will get fine, Raman can’t get a better girl than you. Mihika says I trust Raman, he will never leave me, if he leaves me, I wonder what I will do, I will he will keep me happy. Raman hears them and thinks I agreed to marry for Pihu’s sake, but she isn’t happy, but I can’t ruin Mihika’s life, maybe Simmi can explain Pihu. Pihu says dad will tell Dadu that he won’t marry. Mr. Bhalla goes to get Raman. Ishita comes and sees the mandap. She gets angry seeing Parmeet. The man catches her. Pihu and everyone get shocked seeing Raman coming and sitting in mandap.

Everyone worries. Shagun comes and stops the marriage. Shagun says this marriage can’t happen, its imp I need to talk to you. Everyone looks on. Raman asks why can’t this marriage happen. She says Ishita is missing. He asks shall I leave my wedding and come along to find her. Simmi asks how can you do this, Raman said if Ishita is missing, her family should report in police, Raman sit in mandap. Raman says fine. Shagun says you are related to Ishita, someone from your family kidnapped her.

Parmeet says I had locked Ishita in room, maybe they got to know this. Simmi says they shouldn’t know it, Shagun is lying. Shagun says I have seen dupattas near window, like someone escaped. Simmi denies it. Shagun says please believe me Raman. Simmi asks should we ruin our happiness for that woman. Raman says Shagun, if you are saying this, someone might have seen her, do you expect me to leave my wedding, I can just call commissioner and help you, this wedding will happen. Simmi asks Shagun to go.

Parmeet comes to the man and says everyone is finding Ishita, her kids, Iyers will try hard to find her. Adi asks Aaliya why did they not share the problem, what if anything happens to Ishita. Aaliya says sorry. Shagun asks Adi to calm down, they have to find Ishita, she hasn’t come here, maybe they caught Ishita, we will have to do something. Ruhi says maybe Parmeet has seen her before us. Mani says relax, we have to find her. Amma comes to Mihika and asks how can you do this, Ishita is missing, her life is in danger. Mihika says is it my responsibility, I don’t know about her, what would I do, shall I leave my wedding and go to find her.

Amma says don’t support Parmeet and Simmi. Mihika says Ishita was my sister, the day she came to court to give statement against me, I ended ties with her, Parmeet and Simmi are supporting me, I want to enjoy my wedding. Amma says swear by your mom, go and ask Simmi what they did with Ishita. Simmi says ask me, don’t trouble Mihika, please leave. Amma says don’t do anything to her. Simmi says leave from here. Amma says Mihika, please tell her, Ishita is in danger. Amma cries. Parmeet puts Ishita in the chest. He says she tried so hard, but its of no use, Raman and Mihika will get married.

Ishita asks the man to leave her, let her go and stop Raman’s marriage. The man locks her. Raman takes rounds with Mihika. Parmeet says congrats Ishita, wedding has happened.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aadhira

    omg what kind of a serial is this.i can’t see it anymore.ur sister is marrying your husband ,does that have any sence?they r just dragging ot.better end this

    1. lmao ikr im getting so annoyed

  2. Now what, ramu kaka marries mihika. ishita dies in the chest.

    01) After her burial, she comes back from the dead and haunts the bhalla family?
    02) Is it going to be a “khoon bhari maang” story. ishita escapes from the coffin like she did with the crocodiles and the hangmans noose and takes a modern avatar (Mona Darling) and seduces ramu kaka?
    03) Ishita becomes a zombie, does a thriller dance and come to bhalla house and eat ramu kaka and mihika and param and simmi
    04) She will move to the dark side and become “female” Darth Vader
    05) Like Bollywood heroines/heros, come screaming and crashing out of the coffin/chest.

    What next Ekta…Please spare us this torture

    1. Ishita convince the man and escaoes.. she is the bride nit mihika.. its plan by ishita and mihika .. it was shown in telereport ishita in wedding attire saying these

    2. Zaheer, your story line is much more exciting & interesting than Ekta’s storyline… At least we can some laughs than getting our BP raising with utmost stupidity of this serial that’s being churned for the past 2 months!!!

  3. Mihika dosen,t desrve to be call a sister.

  4. In today’s episode Raman willfully marries Mihika. There was no doubt remorse regret in the part of Raman. He was doing for himself and not bothered about Pihu being disturbed or any issue. So be it and end Mohabetien.

  5. Today’s episode has been a blow to me. I had thought that Raman would get married to Ishita no matter what happened. But still hoping against hope that there would still be left something of the romance that Raman and Ishita used to have.

  6. First of all, Raman doesn’t think twice to yell and scream and insult Ishita put her out from his house numerous times, in front of everyone but to break the marriage with his BROTHER’S EX-WIFE (B***H) to make his daughter happy is not his cup of tea…go figure. The show is beyond idiotic. It’s like a sadistic comedy now. Stopped watching. As it it, it doesn’t even show anymore in Canada. At least not on the channel that it used to.

    Canadians are much smarter so they probably requested it doesn’t show here.

    Now if only the would stop showing it entirely, no one will really care. It went down the toilet from the last few leaps

  7. I was a big fan of this serial but now day by day it has literally become very irritating serial. What kind of social relationships these people are showing us OMG. Am fed up with all these now and will quit to watch it.

  8. Evanisha Pathaw

    I have never seen such a fake and faltu serial like this bhakwas

  9. Ladies & Gentlemen, abhi tak story nahi malum hua. This is Ekta own real life story. She doesn’t have Sister she has brother. Ekta ka sab story khatum ho gaya bechari wahi same story ko sab serial mein dekhati hai. Please end all your serials go on vacation think n then start all over

  10. Same on editor has made marriage a joke shame on showing such things if divyanka is a true actor she should not act in such cheap serials really a really a big shame to portray characters like mihika and simmi shame in name of relationships

    1. Exactly, they don’t have any topic other than marriage and by this serial it gives a message that marriage and divorce are jokes

  11. certainly Ekta is a sadist can she pray for her life to be like Ishitas life? to hell with this unrealistic show. A brother marrying her junior brothers wife what type of teaching is this?kindly stop this rubbish. from Nigeria..

  12. This is most stupid serial. Raman remember his parents and sister and forget his close family Childrens and wife. Param is always win and Ishtar always loose . Most stupid serisl

  13. I don’t think it’s mihika and ekta is not married,so she twist things to suit her cuz the gal do not know the true meaning of marriage she has one brother in real life and he is not married too so there goes,I rest my case and if it’s mihika that has gotten married to Raman then I am happy too let the ass suffer when he regain his memory,lol he deserve everything that has been going on in his life he is too arrogant and how many times did he and Ishita got separated?so this is no different let the clown suffer

  14. I saw on YouTube where Ishitha convinces the money lender to leave her. He says parmeet will kill him if he does so. She says he would anyway kill him once his job is done and that she will give him police protection. He agrees.
    And, she also said in that video, “the audience is angry with my sister but she has been with me the entire time. This is our idea. If I have to be with Raman I should marry him. So the bride behind the veil is me”
    I think the time to expose Param has come.

  15. Raman always acts and when everything is destroyed then he regrets his mistake.
    Adi ki shaddi ke bad bhi apni shaadi kar raha hai.
    They only that marriages are jokes. Everyone is lame.

    1. Foolish

  16. What a joke really really shameful episode ekta kapoor can do anything to raise the trp shame on actors who are willing to work in such cheap serial look at dramas from other countries they are much better than these serials really Indian serials are shame on society rather thinking what impact they are giving on viewers

  17. Hazel J Fernandez

    In Almost all the serials I think it’s a trend to get the main characters married more than once by hook or by crook. And a lot of pooja festivities celebration. The reason is they do not have a strong story and they are just pulling it like elastic

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