Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita getting sad and watching other couples. She smiles and gets ahead. She walks on the road and cries thinking of Raman. Na jaane kyu…..plays………

Raman asks can I make a call. He calls Ishita. She answers. He says don’t cut the call, I know you are annoyed, I could not come there, I was stuck, trust me, but listen to me. She says its okay, let it be. He says how shall I explain you. Constable calls Raman. Raman says I will talk later and ends call. She says why do I give him chance to upset me, I wait that everything gets fine, but something happens always. She cries and says I will not cry now, why to wait for someone who does not love me. She hires a taxi and leaves.

Parmeet gifts teddy to Ananya and wishes her valentines

day. Ananya thanks and hugs him. She asks did you wish mumma, call her and wish her now. She calls Simmi and gives phone to Parmeet. Simmi answers call and says Ananya I missed you, happy valentines, I love you. Parmeet talks to her. Ananya makes him wish Simmi. Simmi talks to Ananya. She scolds Parmeet and asks him not to mess around with Gaurav, stay in limits. She ends call. Ananya gets gift for Parmeet.

Parmeet continues sweetly talking to Simmi in front of Ananya. Ananya gifts Parmeet. He thanks her. He gets sad. Aaliya asks Adi not to get upset, Raman loves Ishita, he did not come, there must be some reason. Adi says Ishita left, as she did not wish to fall weak in front of us, Raman did wrong, he always does this, Ishita is ready to give life for children, and Papa just gave her sorrow. Aaliya says we all know Raman knows Ishita. Adi says I promise I will never hurt you. She smiles. He says I will never leave you alone on dinner date and make our special days more special, I love you Aaliya. Dil kya kare…..plays……. She says I love you too.

Mani waits for Niddhi and knocks door. He asks her to come fast. Niddhi changes her look. She comes out. Mani gets shocked seeing her. She says this is my new identity, new look, new Niddhi, when you could not identify me, what will world identify me. He asks what are you doing. She says how can you be so stupid, I have run away from police, so I had to change identity, you will help me. Mani says no, you created many problems for me already. She says look who’s talking, are you ordering me, just I have right to decide, you can just request me.

He asks what did I do, leave me, I can’t do wrong things. She says aw look at you Mani, you are so helpless, you can just beg, your friendship is responsible for this, Raman and Ishita’s friends are my enemies, it was a hectic day, I have to sleep, book a nice hotel for me, come.

Ishita cries in room. Raman comes to apologize to Ishita. Ishita sees him in compound via window and smiles. She wears the earrings back and says what is he doing here, I will not get convinced so easily, he has to work hard. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…………. She waits for Raman.

Mani enters the house. Ishita sees Mani tired and upset. Mani sees her and asks you here, are you waiting for someone. She says no, you got late, you look tired. He says yes, work was much. He goes to room. She thinks why did Raman not come till now. She looks out of window and sees Raman gone. She says he went…. and gets sad.

Raman is on the way and says sorry Ishita, I could not meet you. He sees Mani and takes his car back. He thinks Mani does not want me to meet Ishita, so I have to meet her later. He holds the bouquet he got for Ishita and gets sad. Ishita cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays………..

Aaliya gives coffee to Ishita and says why don’t we keep puja for Shagun to bless baby, think she will be so glad, maybe Mani’s mood gets fine. Ishita says I asked Amma, she said godh bharai happens later and… Raman comes as Gulabo and gives bouquet to Ishita. She recalls seeing same bouquet with Raman. Aaliya says nice flowers. Raman thinks Ishita has strong sixth sense, she would be feeling something. Ishita says I want these flowers from someone else. Aaliya asks Gulabo from did you get these flowers. Gulabo says a kid was selling it, I got this for Ishita. He asks Ishita to smile. Aaliya asks Gulabo if she knows about any rituals and puja for pregnant ladies. He says I managed all functions when Kajol was pregnant. He says there should be celebrations. Ishita says we will keep party and also puja. Aaliya says we will call my Dadi, I will go Chennai and get him, she will help in rituals. Ishita says its good idea.

Raman thinks she will identify me and expose my plan. He says old women are orthodox. Ishita says she is good, don’t take tension, finish coffee, you have to make Pihu ready. Aaliya says my Dadi is very sweet, she likes energetic and active ladies like you, she will like you. Raman says I will wake up Pihu. He asks Ishita did she not sleep, dark circles came around eyes. She says I m fine, go and wake up Pihu. Raman thinks sorry Ishita, first I will find out what’s happening.

Niddhi orders Mani that she is joining his office from tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i dont know how the script writers are doing thier job. Because day by day the serial track was going in a imaginary way.
    As for the audians ishra were together. But their hearts are not together.

  2. Really nonsense

  3. Nice episode. Always leaving us wanting more….superb!

  4. Very nice episode

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