Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suyyash speaking against Ishita. Judge gives one day time for the hearing. Ishita cries. Raman asks Niddhi why did she call him here, do you have any proof. She shows the footage of Amar’s murder. Raman sees this footage and says now Ishita will be proved innocent, how did you get this. Niddhi says when Pallavi changed her statement, I studied case well, I knew I will get proof from Amar’s home, Amar was possessive about Pallavi and has kept CCTV cameras in his home to keep an eye on Pallavi, his murder got recorded in it. Raman says now Ishita will get free, do you know what you did for me, I can’t return this favor, but if you need my help anytime in life, I will do anything. The chip falls by her and she picks it. She asks Raman to keep this chip with him.

He asks why. She says it will be more safe with you, Suyyash will try to find what proof I have. Raman says I will keep this safer than my life.

Its night, Vandu recalls Suyyash’s words. Bala comes and gives her wine. She asks whats this. He says I made this for you, drink it, you will feel good, you don’t need to justify, I thought it will work as medicine in your illness, else I would have not given it to you, today I need this too, cheers. They drink. He says don’t get bottle from Raman’s house again, okay. She hugs him and cries.

Its morning, media is outside the court and covers the murder case matter still posing questions whether Ishita killed Amar Chadda or is she innocent. The court proceedings start. Niddhi says I have proof of the truth, and asks Raman to give that packet. Raman gives her the chip. Suyyash asks whats in this packet. Niddhi says Ishita went to safe Pallavi, I have that footage, we will know how was Amar Chadda and how he used to keep an eye on Pallavi, we will know what happened that night in Amar’s house. The video does not come. Raman gets shocked. Niddhi asks Raman did he get right chip. Raman says yes. Suyyash says its blank chip. Niddhi says there is some problem, give me one day time. Suyyash says what joke is this, you are wasting court time, we know you don’t like to lose, it does not mean you play with court. He says there is new chapter in this case, its self defense, Ishita is clever woman, she killed such a man who was dreaming to have a good life with his wife and son, he was happy, but Ishita ruined his happiness, I want Ishita to get strictly punished, who make fun of our system and laws by using self defense, its planned murder, I want her to get hanged. They all get shocked and cry.

Raman says no listen, we have seen footage. He requests Pallavi to say the truth. He asks judge to give one day time. He begs to Pallavi to say truth. Ishita cries seeing Pallavi. The judge declares the decision that Ishita is found guilty, she killed Amar and tried to dispose Amar’s body in wrong way, so court declares her punishment.. to be hanged till death. Everyone get shocked. Swapn Sunehere……………. Plays……… Raman and Ishita cry seeing each other. The family members cry too.

Niddhi asks Raman how did he not manage a small chip, your wife got death sentence because of your carelessness, and I lost a case. Raman sits in shock. Niddhi leaves. Ishita is taken away by police. Ishita requests Abhishek to let her talk to her family once. She goes to her family. They all cry. She requests elders not to cry for her, I also broke when that punished was announced, but I did not kill anyone, I m sure I will be fine. She says Raman…. Please control your anger, be strong, you are a very good person. He says nothing will happen to you, I promise you, I will go to supreme court and do anything possible. She says I trust Ravan Kumar and hugs him. Abhishek asks her to come. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays……… Ishita is brought to jail and talks to the women. She says my husband will get me out of here, I trust him, he won’t leave me in this state.


Raman and Niddhi argue. She blames him that its because of him that Ishita is going to get hanged. Adi and Ruhi cry. The kids meet the death executioner and request him to delay one day.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. show will take a serious leap of 5 yrs as per the spoilers on serial express after which new partners of raman &ishita will enter one which is pankhuri of pyaar ka dard hai & other is krishna of mahabharat.

  2. Tears came in my eyes after reading it this is really unfair can’t bear it any more and how come judge gave death sentence in just two hearings it never happens even with the serious criminals also

  3. Vins

    In Today’s episode Romi’s face is so funny…. He looks like he cried more than raman…. lol… today’s episode I feel like there is some editing fault… All of a sudden from where that footage came… I doubt on nidhi that chip has changed because of her… anyways boring episode… unnecessary episode..

  4. Omg today’s episode is soo sad…I almost cried…..but I need a clarification its nidhi who dropped the chip thts y it was not working and she put the whole blame on Raman
    And the upcoming episode will raman shoot ishita or will he push her off a cliff?? By the way y is he doing that??

  5. jinal

    what rubbish
    ye log us footage ki 3-4 copy nahi rakh saktethe kya?
    us nidhi chabra ne koi natak to nahi kiya jan buj k dusri chip di ho use

  6. What the hell is this? Ekta kapoor has lost her senses…Yhm has lost its charm…They could have at least proven ishita innocent by providing the chip in the court which had the video..How many of u agree with me?

    • V P

      i totally agree …. at least the vedeo should have worked …. the episode was very sad … my heart was literally whelming . what are the makers going to do …. totally rubbish unbelievable . infact ghost track to another worst track ….we fans are fools to watch …..i really wonder what type of audience enjoy this crap ? really feel like breaking the Tv …. nidhi should not have failef the case ….. as she was giving the chip to Raman , i felt something is going wrong ….. anyways our fate …. no ishra seperation please …if you want Ekta madam take the help of some fiction writers of yhm ….those stories are much better to read …

    • Appy

      mujh b nidhi pe doubt ho rha hia ,raman ko sahi vdo dikhayi fir jan bhujh k gira di or usi me usne chip badal di.

  7. Awwww what the heck I just hate today’s episode really I felt really sad for ishra and precap was really sad poor adi Ruhi…. can’t expect worse than this 🙁

  8. Tuffy

    Why is there so many spoilers – hanged, shot, thrown off a cliff, on TV they show something different. How does sarika know everything beforehand, she changed the chip. Where has romi’s involvement spoiler gone? Surely nidhi being the best lawyer can sort this, did she give chip to Raman on purpose?

  9. Happy

    May be nidhi is also with suyash …as she is a cheat lawyer she creat fake evidence to win the case ….why she did not creat any fake evidence now???

  10. SIndhu

    What is the matter with the YHM writers? They have all gone bonkers in their head., Why introduce a video chip to prove Ishita innocent when it is all going to be wiped out? If sarika has done it, how does she know Raman has the chip? Oh I hate this episode. Why can’t just show the chip and prove her innocent and then work towards proving who is actual murderer? I am sure they can develop a lot twists and turns for proving the actual murderer. This story line is going off track completely. I totally detest the upcoming track of Raman shooting Ishita, she falling off the cliff and Raman getting arrested instead….. Whether all this will happen or not, only the writers will know but this track will definitely be nonsensical. It was this close to proving Amar’s murder and then the video is blanked. I only can suspect Sarika or Romi if Romi is the real murderer as the spoiler says. Oh can someone show some relief to YHM and can it go on a peaceful track if not let them honestly close down YHM and finish off the serial. I think there are better plot lines than taking turns to go to prison first wife and then husband.. They are making mockery of the entire law system. I really am sad that YHM has turned out to be a disaster plot.

  11. jahnavi

    iam feeling so sad for ishra poor adi and ruhi they are justttt awesomeeee but when will we get back our ishraruadi iam hoping 4 it soon…..

  12. reshma

    I think nidhi is linked with ashok&sarika for some extent in this… that’s why she might have changed the chip… what the hell??? when Raman takes the chip he should watch it or check it before he comes to court or the day the chip was given.. he should have made some copies, ryt??? all the nonsense is being shown.. Raman will push ishitha from cliff just to get one day time to prove his wife is innocent.. but all this drama is not needed.. they would have made copies of evidence/proof..

    really fed up with ekta & CVS.. showing a f*ck.. better to end the track on good note…

    New spoiler is Raman will push ishitha from a cliff, and ishitha will be safe and returns home in next coming episodes… donno about Raman.. all this is Raman’s plan to prove ishitha killed amar in self defence..

    • Appy

      sochne wali baat ye hia ki jail ander cliff kaha n se a gya??? :/ kuki use fansi ki saza di gyi hai means use jail se bahar tehalne to bhejenge nhi

  13. jinal

    right yar it’s fine if show will ends with happy ending… other than leap or separation of raman and ishita…
    may be nidhi raman se badla le rahi ho as shown in yhm that raman and nidhi had some connection in past..
    ya fir kisi bhi reason se wo jan bujke case har jaye…
    varna itni kavel lawyer jo kabhi koi case na hari ho wo itni asani se kaise har jayegi yar…
    And why romi killed amar chhada yar…wo esa kyu karega…

    writer plz stop this drama and sab thik kardo sarika pallvi suyansh nidhisab ka chapter close kar do bad me kuch naya panga leke a jana plz..

  14. Gagan

    Ishita deserves all this, one should not be interefering and more kind like ishita. She had no right to interfer between pallavi n amar, she ws d one who ws looking for d real mother of rohit even if there ws no need fr this. So its a kind of lesson for those who interferes and who has habit of showing herself as kind.I hate ishita n her boring ache bnne vale lectures.She never listened to raman also.

  15. sandy

    definitely niddhi changed the chip to get some type of deal with
    Raman! like they both saw what happend in Amar’s house in that chip but when it dropped, she probably changed it to the blank chip!

  16. In a yet another
    shocking twist on
    Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,
    Raman (Karan Patel) will push
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) off the
    cliff. But why would Raman want to
    kill her?

  17. Oh no! Will this be the
    end of Is-hita’s
    character on the show?
    Fans get set for a shocking twist on
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Yes, we are
    aware of the turmoil Raman (Karan
    Patel) and Is-hita (Divyanka
    are facing in their lives. She was
    from jail for a couple of days
    Sarika (Sarika Dhillon) decided to
    herhappiness once again. Reports
    that Is-hita will be handed over a
    death penalty much to the shock of
    Bhalla and Iyer families. Everyone
    be distraught about this.
    What will follow will be even more
    shocking. There was buzz that
    will shoot Is-hita to save her from
    death penalty but now there seems
    be some change. Reports are he
    take her to a secluded spot and
    her off a cliff. Is-hita will be
    as she never expected Raman to kill
    her like this. However, this is the
    method through which he plans to
    save her from the death penalty.
    There is buzz that post pushing Is-
    off the cliff, Raman will shoot
    and the show will go into a leap.
    we will see Is-hita married to ACP
    Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) on the
    We wonder what will happen to
    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani)
    considering that she is pregnant
    the surrogate baby. Rumours of
    Divyanka being paired with her real
    life beau have been doing the
    since a long time.

  18. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi and all yhm friends.

  19. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita gets
    death sentence in case of
    killing Mr Chaddha.
    Ishita meets Raman last
    time and jailer takes her
    to hang.
    However, someone
    comes there and stops
    jailer doing this with
    However, it was just a
    dream of Raman and he is
    completely shattered
    over this dream because
    she can never dream to
    lose Ishita.
    Raman and advocate
    Nidhi make a plan to
    save Ishita.
    Raman brings Ishita near
    to a cliff and throws her
    from there.
    Everyone assumes Ishita
    is dead but she will
    return when case gets
    Will Raman and Ishita
    unite again after case
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  20. yhm ko yeh thi mohobbatein hona chahiye aur yhm ka genre comedy tragedy aur melodrama hona chahiye .kyunki na yhm apne naam se aur naa hi apne genre se ab match kartha hai . cvs aur makers ne koi kasar nahi chodi hai yhm ko poori tarah barbaad karne mein .

  21. Troubles don’t seem to die down in Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman’s (Karan Patel) lives in “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.”
    Ishita, who was jailed on murder charges, was recently bailed out for a short period. However, her happiness was short-lived as soon after her release, Sarika decided to ruin her life yet again. Further, there were reports that in the upcoming episodes, Ishita will be found guilty of murdering advocate Chaddha and the court will award her a death penalty.

    According to a Bollywood Life report, following the court’s announcement, Raman, in order to save Ishita from being hanged, will take a drastic step. It was earlier reported that Raman will execute his wife’s fake murder to rescue her from the death penalty. However, according to latest reports, Raman will throw Ishita off a cliff and shoot himself.

    While this will shock fans of Ishita and Raman (IshRa), the report further stated that soon after the shocking incident, the show will take a leap, after which Ishita will get married to ACP Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) on the show.

    While fans of real-life couple Divyanka and Vivek will be happy with the upcoming track, Vivek, in a recent interview with Pink Villa , claimed that no such romantic track between him and Divyanka will be introduced on the show. “No. There is nothing like that to happen. I would completely deny it all. No such track is going to be introduced,” the actor said.

    • Maisha

      I am not at all happy with the upcoming episodes. I want ishra to live happily on screen nd divyanka Vivek to live happily off screen

  22. we dont want leap
    and seprration
    we dont want leap and seperation
    we dont want leap and seperation
    we dont want leap and seperation
    we dont want leap and seperation
    in yhm .plz makers ekta or cvs .
    dont spoil yhm and we want our
    old yhm and plz stop this

  23. aaj sbs aur sbb mein dikhaaya ki ishitha ko phasi hothi hai lekin ishitha marthi nahi hai . phasi mein woh niche gir jaathi hai aur kisi jail ke surang se bahar nikal jaathi hai aur raman usse bhagakar le jaatha hai aur cliff se usse dhakka detha hai .bhalla family mein log ro rahe hai aur rinki ke photo ke neeche ishitha ke photo par haar chadaaya hai aur acp ishitha ke jail se gayab hone ke baare mein poochne bhalla house aatha hai aur usse raman par shak hotha hai .tabhi niddhi aakar acp pe chillathi hai ki uski laaparwaayi ki wajah se ishitha gayab hui hai.

  24. Laxmi

    Y ppl all r wasting time here commenting wen does nt have any meaning… Stop.commenting fr one week.. As I believe more comments here agitation the ream of yhm think viewers r thrilled.. If u want really to make sense then stop commenting and never respond to updates…. Will see wat ppl do.. Atleast they realize we r nt fools to watch their crappie…

    • Happy

      I agree with laxmi..girls lets boycott commenting we will not comment till they end this track…yhm team do read this they will come to know that we r unhappy as all this is agame of trp its just a suggestion.. im npt ordering any one at the end of the day ur phone ur email id ur data who m i 2 order u….but plz think about it once

  25. niddhi pagal hai . lagtha hai usne jaan boojkar khali chip raman ko diya taki ishitha ko saza mile aur woh raman se shaadi karle – uski paise aur fame ke liye aur badla lene ke liye . itnee din court mein kuch nahi boli . achaanak vedio dikhaaya .aur bewakoof kahiki uss vedio ke kayi saare copies banaake alag alag logon ko dena chahiye tha . bahuth apne aap ko smart samajthi hai lekin uske dimaag mein smartness ka naam tak nahi hai . usko dekhke yeh nahi lagtha ki woh lawyer hai kyunki court mein jab baath karne ki aathi hai tab bolthi nahi hai aur nahi baath karni hothi toh sab pe chillathi hai aur fashion parade banke ghoomthi rehthi hai .case lene se pehle nakhre toh aise dikhaay ki uske case lethe hi jeeth uska swaagath kar raha ho . yeh niddhi toh poora psycho hai aur dimaag toh uska crack hi ho chuka hai . ek case uss se handle nahi hotha.

  26. Tuffy

    I also think nidhi changed the chip. If she wants/wanted to win then this would not have happened. So many spoilers/tv spoilers, no show of romi being framed. YHM should be ended if track is not shown going in right direction. If it was reported romi was suspected, why death sentence given so soon? It was also reported that chaddha was shot? What happened to that spoiler?

  27. Prithvi

    At least the ghost track was far better than this….. Writers are making a laughing stocks out if themselves.. LOL

  28. summi

    Horrible episode I agree all YHM friends who says Nidhi is responsible for chip drama,this chip is soo important how can it be single,it must have 5 to 6 copies with every one. I can’t a lawyer can’t keep an evidence safe. Nidhi always looks like a model, i think two models of this show ACP n Nidhi must be kicked out of show.

  29. VSD

    There are so many faults and loopholes in this track of yhm!! Inhave stopped watching it n guess will stop reading it as well soon.. Theres no logical consideration to the track.. All are acting so dumb and ishita wants to become social service queen and lands up in touble all the time.. In routine life they are just involved in jails courtrooms murders policemen….. Crap.. Makers kindly understand that its too foolishness what they are trying to show!! Just to pair up real life partners doesnt mean to separate reel life couple then easily show people marrying other person and being happy about it!! Marriage is fun for ekta kapoor.. She herself mever got married hence keeps on changing partners onscreen for others just like that!! Hopeless

  30. JJ

    Nidhi gave a nasty smirk when Judge announced his decision in giving Ishita the death penalty, I think she is developing an attraction for Raman. Ughh this is soo BS, Ekta is just ignoring all fan requests, and going down the lane of failure because she seems to enjoy drowning in shit.

  31. Vid hurpaul

    Hi. The track is rubbish. How can the judge give such a sentence in 2 or 3 hearings. The show has completely lost its beauty. There is so much sadness and hatred and cruelty that even the children and youngsters watching the show are questioning the elders whether true love and being kind lead to such a life? There is another thing which is really disgusting is the way the character of Vandu has been changed. Having been projected as a strong and sensible character how is it that she is now a drunkard. I agree that she got shaken but not to that extent. It has been dragged a bit too long. Please writers make taķe hold of herself.

  32. Angle

    I think original chip is with Nichi only and now she will blackmail raman to marry her. I think Nichi dont know raman by face (as the person who regicted her)she only knows Mrs bahla she saw her for the first in hospital so may be now she will take her Revenge from raman forvditching her

  33. sweety

    guys please write written update with new title…..YHmM title changed to YEh THi MOHABBATEIn (YTM)…………………………………………

    I am a real Hater of this crap serial….

  34. Ude

    Hi friends! (rithu, jhanvi, fathi, riya, nivedha, ramchin, dia, diya, summi, darshika and all the fans)
    I was seriously upset with todays epi. Why dnt the writters understand that we dnt need any kind of acp and ishitha romance on screen. We need ishra romancing and ishraruadi loving moments only. The story has become a criminal story nw. It makes us feel yuck about yhm. Bt we cnt feel so because we luv our old yhm. Oh please give our old yhm back. Please please please …….

  35. Natasha

    im writting a story named arziyan yeh dill ki and its not on the base of any serial. i have wrote three epi till now. i guess many of u have already read its first and second episode. i have updated third epi.
    the link is-

    if u didnt read its first and second epi then read it here-

    i really consider u all as my friend and i will be very happy if u at least for one time read this story. and dont forget to tell me how it is.

  36. mansi

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita gets death sentence in case of killing Mr Chaddha.

    Ishita meets Raman last time and jailer takes her to hang.

    However, someone comes there and stops jailer doing this with Ishita.

    However, it was just a dream of Raman and he is completely shattered over this dream because she can never dream to lose Ishita.

    Raman and advocate Nidhi make a plan to save Ishita.

    Ishita to die and return in a new avatar

    Raman brings Ishita near to a cliff and throws her from there.

    Everyone assumes Ishita is dead but she will return when case gets closed.

    Will Raman and Ishita unite again after case ending?

  37. Meeru

    Hi.. I also c yhm from the start…
    I m sure they wont hang ishitha… And this couple ? will continue till the end… This is just a jerk…. Serious viewers….dont worry.?

  38. Meeru

    I hav commented about the serial..and found that many hav the same opinion… But still the track doesn’t change…. Do our views…matter?

  39. Sunrise

    I think nidhi hates raman. & his family bcoz once it was shown that she said when Raman got late to meet her & said that 1 day she was also waiting for him & even once Mrs Bhalla said that she had heard Nidhi Chabra’s name… by the way today’s episode was just like a drama

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