Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suyyash speaking against Ishita. Judge gives one day time for the hearing. Ishita cries. Raman asks Niddhi why did she call him here, do you have any proof. She shows the footage of Amar’s murder. Raman sees this footage and says now Ishita will be proved innocent, how did you get this. Niddhi says when Pallavi changed her statement, I studied case well, I knew I will get proof from Amar’s home, Amar was possessive about Pallavi and has kept CCTV cameras in his home to keep an eye on Pallavi, his murder got recorded in it. Raman says now Ishita will get free, do you know what you did for me, I can’t return this favor, but if you need my help anytime in life, I will do anything. The chip falls by her and she picks it. She asks Raman to keep this chip with him.

He asks why. She says it will be more safe with you, Suyyash will try to find what proof I have. Raman says I will keep this safer than my life.

Its night, Vandu recalls Suyyash’s words. Bala comes and gives her wine. She asks whats this. He says I made this for you, drink it, you will feel good, you don’t need to justify, I thought it will work as medicine in your illness, else I would have not given it to you, today I need this too, cheers. They drink. He says don’t get bottle from Raman’s house again, okay. She hugs him and cries.

Its morning, media is outside the court and covers the murder case matter still posing questions whether Ishita killed Amar Chadda or is she innocent. The court proceedings start. Niddhi says I have proof of the truth, and asks Raman to give that packet. Raman gives her the chip. Suyyash asks whats in this packet. Niddhi says Ishita went to safe Pallavi, I have that footage, we will know how was Amar Chadda and how he used to keep an eye on Pallavi, we will know what happened that night in Amar’s house. The video does not come. Raman gets shocked. Niddhi asks Raman did he get right chip. Raman says yes. Suyyash says its blank chip. Niddhi says there is some problem, give me one day time. Suyyash says what joke is this, you are wasting court time, we know you don’t like to lose, it does not mean you play with court. He says there is new chapter in this case, its self defense, Ishita is clever woman, she killed such a man who was dreaming to have a good life with his wife and son, he was happy, but Ishita ruined his happiness, I want Ishita to get strictly punished, who make fun of our system and laws by using self defense, its planned murder, I want her to get hanged. They all get shocked and cry.

Raman says no listen, we have seen footage. He requests Pallavi to say the truth. He asks judge to give one day time. He begs to Pallavi to say truth. Ishita cries seeing Pallavi. The judge declares the decision that Ishita is found guilty, she killed Amar and tried to dispose Amar’s body in wrong way, so court declares her punishment.. to be hanged till death. Everyone get shocked. Swapn Sunehere……………. Plays……… Raman and Ishita cry seeing each other. The family members cry too.

Niddhi asks Raman how did he not manage a small chip, your wife got death sentence because of your carelessness, and I lost a case. Raman sits in shock. Niddhi leaves. Ishita is taken away by police. Ishita requests Abhishek to let her talk to her family once. She goes to her family. They all cry. She requests elders not to cry for her, I also broke when that punished was announced, but I did not kill anyone, I m sure I will be fine. She says Raman…. Please control your anger, be strong, you are a very good person. He says nothing will happen to you, I promise you, I will go to supreme court and do anything possible. She says I trust Ravan Kumar and hugs him. Abhishek asks her to come. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays……… Ishita is brought to jail and talks to the women. She says my husband will get me out of here, I trust him, he won’t leave me in this state.


Raman and Niddhi argue. She blames him that its because of him that Ishita is going to get hanged. Adi and Ruhi cry. The kids meet the death executioner and request him to delay one day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi. The track is rubbish. How can the judge give such a sentence in 2 or 3 hearings. The show has completely lost its beauty. There is so much sadness and hatred and cruelty that even the children and youngsters watching the show are questioning the elders whether true love and being kind lead to such a life? There is another thing which is really disgusting is the way the character of Vandu has been changed. Having been projected as a strong and sensible character how is it that she is now a drunkard. I agree that she got shaken but not to that extent. It has been dragged a bit too long. Please writers make taķe hold of herself.

  2. I think original chip is with Nichi only and now she will blackmail raman to marry her. I think Nichi dont know raman by face (as the person who regicted her)she only knows Mrs bahla she saw her for the first in hospital so may be now she will take her Revenge from raman forvditching her

  3. guys please write written update with new title…..YHmM title changed to YEh THi MOHABBATEIn (YTM)…………………………………………

    I am a real Hater of this crap serial….

  4. Hi friends! (rithu, jhanvi, fathi, riya, nivedha, ramchin, dia, diya, summi, darshika and all the fans)
    I was seriously upset with todays epi. Why dnt the writters understand that we dnt need any kind of acp and ishitha romance on screen. We need ishra romancing and ishraruadi loving moments only. The story has become a criminal story nw. It makes us feel yuck about yhm. Bt we cnt feel so because we luv our old yhm. Oh please give our old yhm back. Please please please …….

  5. hey guys good morning.

  6. im writting a story named arziyan yeh dill ki and its not on the base of any serial. i have wrote three epi till now. i guess many of u have already read its first and second episode. i have updated third epi.
    the link is-

    if u didnt read its first and second epi then read it here-

    i really consider u all as my friend and i will be very happy if u at least for one time read this story. and dont forget to tell me how it is.

  7. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita gets death sentence in case of killing Mr Chaddha.

    Ishita meets Raman last time and jailer takes her to hang.

    However, someone comes there and stops jailer doing this with Ishita.

    However, it was just a dream of Raman and he is completely shattered over this dream because she can never dream to lose Ishita.

    Raman and advocate Nidhi make a plan to save Ishita.

    Ishita to die and return in a new avatar

    Raman brings Ishita near to a cliff and throws her from there.

    Everyone assumes Ishita is dead but she will return when case gets closed.

    Will Raman and Ishita unite again after case ending?

  8. Hello everyone
    I m a great fan of yhm

  9. But I don’t think it would be a good time now watching yhm

  10. I want ishra romantic scenes

  11. Rithushree I wanna be your friend
    Please tell me how to contact you

    1. you can contact me on this site only and speak to me here only and even i am your friend .

  12. Hi.. I also c yhm from the start…
    I m sure they wont hang ishitha… And this couple ? will continue till the end… This is just a jerk…. Serious viewers….dont worry.?

  13. I hav commented about the serial..and found that many hav the same opinion… But still the track doesn’t change…. Do our views…matter?

  14. I think nidhi hates raman. & his family bcoz once it was shown that she said when Raman got late to meet her & said that 1 day she was also waiting for him & even once Mrs Bhalla said that she had heard Nidhi Chabra’s name… by the way today’s episode was just like a drama

  15. pagal makers or unke drama hate all this nonsence thanx ritushree for telling the spoilers of yhm

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