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The Episode starts with Raman getting ready and Ishita asking him to smile, as he will get the job soon. Raman says if I lose job and don’t get it, it can be big problem, there are many responsibilities. She says just be positive. Adi hears this and says if I ask for fees, Papa will feel bad, whom shall I ask now. Raman and Ishita see him hurt and show concern. Raman asks why did he bring diary. Adi says nothing and hides the matter. He asks Ishita to drop him to school and leaves. Ishita asks Raman to come home soon and asks him to smile. Shagun apologizes to Adi and says lets go and take fees from Raman. Adi says no, he said he will deposit it. She asks did you say him. He says yes. She says its good, I will drop you to school. He says I will go with Ruhi, Ishita aunty is dropping her.

She says fine, I will go and rest. He says how to tell mum that Papa is not having job, she will be in tension.

Raman talks to Malhotra and says he is glad to get the change. Malhotra says so you are leaving, why this ego. Raman says its not ego, I can’t handle office politics. Malhotra says why don’t you say you have problem with Mihir’s promotion. Raman says Mihir is more than brother to me, I m very glad for him, I m saving you from choosing between two brothers, and you can’t use any brother against another. Malhotra says you will regret, who will give you a job. Raman says I just know I wrote my fate by my hands, and I will do this again. He leaves. Malhotra says your fate doors are closed, you are dead.

Shagun asks Ishita why did she pay Adi’s fees, he is my son and I can pay it. Ishita says I saw his name in fee defaulters and I paid it. Shagun says but he said he spoke to Raman. Ishita thinks so Adi came to say this and he did not say to Shagun. She says kids get affected by this, be careful next time. Shagun says thanks. Ishita talks to Adi and asks him to have dosa and chutney together. She thanks Adi. Adi asks what did I do.

She says you supported your dad, lie is not bad if said for good thing. She says you came to know Raman is losing job. Adi asks how do you know. Ishita says the vase which fell in your leg told me, don’t worry, I paid your fees, you are a good child. She tells him that everything will be fine. She says once he gets a new job, he will tell everyone, let him handle this pressure. She says don’t say anyone. Adi agrees.

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She gets a call from her clinic and asks Anjali not to cancel any appointments, she will talk to Dr Batra, ask them to come today if they can come, we will try not to refuse anyone. Ruhi comes to her and says Rinki is calling you, she is troubling anyone. Ishita meets Rinki and asks her to get ready by Simmi’s help, she will try to come early from clinic. She asks her to talk to the guy freely and hugs her, wishing all the best. She leaves.

Dimple brings her brother and they meet Bhallas. Simmi teases Rinki. Raman talks to Nikhil about his next plans and general talk, where does he live, US or Canada. Nikhil answers him and says states. Pammi says US or Canada, does it matter, you trouble a lot Raman and jokes. They ask Rinki and Nikhil to talk. Raman takes her and stops Romi. He asks Rinki not to scare the guy. Simmi says she will go. Raman stands out and gets Ishita’s call. He says they are talking, and tells what she did in their times. She says our situation was different, and all guys ask do you know cooking.

Nikhil asks Rinki do you cook. Rinki asks why, do you want a chef. Nikhil says no, no need to worry, I m a good masterchef. Rinki says she wants to continue her studies. He asks her to continue studies in US. Raman says I will go and see, its long time. Ishita says let them talk and think. He asks her to come and see the guy. She says you all see, it enough. He says they are coming and ends the call.

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Pammi says Nikhil’s smile shows he likes Rinki nand asks her how did she find Nikhil. Dimple’s husband asks her to say later. Rinki says its yes from my side and they all get happy. Raman says congrats Nikhil. Both the families hug. Raman gives shagun to Nikhil and says welcome to our family. They talk about keeping functions grand and praise Nikhil, while Dimple’s husband asks them to keep things simple. They fix the Roka tomorrow. Raman gets worried.

Ishita comes late and apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks did I ask you why you came late, when I don’t ask Raman, why will I ask you, I know work takes time, you already did so much. She thanks her and says do arrangements for tomorrow. I m depending on you. Ishita says you are world’s best mum in law. Mrs. Bhalla says I know, and hugs her saying she is also good.

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The ladies have a talk about Roka and what to gift Nikhil. Mrs. Bhalla says I have gold chain in locker, lets give that. Ishita says no, we are going for shopping, buy something. Raman brings Adi and Ruhi and they show the best wishes card. They all writ their wishes. Ishita sees Raman crying and teases him. He says why will I cry. She says so sweet. He asks does she wish to eat him. She says no, my stomach will get upset. He jokes and teases her. They smile and yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………….

Ishita tells Raman what Adi did, he heard us and did not say about his fees, knowing you lost the job, he did not say Shagun and covered it up to save your respect. Raman smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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