Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman going with his friend inside. Ishita thinks why did he bring me with him if he had to go alone. Raman sees the party and thinks about the last party and his fight with Ashok. Raman’s friends meet him and have a drink together. Ishita says its so embarrassing, what if I go home, what wil Ruhi say. Ruhi calls Ishita and asks about the party. Ishita says having lots of fun here. Ashok and Shagun arrive and see Ishita talking to Ruhi. They smile and walk inside. Shagun and Ashok look at Ashok. Ashok thinks now it will be fun. Nikhil meets them. Raman sees them and recalls the old incident.

Ashok was drunk and Raman saw Ashok getting closer to Shagun. Shagun says Raman does not like us getting closer, let me go. Ashok says I love you Shagun.

Raaman beats Ashok for touching Shagun. Shagun takes Ashok’s side and cares for him. Raman is shocked and asks he was misbehaving with you and you are favoring him. Ashok says tell him the truth Shagun, that you love me. Ishita thinks Raman does not have manners. Ashok sees Ishita alone and says look at her, she is still alone coming with her husband, we are better than her without marriage, you and give her some company.

Shagun says what. He says yes, do like I say, go and apologize to her, then bring her here. Shagun asks what do you mean. He tells his plan to her. Shagun smiles. Shagun says sometimes I feel I did nott do any mistake choosing you over Raman. He says sometimes? She says shall I go now. He says yes go. Shagun comes to Ishita and says you here, Nikhil is Raman’s friend too. She asks are you angry with me, its natural, I misbehaved with you, I m sorry Ishita, the situation was such, my daughter was going away from me. She says I m not upset that you married Raman, come I will introduce you to my friends. Ishita says no, I m fine. Shagun says come, we will have a good time.

Shagun meets her friends. Ishita looks on as they have a talk. They ask Shagun are you in touch with Raman. They say Raman had a good progress after he left Shagun. Shagun says leave it, we are divorced you. They say he is mad in your love. They ask does he call you. Shagun says no, we were tensed about Ruhi’s custody and he won the custody. He wanted it so that he can hurt me. They say forget it, he is going good in life, Nikhil said he said he is whatever because of you. They have a laugh. Nikhil and Raman comes there. Nikhil says Raman was mad about you. Raman says we are divorced now, we hate each other.

Shagun says you are just the same, you spoil other’s happiness. Raman says fine, I don’t want not stay here, I hate your name and your every memory. Nikhil stops Raman. Nikhil says we met after so many years, enjoy the drink. Ashok comes to taunt Raman. He asks Nikhil to excuse them. Raman gets angry and asks him to drink as much he can digest. Ashok says today it got a little more. He says I m very hurt today, you have hurt me a lot. He says if you asked me something else, I would have given you, but Ruhi…. you took away Ruhi, do you have any idea how much I miss her. I will not forgive you for this. Raman says Ruhi is my daughter, she had to come to me.

Ashok says you think you won the case, so she is yours. She is mine and I will take her at any cost. Raman says you won’t stop barking. Ashok says I can’t digest that my Ruhi is with you. Raman says because I lose my temper, leave with Shagun. Ashok laughs and says you are a fool, you don’t know when did I start dating Shagun. It started when she came to my house party and I liked her at first sight.

You came to know it very late, we met often. He says Shagun is smart and you are a fool. He says we were very close and when Shagun was pregnant then…… Raman asks what, tell me. Ashok says leave it, your party will be ruined. Raman says I have beaten you like a dog before. Raman says tell me. Ashok says you thought Ruhi was your love child, but I knew it that that child was not yours, but mine. Raman is shocked and hurt. Ashok smiles.

Ashok says Ruhi is my daughter. Raman says you are lying. Ashok says I will take my daughter back, I will prove in the court, you will always be a loser. Raman drinks a lot hearing this. Shagun hears this and asks Ashok why did you lie to Raman that Ruhi is your daughter. Ashok says we did not come here to meet old friends, but to hurt Raman. Now whenever he will see Ruhi, he will see me, and he will curse himself why he took Ruhi to his house. Shagun says Ruhi is Raman’s daughter and I know that truth. Ashok says it does not matter, Raman will trust me. Ashok says lets party. Raman thinks about Ashok’s words.

Ishita comes to know that Raman left. Nikhil says I will help you drop. Ishita says no, I will go myself. Ashok and Shagun see this. Ashok says Raman left his wife alone, lets drop her. Shagun asks Ishita what happened, did Raman go? She says it always happen, he does not care about anyone, we will drop you. Ishita says I will take a cab. Shagun says its not safe. Ishita sits with them. Ashok smiles.

Amma praises Ishita and Raman. Bala’s mum says it was a very entertaining marriage. Raman comes to Amma. Amma asks is everything fine Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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