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The Episode starts with Ishita seeing Ruhi and Raman and thinking to do something. She takes sambar in a bowl and says sambhav always helps. She adds chilli powder in the sambar. She says Raman’s state will get bad, sorry. She takes sambar for him and asks him to taste it and say how is it. He says I m having tea. She says Pihu asked me to make good sambar, just tell me. He tastes it and says you got mad. He starts coughing. Ruhi sees him and rushes to get water. She feeds him water and icecream. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita smile seeing this. Ruhi asks are you feeling better. He says mad madrasan wanted to kill me. Ruhi says she is not like you. He stops Ruhi.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to wait, let them fight and get anger out. Raman says what should I do seeing a guy in my daughter’s

room. Ruhi says it was too much. He says okay, but I could not ask him to have tea and snacks, when its about you, I can’t control my anger, I m sorry. Ruhi says leave all that, you got my fav icecream, we both will eat it and make our mood better. He feeds her icecream. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla smile. Mrs. Bhalla says after all blood is blood, come. Mrs. Bhalla says this is too much, icecream came for everyone and eating alone.

Ruhi asks her to make tomato chicken for her. Ishita says its chilli sambar for Raman and laughs. Ruhi laughs and hugs Raman. Ishita serves Ruhi her fav tomato chicken. Abhishek comes there. Raman asks what happened, is this related to Nisha’s case. Abhishek asks did anything happen yesterday. Raman says yes, Suhail came in Ruhi’s room by window, I got angry and beaten him. Abhishek says I got complaint against you and Romi.

Raman asks who did the complaint. Kirti comes and says I did it, Suhail stays alone, it does not mean he has no one, I m part of his family, I will not be quiet. Ruhi says Kirti… Kirti says you here. Raman says she is my daughter. Kirti says oh I see, so you came there to convince him not to complaint against your dad and uncle. Raman asks is this true Ruhi. Kirti says as if you don’t know, you act well, Ruhi came in morning, she is selfish. Raman says mind your tongue, Ruhi did you go to meet him. Abhishek says sort out personal problem later, its complaint of physical assault, Raman and Romi have to come with me. Ishita defends Raman. Raman says Ishita let it be, we will fight case legally, call lawyer, Abhishek you can do your duty, come Romi.

Ruhi asks Abhishek not to take Raman. She asks Kirti to please take complaint back. Kirti refuses. Suhail comes and says don’t arrest them, I fell down stairs. Kirti says they should be punished. He asks her not to get in this matter. She goes angrily. Abhishek says Raman accepted that he has beaten you. Suhail says yes, I respect him, he is elder, if he raised hand on my mistake, it does not mean I file case, I take complaint back. Abhishek goes. Suhail apologizes. Raman asks is your drama over, you filed complaint and acted to become hero, you will not become great in my eyes, be away from Ruhi, next time you will not be saved. They all go. Ruhi sees Suhail.

Raman says he thinks we are fools, he is doing drama to impress Ruhi. Suhail comes after them and says I m not doing drama, I did not know Kirti complaint. Raman asks him to leave. Ruhi asks Raman to listen to Suhail. Romi says enough Ruhi, Raman is right, Suhail get lost.Ruhi says Papa is wrong, why are you supporting Papa, Suhail apologizes and took police complaint back, can’t you see his goodness. Ishita asks Suhail to just leave, can’t you see matter is getting worse. Raman says end this matter, be away from my daughter, I know such guys, he want to prove he is great, he is breaking our family.

Suhail asks why will I do this, I don’t have any enmity. Raman says I don’t know, but I dislike you, be away from Ruhi, this is my house, get out. Ruhi asks what are you saying. Raman holds him and pushes him out. Ruhi shouts. Ishita asks Raman what are you saying. Raman asks what, did you hear what Kirti said, Ruhi went to meet him. Ruhi says yes, but I took permission from Ishita. Raman looks at Ishita. Ishita says I can explain the reason. Raman says shut up and goes.

Ishita goes after him. Mr. Bhalla says this can create fight between them. Raman asks Ishita why did you send Ruhi. Ishita says she was worried and wanted to meet Suhail, if I refused, she would have hidden and went, so I have sent Aaliya. He says I m her father, how can you decide for her. She says I m her mother, I did what I felt right, atleast she trusts me, one day she will rebel. He asks will I let her rebel. I know how to control her, I m her father, and have more anger. He goes. She says why does he not understand.

Simmi gets glad that her designs are approved. She says now I have to work harder, I will tell everyone, they will jump happily, but they are upset, with whom shall I share this good news, Ananya is sleeping with Pihu. Gaurav calls her and says sorry, I wanted to ask about Ananya. She says Ananya is fine. He says she is my friend, so I was worried, okay good night. She says I want to tell something if you are not busy, I m so happy that my designs got approved. He congratulates her and asks for party. She says sure, party done. He says I was thinking how did you agree, we will party when you are free, our friendship just started, slow and steady wins the race. He ends call. She smiles.

Ruhi thinks of Raman scolding Suhail. She calls Suhail. He says I hope you are thinking I did police complaint, Kirti did that, I did not wish to do all that. She says I trust you, I called to say, Papa has misunderstanding about you, I know him well, its difficult to convince him, its clear that I can’t do your concert, Papa is not letting me meet you. He asks how can you do this, you know it will be big loss, I will lose my goodwill. She says I can’t do anything, its not in my hands. I can’t go against Papa. He asks why did you call me then. She says I m really sorry. He says I m sorry, parents are imp part of life, we should value them, I don’t have parents support, so I don’t know the meaning of their support, take care, I will do something. He ends call. She says he looked so disturbed, its not his mistake, he is good and always helped me, why did Papa do this, its all because of me. She cries and says I can’t ditch him, what shall I do.

Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi is with Simmi. Simmi comes home and says Ruhi is not with me, she said you called her for urgent work. Ishita says why will I call her, where did she go. Raman hears all this on phone and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is Suhail a good guy or bad guy or he is acting good and scheming something bad???? Goodness!!! If Suhail is a bad guy why does he do all this drama? Just be like Ashok and show true colours. How did Suhail’s sister find out that Raman and Romi beat him? Yesterday’s episode she knows that he fell down the stairs so how does she know the truth now? So Raman is right.. Suhail pretends to be a hero who rescues them from the police compliant.

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, marin, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Jay, Susan and Leelee and many YHM fans.

    Oh I miss Pihu very much. What happened to her? Where are her scenes with her Ishimaa?

    Mino enjoy your Christmas holidays.

    1. Hi Sindhu …. cvs are really brainless … They cud have had some happy episodes with Pihu Ishitha and the whole family . At least couple of episodes where only family Ishras happiness with their children … No way . Ruhi was shownvery matured earlier , now very immatured . Its infactuation … now Sohail starting emotionally black mailing … he is surely a negative character .. why so much importance .. rather than Ishra … I want to comment a lot and thus take away my anger .. KP nailed today withhis expressions so too . He is a doting father … Many houses mothers support … here Ishitha wants to trust Ruhi … Whats the use even if Shaghun is not there … we cant enjoy the episodes . Really now Simmi too … if wanted cvs cud have paired Simmi and Mani or Simmi with Vidhut . Totally dragging … but Ruhi is lucky to get awsome parents . Ishra is sacrificing a lot for their kids but no happiness at all for them . Please end this with a happy story line .. custody case has reached to no where ..Hi to all

  2. Hi priya rithushree mashing shivani minor vp and all yhm fans how r u all.
    Episode was ok. Ramans anger got increased again.Episode was too boring in these days.The show is losses it charm
    When it was compared with older yhm that was better.

  3. Its not mashing its madhu sorry and where r u magic?

    1. Hi tia am fine how are you? And yeah i also missing magic but i think he affraid to a little girl yes from me hehehe thats why he is not commenting here what you think priya shivani riya rithu vp and all am i right that coward magic afraid to me hehehe

      1. No Madhu .. magic has gone to Hydrabad for his studies. He told that he’ll be back in some days. If you are not sure , go and see earlier comments

  4. Yo man I think Sohail is freaken bad guy dude

  5. Hi Sindhu,Priya,Riya,Shreya,Rithu,Tia,Magic,Mino,Madhu,Saba,Madhu,Shivani,Ridika,Pinku,Nisha and all yhm fans….hope everyone is fine….

    The episode was bad..Raman and Ruhi part was nice..Where is pihu..Missing her very much…

  6. Hlw all yhm fans…Marin,magic,sindhu,rithu,riya,priya,madhu…

    The episode was bad…precape was also bad…

    Raman and Ruhi moments was awsome..Baap beti ka bonding achcha hain…But where is Pihu…?

  7. Hi riya, priya, tia, hrisita, rithu, magic, shreya, bhagya, mino, sindhu, vp, shivani, marin, parichary, tvfan 1, reshmi, priyamvadha, madhu, leelee, susan, rahul, kushi, ridika, leila , and all yhm fans….
    I think CVs have forgotten pihu. Ishitha and Raman stayed away for 1 year to get her and did a lot more things. But as soon as she came to balha house she went missing. She told shagun that she will give ishitha only a chance. And ishra didn’t get her custody right? Shagun only gave pihu to ishitha. Not pihu’s custody right? So ishitha and raman must get pihu’s custody first . So that pihu will be theirs for ever. Am I right? Or can someone give a child to another one according to his / her wish. Is it legal?
    Shreya, Riya, magic, hope you’ll come soon .
    Ridika where were you in the past few days? Missed your comments.
    Bhagya where are you?

    1. very true Priya agree with you .. I just commented on Pihu

  8. This raman is crazy.. why doesnt he trust sohail? Hes being over possesive towards his daughter.. and what ishita did is right because she can understand ruhis feelings. Anyways ruhi did wrong that she shouted at raman… he made her do that..situations apply according to peoples attitude. Ishra chemistry is sooooo boring… adi and aliya are soo cute… many of you may not be liking them because of ishra, but whoever sees this for adi and aliya can understand my words. Why the hell they are not showing adialiya chemistry?? Cvs ruined the whole cast. yhm cannot always be about ishra, it includes others also.

    Ps:i am not an attention seeker and i have the right to comment anything.

    1. Reshmi I too like Adi Alia .Alia is very straight and both of them acting very well.
      cvs have diverted Ishas roles as parents role. it is cvs responsibility to give a script atleast to make fans happy . They have always problems to sort … next will be Simmi …Some how Romi is almost settled like ..

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    where is pihu

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai rithu vp magic aditya khushi sindhu siddhi disha mino supergirl madhu priya riya tia khushiarvind parichey jaz az reshma sunitha sobana ranaji ishveerian disha and al yhm frds hai guys

  11. Hy yhm fans. This is the first time um commenting BT um not a stranger to this site. Each n every day I read all f ur comments. Um really impressed on u guys after the critical situation underwent through this site. I really like u al my yhm friends. Pls accept me as a friend. Hy magic, rithu, VP, madhu, shivani, priya, super girl, Sindhi and all.

    1. You are accepted as a friend Ahs…. Welcome,??

      1. Tnx priya

    2. Welcome to this site.

      1. Tnx rithu

  12. Episode was worst.precap was even more worst.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli Marin madhu pinky priya Tia ridhika padma priyamvadha and all yhm friends.
    I really hate each episode of yhm nowadays.its a big crap .the cvs are purposely ruining the story to a big big biggest crap . I always wished that this show comes first in trp Even when episodes were worst.but now I wish yhm has the lowest trp .it doesn’t deserve to be in top serials. From one month they are just showing crap and slowly it’s loosing its fans also. The show lost its charm and now it will loose trp also then slowly fan following also. The leads should look on to their dressing sense . ishitha repeats her dresses but shagun does not . If anyone who doesn’t not see yhm and if were asked to see the old and present yhm then they would laugh and could point out hundreds of differences .the actors look too changed and fat . Plz cvs bring back the old yhm .

  13. Hi Sindhu, thanks for the wishes. Couldn’t resist a peek in to YHM also. with all the busy work in Church etc.. Saw Ishitha has gone on her Honeymoon to Paris don’t know how far it is true. Saw a photo of hers at the airport & all wishing her a happy honeymoon. i Think as all say the YHM charm is doomed. read Romi has blasted cos people are commenting abt YHM. That about unity in the cast etc. someone would have said that the same thing we discuss here abt the IsRa connection. all are getting huffed up as it looks as if it is true. YHM is a match making movie. see Ardi & Ruhi are hitched . then Romi & Arliya at least they have met their match.. he he he no wonder it is affecting them. can we say if the cap fits put it on… truth hurts. Sorry i am not good at their names so used the reel names. Romi say they are all united etc.. they may be but what about the poor viewers who got hooked on to IsRa etc.. are getting bored . they are acting & producing episodes without any meaning or neither are they finishing what they start. cos u guys were commenting abt the mysterious guy of Simmi’s they started that part. everything is half done . we have to imagine the rest i suppose.
    Thanks guys for liking my yesterday’s comment . was thinking that u all might not agree. Hope u all are keeping fine. Few more days then we have lunches dinners already getting tired of them before even it starts. buying presents wrapping them oh never ending ..Church work is the most important things for me.
    Hi To VP. Sindhu, Shivani., Rithu, Jaz, Khushi, hi i am fine Khushi.. Moniique, Magic,Baghya, Sherya,Parichary, Priya. Tia, Super girl & all The YHM Family.. I am getting there with the names. a start. Love u all God Bless.

  14. Divyanka on honeymoon. So things are going to get a lot more boring. Single shots of Ishita totally disconnected from the rest of the cast. The use of body doubles etc etc. Think I will be skipping YHM untill next year. And as for Romi’s blasting. Where there is smoke there is sure to be a fire. Maybe this would be a good time for Karan to also take leave. Then they could say that IshRa went on their honeymoon.

    1. Susan cvs must have banked the coming episodes . If spoilers to believe till christmas episodes Ishitha will be there . As Rithu commented Ishithas repeated saris are boring … how beautifully dressed she was in the old episodes . Mino totally agree with you …. if yhm is stopped our site also will b stopped .. thats so sad

      1. Yea VP We will lose contact .. more than the series we enjoyed the chit chat..etc.. i totally agree with u about the dress sense of DT. What is she wearing is it a Sari or ???? it doesn’t suit her at all. sometimes getting fat we have to excuse as they are getting on in age etc. but as actors they should mind their figures . As someone mentioned KP has really got ruined with all those tattoos . looks so ugly . one would have been ok. he looks like a thug. soo sad to say from what we have seen at the beginning. he was so handsome & Cute.. but this hair style suits him better i thought..

    2. ha ha ha Good One Susan..

  15. Totally agree with you Rithushree dear..I also hate yhm’s episode now a days..I think cvs has gone mad..The actors also changed their dressing style.Specially Raman’s dressing style is very bad and also ishita.Ishita is becoming fat day by day.She does not look good at all.Come on,,see Hina khan on ye rishta kiya kahlata hain..

  16. Hi all yhm fans. Boring episodes now , nothing to comment on.end yhm .

  17. I think Raman was acting wisely today and it is obvious it is a drama of Sohail. And even after so much of persuation, Sohail was coming to the house, what right he has to barge into the house when he was warned not to come in and it shows he is trying to create a rift between Ruhi and Raman.

  18. I totally agree with you rithushree yhm was too boring now a days and cbs does not showing the ishita pihu bond which is most important. In 2016 SPA yhm was got most awards in every catogory .if the story goes in this style idont think in 2017 SPA they will get the awards.

  19. Shubhra Thakur

    M missing pihu along wid ishi maa n papa…

  20. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  21. I totally agree with you all . Many serial actors when asked about their looks they tell do it just for their fans and hope the fans like it and enjoy their show .but now in yhm the cvs and the actors neither of them are doing this show for the audience because it’s an entertainment show and no story and actors with worst looks .it’s because of fans and viewers they get trp and because of fans votes they get awards and in all awards yhm get majority of awards but nowadays or from past one month yhm has been soo disappointing . When compared to other serials yhm and it’s actors are really not ready to bring it’s old charm and the good and pretty looks that the main leads would used have before . When a show is done its mainly done for people to see and appreciate that serial not for the cvs and actors to see themselves because nobody will see this worst story line because this story of yhm based from a novel’ custody ‘ but other than that and many other things that needs to be focused they are showing all crap.

  22. I think it’s a trap for Rubio anyways ur updates are thankful for me…..??????

  23. I think it’s a trap for ruhi, anyways ur updates are thankful for m☺

  24. hi i daily read ur comments but i tried several times nobody is accepting me as a friend
    what should i do

    1. Hey jassi . welcome to this site .

  25. Hlo guys who is this gaurav

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