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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone waiting with the sticks. Raman and Ishita come downstairs. Raman says Baba ji told that Ashok’s informer’s stick will not break, and he asks Ishita to show her stick. They all show the sticks. Mr. Bhalla, Mrs. Bhalla, Romi and Neelu have sticks, fine and unbroken. Raman says Sarika, just you are left now. Sarika opens the red cloth and shows the stick. Mrs. Bhalla says our sticks did not break, does this mean we all are informers, I m scared since morning, trust me, I will never do anything to harm my family. Mr. Bhalla says I don’t even want to hear Ashok’s name, why will I inform him. Romi says I told you Bhai, all this is nonsense. They all leave. Raman tells Ishita that he tried. Ishita says this informer is not a fool, we have to think something


Amma tells Mihika that her behavior was not good. Mihika says I m happy being independent, support me, you are my strength. Vandu says I understand Mihika, but think from Amma’s perceptive. Mihika asks whats guarantee that the guy will keep me happy. Amma says yes, this is life. Mihika says I won’t marry, that’s final, I will tell you when I want to marry, till then don’t waste time and don’t find any guy. Appa asks Amma not to worry.

Raman asks Ishita to calm down. She says since many days, that informer is here. He says we just knew it. she says I mean, informer is here since many days and we have to think something big. She thinks what will be the third step of Ashok. Ashok tells informer that its good I saved you, you broke the stick and was falling in Raman’s plan, the stick won’t break on own, it was a trap. He goes to meet the informer.

Ashok waits on some lonely road. The car comes and the man gets down. Its Mr. Bhalla. Ashok says you wanted to meet me, what is it. Mr. Bhalla says since I came to know you are using one of my family member by blackmailing or using their helplessness, I wanted to teach you a lesson, stay away from my family, else… Ashok says don’t threaten me, I can kill your son. Mr. Bhalla slaps him and asks who is your informer, I should have not come to meet you, the day I know who is helping you, that will be last day of your life, my family is one and will always be united, stay away from my family. Mr. Bhalla leaves.

Ashok calls the informer and says your family’s head has gone. The informer comes to meet Ashok. Ashok says welcome, Mr. Bhalla wanted to scold me, he followed me till here, he told me that his family is united, what will happen when he knows his bahu is my informer. The informer reveals face. Its Sarika. Ashok says don’t worry, no one knows you are my informer, so just chill. She says but they will find out, everyone is doubting each other, Ishita has done spirit drama well, its getting tough for me to stay there, everyone is alert, I m scared. Ashok says I can see that, Ishita acted very smart, but.. Sarika says if anyone knows about me, I will not leave you. He says so you are threatening me, you are forgetting I know something about you, your secret which your family does not know, if I speak it out, you will be out of your family, shall I remind you again. She says I remember, that’s why I m helping you, I m helpless, you are blackmailing me, I had to attempt to kill Raman. FB shows the scene of the stone falling on Raman on diwali night.

Sarika says I have taken watchman’s help to make stone fall on Raman, and you killed the watchman. Ashok says don’t tell me, I have saved you by doing so. She says you are using my helplessness, but I won’t do anything for few days. He says you have to do as I say. She says my secret should not come out, our plan is not getting successful, we don’t know where is Shagun, and when will Ishita’s drama end, I m doing everything. She says I will leave, I m getting late and they will doubt. She leaves. Ashok says the key of this lock is Shagun, I have to find Shagun anyhow to expose Ishita’s drama.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and sees Raman sitting beside and looking at her. She asks what happened. He asks can’t I see my wife. She asks does he not have to go office. He says my mood is something else, we should spend time, we will go for dinner tonight. She asks him to get permission from Mrs. Bhalla, its late, we will romance later. He says listen and holds her hand. Her phone rings and he goes to freshen up. She answers call from clinic.

Shravan tells Vandu that he won’t go to school. She asks whats the problem. Bala asks her not to scold Shravan and asks Shravan. He tells about his friends asking him about gifts as he won a drawing competition. Vandu says we will buy chocolates, how are your friends to ask for gifts. She asks Bala not to spoil Shravan and takes Shravan.

Ashok scolds the men for not following Prateek and Abhishek right. The man says its tough to follow them, as they changed the route to their home. Ashok asks them to get lost. He thinks to call informer. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sarika to note the ration items. Sarika sees Ashok’s name flashing on the screen and gets tensed.

Ishita asks Prateek for the bill of hotel expenses. He agrees to say the amount, by checking the hotel bill kept at his home. Sarika hears them. Shagun gets shocked seeing Ashok in the hotel lobby. She starts running. Ashok says she is the one and sends the goon to catch her. Shagun runs in the rain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I know sarika’s secret…I think that rohit is not we son and rinki got to know that so sarika killed rinki too!I think this must b it

    1. Yes Divya I totally agree with u

  2. First i thought ki informer is mr. bhalla but as expected that was sarika .
    Now after this that crocodile incident will take place. Crap
    Now i have some hope ki yhm will be on track after this track

  3. and i think now shagun will jump in water then ishita will attacked by crocodile

  4. todays epi was nice they show Mr.bhalla first i was really shocked then they who sarika i think
    next week they reveal the truth of sarika and shagun’s alive hope ishra wont seperated fingers crossed. also waiting for crocodile scene.

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy….I knew from starting it would be sarika…iam feeling lyk dancing after soooooooo long they revealed the khabri..yeahhhhh..ohhoooo…my happiness is beyond the level don’t know wat to speak….I will say later yipeeeeee..

  6. finally its sarika who is informer.

  7. ohh god finaly the secret has cm out now it’s a really interestin…. ?

  8. This sarika is an idiot…
    And pls complete the track …

    Its too dragging…
    I want ishra cute couple….

  9. Is there no ending to this stupid track?Dragging on forever.

  10. Superbbbbbbbbbbb like it

  11. ohh… god finaly the secret has cm out now it’s a really interesting…. ?

  12. sandra s thannickal

    Oooo my god finally infromer face is out.par kyoon sarika aisa karathi hai? iam waiting.rithushree plz tell me yaar why she did this?

  13. plz be kind enough to end this stupid track….. ekth j! i’m begging you… boring a lot

  14. This ain’t dragging its super I love this drama can’t wait for the crocodile scene

  15. finally happy that informer is revealed.. now the show shud go on right track and ishra shud b together forever ?

  16. Fnly d informer’s secrt is out now plz dnt drg it so much…

  17. today epi was good. I hate that sarika how can she tries to kill raman.

  18. Oops ……. I thought it would be romi as he is money minded person….but feeling good that ishra would unite again…..

  19. Wat is the sarika’s truth??

  20. I was shocked thinking it’s Mr.bhalla?? but it is sarika as we predicted???I’m dying to know what’s the secret ?(is it the murder of rink or rohit?)and raman? good trick?? but a shop was too smart?

    Hope shagun? will be OK??

    1. Not RINK ❌it’s RINKI✔ and it’s not A SHOP❌ it’s ASHOK✔ (my dumb phone)???

      SORRY GUYS???

      1. Really it’s not my dumb phone? (my good phone?)? and dumb me??and I don’t mean rohit’s murder? I mean that rohit is adopted??

    2. ???????

  21. wowww … finally ….the KHULLASHA !!!
    mindblowing episode!!!!!
    after soo many days ….
    so the culprit is sarika …
    i knew it ..frm the day ruhi was attackd
    ishra scene wS getting momentum ..
    but shit that da damn phone rang !!!

    frm tommorrow the crocodile track will start ..
    i hope evrythng goes well nd no seperation happens
    supper xcited!

  22. Yipeeeeeee finally khabri pakda gaya
    but ab age kya hone wala h pls koi muje batao

  23. Nice epi…

    Finally finally finally……. D informer is revealed. Nd it’s sarika only… We all know this …so no shock or surprise….!!!!
    But I was so shocked when I saw Mr. Bhalla…
    Ishra part was nice… But as usual their phones…..interpret….

    Sarika is doing this coz of secret….. But how can she try to kill Raman… No matter what..!! ??
    Nd she has saved Ashok’s number on his own name…… Wow……!!!!!!
    Now tmr may be d crocodile will attack…!!!! Really exited for that….

    But hope nothing will happen to ishu….

  24. Nyc episode..

  25. What is that crocodile secret

  26. Nce epi

  27. Relieved to know the informer . But frankly speaking very silly and dumb plot from surrogancy . Making us fools to believe all these rubbish . Ishitha been made silly by the creators and now Raman too .hope this track will end soon . One Ashok one side winning and Shaghun will be a Devi now . How cute to see Ishra … Really watching them together is mind blowing . Acting and expressions are too good . Sad to see the CEO has no work . Creators next Bala and Vandita please , see that Bala is not trapped . Ekta madam try to give some positive good messages to viewers …… Audience should be entertained by making them happy ….. You should know all this … Still . Where is Rithu today …. Please bring back old Yhm …the beauty , unity , uniqueness …

  28. Finally the informer is known to us

  29. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Nice epi. But we know,it’s sarika.
    And guys…., ruhi has had a fracture or something. She’s with a bandage on her hand.
    And she went to London today early morning for a holiday with her family.
    So we won’t be able to watch her in yhm soon.
    Next “The entry of mr.crocodile”. Waiting for that. Hope,nothing gonna happen to ishita.
    From SL

  30. Nice episode

  31. Finally relieved the informer abhishek will get shocked as the informer is his sister

  32. Yeh hai mohabbatein is my favourite serial and I just want to say that ashok khanna should be beaten by raman very very badly how can he do such a thing with ishita and shagun I know that crocodile are his and sarika plan

  33. i relly want to know zat if ishita really going to die and the show will take s leap….if it is then its better to stop it……

  34. I hate sarika why she helping ashok why why don’t she tell ishita and about her problem she can help her but what if it she murdered Romi because he has gone to mere dharmiyah

  35. So he won’t be able to do yhm

  36. Check the promo of crocodile scene..


    This is the promo of the crocodile attak those who haven’t seen it pls check..

  38. total dragging n boring..

  39. Please stop posting all these stories,its all irritating to search for a last episode written update as there is more stories posted rather than written updates.

  40. Crocodile scene will come in next week

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