Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun getting a big shock seeing Ashok and Mihika wearing garlands. Shagun goes to slap Mihika, and Ashok holds her hand. He asks how dare you, how can you raise your hand on my wife infront of me. Shagun asks did Mihika blackmail and force you to marry, I know such girls, I m your wife. He says stop it, we are not together, I married Mihika, I wanted to marry her always. Mihika asks can she go to her room. Shagun says that’s my room. Mihika goes to the room. Shagun breaks Ashok’s garlands and says that’s my room, you loved me since 6 years, she can’t go there. Ashok pushes her on the ground and says its all over, Mihika is my wife, take your bag and leave, I m starting a new life and you don’t have any place in it.

She holds his feet and says don’t

do this, I left everything for you, I m for you, where will I go. She cries and he asks her to see her state, she is no one for him, she is like dirty tissue paper, use and throw, Mihika is my legal wife and you are nothing. She says I sacrificed my life, I left Raman and Ruhi, don’t do this, I m with you since 6 years. He says you wanted jewelry, makeup, money, you loved my bank balance, not me, that’s why you were happy, don’t come here else I will ask servants to kick you out. He drags her outside and kicks her outside. He shuts the door, throwing her bags. She cries asking him to open the door, where will she go. Ashok asks the servant not to let thrown junk in again.

Raman waits for Ishita. Romi comes and teases him. He asks him not to feel nervous. Raman says I m not nervous, I heard it I love you, its easy. Simmi comes and says I will say. She says its simple, take Mata Rani’s name and just say it. Mr. Bhalla says love war is not easy. Mrs. Bhalla says I also have an idea, I will make loaded and all fear will go. They laugh. Ruhi hears them and says we are worried that you won’t say I love you to Ishi Maa, you are always rude, now I get it, you are nervous, give a kiss on Ishi Maa’s cheek and say I love you. Rimi teases Raman and Raman runs to neat him. Ishita comes and Raman is stunned seeing her. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………plays…………….

They have an eyelock and smile. Ruhi says Ishi Maa is looking pretty and Papa is flat on her. Mrs. Bhalla blesses them and applies her black kajal. She asks Raman to go as his boss will be waiting. Ishita asks Ruhi to sleep early. Mrs. Bhalla makes them lock hands and they leave. They are on the way. Main tenu samjhawan ke…………….plays…………… Raman smiles with a bright glow. Ishita looks at him and recalls their old moments. He looks at her and smiles as she turns. Ishita looks pretty as always.

Shagun drinks and cries. She thinks about Ashok’s proposal and their love moments. She recalls his bitter, harsh, ear bleeding words and cries. She looks at the ring and removes it. She says why did you do this Ashok, why did you leave me, I will not leave you. She throws the ring and steps on the ring smashing her anger on it. She falls. The men gossip about high society women. Raman and Ishita reach and she asks about his boss. He says different name, and asks him to come to the room. She says room or rooftop. He says do you have any problem, come. Adi worries for Shagun, and thinks not to call Mihir, and calls Shagun.

The bartender takes the call and says the lady is lying here, come and take her. Adi asks the address. Raman asks Ishita to go to the room and he will attend a call. She says how can I go alone. He says just go, let there be anyone. She says fine and goes. He says Mata Rani, nothing should go wrong, else I have to drink this bottle. Adi comes to Shagun and asks her to come. Shagun says Mihika has ruined my life, Ashok has ditched me. Shagun asks for a drink and shouts for Adi. The bartender asks her to leave. They take her and she shouts don’t touch me. Adi asks her to come. They take her out. Adi hires an auto and takes her. Shagun says I don’t want to go Adi. She walks on the road and is totally drunk. The biker asks does she want to die, see and walk. She says yes, I have to die, kill me, no one cares for me. Adi asks her to come and cries. She runs on the road and asks him to leave her alone. She falls near the garbage trunk and says I m the junk. She says tissue paper, used and thrown.

Ishita comes in the hotel room and sees the decorations. She sees Welcome Mrs. Bhalla surprise and smiles. She says it means there was no one, it was his planning, wow, I m impressed, I love this. She says it means Raman will tell everything to me today. What will I reply when he tells me, I m not prepared, I could not guess it, I m idiot. Adi asks Shagun to come. She asks which home. He says Ashok’s home. She says I m garbage. He says wait here, I will just come. She says Shagun Arora, you are junk and this is your place. Raman comes to Ishita and keeps his hand on her shoulder.

She closes her eyes and he turns her. He moves her hair strands and smiles. They have an eyelock and have a talk. He says he has to tell her something. His phone rings and he stops saying I… She asks him to take the call. Adi calls him and says its me Adi. Raman asks why are you crying. Adi gives the address and asks him to come fast. She says lets go to him. He says but all this. She says Adi is our son, he needs us, lets go. Raman says ok. Raman and Ishita come there and ask people about 12 year old kid. They are shocked seeing Adi sitting near Shagun and crying, and Shagun lying in bad state.

Raman and Ishita bring Shagun and Adi home. Adi says Ashok has kicked out Shagun, as he married someone else. Raman asks whom did he marry. Adi says he married Mihika. They all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ishra

    You know. ..shagun. ..history. .reapet. .It. .self. …tum ne ashok k liye. .raman. .aur ruhi. .ko. .choda tha. ..aaj. .wahi ashok. ..mihika k liye. .tumhe. .aur. ..adi. ..ko. .chod diya. ……………tum ne jaisa kiya. ..waisa paya. ..

  2. ishra

    dono. .maa. .bete. .kabab main haddi hai. …..jab dekho jab beech main aajate hai. ……phone nahin aata toh. .IshRa. .ka. .love confession hojata…….ab phir se. .intezar karo. …love confession ka. …..

  3. p

    SBB me dikhya tha ki ishita mihika and ashok ko bad dua degi ki tum ne raman mihir se unki mohabbat chini toh tum dono ke saath bhi aisa hi hoga

  4. ishra

    IshRa. …looking. ….adorable. …..perfect. ..couple. ……made for each other. ……love you IshRa. ….

  5. chichi

    Typical ekta kapoor serial !!!! Something or other happens when the story comes to its best part !!! This shagun drama will go for another one or 2 months untill people start stop watching the serial !!!! The ratings were high because of this love confession n now it will go to negative ones .. i wonder when they will atleast try to confess their love !! Maybe ishita is stupidly good at heart maybe she’ll sacrifice her love for shagun ! The stupid iyer sisters!!! I’ve never seen a stupid girl like ishita all my life

  6. wow ishra part was amazing.and ishu so pretty and raman also look handsome.and shagun now u got it naa wt u spit that comes to u back.for which man u left a very good diamond raman woh ashok ne tumana chodthiya.wt u did with raman the same ashok also did with u.shagun u deserve this.but feeling bad for adi.he will go through lot.phir bhir koi baath nayi by this adi may get good values of ishu.phir bhi raman jaldi se woh shagun ko just throw her out of ur house.

  7. akira

    Aadi bhi thoda mean h
    jab raman usse bulata tha tab he used to ignore them n now whn he is all alone he is asking for help
    anyways its ok raman is his father

  8. akira

    Suraj, on the other hand, is struggling with his life. Mihir had smashed a chair on Suraj’s head during an argument and it has mortally wounded him. Mihika is present at the hospital with Ashok and is worried about Suraj’s deteriorating condition. Mihir will go to jail for attacking Suraj, if he dies. Mihika is frightened with the thought of seeing Mihir behind the bars and she is praying for Suraj’s recovery.

    Ashok has finally got a chance to bait Mihika to marriage. He promises Mihika that he will not harm Mihir only if she agrees to marry him. Mihika has realised Ashok’s plan but she has no other option to save Mihir from going to jail. Mihika accepts Ashok’s offer to marry him.

    Is Suraj’s condition really critical? Are the brothers trying to frame the entire story just to lure Mihika? Well, considering their evil nature, we can take that clue. How will Mihir react to Mihika’s decision?  Will Raman and Ishita forgive Mihika for taking such a radical step?

  9. ishra

    IshRa. .aur…….family scene is superb. …….Ruh. ..u sooo. .cute. ……….back ground music. ..main. .tainu samjha wan ki….na..tere bina lag daji. ….tu ki jane pyar mera. …….mai karon intezar tera. ..tu dil. ..tuhi Jaan meri. …………
    what a song yaar. ……….love it. ……………..

  10. Ishra tumne video nahi dekha to apnicomuniti.comyehhaimohabbatein type karke dekhlo……iss video ka title hai..20 december2014…..pit gaye jijaji……dekh lena maine abhi nahi dekha abhi thodi der me mai bhi dekh loongi…..

  11. chichi

    Now what will happen to shagun??? Will she ever leave raman and ishita like ever?? I’ve seen separated couples but never seen a couple like shagun and raman ! When They get separate n never even give a shit abouy eachother n lead their lives well even if they don’t they don’t try to seek help from their ex partners becaus it’ll hurt their ego !! I wish that it is like that in yhm

  12. ishra

    Yes prayosha. .maine abhi dekha. …….kya pita hai. …..tum ne ashok. ..ko. ….bole toh……dhobi k. kutte.….tarha. …patak. .patak. .k….mara. ……raman very good. ……….ashok. .diserve this. …………mihika k. ..behaveyer. …se. ….ab. .!.100’/,..clear. ….hogaya hai. … sab
    natak hai. …………mihika. …shagun. …ashok. ….ki…wajhe se. ..ishita hamesha. .roti hai. …..

  13. Mai tenu samjhawan ki …….nice song selaction but tum dono ek dusre ko sirf backgroun song me hi nahi…..apne dil ki baat and three amazing goleen words keh kar samjhao ki tum dono ek dusre se kitna pyar karte ho….pls yeh sab jaldi sort out karke apna love confess kar do …..tum dono life time wait kar sakte ho hum nahi kar sakte….ab aur wait nahi hota …..pls new year se pehle confess kar do….

  14. pinky

    PRAYOSHA!! don’t u know how to speak in english??? people arw requesting u right? ?;why don’t u listen to them?

  15. shona

    Ea adi ne raman ko q cl kia..waise to ashok ko dad dad kr k firta tha n raman ko itna kuch sunata tha..ab q nhi jata h apne kamine dad k pass..

  16. sree

    you r right shona adi hamesha raman kn necha dikhata hai aur jab use zarorat pada toh papa papa kahke bade ehmiyat de rbhe hai

  17. akira

    I hope tht this mihika shld nt fail in her plan… or else she will loose mihir forever
    n now no worries as ishra love each other so they will be more strongthis time

  18. akira

    Yaar raman is his dad n in this case he can call raman any time
    n bcoz of dis incident he will develop sft corner for ishita in his heart

  19. bhagi

    ohhhh god mihika tum ko akal kab ayega kya tum ko ithna bhi nahi patha tha ki shagun will create more problems in ishras life and mihir will die with out u how stupid you r even if mihir will go to jail raman is there for him na……..pehle bhi akele plan kar ke ithna kuch kar diya vo kafhi nahi hai kya aab phir tamasha kar rahe ho……..nd u always create problems in your sisters life and aab tumhare vaje se thin jindagiya barbat hogi nd ekta mam iss serial me mohabbatein sirf 2% par musibbatein98%

  20. sree

    serial ka nam yeh hai mohabbatein nahi yeh hai mussibatein iona chahiye tha kyunki ishra ke life mein ek ke baat ek mussibatein aati ja rahi hai…

  21. akira

    Obvio we will c tht soon
    n mihika is doing all this for his love
    n before also she sacrificed hrslf for shagun
    so i think mihika is nt the problem
    she cares foreveryone jst like ishita bas way is bit kiddish

  22. akira

    Tumlog bas pura time love confession hi karte rahoge kya??
    kuch aur aspects bhi hote h TRP badhane k… story shld not only revolve arnd these two… aur agr sab kuch itne easily ho jaaye to kya maza h dekhne me
    aur thoda drama thoda happiness thoda romance thoda sorrow sab balance rehna chahiye

  23. p

    mujhe toh lagta hai ki shagun adi ko use kar ke raman ke karib jane ki koshish kargi par raman par toh ishita ke pyaar ka jadu chaya rahega toh woh toh shagun ki taraf dehke ga bhi nahi

  24. lavanya

    1 min of silence for fans who expected that there would be confession on today’s epi.
    Arey yaar..itni dino se dekh rahe hai, phir bhi ekta (ekta kapoor) ko samajh nahi sad…wait for next year…for good epis of YHM

  25. p

    Arey mujhe toh laga tha ki ishra ki date thodi lambi chalegi par date shuru hone ke phele hi adi ka phone aa jata hai . Iss scene ko ekta aur bhi interesting bana sakti thi ishra ki date ko thoda lamba kar ke .What do you think guys?

  26. akira

    Yaar stry srf raman ishita par based nhi h
    aur bhi characters h to unko bhi stry me laana padega
    aur agr date lambi ho jaati to intazaar ka maza nhi aata

  27. ishra

    Yes …p…mujhe bhi. .date. ..rukhi. .sukhi. ….lagi. ……kuch intresting. .tha hi
    nahin. …..mujhe laga ki……IshRa. .
    .ka. ..romantic dance hoga. …sweet. .sweet. ….nok jok hogi. ………….and finally. .jab. ..bolne jai ga ki. ..ishita. .I. .love you. …Jab. ..adi. .ka. .phone. .aayega. ……par. .aaisa. .kuch hota. ..usse. ..pahle. …adi ka phone aajata hai. ……..
    kyun sahi kaha na. …

  28. ishra

    Yes. ..arika…I. .agree. …..zindagi main. ..khushi. .aur. ….gham hote. hai. ….waise hi serials. ..mai. .bhi. ….dekha te hai. …..lekin. ..jis. .love confession. ….ka. .itne. .Dino. ..wait. ..kiya hai. ………agar woh. .hote. .hote. .rehjaye. ..toh. ..thoda. .bora. .toh. ..lagta. .hai. ……….na. .tumhe kya lagta hai. .maine sahi kaha ya galat. ….

  29. p

    yes ishra date thodi ruhki suhki thi and ishra ki nok jok aur dance toh hona hi chaye tha bale hi love confession na hota

  30. ishra

    Yes. .woh. ….aaya. .kaha ki. milgaya. ….eyelock. .aur. .main tum se kuch kehna ..chahata hoon…..irritating call. …..romantic. …bangaya. …tention wala scene. ……aur date. .ki. .band bajgai. ….

  31. Haa yar dance to maine bhi expect kiya tha….agr ye Mai tenu Samjhawan ki background me baja us se achha to yeh hota ke IshRa iss song par aankho mai aankhe dalkar dance karte…

  32. Iss date ko sirf 5-6 min ki hi dikgaya this is not fair….love confession nwhi karvana tha koi baat nahi par kuch to accha romantic dikhate iss date mai….par yaha to Raman jaise room mai aaya 2 baate ki ke waha Aadi ka phone aa gaya….Aadi ko abhi sirf Raman hi kyo yaad aaya?? Mihir ko call nahi kar sakta tha???

  33. Akira hum sirf confession ke baare mai iss liye baat kar rahe hai kyonki yeh log Diwali se confession khich rahe hai. …and ab to christmas bhi aa gai……this is too much..

  34. Ab aur wait nahi new year aa raha hai….hume laga tha ki YHM mi 1 st annyversry yaa phir 300 ep pure hone par koi surprise milega par aisa kuch nahi hua……par ab new year par to hume bahot saare surprise chahiye IshRa ke romance ke roop mai……Akira iss show ka naam Yeh Hai Mohabbatein hai..iss liye hum sab to iss show se IshRa ka romance hi expect karte hai iss liye love confession ki batein karte hai….

  35. OMG!!
    Raman ne kya dhulai ki hai Ashok ki…….
    Waah!!!! Uske hi ghar me jaakar uski pitai kar di yeh to sirf Raman hi kar sakta hai……..
    Abhi iss scene ke kuch hours pehle Raman kya romantic mood me tha aur achank itne gussr me aa gaya……yeh pitaai to tab honi chahiye thi jab un logone Ishita ko pareshan kiya tha….tab agar sab jail mai jate to na Shagun Ashok ki Shadi hoti aur na hi us din Mihika Ashok ki jaal mai fas jati……

  36. Hey Pinky…Here are many people who comment in hindi……then why are you only requesting me to comment in hindi??,……I can understand both language…English & Hindi……but I comment in hindi……It’s my choice……What’s your problem????……I think you can’t understand hindi…….If you can’t …..then it’s your problem not mine……..

    • Sorry above statment was wrong…..
      Hey Pinky…Here are many people who comment in hindi……then why are you only requesting me to comment in English??,……I can understand both language…English & Hindi……but I comment in hindi……It’s my choice……What’s your problem????……I think you can’t understand hindi…….If you can’t …..then it’s your problem not mine…….

  37. ishra

    Yes prayosha ur right. …….apni choice hai ki…hum. …kis. …language. ..mai bat Karen. ….agar kisi ko. ..hindi nahin aati. ..hai hai. .toh. ….woh. ..English main hi. ..comments karre. ..hum me koi. ..problem nahin. …………..hum toh. ..dono. ..language samaj te hai. …………………aur kisi ko ye mat bolen ki. ..aap ye. ..language mai. .nahin. ..kisi. .aur. .language main bat karo……….Please

  38. ishra

    Yes prayosha ur right. …….apni choice hai ki…hum. …kis. …language. ..mai bat Karen. ….agar kisi ko. ..hindi nahin aati. ..hai hai. .toh. ….woh. ..English main hi. ..comments karre. ..hum me koi.
    ..problem nahin. …………..hum toh. ..dono. ..language samaj te hai. …………………aur aage. …
    kisi ko ye mat bolen ki. ..aap ye. ..language mai. .nahin. ..kisi. .aur. .language main bat karo……….Please

  39. What

    Oh Mihika, stop trying to be like Ishita and sacrificing everything yourself like this. Mihika is a stupid girl- why did she do this to Mihir?!

  40. ishra

    ek. ..baat toh hai ki. .do Dino. .se yhm. .main. .pitai. ..mast ho rahi hai. ..pehle ishita ne raman ko pita. ……..aur ab. ..raman ashok. .ko. ….pit. .raha hai. ..woh. ….pachad. .pachad. .jaisa hum. ..kapde dhoi bad main kapdon ki halat hoti. ….hai. …….aaj. …ye. .dekh ne main maza aaye ga. ..

  41. Par Raman ko Ashok ki dhulai tab karni chahiye thi jabun sab ne mil kar Ishta ko gatl party me bulaya tha……..agr tabhi sab kamine jail chale jate to itna bada scandal hota hi nahi & Mihika ko Ashok se shaadi nahi karni padti……

  42. p

    prayosha tumhe yaad hoga ki raman ne usse din ishita ke saath batameezi karne wale ko kitna maar tha par usse waqt ishita ko usse ki jarurat thi toh woh ishita ko lekar waha se chala jata hai

  43. Ha muje pata hai par sirf wo guest ko mara tha…..par dusre din jab Raman ko pata chala ki yeh sab un tin kamino ka plan tha tab unhe aise hi pitna chahiye tha..Raman to janw bhi chahta tha…par Ishita ne nahi jane diya agar wo tino tabhi jail chale jate to yeh scandal nahi hota shayad…..

  44. akira

    Tum kaunse episode ki baat kar rahi ho??
    Strtng wala jaha auto lene k liye ishita jaati h….waha gunde badtameezi karte h wo??

  45. ishra

    Is. .bar raman k pas wajhe hai ashok ko marne k. ..
    ek. …uss ne mihir mihika. .ki…life. ..barbad kardi. ..dusri sab se badi wajha.
    ….ki. .agar ashok ko. .ye sab karna tha toh uss ne 6 saal pehle. …uss ki life kyun spoil ki. …….

  46. akira

    waha har serial k fans aate h aur comment karte h discuss karte h
    aur serial k upar fan fiction-one shot-short stories bana kar post karte h

  47. ishra

    akira yeh bhi. ….hai jo….. .hota hai achche k liye hota hai ……apshaguni shagun k..Jane se toh raman ki life sab shagun me hoa. .hai. …..usse ishita jo mili. ..

  48. akira

    Raman was trying to get some sleep on the sofa of the hall, its not mostly the sofa which were disturbing, it was something else, raman were having some new feeling, some kind of attraction towards Ishita, but it was not the kind of attraction he had for Shagun, it was more than an attraction, he was falling in love, falling in love with her goodness, with her actions, her love towards Ruhi, all that was just…he could not describe it, he was falling in love with her, and that not just now, he was feeling it from few days but kept on dennying his feelings, but today when Ishita helped the woman who had did so much bad and wrong with her, who had made her little daughter cry earlier, he just coudnt denny his feelings more, but what was really disturbing him was the way he talked to her, he regretted it already, he thoughts of going to ask sorry to her, plus its not as he was confortable on that sofa…
    He slowly got up and took his blanket, he walked towards his room and opened the door and on the light, which disturbed both Ishita and Shagun’s sleep, Ishita sit up while Shagun mumbled and yelled to turn off the light…
    “Oh crap, he had forgot he could not even talk to his wife!! Forgot that mad b**ch was there!!”
    Raman thought as he got angry and back to RKB mode
    Ishita: Raman aap?? Kya hua kuch chaiye??
    Raman was hyper angry now, on seeing Shagun again in his room and on Ishita for bringing her there.
    Raman: meri chahat ki kahan fikar hai yahan kissi ko?? He walked to the couch where Ishita was,
    Raman: Chalo utho yahan se!! Janta houn tumne mere ghar ko apne appa ka hotel samajh rakha hai par mujhe uss sofe par need nahi aa rahi!! Uhto!!
    Ishita was also back to JKR, “yeh Ravaan Kumar!!”she thought
    Ishita: main kyun uthoun?? Mera sofa hai yeh…apka bahar hall me hai!!
    Ishita did not move a single finger but there Shagun, still drunk got up and start walking towards Raman, she hugged him in a drunk way…
    Shagun: Raman chilla kyun rahe ho??? Light off karo naa, lets sleep…come…
    Raman was shocked
    Raman(as he jerked her away): oye pagal aurat!! Door raho mujse!! Mujhe apni izzat kimti hai ok!!
    Shagun fell back on bed
    Ishita: Raman kya kar rahe ho??
    She got up and helped Shagun to lie back on bed…
    Raman: i dont belive this Ishita!! Tumne isse shaadi kari hai ke mujse?? Car to iski aisse hi kar rahi ho jaisse ke yeh tumhari patni ho!!! Aur tumne sunna nahi yeh pagal kya bak rahi thi??
    Ishita: Raman yeh hosh me nahi hai!! Aur kya aap Shagun se jealous ho rahe ho??
    Raman: main…main jealous hounapne baap se!! Wo to aaram ki neend so raha ho ga aur main yaha tum do pagalon ke saath!! Shit!!
    Shagun: heeyy no bad words!! Au chillao math!! SHAGUN so rahi hai!!!
    Raman: tumhe to main…!!
    Ishita(as she put her finger on her lips): Shagun please chup!!
    Shagun put her fingers on her lips…
    Raman: baat to aisse maan rahi hai jaisse student hai tumhari!! Tum loog teacher student khelo, mujhe sona hai!!!
    He liyed on the couch putting blanket on himself
    Ishita was pissed,
    Ishita: Barbar kumar, har waqt barabar karta rehta hai…
    She said as sbe turned off the light and went towards the bed…
    Ishita: aab yahan kaisse so jaoun?? Shagun!!! Shagun please move aside!!
    Shagun: whot??
    Shagun moved and drunkly and felt on the floor…
    Shagun: aah!! Ishima!!
    Ishita was shocked on what Shagun was calling her…she went towards her and for the third time make her lie back on bed
    Raman was listening and laughing silently
    Raman: hey!! Chor math karo RAMAN so raha hai!!!
    Ishita give him a killing glare and go to lie on the other side of the bed…
    As she just closed her eyes Shagun hugged her calling her Ishima in a dunken way…
    Raman could not resist and laughed…
    “Hass lo!! Hass lo!! Ravan kumar, aiyo aab ruhi aur ruhi ki maa, dono ki ishima houn main!! Murgan!! Ishita thoughts as she finnally closed her eyes and got some sleep
    Morning 6am:
    Ishita feel someone was hugging her, cluching into her…she thought it to be Ruhi but then remembered Ruhi was at Amma’s house with Mihika…
    She opened her eyes panicked and saw Shagun sleeping on her chest
    She remembered last night’incidents
    Ishita: aiyo!! Murgan!! Main to darr hi gaye…
    She put Shagun off from her and make her sleep aside, Ishitz notice Raman is not onthe couch…She went to living room for checking where he could have gone…
    Raman was sitting in the hall with Mr Bhalla
    Raman had told everything to him about Ishita and his feelings for her…
    Ishita come out of the room
    Raman: main usse bohot pyaar karta houn papa…i want to start afresh with her…i love her so much…
    Mr Bhalla: to tune usse bataya nahi puttar??
    Raman: nahi papa…kal ko batana hi wala the e wo mad…
    He stoped as his father raised an eybow…
    Raman was going to say mad woman talking about Shagun but Ishita missunderstood as he was going to say madrasan…and that he was talking about her…
    Tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought Raman still loved Shagun and wanted to start afresh with her…
    She remembered Shagun’s words of last night when she said Raman was mad about her…
    Ishita rushed into Ruhi’s room and banged the door
    Raman and Mr Bhalla heard and saw that
    Raman: ab subba subba kya drama hai…zaroor uss Shagun ki bachi ne!!
    Mr Bhalla: puttar…
    Raman: i ll handle it…
    Raman went into Ruhi’s room behind Ishita
    He saw Ishita crying and sobbing and looking by the window
    Raman: Ishita…
    Ishita: its ok Raman…maine sab sun liya…aap Shagun se bohot pyaar karte hai naa…fine kariye jo marzi kariye…but please mujhe aur Euhi ko alag maat karna…app aur Shagun apne wala room le sakte hai…main aur Ruhi dono yahan hi so jayghein…but please Raman aur Ruhi ko alag maat kariye gha…
    She said pleading…
    Raman: what?? Yeh tum kya bakwaas kar rahi ho…main uss kamini se?? Main to bahar usse galiyan marr raha tha aur tum??
    Ishita: really?? To ab Shagun madrasan kab se ho gaye??
    Raman: madrasan…are you mad?? MAD maine usse bhola mad woman…but you are right mad to actually tum ho…bewakoof aurat!!
    Ishita: ek mintute?? Apne mad usse bola to phir pyaar?? Raman…
    Raman: pyaar?? Kya pyaar vyaar laga rakha hai??
    He said as be blushed…
    Ishita: aap kahiye naa jo kaal raat ko bolna tha!!
    Raman: kya bolna tha…kuch bhi nahi…maine kya bolna tha…
    Raman passed his hand trought his hair in hembarrasement…
    Ishita: Main bhi aapse bohot pyaar karti houn Raman…aaj se nahi..woh accident case se…
    Raman: yeh to dikh hi raha hai…kitni jalti ho tum Shagun se…
    Ishita: kal raat ko to koi aur hi jal raha tha Shagun se…
    Raman: meri pagal madrasan…
    He said with love as he hugged her…they part and look into each other’s eyes
    Slowly getting closer to each other and their lips join…they had a passionate long kiss…
    When suddenely
    Ishita broke the kiss…
    Raman: ab kya chaiye kamini ko!!!
    Ishita laughed
    Ishita: main jaoun…
    Raman(hugging her): nahi yahi raho naa…choro uss Shagun ko…
    Ishita: Raman please…door bhi lock nahi hai…
    Raman: to kya lock kar doun??
    Ishita: Raman!!
    Raman: ok jao…Ishita
    Ishita turned
    Raman: iss bar Ishima nahi bulaya usne tumhe…
    Ishita smiled and laughed…
    Yeh hai mohabbatein play in backround as they both laughed…hapiness clearly visible on their face
    Ishita come out of the room
    Shagun: Ishita i was leaving and i thought of thanking you for yesterday…thanks…
    Ishita: your most welcome Shagun…belive me isme fayda sirf mera hi hua(blushing a little)
    Shagun: oh really?? Anyways bye Ishita
    She start leaving
    Ishita: Shagun!!
    Ishita walked towards her
    She was so happy that she just couldnt hold it back
    She hugged Shagun…
    Ishita: byyee!!! It was nice meeting you!! I think i should bring you here more usually!!
    Shagun was surprised…
    Shagun: what??
    Ishita: really…you can come when you want!!
    Shagun: Ishita are you alright???
    Ishita(so happy): no…i think yesterday you were drunk and now i am…call me Ishu like yesterday!!
    Shagun: what i called you Ishu?
    Ishita: dont ask what and what not u called me…
    Shagun: oh my god…i dont belive this…
    Ishita: what do you dont belive?? That you have become friend with a behanji madrasan?
    Shagun: i need to think about all this!! Bye!!
    She left
    Ishita(smilingly): bye!!!
    Raman come making sure Shagun was gone…
    Raman: chali gaye kamini!
    Ishita: Raman!!
    Raman took Ishita and both went to their room


  49. akira

    Arre ye story thi
    india forum par kisine post kiya tha
    aur ye is incident ka nhi h pehle jab shagun ko ishita apne ghar le kar aayi thi tab ka h

    aisa kuch nhi hone wala h

  50. akira

    Ye jo story thi ye one shot thi
    ab aise fan fiction bhi aate h jisme bht saare parts hote h…
    aur saare serials ka hota h aisa

  51. ishra

    main sirf aur sir . .Yhm…dekh ti hoon…..aur koi serial nahin dekhti. … favourite serial is YHM. ….my favourite jodi is IshRa. …..

  52. Mai to YHM & Maharana Pratap do hi serial dekhti hoo…& haw yeh story bahut achhi thi kaash YHM ke writer bhi aisa kuch soch paye & IshRa ki happy married life shuru ho pay……

  53. akira

    Tum log bas otna hi tv dekhte ho

    me to sadda haq-jodha akbar-yhm-diya aur baati-yrkkh-qubool h-dil dosti dance-etc etc etc
    bt ab sirf read karne milta h:-(

  54. IshRa ne shaadi to karli pyar bhi ho gaya par unki married life abhi bhi shuru nahi hui hai….muje lagta hai IshRa apnw love new year se pehle confess kar denge……kyonki kal jab Aadi ka call aya tab bhi nahi jana chahta tha par Ishita n kaha humse jyadq humare bachhe important hai iss liye dono gaye….

  55. akira

    tum google par search karo
    “Ishra ff” gir page open hoga to udhar tum saare stories reda kar sakti ho
    agar tumhe koi bhi problem aaye puch lena i will hlp u:-D:-)

  56. akira

    Tears – Of Happiness and Pain:IshRa OS


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    Hey guys…after a long time I have tried dialouges in hindi…so pls bear.

    Tears- Of Happiness and Pain

    It was a breezy spring evening in Delhi. Making way through the nasty traffic Raman stopped his car at the traffic signal. He along with Ishita and Ruhi, had been to the latter’s school to attend the annual day function. While Ruhi peacefully stared out at the spring bloom, Ishita touched Raman’s forehead with the back of her hand. Raman felt uneasy at the touch of her satin skin.

    “Pls Ishita I am fine…stop irritating me…and pls ye doctor wala look clinic mein chod ke aya karo”

    “I can’t believe it…ekto dhyaan rakho aur taane bhi suno…how can someone be so rude” Ishita shook her head in exasperation.

    “Mumma-papa…u promised…no fighting” Ruhi interrupted before Ishita and Raman could lock horns again. Hearing Ruhi’s sweet voice, Ishita looked back at her and smiled tenderly.

    “Uth gaya mera bacha”

    “nahinnn aap dono ki fighting ne mujhe darra diya” Ruhi pouted.

    “Aww mumma is very sorry baby…ab aap ache so jao…darne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai” Ishita said sweetly as Raman looked upon the mother daughter duo.

    Over a month had passed since Ishita became Raman’s lawfully wedded wife and though it seemed a big lie to say that they were coping well in the new setting, but it wasn’t as bad as Raman had thought initially. Ishita was a mature and caring girl who took care of his family and his daughter with all the love and respect. And he never expected anything more from this particular marital alliance.

    After a few passing seconds, Raman was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel when he suddenly stole a glance at Ishita, who stared out of the window with a childlike excitement in her eyes. He bent over to see what she looked at. It was a golgappa stall. A quick smirk touched Raman’s lips seeing his wife’ innocence. Ishita was still looking on when the signal turned green but instead of taking a left Raman took u-turn and stopped the car in front of the stall.

    “Arre apne yahan gadi kyun rok di” Ishita asked taken aback by Raman’s sudden  gesture.

    “Ruhi  aapko ice-cream chahiye tha na?” Raman asked Ruhi looking into the rear view mirror.

    “Yesss papa”  Ruhi shouted in excitement.

    “come on then…jaldi se bahaar aa jao”

    Closing the door behind him Raman took ruhi in his arms and went towards the ice-cream counter. He looked back to check if Ishita was following or not.

    Ishita opened her side of the door and walked out of the car still lost in bewilderment.”Ye Mr mogambo ki tabeyiat to theek hai? Kahin phir se bukhar to nahin aa gaya. Inhe kya hua hai aaj”?she thought to herself.

    “Ishita tum kaunsi ice-cream logi?”

    “Ice-cream…urmm…Nahin mujhe zyaada  meetha pasand nahin hai…aap dono khaiye”

    “Kyun tumhein teekha pasand hai…waise I wont be surprised if yes”

    Raman smirked.

    “What do you mean hun?”

    “Nothing bas yehi ki tum sari aurton ko bas teekha hi to pasand hota hai…isiliye shayad tumhari zuban bhi waisi hi ho jati hai…”

    “hun excuse me!”


    “And please hun! Aap mardon ko agar teekha khane nahin ata to usmein humari kya galti…aap logon ko bas ye bachon wali candies and ice-creams hi pasand aa sakti hai”

    “Please hun ek  punjabi se to teekhe khane ka competition karne ka sochna bhi nahin chahiye tumhein…abhi tumne mummyjee ke haath ki kadhi nahin khayi…agar ek bite mein tumhari aankhon mein aunsun na aa jayein to mera naam Raman nahin”

    “Acha to phir kya naya naam rakhenge aap…mogambo?”

    “shut up Ishita” raman ground his teeth.

    Ruhi giggled seeing her mom and dad fight like tom and jerry…she loved how they fought still cared so much for each other.

    “acha agar aisi baat hai to chaliye karte hain na” Ishita challenged Raman.



    “kya! golgappe khane ka competition…pls ishita u r not a school girl…so ye stupid bets khelna band karo”

    “kyun darr gaye”

    “ha! In your dreams Mrs Bhalla”

    It was a very sudden gesture that Raman acknowledged Ishita as Mrs Bhalla…though different but it did sound good…really good…for a few passing  seconds the two of them shared an eyelock when Ruhi’s giggle brought them to reality.

    “Urmm…so are you ready for the challenge?”

    “Bring it on!”

    “ok then…bhaiyaa do plate paani puri dena…teekha thoda zyaada”

    Raman gave a tough look to Ishita as she stifled a giggle.

    “Yesss go papa go…go mummma…mumma you have to win” Ruhi began to cheer them as they took in the first golgappa.

    At the first piece only Raman choked at the extra spiciness. He had eaten golgappe after ages. Ishita giggled seeing his state.

    As the two of them went on eating more, Raman’s eyes grew from its usual pink shade to dark crimson red. He huffed and puffed due to the extra spicy water.

    “Go mumma papa ko harado” ruhi hooted for Ishita, who too had watery eyes now. But she didn’t give up.

    Finally as they reached 18, Raman backed off.

    “huhhhfff ..ceee…shittt” Raman wheezed emptying a whole bottle of mineral water in his stomach. “achu…huhhh… this is crazy Ishita maine aaj tak itne golgappe kabhi nahin khaye tum pagal to nahin ho”

    Ishita and ruhi giggled seeing his haphazard state.

    “Papa mumma ne aapko kitne araam se hara diya…my mumma is the best”  ruhi and Ishita hi-5ed and made fun of Raman. Ruhi’s innocent smile finally brought happiness to Raman’s face. It was a picture perfect family moment  as Ishita and ruhi made fun of him and he flushed in embarrassment. Raman could still feel the inner side of his mouth burning with the spiciness of the water but what burnt even more than that was someone’s heart. Someone who was silently witnessing the happiness of Bhallas from a distance.

    Shagun had come to the mall for buying some sarees as Ashok was out of the town since weeks now and she was getting bored at home. E ven Aditya had refused to visit her in his vacations. Sitting all by herself in Ashok’s huge mansion made her feel claustrophobic. But much to her shock even in the open sky and the cool march breeze she felt nauseatic and stuffy.

    Ishita Raman and Ruhi were lost in their own world of of bliss when suddenly Ruhi saw Shagun approaching them. Scared, she hid behind Ishita. Shagun was staring daggers at Raman and Ishita. She didn’t know why but she felt a gruesome pain gripping her chest. She hated the smiles on Raman and Ishita’s lips.

    “mumma ghar chalo na” ruhi held Ishita by her dupatta.

    Shagun felt sick in the stomach seeing her daughter acknowledge someone else as her mother.

    “hiee shagun” Ishita stammered confused what to say.

    “woh actually hum ruhi ke annual function se aa rahe the to Raman ne kaha ki…woh paani puri…waise do u like it…”

    Shagun felt irritated seeing Ishita’s sweetness…she had never felt so embarrassed and estranged in front of Raman. Today for the first time he didn’t look like her ex-husband to Shagun but someone else’s life-partner. And it certainly did sting her ego to bits.

    “Shagun tumhein zaroor try karna chahiye…its nice..bhaiya ek aur plate deejiye na” Ishita offered the panipuri to shagun and tried to be courteous but before shagun could throw Ishita amidst another round of insult, Raman picked Ruhi in his arms.

    “let it be Ishita…is tarah sadak par pani puri khana kuch logon ke class ko suit nahin karta…ye itne teekhepan ko hazam nahin kar payengi…”

    Raman’s bitter words transported Shagun to a bleak memory of the day when  Raman had bought a new two-wheeler and he wished to celebrate the occasion by eating roadside panipuri and chaat. She remembered how she had insulted him of being a typical middle class mentality man and being unhygienic. And how she had left the mall with some of her rich friend for a party leaving Raman to ride back home all alone.

    *bang* the sound of her slamming the car door and leaving behind a hurt Raman, reverberated in her ears…but alas! This time it was she at the receiving end. Before she could come to know the Bhallas had left the place elaving her all alone. As Ishita took Ruhi into her lap and slipped into her seat next to Raman’s, he lifted her dupatta inside and closed the door carefully. Without caring two hoots about his so called ex-wife, who still stood glued to her place he sank in his seat and turned the ignition on. Shagun fumed in extreme anger as she witnessed Raman’s car vanish down the road when suddenly she felt her eyes burning and cheeks moist. She could not believe, she was crying.

  57. ishra

    Yes prayosha…………..New year se pehle ye love confession hojana chaiye. …………IshRa. ..ko…….ek sath honge. ..aur ye sab. .shagun dekh kar jal bhun jai gi. …

  58. Panipuri wala to bahut achha hai…par yeh Shagun yaha byi bich mai aa gai……par jab Raman Ishiita ke saamne Shagun ki insult karata hai to muje bahut achha lagta hai….

  59. Yaar Honeymoon Suite…Mr.& Mrs. Raman Bhallake naam se…….
    Sunkar hi kitna achha lagta hai……
    Kash…..kash….yeh scene pura ho pata………….pls …….pls…..iss scene ko jald hi complete kar do……….new year se pehle IshRa ki HAPPY MARRID LIFE shuru kar do……pls ….pls…..its request……..pls……accept it……

  60. Ruhi ke kaaran IshRa ki shaadi hui……IahRa najdik aaaye……IahRa ko pyar hua….par ijhaar ab tak nahi hua……….ab yeh bhi tumhi karva do Ruhi baby……..

  61. ishita saha

    kab ye shagun ka drama end hoga? its boaring…when will the serial back to normal…..when will they confess their love? kab tak ye shagun wala drama chalega……!!!! why mihika did this……

  62. ishra

    yhm k nahin bataya. …..karan singh grover. .ki. .film alone ka bataya. … party. .ka. .bataya. …bigg boss. .ka bataya. …..sbb….sbs….dono pe same dikhaya

  63. sree

    akira you r mistaken,purvi is my best friend from 8 standard onwards.And mistake occured in my comment as i’am typing through my mobile…

  64. sree

    akira you r mistaken,purvi is my best friend from 8 standard onwards.And mistake occured in my comment as i’am typing through my mobile….

  65. ishra

    akira …tumne ka ha ki. ….hum log bhi koi story post Karen. ..par mujhe nahin pata ki ……kaise story post kar te hai..kya . ….tum mujhe batao gi. ..maine bahut try kiya par nahin hoa. ………Please

  66. akira

    So sab pehle jitna txt tumko yaha post karna h utna select karo
    phir copy karo uss txt ko
    aur phir yaha comment box me paste kardo
    N then post comment press karo

  67. akira

    My fav r karan patel…jenniefer winget…param singh bhatia…kripp suri…divyanka…shakti mohan…karan singh grover…n many more

  68. ishra

    my favourite r..karan Patel. .divyanka tripathi. .karan singh grover. ..Jennifer. …rajat tokas. …mugdha. …..sanjida …..amer Ali. ………

  69. p

    my favourate are

  70. akira

    Grt! Me abhi abhi mumbai aayi aur SN Se mili uske pehle jaha me rehti hu waha par jeetendra (ekta k dad) se mili hu
    N whole bachan family se mili hu

  71. p

    aikra mere favourate singer ki list bahut badi hai par kuch naam de sakti hu jaise ARIJIT SINGH,ANKIT TIWARI, MOHIT CHAUHAN ,SONU NIGAM,SHREYA GHOSAL etc and tunhare fav singer batao

  72. why is mihika trying to proove herself as sacrifice ki devi.cant she be quiet.things could be solved using brains and if she does not have then ishra will solve it.she is creating more problem .because of her mihir s heart is broken.ishra realtion will face problems.shagun will come to bhalla house.ishitha will be at problem etc..when mihir and trisha were getting engaged then mihir told he cannot live without mihika then does she wants to kill mihir. plz stop this drama .plz its a humble request.

  73. sree

    mujhe ishra kliye bahut boora kag rahe hai kyunki yeh shagun ki wajah se wo donom ek saat time spent nahi kar paayenge…

  74. why are they showing the same story for everyone like pehla pyaar ko khona like ishitha raman shagun mihir mihika simmi and who knows in future bala also.

  75. Akira thanks…..Ishra ff ke bare me batane ke liye….maine short story to nahi padhi par us par show ki daily updates hoti hai pure 27 page ki story thi maine padhi amazing thi yaar… story me to IshRa ka love confession bhi ho gaya tha aur Ishita pregnete bhi ho gai thi…aur abhi wo story waha stop hui hai ki…Ishita 5 months pregnate hai…IshRa ki khushiyon me Dukh eal ne ie liye..Ashok Ishita ko blackmail karta hai…Ishita uske saath sagaai kar rahi hoti hai tab Raman Ishita ko kidnape kar leta hai..baad me IshRa ki fight me Ishita ko chot lag jati hai and uski memory loss ho jati hai.. us site par yaha story stop hui hai…how interesting naa…
    Ishra & P tum dono yeh jarur padhna bahut achhi story hai….and iss story me IshRa ki first niight & love confession mind blowin tha…jarur padhana…..

  76. Blah

    Wow, how can one character (Mihika) be SO stupid???! And why is she getting so much attention? If she wants to ruin her life like this, let her… She has gotten so much love and support from her family yet she keeps doing stupid stuff like this. I hate all this whinging from her and Shagun!

  77. akira

    Told u!…!
    bhot achi site h
    dekho tumhari ♥ confession wali.wish to puri ho gayi
    Chahe wo story me hi hui ho par ho gayi;-)

  78. aa

    what d hell need 4 mihhika 2 do oa????she hardly uses her brain,its d reason dat she took dat decision….ig so called ashok did blackmail her,she would have told 2 someone so dat pbm can b discused n solved…bt no she wanna become g8 dats y she tuk dis step…well nice hapnd wid mihika,being over smart results dis n nw die wid him….cz u neva bothered of what mihir,raman,ishita will face when u mary ashok..n shagun wil come on roads n dn 2 bhalla house creating more troubles………..when u dntknw hw 2 use ua **** brain,dn shut ua so called drama n sit at home ,,,dnt do any creep things atleast 4m here on….hume baksh do maa…tumhari iss kartootoh ki wajeh see hum toh pagal hii ho rahein hei…brain less chiii chii

  79. ishra

    thnx. .akira….
    ishra ff…par maine ek padi. .bahut achchi thi. ……..yaar. ..aaisa agar. .show main bataye toh. .maza aaye ga. ..

  80. akira

    U knw in few days u will be addicted to it…
    u can make ur account too…to chat wid ur frnds n share greetings n all
    aur waha tum apni story bhi post kar sakte ho…

  81. ishra

    tumhe koi egnore nahin karraha hai. AKIRA…….bas itna hai ki. ….busy hone ki. .wajhe se. ……site band karna pada ha hai. ..
    .bora mat manu..yaar

  82. ishra

    Hey . prayosha. .. .yahi hai. story ……together forever. ….jo tum ne padi. ……mai abhi. .padi. ..par. ..part hi padh saki. ..third part. ..nahin bataya. ……

  83. Oh yes ishrw yahi hai maine yahi padha tha pls part 8 se padhana shuru karna…maine bhi 8 se hi shuru kiya tha…aur muje yaad dilwane ke liye thanks me bhul gai thi uska naam…..pura padhna bahot intresting hai….aur yeh comment padh ne ke baad muje jwldi reply karna ki tumhe mera yeh msg mil gaya hai…..

  84. ishra

    Hey. ..prayosha. ..mujhe 3rd part padna hai……par bata nahin raha. …..kya karon. ..bolo. …..mujhe pada na hai. …..

  85. Ishra ff togather forever….yeh type karna…and usme bhi 8 th part se padhana shuru karna usi me IshRa ki 1st night & love confession hoga…..purw padhana bahut interesting hai….

  86. Israa part 3 page 5 par hai to jaha page no likhana hai waha 5 likho & go dabao…..& tum part 3 jane do pehle part 3 se padhana shuru karo….wahi interisting hai usi me love confession hai….

  87. akira

    Dra FF:Together Forever!
    Chapter 1:
    ”Raman Raman Raman!”She is running to the bedroom and walks in screaming Raman who was working on his laptop didn’t understand what Ishita was saying so he walked up to Ishita, she was crying he got scared and said ”Ishita Ishita calm down and tell me clearly what you are trying to say”Ishita stops and breathes and looks at Raman and says ”Raman…”She starts crying, ”Raman Romi had an accident and he is badly injured and now he is in the hospital mummy ji, papa ji, Mihir their all there and they need to give blood but since mom and dad can’t and Mihir and Simi’s blood doesn’t blood so does your I have to give Romi the blood since my blood group matches his” Ishita says and starts crying more How can she see her devar in a life death situation? Even though what he did with Mihika and Bala Jiju Romi was still her husbands brother ”Raman please can we go?” Raman who is in shock says And they both run out the door…Raman and Ishita reach the hospital and asks for the doctor Says doctor Malhotra ”Doctor I’m Ishita Bhalla, I’m Romi’s Bhabi I called you a while ago saying that I would give blood to him”And Raman and Ishita follow him As soon as the family see Raman and Ishita Mrs bhalla hugs Ishita and says ”thank you putar for being ready to give Romi blood even after what he did”Mihir just looks away on remembering what Romi had done ”Your welcome mummy ji and of course I would do this I have to save Romi” saying that Ishita leaves and goes to the ICU When Ishita sees Romi a tear comes out her eyes she quickly lays to the bed next to him while the nurses put in the needle and the blood goes to Romi After Romi is given blood Raman walks in and takes Ishita’s hand and slowly takes her outside she puts her hand on her head as she feels dizzy Raman places her on the bench and the doctor comes out ”Ishita thank you so much! In a couple of hours Romi will regain conscious And then you can all meet him and here are some cookies and juice eat and drink these so you won’t feel weak” he gives the foods to Raman and leaves Raman feeds Ishita the cookies then the juice and after she is done says ”Are you feeling better now?” Ishita just nods her head as in yes ”Mummy ji, papa ji and Mihir I think you all should go home its already late and me and Raman could stay here you all are so tired” says Ishita At first they all hesitate but after Raman and Ishita convince them they leave. Ishita and Raman wait and wait and finally I nurse comes out”Mrs Ishita bhalla?” She asks ”Yes what happened?” Asks Ishita coming to the nurse ”The patient has regain conscious and he would like to meet you only”Ishita turns to Raman who just nods as in she can go Ishita walks in the room Romi sees her and she walks forward and she places her hand on his and asks ”What happened Romi why did you only call me?” ”Bhabi you know this accident…it wasn’t a accident someone did this on purpose and I know who it is…””Someone is trying to kill you why? And who?”
    Precap:               ”Accident” person                 Raman jealous 


  88. ishra

    hayyyyyy. ..prayosha. ..kya story thi. …..yaar. ..awesome. ……
    kash kash ye. ….
    main batade. ……..All IshRa fans will be happy. ……….main kya bolo. …..jab main story pada hi thi. …sath sath IshRa. ..k same. .scenes ..imagine karrahi thi. ……yaar. …ayyo. ……

  89. akira

    FdffPart 2 is way better (Raman jealous)”Bhabi you know this accident…it wasn’t a accident someone did this on purpose and I know who it is…””Someone is trying to kill you why? And who?””Bhabi you won’t believe who did this” said Romi ”Romi just tell me!” Said a irritated Ishita ”Bhabi pa…pa…pa…Parmeet…” Romi says looking scared ”What?” Said Ishita she couldn’t believe that Parmeet can be like this Romi looks around the room making sure no one was in the roomI looked back where the car was moving and in the car mirror I saw his face and Bhabi I only told you this…Simi might just be more angry…we need better proof so that we can show that he is the one who tried to kill me and then get him arrestedAre you with me Bhabi?” He asks Ishita looks around a little bit and then finally says ”Ok Romi I will help you and I will not tell anyone happy?”Romi smiles and says ”Thank you Bhabi even after what I did you still are with me you are the best Bhabi in the world!” Ishita walks and sits beside Romi ”Well I know what you did I wrong but I can’t see my devar in this situation,starting from tommorow we will start looking for clues and stuff ok?” Romi nods and he and Ishita share a hug Just then Raman walks in and sees Romi and Ishita in their ”hug” position and becomes shocked and quickly says ”Ishita…I brought the food you asked for” and shows a bag Ishita smiles and takes the bag from Raman and goes to Romi ”Romi I especially got this for you mummy ji made it for you and since she is not here to feed you today your Bhabi will ” Romi smiles and saysok while Ishita slowly starts taking out the food,Raman looks on and fumes in anger Why is Ishita caring for Romi so much? Pagal he thinks He watches Ishita feeding Romi and saying some funny comments and even giving him water! What is Ishita doing she never does this with me why with Romi? Thinks Raman He just takes out his phone and pretends to use it ”Raman didn’t you eat yet?” Ishita says finally Raman nods his head in no and so Ishita walks up to him with food and tells him to open his mouth he does so and she puts food in his mouth ”Bhabi didn’t you eat? Come have some to” Romi says gesturing Ishita to come Ishita walks over and Romi feeds Ishita Raman become more and more furious and walks away What do these two think of them selves? Ishita your husband is in front of you and you being so cuddly with Romi? Romi is smart enough to know that Ishita is his Bhabi not his wife Raman looks through the window of the ICU and sees Ishita and Romi having a good time why doesn’t he and her have a good time together?”Ishita we should go now let Romi rest tommorow he Will be discharged from the hospital and then you two can be like this at home not now ok?” He says looking at Romi Ishita and Romi look at each other and then Ishita walks away with Raman following her…~Ishra bedroom night
    Raman and Ishita change their clothes Raman works on his laptop While Ishita talks to Romi on the phone but she doesn’t know that Raman is actually listening to her and Romi’s conversation ”I know Romi wasn’t that funny yeah and then I was so scared like what in the world happened I was so scared and so stupid…Oh God! You know Romi if you were a little bit older I would have married you instead!” Says Ishita laughing really hard Raman couldn’t take it anymore and walked away mumblingWhat is she saying? How can she say this in front of her husband?While Raman is mumbling and goes outside Mihir notices this and calls Raman’s name but he was to distracted to listen that he walks away so Mihir follow Raman…~Downstairs 
    Raman sits on the bench and sees Mihir coming Mihir comes and sits beside Raman ”Bhai why are you here and what happened why were you so angry did you and Bhabi have a fight again?” He asks Raman decides to tell Mihir everything so he tells him about the hospital incident and how Romi and Ishita were being so happy together and how they hugged and feed each other ”She then said that she would have liked Romi as her husband then meMihir am I that bad That no girl would marry me?” Mihir notices Raman’s reaction and finally understands He starts laughing and says ”Oh so now I understand””What?” Says Raman ”’Oh come on Raman like you don’t know”Raman just gives a confused look Mihir shakes his head and says ”Bhai! You love her! You love Ishita Bhabi your jealous of her closeness with Romi come on Bhai think about it!” Raman becomes shocked at what his brother said he looks at Mihir and then he thinks about what Mihir said You love Ishita you love Ishita he closes his eyes and remembers all the moments between them their dances the dress incident (size) them stuck in their own house, almost kissing…he smiles thinking about that day Ruhi moves back and so close to kissing He was smiling? Why? Just because I was remembering my moments with Ishita…why with Ishita? He thinks about Mihir’s words and looks at him waiting for a answer he smiles at Mihir and looks away Mihir makes a big O shape around his mouth and says Raman turns around and says I first have to know if she loves me ok?!?!” Mihir nods his head and leaves giving a thumbs up to Raman Raman smiles and takes his phone out and changes his wallpaper with him and Ishita at the engagement party laughingHe smiles remembering that day and goes upstairsTo see Ishita already sleeping on the couch he checks if she is actually sleeping and places a kiss on her forehead and also goes to sleep…
    Precap:                Raman jealous                Ishra scene

  90. ishra

    hayyyyyy. ..prayosha. ..kya story thi. …..yaar. ..awesome. ……
    kash kash ye. ….
    main batade. ……..All IshRa fans will be happy. ……….main kya bolo. …..jab main story pada hi thi. …sath sath IshRa. ..k same. .scenes ..imagine karrahi thi. har. …word. ..IshRa s…smile. scenes. ……raman ka jealous hona. ………yaar. …ayyo. ……

  91. akira

     happy that you all love this FF Here is part 3!He smiles remembering that day and goes upstairsTo see Ishita already sleeping on the couch he checks if she is actually sleeping and places a kiss on her forehead and also goes to sleep…
    Raman wakes up and remembers how he realized his love for Ishita he opens his phone and smiles at the wall paper He looks at the couch and sees Ishita is not there ”Why is Ishita up so early? He get u from bed and walks out to seed Ishita going back and forth in the kitchen…”Ishita why are you up so early?And no one is up yet who are you making food for?” He asks Ishita who just realises that Raman is up ”Oh Raman this food is for RomI he is coming right?”She asks Raman Hearing Romi’s name Raman gets angry Romi, Romi ,Romi!Why never Raman? He thinks ”Oh yeah I’m just going to get him you get the breakfast ready”With that he goes to the bathroom…

    ”Thank you Bhai” says Romi Raman just gives him a smileWhen they reach the bhalla house Ishita is the first to greet them downstairs ”Romi! Your back I’m so happy!!” She says giving Romi a hug What is wrong with the Jhansi Ki Rani?In front of her husband she is hugging her devar like this?Disgusting why did I fall in love with her?He finally notices that Ishita already left with Romi be fumes in anger ”I have to do something…” he says and walks upstairs When Raman enters he sees everyone already having breakfast and Romi and Ishita sitting beside each other…He fumes in angerHe sees the seat next to Ishita on the other side is empty so he walks and sits there Ishita is to busy talking to Romi that she doesn’t notice Raman sitting beside her ”Ishita can you pass the paratha?” Raman says But Ishita was talking to Romi that she doesn’t hear him He tries again ”Ishita can you please pass the paratha?” Still no answer After trying a bunch of times except for Ishita and Romi Everyone realises what is happening”Ishita…” says Raman but still no answer Finally toshiji gives Raman a paratha he says thank you Everyone sees Raman getting angry Raman notices that the family now understands whats going on ”Ishita you know I’m having an affair with someone?” Everyone starts laughing knowing that Raman is jokingStill Ishita doesn’t answer she is to distracted Raman gives up and starts to eat Ishita then turns around and sees whats on Raman’s plate and takes his plate from him and adds more stuff to it and says ”Raman… with who are you having an affair with?” And gives Raman his plate who is shocked to know that Ishita heared everything Simi first lets out a small laugh and then starts laughing out loud Everyone then starts laughing hard even Ishita who almost falls but Raman catches her then Raman starts laughing They start laughing so much that tears start to come out…
    Ishra Bedroom (Night)
    Raman walks in to see Ishita watching TV He sees her watching 1920 Evil Returns and sees how scared she is ”So where were you with you girlfriend?”Says Ishita in an angry toneRaman realises she is still mad of what happened in the morning’Ishita that was a joke yaar are you still mad at me?” He asks her ”Of course! How can you say all of that in front of the family?Even Ruhi heared and she started asking me what does affair mean?” Raman becomes shocked that Ruhi heared all of this ”I had to lie to her and say something elesBecause of you I had to lie to Ruhi or she would have been upset””Ok sorry I didn’t know that Ruhi was there sorry”Ishita just gives him a disgusted looks and continues to watch the movie a scary part comes where the ”girl” (ghost) is spitting out nails Ishita gets scared and grabs Raman and hides behind him Raman becomes socked and happy at the same time with Ishita’s action he put his hand on Ishita’s head and Ishita looks up both have an eye lock Raman notices Ishita blushing and sees her hair in front of her face he moves her hair back and moves forward Ishita’s heart begins to beat really fast while Raman moves in more No this marriage is for Ruhi…She sees Raman coming closer to her…She gets scared and *BAM* slaps Raman and runs to the bathroom ad closes the door Raman put his hand on his cheek and thinks Or did I go to quick? A tear comes from his eyes 
    Ishita falls to the ground cryingWhy was Raman trying to kiss me?Was he trying to?He smacks her head and thinks She wipes of her tears and walks out of the bathroomShe sees Raman sleeping and breathes happy that Raman is not awakeShe goes to the couch and turns off the lights and closes her eyes Is she falling for her Ravan Kumar?
    Precap:              ”Sorry”                Raman jealous


  92. akira

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    Ishra FF:Together Forever! NOTE. 9/10 (Page 7)

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    Nawww bechara Raman:'( nice update 

    thanks for pming me :’)

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    Very Nice. I read the 2&3 rd part. I loved the Romi n Ishita friendship. She was ignoring him. Poor Raman! She slapped him. His jealousy n Mihir helped him to realise his love for her was good

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    Raman wakes up to see Ishita not in her ”bed”He gets up and goes to them mirror and sees his cheeks red He remembers Ishita slapping him His expression changes when he remembers the incidentHe walks out to see Ishita making a bed in breakfastHe thinks it’s for Romi When in reality it’s for him 

    Dinner table 
    Raman walks in to see Romi and Ishita laughingEven Mihir and MihikaThinks Raman what are they all laughing about?He fumes in anger”What are you all laughing about?””Oh Raman Bhai we were all planningTo go out for dinner tonight Want to come with us?” Says Mihir Raman nods his head in ok While Mihir smilesThinking why Raman said yes 

    Mihir and MihikaRaman and Ishita Romi and Simi all walk into the 5 star hotel They all sit and order their food Besides Raman everyone starts laughing at Something Simi says Raman doesn’t understand And just fumes in anger seeing Romi and Ishita’s closeness He fumes in angerHe gets so angry that he breaks the glass he had in his hands ”Raman!” Yells Ishita She says and takes Raman She first cleans the blood and asks ”Raman why did you break the glass?”About a business deal and I was scared and so…”She starts wrapping Raman’s hand with a handkerchiefRaman become mesmerized by Ishita’s beauty Ishita looks up and she and Raman have eye lock Suddenly Romi comes and says ”Bhai, Bhabi are you coming the food cameRaman says they are coming but Ishita just follows Romi Raman fumes in angerEven here? After everyone eats The ladies order desserts They start eating Ishita sees Raman watching her so she puts some ice cream in his mouth and he just smiles Mihir lets out a giggle knowing about Raman Raman gives him a look and he Laughs louder”Mihir what happened?” Asks Ishita ”Nothing Bhabi just…” says Mihir still laughing ”You know it’s only 11 we should just relax…”No Mihika please its already late” says Mihir”Oh come on Mihir!We ladies will go” says Ishita in a angry tone How about you guys go watch yourStupid cricket!”Ishita and Simi following her ”Ugh such a drama queen!” Says Mihir ”I know right even Ishita she’s just being a drama queen!” Says Raman ”Guys relax!Says Romi Raman and Mihir look at Romi and says 

    All three girls walk on the waterThey smile at each otherBetter without those Pagal Boys!” Says Simi ”Right?” Says MihikaSuddenly she feels someone throwing water at her All three girls say when they here laughter”Raman?””Mihir!” ”Romi!” They all three become shocked seeing them They look at each other and start laughing Their not mad? They think Ishita walks up to Raman and moves closer She moves her hands forward and cups his face”You came for me?” She says Raman becomes shocked at Ishita’s action And notices Mihika doing the same to Mihir Ishita and Mihika push Raman and Mihir in the water Simi,Ishita,Mihika and Romi start laughing hard”Romi thank you so much for bringing them here!””What this was a plan?” Says a wet Raman ”Ishita really?” ”Sorry Raman had to!” And everyone laughs even Mihir Mihika helps Mihir up While Raman is still in the water Ishita helps him up She pulls him up but he slips and both Ishita and Raman fall down Everyone starts laughing Raman gets mad and pulls Mihir down with Mihika Who was holding Mihir Simi and Romi also start laughing so Mihir pushes Romi and Simi fallEveryone starts looking at the position they are in and quickly get upThen they start laughing ”Ok guys I think we should go now” says Mihika and Mihir They all agree and walk to the car Everyone is wet and shiveringWhile they are walking Romi remembers that he left his phone at the hotel So all three boys walk back inside and tells the girls to wait They all three stand and talk when Mihika sees some guys looking at them who were walking up to them They start circling around them and blows whistleOne person touches Mihika and she moves While the boys come closer…
    The three boys walk out and see whats happening But doesn’t see the three girls They don’t understand whats happening and thinks its a fight so they Turn around to the parking lot…

    Everyone says bye to each other and leaves Raman takes Ishita to the bedroom and places her on the bed and leaves to change after he comes back he sees the bedroom door closedHe walks in and sees Ishita taking out her clothes from the closet ”Ishita are you ok?” Ishita nods her head and leaves for the bathroom She comes back to see Raman watching cricketUgh this Raman nah!She goes to the mirror to tie her hair but sees her hair stuck With her mangalsutra she tries a bunch of times to untangle her hair but she can’t thats when Raman notices She sees him coming forward and closes her eyes…
    Precap:Party!               Ishita drunk!

  93. akira

    is part 5 for you!She goes to the mirror to tie her hair but sees her hair stuck With her mangalsutra she tries a bunch of times to untangle her hair but she can’t thats when Raman notices She sees him coming forward and closes her eyes…Ishita feels Raman’s hand behind he back as he tries to untangle her hair from her mangalsutra she closes her eyes by the same…Raman sees Ishita blushing and her eyes closed and he smiles by the same She moves to the couch when Raman says ”Ishita listen you know Karan?”Ishita nods her head in yes ”Well he is throwing a party and he asked…If we could come there Even Mihir and Mihika will be there Raman was really hoping for a yes”Sure why not?””Ok then good night Jhansi Ki Rani” Raman says with a smile and moves to the bed ”Yeah good night Ravan Kumar!”Both start laughing and fall asleep with a smile…
    Mihir and Raman were waiting downstairs ”Oh my God! Where are they?”Asks Raman But you never listen to me…now your to focused in Bhabi…”Says Mihir with a laugh Raman just gives him a look and runs upstairs

    ”Raman…” says Ishita Raman hears Ishita but is still looking at her beauty”Raman!” Ishita says snapping her finger ”Raman I’m ready lets go!””Yeah” says Raman and follows Ishita 
    Everyone walks in Raman,Ishita,Mihir and MihikaAll the guests greet Raman and Ishita While Mihir and Mihika walk to some other people the party’s host Karan comes”Hey Raman and Wow Bhabi you look really pretty!I don’t even have the feeling to call you Bhabi!” Says Karan Ishita blushes and gives a small slap to Karan Raman just looks away…First Romi and now Karan What is wrong with this Jhansi Ki Rani?He fumes in angerHe then notices that Ishita going with Karan to the bar Why is she going to the bar?She doesn’t drink…His eyes widen at Ishita and Karan Karan is pushing a glass to Ishita while she is laughing and shaking her head and just telling Karan she doesn’t want to have a drink Just then Raman makes a big O shape He sees Karan making Ishita drink and then just walking away with a smile 


  94. akira

    Dfdde is part 6 for you hope you like it!
    Karan is pushing a glass to Ishita while she is laughing and shaking her head and just telling Karan she doesn’t want to have a drink Just then Raman makes a big O shape He sees Karan making Ishita drink and then just walking away with a smile Raman looks at Ishita who is just laughing and swaying left to right ”Why Raman come on its a party we are here to have fun not just leave!” Says Ishita in a baby voice Raman calls Mihika and asks her to take Ishita And he and Mihir walk up to Karan ”How dare you!” Says Raman grabbing Karan’s collar while Mihir tries to make him let go ”You saw Ishita didn’t want to drink and you didn’t listen to her and you forcefully made her drink!Why did you make her drink?!? Were you trying to take advantage of her!?!?!” Raman says in anger still holding Karan’s collar”No Raman I just gave her the drink…Why would I try to take advantage Ishita?She is your wife Raman!” Says Karan”Don’t lie I saw you after you made Ishita drink you were smiling because you were going to…Ugh I should of known since college you were always flirting with girls even if they were already dating someone but I never knew you could go this far that you flirt with a women who is already married to someone!” Raman says who is now really,really angry”Raman stop this everyone is watching and Bhabi and Mihika are in the car we should go now we will deal with Karan later now we have to think about Ishita Bhabi who is not in her sense!” Mihir says to Raman trying to come him down and looking at Karan who was just silent and looking at Raman Raman understands and leaves Karan’s collar and gives him a look and leaves with Mihir 
    In the car
    ”Mihir you drive and Mihika you sit at the front and I will sit behind with Ishita” says Raman who is already getting him self inside the back of the car while Mihir and Mihika exchange glances They all knew that the ride is going to be long so to pass time Mihika suggested to just listen to songs and just relax (except Mihir because he was driving and we don’t want a accident…)The first song was Oo La La and Ishita who is still drunk hears the music and suddenly starts singingMihika and Mihir start laughing seeing Ishita going crazy and singing so loud and just moving around While Raman just looks at her and then tries to calm his crazy wife but he then starts laughing at Ishita condition and starts laughing more when Ishita stops on hearing him laugh and then continues making her look more crazy then ever When Oo La La ends Ishita’s face turns upside down and she then looks at Raman who finally controlled his laughter and also Mihir and Mihika”Raman why did this song stop?Play another one please!!!” Ishita says in her baby voice when she suddenly hears baby doll playingOh Baby Doll Mein Sone Di!” Ishita says moving all around like a maniac and this time all three Raman, Mihir and Mihika burst in a huge laugh And they all have a great time in their car ride…But one thing the three don’t know is that Ishita is not actually drunk and that Karan actually made her drink a cold drink that had nothing in it but she and Karan made all this up because Ishita wanted to have fun with her family but not in her simple way but her Jhansi Ki Rani way…

    ”Hey Ishita what happened why are you so sad?” Karan ask looking at Ishita who is sitting at the bar ”Karan am I boring to you?” Asks Ishita ”Ishita what kind of question are you asking?Are you in your sense?You are not boring you are so awesome!” Says Karan who notices that Ishita has tears ”Karan everyone is having so much fun there having the best time ever and look at me I’m such a boring person I want to also have fun but I don’t know how people will think what is this dentist doing is she crazy or something and then Raman he will then taunt me and say I can’t have any fun and Mihir and Mihika will just laugh and I will just look like a big joker and then I will feel insulted…”Ishita starts crying more and Karan looks at her and thinks about something and finally says ”Ok Ishita how about we do something that will make you look…I don’t know drunk…” Karan explains to Ishita that he will try to make Raman get his attention here and then he will take a cold drink that will look like alcohol and pretend that he is forcefully trying to make her drink and when Raman notices this he will decided to take Ishita home and in the car she can do something that will show that Ishita is not a boring girl ”But Karan what if you get hurt I mean Raman when he sees you making me drink alcoholHe might hit you hard and I don’t want you to get hurt I mean then because of me this all happened”Ishita says feeling sort of scared about Karan ”Don’t worry Ishita nothing will happen to me ok and I promise you that from today your family members will never think that their Punjabi BahuMrs Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla is not boring but a Punjab just like them!” Karan says smiling

    Ishita smiles remembering that she is not actually drunk and she herself can be a crazy Punjabi Girl She looked at Mihika and Mihir who were just smiling at each other and then she looks at Raman  who is laughing at something Mihir just said she gets lost in Raman and continues to admire his face and then realized what is happeningIs this Jhansi Ki Rani falling for Her Ravan Kumar?She opens her eyes in shockShe has actual fallen in love with her Ravan Kumar But does he? She felt a excitement on thinking she has got her happiness back but still wants to know  if Raman actually has the same feeling she smiles and looks at Raman and thinks…
    Even if her Ravan is not in love with her then I will try to make him fall in love with me…
    If Ishita doesn’t love me I will try to make her fall in love with me because she is my Jhansi Ki Rani…
    Both Raman and Ishita smile on thinking about their love for each other but still stay grim thinking if the other loves them…What ever it is they both will try to make each other  Fall in love whatever it would take…
    Precap:               Ishra trying to make each other Hey everyone I hope you liked this part!

  95. akira

    DgfdWhat ever it is they both will try to make each other  Fall in love whatever it would take…

    Ishita acting like she is drunk…Continues to annoy Raman,Mihir and Mihika She decides to annoy them just to get even for all the things they have done especially Ravan Kumar
    After Raman says good night to Mihir he goes to the bedroom and sees Ishita taking of her jewellery he smiles looking at Ishita but wonders why she looks normal when she is drunk…Why is she not like the Ishita she was in the car?She was being so crazy with Oo La La and now her behavior is so normal as if she had fun and nothin happened but she was drunk…right?Though Raman who was so confused but just then Ishita sees hum through the mirror and quickly gets up and says ”Raman when did you come in and why didn’t you knock?” Raman hearing Ishita understands that she is not drunk but is still curious to know what and why she was drunk and stupid like that…”Ishu…I thought you are not in your sense then how did you become the Jhansi Ki Rani again? Raman asks looking at Ishita who realizes that she has been caught but decides not to say anything”Oh I thought you were drunk then how did this happen that you are speaking this normal huh”Raman says while moving forward to Ishita Ishita gets frightened and moves back until she has the wall and Raman walks more forward and puts his hand on both sides if the wall and says”Tell me why you did all of this and don’t play smart OK tell me…” says Raman in an angry tone but looking at Ishita’s innocent face he calms down and just looks at Ishita who finally explains to him how she thought she was so boring ag the party while everyone was being them selves and even if she wanted to be FUN they would make fun of her and then she will just embarrass herself…While she was explaining everything to Raman he felt hurt that his wife thought he only likes to taunt her and nothing eles he feels bad on remembering all the pain Ishita once had because of him…
    The time when her relationship with Pratik was broken because of him…
    When he thought she kidnapped Ruhi and because of that Amma and Appa had been arrested and had been tortured by the police because of him…
    He becomes hurt when he remembers he had almost thrown her out of the house thinking that she was seeing other men…when in reality she was helping Simi and Param…
    Param too was a problem if he had believed her she wouldn’t have been slapped by Simi or kicked out if the house and also the false accusations…
    But he was almost crying when he remembered when Ishita was asked to apologize to Shagun…
    Raman felt just then to say sorry and give her a big hug and profess his love for her but he couldn’t…He then realises that Ishita is still speaking and listens to what she is saying and then she tells How she asked Karan for help and he told her the plan of getting her drunk and how the drama in the car was just her being stupid and she was just trying to have fun and show them that she is not a boring person and she can be like a Punjabi…Ishita starts crying on the same…
    Raman goes to her and cups her face…”Ishita…who said you are boring?You are not boring ok why do you think that today you showed you are not boring you are so much fun…now wipe of your tears and sleep it’s late”Ishita smiles on Raman’s comment and quickly wipes of her tears and hugs Raman…”Raman thank you for saying that today I feel so happy but the reason why I’m saying that I’m boring is because today at the party I remember a incident that happened with me and subbu…”

    ”Ishu please don’t embarrass me at this party ok?”Subbu whispers to Ishita who is shocked at what she just heard herself…
    Subbu was invited to a party and he decided to take Ishita with him so that he can introduce her to his colleagues…
    ”Subbu why would you say that what do I do that makes you embarrassed?” Ishita spoke ”Ishu remember at the last party you were telling my colleagues about my childhood and they were all so embarrassing so please…” Subbu said holding his hands ishita was hurt that subbu thought she was embarrassing but since she loved him she just nodded and they went inside “Oh and Ishu please don’t be boring talk to the women and have fun and just chill…”Ishita was hurt by Subbu’s words but agreed

    ” That’s why I did all of this I thought I was boring because of subbu I’m sorry that I did this its my fault because of me you hit him (Karan) and now I feel so embarrassed you had to leave the party because of me and you got embarrassed by those people who now think that what you did was really wrong by putting false accusations on Karan its all my fault I’m sorry… I’m really sorry ” Ishita starts crying again and hugs Raman more tightly…Raman who is furious at what Subbu had said to Ishita feels sad that she was in a pain like this and also starts crying and Ishita who realizes that Raman is crying asks why he is and he tells her that just like her Shagun once told him that he is boring and told him not to do something stupid “What why would shagun say that you are not boring your so much fun don’t worry at least this Jahnsi Ki Rani doesn’t think that…” 
    Raman and Ishita start laughing…Raman and Ishita look at each other and have an eye lock Raman becomes mesmerized by her beauty… he sees her hair in front of her eyes and moves her hair from there he moves closer and looks down at her lips and suddenly starts kissing her Ishita even though shocked responds to Raman and kisses him back…
    Raman breaks the kiss and looks at Ishita who is blushing he slowly picks her up and takes her to the bed he makes her lie down and he starts taking of her jewllery Ishita turns to the side and closes her eyes while Raman caress her back and pulls her blouse and slowly starts taking of her clothes Ishita responds to Raman and she starts taking of his clothes and responses to another kiss…
    Her tone wasn’t anywhere in denial to what he desired for. He smiled at her shy innocence and replied with a kiss on her shivering lips as a promise of love.
    She didn’t think anything more as she trusted his words and felt safe in his arms. When he was there, she had nothing to fear of. Nothing could go wrong! He would make any wrong all right! He embraced her and weighed onto her as if to protect her from the world. She was just for him. She was just for his eyes to see and just for his body to feel. A feeling of security and protectiveness emerged within him and in those moments, he knew he was in love with her but he didn’t voice it out. He had to claim her and tag her as his before he confessed. Nothing less could satiate him!
    She was his life drink which he had to drink to quench his thirst else he would become a lifeless body like before which could only breath and the heart would never spring into action like it was thudding now if he lost her now…
    That night both Raman and Ishita felt they have gotten the happiness and love they once lost…
    Precap:               Regrets of Ishita               

  96. akira

    “together forever”

    Thank u!!!!

  97. Yaar story padh kar kitna achha laga………kaash jald hi yeh sab real show me bhi ho jaye ……….kya story writters ko aise ideas nahi aate …….pls IshRa ka love confess karvao aur kitna wait karvaoge humse……..Diwali se wait kar rahe hai ki kab IshRa ka love confessionho aur kab unki happy married life shuru ho…….pls New Year se pehle IshRa ka love confession ho jaye…….Oh God……humari wishes puri karo……pls…….

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    Yeh shagun bhalla house se kab tak jayegi ? Does anyone know ? If anyone knows then please let me know !! As shagun will try to harm ishita and that is something which I can’t see!

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    intazaar ki;-);-);-)

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    Ye jaanta h ki tum nhi mere
    Khadi hu me phir bhi nighaayein bichaaye
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    Tu……Bin Bataye……muje le……chal .kahi……. Jaha tu……. ..muskuraye……..

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  126. OMG..!!!!
    SBS dekha kisine kya scene tha……
    Ashok ne Mihika se shadi to karli par abhi usne Mihika ka asli roop dekha nahi…… Mihika ke haath me Ashok ka credit card lag gaya hai to Mihika ne
    X-mas paety arrange kar di…Ashok ke paise uda rahi hai…muje to lagta hi Ashok ko kngaal kar ke chhodegi…..
    Aur party me use santaclose bana diya….. aue uske bhai Suraj ko to apni unglyo par nacha rahi hai….aur Suraj bhi Girls ke bich kya thumke laga laga kar dance kar raha tha…Mihika ne waat laga di hai dono bhaiyo ki…..Iin dono ne us ki fwmily ko bahut pareshan kiya hai…to ab Mihika chun chun kar badle le rahi hai…..Good job Mihika…….

  127. p

    kya nachaya suraj ko mihika ne .maza aa gaya and ashok kya lega raha tha santa clouse ki dress me and mihika keep it up

  128. Spiler me last part to achha thw par yeh Shagun Raman par dore daal rahi hai…….yeh nahi chalega……
    Yeh idiot Shagun ko Khud Ashok ne kaha me tumse shadi karna hi nahi chahta tha phir bhi wo Ishita & Mihika ko hi blaim kar rahi hai…aur shayd uss baat ka badla bhi legi……kab akkal aayegi isss me……

  129. akira

    CcvRevenge and Romance go hand in hand in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Mihika’s new fangled MMS – Marriage Motive Scene

    Ishita and Raman’s romance got down by Mihika and Ashok’s marriage. Still the viewers can expect to see their romance in bearing the new tortures of Ashok and Shagun. Ishita and Raman go to meet Ashok and Mihika at Ashok’s home. Ishita aims to confront Mihika. She is shocked to see her supporting Ashok. Mihika defends Ashok as his goody goody wife and asks Raman and Ishita to leave. Ashok feels proud of Mihika. Ishita is hurt by Mihika’s stupid move and reminds her of Mihir’s love and expectations from her. She asks how can she marry the man who has killed her respect in the society, and when she could not accept Mihir’s proposal stating her name should be cleared first, then how did she marry Ashok. Mihika is speechless and shows them the door. Ishita gives a head shaking slap to Mihika and curses her that she will never be happy with Ashok.

    She says Mihika did not value Mihir’s love and will always long for true love in her life. She asks Mihika to remove the mangalsutra as she can’t accept this baseless marriage. Mihika asks her not to touch her mangalsutra, and sticks to Ashok. Raman beats Ashok red and blue and Mihika acts protective. Ashok’s face turns red, but his tongue is still long enough to argue. Raman gets fed up by the fake love drama and takes Ishita home. Ishita gets very disturbed by Mihika’s marriage. Shagun resides in Bhalla house with Adi, and starts eyeing Raman again by her sobbing emotions. Meanwhile, Ishita is unaware of Shagun’s intentions of revenge. Shagun determines to make Ishita leave Raman’s life, as Mihika made her leave Ashok’s life. Poor Ishita will be struck for Mihika’s mistake. Another revenge pillar in the show is on Mihika’s shoulder……

    Mihika has married Ashok, for taking revenge from him and clear her name. This is another stupidity done by Mihika. Mihika starts troubling Suraj and Ashok to make their life hell. She keeps a Christmas party at home in Ashok’s absence, by using his credit card. She hires few dancers for making the party hit, and asks Suraj to dance with the girls. She threatens Suraj and makes him dance with them. Ashok turns up, and Mihika forces him to get in the Santa costume. Mihika takes the revenge from them for insulting Ishita in the Bachelors’ party. Well, it looks like she will take every revenge for her loved ones’ humiliation from Ashok. Keep reading.


  130. akira

    Tumhe agar video dekhna pasand to ye try karo(nhi bhi pasand h to bhi yry karo acha h)
    Google par search karo ishra vms

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