Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman complaining of back ache. He salutes the world’s women, how they manage all work. He tells all the work he did. She smiles. He says I m making bed for Pihu’s doll, what are you doing. She says studies, is Pihu’s homework done. He asks her to check. She says its not done. He says its again method maths. She says I will explain you, you explain Pihu in morning. He says thank God you are here to explain me, I will read your business management details and explain you. She asks shall I get coffee. He says yes, add less sugar. She goes out and sees Mihika waiting. She asks did Romi not come till now.

Mihika says maybe he got stuck in work, he will come, don’t worry. Ishita says Romi comes late every night, is everything fine, you can tell me if there

is anything. Mihika says yes, its fine, strangely my new friend said the same. Ishita says be careful of friend’s advice, Raman and I are always there to give you advice, don’t hide anything. She goes. Ishita takes coffee and sees Raman asleep. She takes the books from his hand and he holds her hand. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………… she holds him and makes him sleep well.

Its morning, Raman irons Pihu’s school dress and says I will start with collar. Ishita gets tea. He says stop, tea will fall, you get ready, don’t get late. She says its correspondence course. He says its orientation class, don’t wear saree, everyone will laugh. she says I m fine the way I m. he says everyone will do ragging and make fun, I won’t like it. She kisses on his cheek and calls him cute. She says if my husband talks lovely things and cares for me, I will be ever young. He says come on women’s dev anand, go. She goes. He says I will taunt her again, my wife kissed me and who is burning. He sees Pihu’s uniform burnt and worries as other uniform went for laundry.

Pihu asks Raman why did you burn my uniform, teacher will scold me. Raman says I will talk to teacher and manage. Principal asks what will you manage, you don’t follow rules, this won’t work. Mr. Bhalla and Appa come there and introduce themselves. Appa says we got her uniform the moment the shops opened. He gives uniform to Pihu. Mr. Bhalla and Raman also explain. Principal sends Pihu to change in girls room. He asks Raman to fulfill his responsibility well. Raman says sure. He thanks Appa and Mr. Bhalla for coming, I m worried by mummy’s role, I salute women.

Mihir tells Aaliya that its time for meeting, just check Rajat, I hate anybody coming late. He gets Rajat’s message and says he is saying he can’t come as he is marrying today, did he go mad, he is eloping and marrying, what happened to him. She says whats wrong in that, it shows love. he says I m not against love, Rajat is marrying the girl, even when his parents are against, parents are not your enemies, you forget their love when you get a girl, whats need of such love who makes you away from parents, there is solution, its imp to involve parents in new step of life, hurting parents and starting new life is not right, I think you don’t agree with my opinion. She holds his right and says I agree with you, if love is true, they can face any problem and stay together without hurting anyone. He says I think we have to do meeting without Rajat.

She gets Ishita’s call and goes. Mihir says Aaliya is mad, but really nice. Aaliya talks to Ishita and says I miss you a lot. Ishita says liar, you can’t come and meet Adi, not me. Aaliya says no, I wanted to meet you desperately. Ishita asks why, is there anything, I know you are busy, we will meet on weekend, I miss you so much, I need to talk, I think you will be proud of me, I m going to study business management course. Aaliya says I will see you.

Ishita asks everyone about Raman. Simmi says Raman took Pihu to school. Ishita says he was going to drop me to college. Ruhi says I will drop you, I have to buy rakhis. She asks Simmi for newspaper. Simmi says Appa took it. Ruhi goes out and sees Shagun. Shagun recalls Ashok’s words and tells Ruhi that she came to meet Ruhi, not Pihu. Ruhi asks why. Shagun says I know you will understand me and Pihu’s relation, when you were of Pihu’s age, you just saw Ishita as mum and chose her, you left home and went to Ishita, similarly Pihu came to me, Pihu and I can’t stay without each other, I raised her for 7 years, everyone supported Ishita that time and no one supports me, I love Pihu, its unfair that I m not allowed to meet Pihu, I need your help, I miss Pihu, please unite us. Ruhi says I think you are right, Pihu should be with you. Shagun thanks and hugs her. Ruhi says come, we will talk to Ishita.

Ruhi gets Shagun home. Ishita gets angry on Shagun. Ruhi says Shagun came for Pihu, she is Pihu’s mum, I understood she loves Pihu, she was hurt when you made her away from Pihu. Shagun gets glad. Ruhi says you can kidnap anyone for Pihu, even Ishi Maa. Shagun gets shocked. Ruhi says Ishita made you and Pihu away, it was unfair, what you did was fair? You gave money and address to Pihu asking her to run away, you were comparing me and Pihu, there is big difference in both situations, Ishita did not ask me to run away and provoke me against you, we know what you did, I understood how much you love her, you did not think of her safety, if anything happened to her, what about mistakes you did, I know you kidnapped Ishi Maa, you were acting as if you worry for Ishita, you told kidnappers to kill Ishi Maa, how can anyone fall so low. Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi look on.

Students rag Ishita, while she is happily doing the task. Raman hopes Ishita did not do anything and get shocked seeing Ishita. He gets angry and asks who is troubling my wife, how dare you, she is a doctor and more qualified that you all.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Adejoke

    I love today’s episode. Very funny. Can’t stop laughing

  2. Just wow….

  3. What fine the way you are..Ishita… first of all there’s no proper chemistry between ramn and ishita after leap..
    Shagun , Simmi looks in good shape even after leap, but ishita do reduce your weight/////
    You are looking old,maybe with this dressing style..Its time to change ur dressing style..
    All the ishra scenes now looks forced by writers for TRP and keep audience hook to them..
    Raman changing opinion about Shagun and Ishita ,just in next episode..His words everything.
    Waiting for the crackling chemistry of Ishra which was natural, that was an eye candy..
    Meanwhile writers,in ur TRP greed, where is bond between Ishita and Ruhi…
    We are not interested about Divyanka-Ruhanika bond, that u are concentrating on Pihu(for nameshake, but only forced interactions between ishra), Do show bond of Ishita and Ruhi too..Ruhi-pihu bond was also good..

    This particular point with sadness:
    If ishita was amma to Aliya for about 7 years, how the hell cant she even bother a little about aliya.. Not to mention about Mihir and Aliya..
    Its truly truly sad to see ishita’s behavior.. Feeling bad for aaliya.

    Mihir..Idiot,Always and ever always saying to aaliya and Adi that , i dont know of this generation..generation as if this fool is from BC’s…Its too much to change him as if he is so conservative all.. Credit goes to writers for this too

    Pls writers if u started a story ,continue to follow it..U r just leaving open ends to start another illogical loop.
    Missing Real Ravan kumar and Ravan ka Jhansi ki Rani..

    The current track is “YEH HAI BEWAKOOFIAN”

    1. Exactly Pradishma …. cvs are just joining something something and really just for the sake of watching , I am watching .. Mothing to comment …. yhm got the best actor Kp best actress Dt and best child actress Rd … even Aditi too is v good .. but cvs really spoiling …

    2. shreya shetty

      I certainly agree with u pradashima but don’t feel bad about my saying as I am just telling u. I sincerely disapprove ur current track of the show naming it yeh hai bewakoofein.I know ekta maam s idealogy is just completely worse,but what to do we r her shows lover fans of yhm and we cant go there and change her ways can we???????seriously u have gone out of mind by calling mihir an idiot.aaliya shouldn be attracted to a middle aged man like that also her dressing is inappropriate with those open sleevless dresses she been wearing all the time.and please for u r kind information stop calling ishita fat and ugly,just suggest something so that she could turn beautiful again not calling her old or something bad like that and not on other actresses.all of us feel that ur comparing one lady to the other ladies from different serials and most probably even with evil shagun.sorry for the inconvenience I ve caused to u by any chance dear

      1. Hi, it’s nice to read ur opinion. By the way I’m not calling ishita ugly nor comparing ladies from other serials as you said. And your phrase ‘all of us feel’, I don’t think it’s everyone’s feel,just urs. I’m watching yhm from day 1,so better u can support the series, dare to call me out of mind and after saying this ur last sentence of sorry for inconvenience dear makes no sense. So, better talk about show. Got it right.

      2. shreya shetty

        ya ya I admit got u listen its my way of discussion when it comes to such matters although this serial isn’t real at all but unreal in nature

    3. I really agree with u ishra chemistry is really really missing these scenes are only to increase trp n also ishru scenes are very less they didn’t even talk to each other properly ishita never ask ruhi about her past seven yrs how she spend them how much she miss her ishimaa is missing n also our ishra agar ishra scenes kam aye gay to chalay ga but v want old ishra back they r just dragging maa college ja riii hai aur beti ghar bethi what is this r these writers mad or do they want to show a proper track about ruhi started studying n facing problems do know what they r upto n mujhay ek bat samaj niii iii that how ruhi will drop ishita to college she is 15 n she can’t drive car ????

      1. Same thought yaar. Exactly. Why are they not asking ruhi about her lost 7years. What happened to international Rockstar RUHAAN. why is not ruhi studying. Thanks for ur comments friend. I too was thinking about that, but if we start quoting, we will be out of comments. Hahaha

      2. shreya shetty

        before ishu gets ill treated by that nasty pihu,ruhi has done a wonderful job f exposing shaguns evil aura in front of everyone sooo great.although pihu has improved little and quite a bit ever since raman is taking good care of his own nice and really surprised on seeing that ishita is going to college to learn business management!!!!!

    4. Khushiarvind

      Wrll said pradishma… That family elemnt is missing… Juz bcose of trp loss they changd raman’s character in a day.. Without any apologies ishitha forgive all her insults.. Now they r concentrating on ishitha’s studies while ruhi is sitting at home. Ishitha shld really do something to bind with pihu.. No ishitha- pihu, ishitha- ruhi bondings…
      Ishitha brought up aliya nd lived her all 7 yrs nd suddenly forget her nd mani too. She can di anything for her family bt nt thnking abt aliya nd mani whose lyf spoiled bcose of her
      She shld support her family bt can’t ignore them whi where once his only support….
      In this show everyone behaves like disgratefully… Just use people and neglect them..
      She shld atleast try to expose shagun before mani nd safeguard aliya frm shagun… Shagun is making their lyf hell an she doesnt bother

      1. U nailed it friend..Yes,Ishita should atleast worry about mani..She in hurry made shagun marry mani and sud concentrate on exposing shagun to safeguard mani and aaliya..Missing Ruhi-ishita bond.. Ishita can atleast try to make aliya realise about shagun’s true nature,,, Now writers are only concerned to increase TRP by ishra moments ,which is not even close to old ishra moments


    So finally either shagun truth is out or may be she is dreaming… i saw YHM after long tym as it losed it charm but today, i had nothing to watch so i saw episode, and now its going nice….
    And the best part is precap….

  5. hi friends and all yhm fans. i hope u are also fine. now a days these episodes are fine. i hope our old yhm is back. the chemistry of ishra is working out but unfortunately trp. The lead couple chemistry is cute.. ruhi and adi also support to family it is very nice to see whole bhalla and iyyer family are together.

  6. shreya shetty

    guys I am back.well this time I thought of quiting but no I ve decided to comment limited only according to the situation and never violently.sorry for the trouble people as I was going through ur concerned comments,i too realized that u ll all soon forget about me If I continue to ignore this nevertheless for the second time I ve rejoined this group of wonderous yhm fans around here.whatever happened please forgive me,its all my fault.i shouldn’t ve replied soo violently like that even if I was angry with other opposing yhm haters.anyways todays episode was just amazing,i must say ruhi has grown up and became sooo intelligent and mature to protect ishimaas respect and love towards her.soooo clever of u dear ruhi very well done of exposing shagun in front of the entire bhalla family because everybody believes ur words but not poor ishus.shagun this is just the beginning of ur downfall so get ready to face even some more for ur evil deeds and horrible actions to destroy raman and the family also even ur own children.theres no way u can seprate pihu from ishita,because she must realize ishita is her biological mother and is legally married to raman so she deserves pihu more than.shagun just gave birth to pihu and raised her for seven years.and wheras innocent ishita couldn’t tolerate ramans horrible behavior of insultation for accusing her of killing ruhi(who is now presently a teenager of 15).she just felt guilty and left with mani who saved her from suicidal attempt since ruhis death guilt past was after her which has been haunting her for 7 LONG YEARS.FEELING SORRY FOR THAT PIHU FAILS TO UNDERSTAND ISHITA IS HER MOM AND NOT SHAGUN.

  7. Shreya we never felt you had gone …. Its pleasure to be one in this yhm fans group

  8. Hi Shreya Shetty Ok u did one mistake so no need to be so bad about it.. we all tend to loose our tempers but now that u have apologised it is ok. As long u have rectified & u feel u did wrong & wants to correct it . I & am sure the YHM fans are ok with it. Pls we are a family & these are only stories not real so just take it lightly ok. why just ruin urself & ur reputation for a silly serial. i have already forgotten about it & am sure others too have… all the YHM Fans here are very sweet lovely people. so just carry on.. but be careful nest time . & Remember this is REEL & Not REAL.. Hope ur not angry with me dear.
    I Am out of here if they bring any more negative people. i read that there is going to be another negative character . Can’t they find any Positive characters. they have already spoiled this show after the leap. i doubt they will win any more Awards , as else where i read they are not happy with this serial. what can the main actors do they are doing what they are told to do as it is their job. that is what KP said. we do what we are asked to do. who ever is writing this story should be given An Award for ruining a beautiful show. if there are more wicked stuff. i will say Bye bye to this . World is full of Wickedness & don’t want to watch anymore of that in this serial too.. Sorry if i hurt ur feeling have a Great Weekend. Love to all my YHM Fans God Bless.

    1. Khushiarvind

      True mino enough of negativity… Show hav max num of villians nd only one positive character ishitha… Evryone changes colors except her
      The new entry might be param
      Naturality is missing.. The spark is missing evn in ishra scenes
      Enough of dragging someone shld tell pihu truth nd expose shagun soon

  9. Can make ishitha more young?

  10. Can anyone tell me y is ischita fat after leap?while shagun looks younger after leap

  11. shreya shetty

    I aint angry with anyone dear mino.its just like I am a member of this yhm group member family in this site.well I wish that this stupid romi gets slapped by mihika also he doesn’t deserve and goes to affair with a new girlfriend of his,then why did he had to marry her then????????/the shows better now but a little bit boring as well.its like the past is dragged on again to the present here In this show.sometimes even I too get irritated by this worsening when I am out of loose also I consider this to be a non real show not assuming it to be true at all.mihir can be good friends with aaliya,but adi matches with her they both look cute together in a couple like they do become great friends of need.i expect that mihir shouldn’t fall in love with aaliya,but nooo its just the opposite.why cant these serial writers think of making ekta alright.divyanka won numerous huge awards because she played the main character role as ishita so everyone liked her a lot so does karan patel and now to earn more money without even thinking about us this woman whos so called producer of yeh hai mohabbatein keeps dragging this into worse at times so that she makes this as a hatred serial for all of us to watch.darn then for what sake the actors have come for to play their respective roles that make this show intresting

  12. shreya shetty

    please don’t compare divyanka with anita.according to me I too feel dt is little weight gained but anita is veryyyyy loose.i mean she doesn’t look pretty when shes too much thin.ishita too looks cute but slightly plumpy.moreover it depends upon of how they look alike?????I too suppose ishita should reduce and shaggy must gain some muscles so that she looks fit and healthy.but from the rest of the actresses of yhm everyone has the same opinion like how I do,divyanka looks the best

  13. shreya shetty

    thanks a lot everyone.i never felt so much concerness about me when I never replied to ur comments in this group for 4 days ever since then!!!!!!!I am feeling happy again back to the group yhm member family again like ruhi.great.I also felt mistaken of ignoring ur comments for so long without realizing that u ll all forget about me if I don’t appear here.hiiii rithushree and Aditya kiran I am back!!!!!and so to u dear shivani,jaz.khushiarvind,niveditha.unique angel.mino.elena.siddhi.sindhu.VP,bhagya,naz,sowmy,shraddha sharma,adejoke.kate and to all dear nice members of the group.i hope nobodys mad at me for my absence

    1. Hi shreya . welcome back . I missed you in this site.

  14. Adityakiran

    Hi Rocket!
    Good Question?
    ISHITHA Leap ke BAAD issliye Moti HUI
    Kyun KI Uski SHAADI HUI.
    Kushi ke Maare FATTY HOGAI.


    1. Kimberly hi kafi niii thi k ab ye tehreem Bhi a gi

    2. Many of u r saying that DT put on weight guys she is playing role of mother of 21 yrs old son 15 n 8 yes old daughter she looks like a mother of not adi but alteast ruhi but shogun n adi looks brother n sister n shagun after leap really don’t looks good infact before leap she was looking better her hairstyle n her blouses oh God looks really bad but DT
      Looks just perfect she evens looks perfect before leap but now she looks more good but even Raman after leap not looking that good love DT always

      1. Khushiarvind

        True siddhi… Shagun doesnt luks lyk mother of a 21 yr old son… She is lookng gr8 bt doesnt match with character.. She luks more like a vamp than an ngo worker…cvs might done this to transform her to a perfect vamp.. Ishu fat or lean looks cute… Nd awesomly talentd
        Both raman nd shagun doesnt luks lyk the parents of 21 yr old adi…

      2. Divyanka is a inspiration and role model for ppl who r lil over weight. She handles herself so beautifully that it gives lot of confidence to woman that we can look beautiful even if we r not zero size. Other lead actress tho ethna thin hain ki it hurts a lot seeing them that we look beautiful only if we r thin. Divyanka cleared all the myths that being lil over weight is not ugly. She is beautiful and inspiration to women like me

    3. Sorry it was my comment but by mistake reply ho gaya

  15. Ishita you b*t*h ?

    1. What are the letters that are missing???

  16. Episode was ok.precap was also ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya mansi Sarita Shona aditya jeni super girl jaz az Monique d aparna Natasha priya bhagi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel bhagya disha juhi siddhi Aliya naz sindhu mino Sarita ananthi and all yhm friends.

  17. Well actually episode was not bad. But we want the old IshRa scenes those were adorable and a pleasure to watch. I don’t know why but I like Mihir and Aaliya pair. I know that many would disagree with me. But I feel there is nothing wrong in falling for Mihir. He’s actually such a sweetheart. But yeah please the creative head need to change Mihir’s getup, especially his moustache. Well, Mihir was in his teens when Raman married Shagun, and when he was dating Mihika he would have been around 24 and plus 7, now he will be around 31 and Aaliya is in her early 20s so I don’t find anything wrong in their pairing. There are couples who have much higher age gaps. But Aaliya needs to wear decent clothes. I don’t know why Ishitha as a mother not advicing Aaliya about it. They need to show the motherly bond of ishitha with Adi Ruhi and Aaliya also.

    1. Actually the thing he he looks really older with that moustache I saw him with it actually its fake
      He was not looking that old

    2. Yes it’s a fake one he is wearing it for the drama but I wish if the creative head made him look the same as before. Look at Raman he looks younger than before. I really like Mihir and I feel that Aaliya and Mihir would make a good match. I want a new girl for Adi.

    3. Yes yaar, wish they show bond of ishita with adi, ruhi and aaliya too. Wish she put some sense into aliya. Want my old ishra.

      1. shreya shetty

        yeah even I too want good previous ishita back and do all of us dear.sorry for those words actually I mistook ur opinion in a different manner pradashima.I know I regret of saying like that to u well just forget about it yaar.its only a opinion

      2. Its ok Shreya.. 🙂

  18. hates ishita

  19. Where is sindhu ????? Many yhm fans left this site like jhanvi diya dharshika ramchin fathi fathi faya ude n many more miss them

  20. Ruhi and Ishita scene was just awesome

  21. You are right i dont like Ishu’s hair do she is not fat i just want her to be more concious of her dressing want her to look raidiant like Shagun love you all the cast of YHM from Nigeria

  22. Ishitha s hair style needs to be changed ,if you have chubby face u don’t generally have curls on ur hair which makes ur face looks more fat.. She certainly needs to loose weight ..

  23. pranathi induri

    today’s episode was rocking


  24. Hi all …. Dt after fracture has put on weight …. three months on wheel chair … it happens … its not easy to reduce … yhen her marriage … but I feel in real she she doesnt look this much … now also very adorable … here as siddhi says as a mother of 21 yrs 15 yrs and 7 years children she is perfect … and these all camera tricks … whatever it is she is beautiful and very decent in her dressing both reel and real … she keeps some dignity ….Shaghun where as just a fashion show like .. Raman .. also was good before leap … we should avoid personel comments … they work 12 hrs a day .. no rest at all …. entertaining us … Shaghun too is a good actress … track is not interesting …at all … May be if the marriage is valid after 7 years … they have to be like this only …. their love shown in this serial is amazing from beginning .. no serials ever had a jodi like KP and DT… for them only we fans watching … as Mino said … its doubtful yhm will get any awards … cvs to blame …

  25. Helllo everyone gud mrng how r u all ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Nice episode happy to see ishra

  26. Anyways after long time its very nc episode. I love yhm a lote. Like pihu ruhi adi also..ishra looks perfect together. But i dnt like mihir alia pair. Plssss i just want dnt turn adi to negtv for stupid alia. I knw dt gained wait after the accedent. But i like her dressing style. She looks too good onscreen and also offscreen. If she loos wait its good. But i liked shaguns style before leap. I dnt like her style after the leap. I think they should change alias dressing style. I like mihikas dressing,she looks gd. Love u yhm and waiting for more ishra and ishrarudihu bonding. Adi and alia pair is gd.

  27. Ishita hair style change Karo

  28. Manashree

    Hi all, I am new to this site and I am manashree, the biggest fan of ishra and yhm, Shall i join in this grp? I became the registered member.

  29. Khushiarvind

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma, shreya, prenathi,
    Hw ru all doing?
    Hws ur weekend going?
    Wish bst of lck for all nd ur families

    1. Its awesome weekend dear..Watched a couple of movies with friends [actually we met after looooonnngggg (blush )]…
      How is ur weekend.. Enjoy yaar

  30. Good afternoon dear all the fans, I think ishita is not actually mother of 21yrs old in the serial. When she got married to Raman she might be 23 then 25 before leap, after leap she might be 32 yrs old now. She is actually mother of seven yrs old child in the. Shaun is mother of 21 yrs old child. She is much elder than ishita. I think Raman might be 45 yrs old

    1. Heyyy naz before leap ishitha is not 25 yr old, but she is 29 yr old bcz she got married at her 27 yr old not 23 yr old. So now ishithas age in the show is 36

  31. Khushiarvind

    Hi all,
    I am nt watchng yhm since couple of days juz going thru updates and comments… Feel lyk nothing eye catchy except ishra scenes…that too forced due to less trp… Ramans character suddenly changed.. He was insulting ishitha nd supportin shagun nw suddenly changed his opinion.. Nt convincing at all… They shld hav atleast shown them speaking up nd clearing misunderstandings
    Nd nw this clge track nd all.. If they r tryng to win pihu back ishitha shld spend tym with pihu nd try to firm a nice bond with her.. While this way she will bind with raman nd nt with ishitha.. Nd hw can she forgot aliya.. She luvs her vry much and aftr ishitha is back she completly ignored her. Hw can she let aliya face hell with shagun
    Nd evn she forgot her parents too.. She is coming aftr ling 7 yrs… Must soend some quality time with her mother..
    The old charm of yhm is lost somewhere..nw only mere adjustments for trp
    Some scenes of old yhm before leap had often left me teary eyed with their natural acting.espicially ruhi-ishitha bonding nd all…bt nw its nt worth watchng at all

    1. Adityakiran

      Kushi Tum Kaise PIC Hatayi?
      Wall Paper Bhi Nikhali?
      Please tell Me The PROCEDURE

  32. Khushiarvind

    They make the story horrible and try to win trp forcing some ishra scenes..
    As mini said another neg character will be entering… How much negativity they fill here.. Atlast the show will be full of neg characters with only 2 positives ishitha nd her ruhi.. Evry others changes their shades easily..

  33. Khushiarvind

    Really sad to witness once fav show get ruined lyk this…with talented actors nd poor story.. Jus simply wasting the talents…

    1. Yes yes…Thats what we all are requesting writers..Where is our old yhm..It was absolutely adorable to watch IShra moments from past, even their fights looked cute..
      But now its appearing to be forced..
      As u said in above comments ,this college track and role reversal are just to create forced ishra moments…
      About ishita and aaliya…how could she be away from aaliya..
      As per story Ishita spend almost 7 years with aliya and mani, i am sure its much more time than she spent with young ruhi, then i wonder how come she is not caring for aaliya…

      Writers have gone nuts

      -These comments are just about ishita and not Divyanka..

  34. Im With Shagun

    Seriously shit. Ruhi is 15/16 yr old and she behaves as if she is a 30 yr woman. She is always rude. Ruhi also has a past she insulted ishita bt now she feels shagun is wrong. I agree shagun was not a good mother for Ruhi she left her for luxuires. Yes whatever she did with ruhi is no mother will do. But by Pihu’s time she changed a lot. Y ppl r focussing on her past. Please dont ruin the show. We should give good message to people. When bad people change to good we should give message that only good will happen with them. Here they r giving wrong message, they r provoking shagun to become negative. Ruhi is so rude. Stop this shit unite pihu and shagun. Please

    1. I agree ur point of view..
      Just think,while pihu going to Mani’s house if anything happened to her means who will bear her loss..Shagun brainwashed Pihu..She made a negative thought on her real mother
      And for getting pihu,Shagun tried to kill Ishitha..Is this the way to show her gratitude for taking care of Ruhi and Adi???

  35. Hay guyssss

    Omg this ep is neat…nice ishra at the start…???? FINALLY Ruhi too agrees with ishu… Do u ask guys remember a month ago she was hating her ishimaa… Change so soon ????

    Btw dat mihir-alia pairing is AWFUL… That idiot alia doesn’t know how much Adi is doing for her… I guess ekta has plan to make Adi heartbroken at the end when he knows about dis…????

    Waiting for 2dayz ep!!!!???????

  36. Hello friends…I am new to comment here
    Even thought there is Ishra Scenes, the chemistry is missing between them… And i n this episode,Ishu Jus gone near Raman…She dint kiss him
    If they are not willing to do their romance scenes with old chemistry, they can better end this serial…After Dt’s marriage nothing interesting??

  37. I was also wondering about reel ages of Raman and Ishita. I think Raman is about 43 and Ishita 37. Ishita was in hospital where Raman got angry because Romi did not know Ishita’s age for the admission forms. Either 27 or 29. And at some point Ishita got angry saying that this 35 year old man …… Al this happened before the leap.

  38. These ppl are spoiling the value of a Doctor…
    Is she a doctor or dentist…??
    Ohh God…

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