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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita looking around and seeing the door opening. Ishita goes out to see the person. She walks in the corridor and goes to some room/cabin. Ishita sees the beautiful decorations. She smiles as the flowers shower on her. Raman comes and holds her. She asks who is it. He says who can it be except me, and hugs her. He asks did she like this. She says I loved it. He says our children gave me this idea, thanks to Batra who gave his clinic, I thought to complete our date, will you come for dinner. She jokes and they laugh.

Vandu and Mihika have a talk. Mihika says its good Ishita went to clinic, I need to discuss my friend’s problem, her husband has become secretive and behaving weird, he does not come home at time and not giving time to Namrata, they both are

fighting a lot. Vandu says I would have advised your friend to find a good divorce lawyer. Mihika asks what. Vandu says all these symptoms sign that that man is having an affair outside, when did they get married. Mihika says some time back. Vandu says this affair can happen after many years of marriage, its if not much time then… ask Namrata what happens that they fight, is there any ego issue, ask her to find out.

Ishita says you have come prepared. Raman says no, I did not have much time. They sit to have candle light dinner. He presents Thai food and says I m still young. She says its all veg food, will you have veg. He says yes, I m sorry you are bearing all this because of me. She says we are together, I m sure Pihu will come to support us one day. He says thank God, we have our love with us, I had to tell you, Adi is in love with Aaliya. She gets thinking.

Mihika cries and says can this be true what Vandu said, I can’t talk to Ishita, she has her own problems, if I share with anyone, they will find Romi wrong, I have to talk to someone who will give me unbiased opinion, I should talk to Sanchi. Sanchi asks Malhotra to understand I can’t leave the house. Malhotra says building people are complaining, they said guys come here at night. Sanchi says I m not like that. Malhotra says everyone says the same. Romi comes and says she is saying right, I m Romi Bhalla, Sanchi’s fiancé, I m established businessman, I heard you saying, people have seen me coming here, I will make sure this does not happen. Malhotra says fine if you are her fiancé, but don’t come late night. Malhotra and other men leave. Sanchi asks Romi why did you lie. Romi says I was handling situation. She asks why did you create problem. He says fine, you handle this and leaves.

Ishita is thinking and makes juice fall in the food. He says we can’t have food now, where is your focus. She says sorry. He says our date can never be perfect. She says there is still hope in our life, I have an extra food box. They clean the table and sit to dine. They feed each other. yeh hai mohabbatein……….. Raman eats chilli and Ishita goes to get water for him.

Shagun meets Pihu and gifts her. She asks did anyone see you. Pihu says no, Raman is not at home, Ishita left from home, I heard Raman saying he is going to some clinic. Shagun asks is Raman fine. Pihu says fine. Shagun thinks did Raman go to Ishita’s clinic, I will call Dr. Batra’s clinic. She calls clinic and Raman answers. She hears Raman and Ishita. She says they are there, I will expose them, Pihu should know Raman is a big liar and is with Ishita there. She asks Pihu to come to have her fav. icecream. Aaliya hears them and goes.

The men talk to Malhotra about Romi Bhalla. Malhotra says we won’t change rules for anyone, even if Romi is Sanchi’s fiancé. Mihika hears this and gets shocked. She cries and wonders what is all this.

Adi asks what, did Pihu go with Shagun. Aaliya says Shagun took Pihu, why did she go so far. Adi thinks I can’t tell this to Aaliya. He says maybe Papa has sent them together, don’t tell this to anyone. Simmi comes and says Raman has gone to some clinic. Adi says fine, I will just come, Aaliya I will come back and work on presentation. He goes to Vandu and asks for Ishita. Vandu says Ishita went to Batra’s clinic. Adi thinks Papa also went there. He says it means Papa and Ishimaa’s date is going on there, Aaliya said Shagun went that place, it means Shagun has purposely took Pihu there, I have to call Papa and alert him.

Raman says Adi is calling, I won’t tell him of our secret date. He answers call and says I m in office. Adi says don’t lie, I know you are with Ishi maa. Raman asks why, are you following me. Adi says I will tell later, just leave from there, Shagun is coming there with Pihu. Raman and Ishita ask what. Adi says just leave, if Pihu sees you both, it will be problem. Adi ends call. Ishita and Raman clear the decorations. Shagun reaches there with Pihu. Pihu says we were going to have icecream, why did we come here. Shagun says sorry, I have toothache, I had to come here. Ishita asks Raman to leave before they come. Pihu calls out doctor. Raman and Ishita hear Pihu and get worried. Raman says Shagun is doing limit to use Pihu, she does not worry for Pihu.

Ishita wears her doctor’s coat and says I m going out, I will manage, you go and hide. She opens the door and Shagun gets hurt. Ishita greets Shagun and asks you came with Pihu, does Raman know this. Pihu asks is this your clinic, mumma has toothpain, so we have come here. Ishita says Batra called me for help, so I came, I m treating patient. Shagun says let me meet Batra. Ishita says come to my cabin to treat your pain. She takes Pihu. Raman hopes that Ishita gives solid answer to Shagun.

Ishita shows injection and Shagun refuses. Pihu asks Shagun to take it for her toothache. Ishita gives an injection to Shagun. Raman looks on and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wkwkwk aya2 wae ini mah ?

  2. Nice episode…waiting for tomorrow episodes..very funny

  3. Why is ramam always in the same black shirt. Please change, Pihu s behaviour si also bad, which will have a bad influence on children watching the show.

    1. Cheap PH can’t afford new shirts ?

    2. Relax Deepa

      Pihu evil will end soon. Pihu will change her hate into love toward Ishita. Pihu will understand that Ishita is not bad woman and start to love her. Pihu see Ishita loves for them. Pihu sense that Shagun is a liar and start to hate Shagun. Pihu will get close to Ishita and will make Raman and Bhalla family happy. Ishita have won Pihu heart.

      Adi misunderstand Ishita that he think that Ishita know about Aylia and Mihir. Ishita tried to explain that she did not know about Aylia feeling for Mihir. Someone stab Mihir while Mihir save Aylia. Aylia want to propose Mihir but Mihir rejected Aylia.

  4. Oh nice precap….
    Poor Shagun… Nothing to do….?

  5. Nice Episode

  6. Lol fun precap

  7. Give shagun two shots instead of one..she’s so wicked..

  8. wow superb epi… lol.. naughty ishu.. very funny…

  9. I think romi is just taking mba lessons from sanchi.thats why he spend night times at her flat

  10. Hi all yhm fans.episode was OK. Precap was good.ishita should give shogun 1 injection and put her off for good.

  11. Yes shaggy deserve a big tight slap. She is using Little girl Pihu,also Mani and Aliya who are innocent

  12. Wicked shagun she is gettin wat she deserves. Gud for her. Cnt wait for tmrw to see Shagun geetin injection.??

  13. hope its some poison injectedto shagun, why dont any of bhallas hold pihuand beat her that she cries forgetting shagun,,i wish she would be whipped well by grandma and raman//// little devil….

    1. lol that would be child abuse

    2. Nahs!!!!!

      Pihu will findout that Shagun has lied and is using her. Pihu see Ishita as nice and loving woman. Pihu want to get close to Ishita and start to love Ishita. Ishita won Pihu heart. Pihu will hate Shagun.

  14. Hi guy
    Wow awesome episode, but pihu behaviour it may turn to bad influence to kid plsssssssssssssssssssssssSsssssssss do consider that and make possible consideration on it their,

  15. Our shows are always one sided. It’s wrong to show again always bad and ishita always good. When Shagun left Ruhi then Shagun was bad n Ruhi was given to Nishita. No mother can ever leave her few days old infant n go on to live for so many years without bothering to know how was her child. Shagun is pihu’s mother n what this whole bhalla family did with her is extremely wrong. They should not show Shagun as bad. They should improve Shaun’s character and instead of using pihu, Shagun should use Mani to get pihu.

    1. I agree with krishna comment

    2. If Shagun want to use Mani to get Pihu then Mani will lost his childhood friend Ishita. Mani don’t want to lose Ishita. Pihu will hate Shagun. Pihu want to stay with Raman and Ishita. Pihu choose Ishita over Shagun.

    3. shreya shetty

      oh hello Krishna stop being stupid u idiot.why do u want pihu to go to shagun!!!!!!!!well its better for u not to comment anything here got it.r u evil sided then get lost

      1. Khushiarvind

        Dear shreya, please dont be rude… Chill dear.. Everyone have the right to comment here.

      2. meri ma Shreya!!

        Cool down and don’t get frustrated on other people who comment negative.


        What you are saying that Pihu is better off with Shagun but you are wrong.
        Shagun is not ready to be mother to Raman’s children. Shagun only want Raman’s money because Shagun is not working woman. Shagun loves spa and party and not responsible of the children.
        Shagun only work for NGO but not much work only earn less.
        Ishita is not like Shagun because Ishita is a professional woman who is working as dentist and now a businesswoman that work in Raman’s company (Pihu Industries). Ishita only earn her own money and never want Raman’s money. But Raman loves to pamper Ishita with many gift like sari, jewellery and etc. Ishita was about to refused but to accepted his gift and use it for Raman to make him happy. If Raman goes to party then Ishita want to stay home but Raman drag Ishita to the party to make her accompany as wife and husband. Ishita let Raman or Ishita parent to look after children when they go out for functions. Ishita always phone parent to check if children are doing well and make sure that they sleep after Raman and Ishita arrived home from party. Raman loves Ishita way and always happy with her.

        Ishita got shot by Niddi and Raman did not know that the bullet is real. Shagun is the only fault that she phone Raman (by the time Niddi was with him) to let him know that baby had given birth (Raman get happy) then Shagun ask Raman to bring Ishita come to the hospital. Niddi came to know that Ishita is alive and play as Shanya. Raman get to know that Niddi paid the nurse to get infant baby from the room then took infant baby away. Niddi then phone Raman that she have Ishita and Raman infant baby. If you want the baby then give me Ruhi. Niddi kidnapped infant Pihu to get Ruhi. Ishita get scared and refused to give Niddi her Ruhi. Sharika lied to Ruhi that Ishita did not love Ruhi and Ishita only love infant Pihu. Ruhi get upset and believe Sharika that Ishita does not love her because Ruhi did not hear from the start that Raman will save Ruhi and Pihu together. Niddi throw infant Pihu in the air and Ishita caught infant Pihu then Ruhi get shock and get upset. Niddi then pull Ruhi and escape. Ishita tried to stop Niddi but police came on time to stop Niddi. Niddi then drive and about to knock ACP Abhishek and fled. ACP Abhi drive in Ishita car to chase Niddi. Ishita tell Abhi that there is dead end and please hurry up and stop Niddi. Niddi and Ruhi get shocked to see the dead end and plunged down the cliff and car get explosion. Ishita cried. Raman then blame Ishita on Ruhi death and Raman doubt on Ishita loves for his children and he gave Ishita harsh words and order Ishita to leave. Ishita get heartbroken by Raman words then goes to cliff to do sucide leaving Pihu with Raman then Raman beat Romi then he get news from ACP about Ishita sucide and who families get shattered. Mihika blame on Raman for Ishita sucide. Raman goes to his room with heartbroken and cried badly for his ladylove Ishita. Shagun suppose to be married to Manoj then Shagun findout that Ishita had sucide and leaving Raman and Pihu. Shagun decided to stay with Raman to take care of Pihu for Ishita. Mani save Ishita from the water then on the road where the truck are driving where Ishita walk then Mani save Ishita again and broke his hips. Ishita then decided to go to Australia to take care of Mani, Aylia and Vivan (Aylia brother) After it is 7 years later Ishita came back alive that shocked him. Raman get angry with Ishita that she hide from him for 7 years but Ishita tried to explain and Raman refused to listen. After that Raman energy brand party Raman get drunk and Ishita tried to stop him from drinking and Raman refused then Ishita get angry. Angry Ishita then pull glass of whisky then drank it that shock Raman. Raman then want to refill but Ishita pull the bottle and drank all of it to stop Raman drinking. Raman start worry about Ishita behaviour but surprised to see Ishita much mature and dance then Ishita flirted with Raman. Raman enjoyed it but pretend to get angry. Raman then drag Ishita to the hotel room. Raman and Ishita talk about misunderstanding what is happening in 7 years ago. Raman still love Ishita badly. Raman ask Ishita why she left infant baby. Then Ishita remain Raman about his harsh word. Raman then get hurt and knowing that he was wrong.

  16. I just don’t know. Whenever I feel that IshRa chemistry might be coming back something happens to convince me otherwise. Like the way Ishita hugged Raman in this episode. Not very convincing. Or am I expecting to much from IshRa?

  17. yasmin moona

    pls,stop this crap serial. it has lost all it’s charm.every character is failed now.i was mad for yhm before dat brute & stupid niddhi appear. bt now i just read update. ishra,ishru,each pair is somewhere lost.and now started new crap mihir& aliya.bulshit!

    1. Aylia want to propose Mihir and Mihir rejected. Mihir want to make Aylia understand that he doesn’t love Aylia and she is too young for him. Mihir want to protect Aylia as his daughter like Raman protect children.

  18. Have to stop making kids watch this as they will think Pihu behaviour is normal

  19. Hi I read all ur comments I am a dieheart fan of yhm but not now aliya shd understand mihir is more aged this track shd nt encouraged as well pihu shagun is puhus mom for pihu so pls unite shagun and pihu but pihu shd know ishtia is her mother and shagun shd turn positive by love of mani

    1. Sanmi!!!!

      I don’t agree with you.

      Shagun is not Pihu real mother just sabotaged woman.
      Ishita is Pihu real mother.
      Raman had made clear to Shagun that Shagun is only giving birth to Pihu and Ishita is Pihu real mother. Shagun still behave negative for wanting to get Raman.
      Raman also made clear to Shagun that he doesn’t love Shagun and she should moved on and married to someone else. He told Shagun that he still love Ishita and Ishita is his life. Shagun get irked by Raman

  20. Episode good

  21. Very boring

  22. Not interested in mihir aliyas story. nobody is interested.

  23. Khushiarvind

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, majic,manju, honey priya, pradishma,sonia,rehma,wati,cham,chinz,pragathi and all my dear frnds
    Hw ru doing?

    I dnt feel anythng intrstd in yhm nw a days.. Nd many more worst thngs to come.. Lyk adi bursting out on ishitha.. Aliya siding shagun against ishitha nd all… When trp is low they will boost it up by showing ishra scenes… Juz for fooling us.. All neg vibes.. What lessen this drama is giving to young children.. Poor ishitha all her kids are going against her..

    1. No Khushi.

      Ruhi is not against Ishita.
      Pihu evil will end and will take Ishita over Shagun.
      Pihu see Ishita as wonderful and loving woman.
      Pihu will realised that Shagun is a bad liar and lied to Pihu about Ishita.
      Pihu will hate Shagun.
      Adi will get misunderstanding of Ishita.
      Aylia get help from Shagun.
      Ishita get focus on her 2 daughter (Ruhi and Pihu).
      Adi will realised that Ishita did not do it pruposely and did not not about Aylia love for Mihir.
      Mihir will rejected Aylia love and will marry someone else for Adi.
      Aylia will be alone and there is new girl who will enter Adi life and will changed Raman and Ishita life.
      Adi will apologied to Istiha for blaming her and he thought that Ishita take Aylia side. Ishita tell Adi that are you my son or not. Adi then tell Ishita that I am your son. Ishita then tell Adi that I am not taking Aylia side and I am much shocked on that day when you findout about Aylia love and I got upset and you refused to listen to me. Adi will recified his mistake and will bring business back and will support Ishita.

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