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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita getting glad to know she is pregnant. She says she will tell Raman. Manoj stops her saying he has to do more tests. She sits and recalls Ruhi’s hopes and Subbu’s mum’s taunts. She recalls how Shagun taunted her and cries. She thinks of Raman’s words and gets glad. Raman is in office and tells his manager to see the client, he is going. The client Sharma comes and asks Raman to discuss project. Raman sees the time and continues work. Ishita smiles and hugs Ruhi. Ruhi says Manoj said you are going to have baby. Ishita asks how is she able to do all this, she is an angel, she made her mum for second time now, I love you Ruhi.

Ruhi says I love you too, we will tell the family. Manoj says no, and asks Ishita to not share this with anyone, as it has

some complications. Ruhi says we can tell Papa. Ishita says yes. Manoj asks Ishita to send Raman to talk to him. She thanks him for this beautiful news. Shagun talks to Ngo head and says she got friendly with a doctor, she is sure to expose this scam. She is at Manoj’s hospital and hears about the girl Ruhi who fought with doctor. The nurse tells Shagun that Ruhi insisted the doctor to do checkup of her mum again, and doctor came to know her mum is really pregnant. She asks is her mum’s name Ishita Bhalla. The nurse says yes. She can’t believe this and rushes to see them.

Ashok is at the hospital to have checkup done. Shagun goes to Manoj and hugs and kisses him happily. He thanks him. he says I did not know you will meet me like this after Ishita’s pregnancy, else I would have done this miracle before. They start arguing. She says there is nothing that I can’t do better than you. He kisses her and asks her to do this. She says what nonsense, I kissed in excitement, its disgusting. She leaves. Ashok sees Shagun leaving and Manoj calling her Ruhi. He says I think my ex GF forgot me completely. He says why is she getting herself called Ruhi, I have to find out.

Romi comes home and meets Rohit. Sarika apologizes to him. She tells how she managed herself after her mum died. They have a talk. She says Ishita suggested her to study ahead and shows him the list. He likes the idea and sees the list. She smiles.

Ishita comes to office and meets Raman. She says test is over. He says I won’t hear what hurts you, I know you can’t become mum. She says listen to me, test results is positive, I have conceived our baby. She says I m pregnant. He gets glad and asks is she saying true, he can’t believe this. He hugs her and they smile with teary eyes of over happiness. He says I love you. She shares her happiness. He says we will give all happiness to this child, we will be best parents, we will send him abroad for studies, make his future best. You won’t take any chance, you won’t take any work, just take rest, I will tell at home, I will do research. She says you already have two kids. He says yes, and asks what did doctor say.

She says Manoj was shocked, he said don’t know how did this get possible, you have baby in your womb. He hugs her. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……………Romi talks about the work. Mrs. Bhalla thinks his mood is good, and she may talk to him. She talks to him about Sarika. She asks him to tell Sarika not to study. He asks why. She says who will take care of Rohit. He says everyone is here to take care of Rohit. She says you are not much educated, if Sarika studies much, this can affect your relation, this can become a big matter, I m not against studies, but I m saying what happens. He says this won’t happen and asks her not to worry. He worries.

Ashok goes to Manoj and tells him about Shagun, whom he was calling Ruhi. He says he knows his ex mistress well. Manoj asks him to get out. Ashok asks him to ask her. Manoj asks him to leave. Ashok says such women use men like us, what work is she making you do. Manoj kicks him out and leaves. The paper falls. Ashok checks Ishita’s pregnancy news and says this is great news, Raman is becoming dad again. He gives the paper to nurse and says I m feeling glad hearing Raman’s news.

Raman asks Ishita to take rest. He tries hiding about Ishita’s pregnancy. Ruhi tells everyone that Papa is stopping Ishita from going outside as Ishi Maa s pregnant. They all get shocked.

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  1. Talented actor Abhay Bhargava who is currently seen in Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is celebrating his
    birthday today (1 September).
    Last night the actor’s daughter Ankita Karan Patel and son-in-law Karan Patel threw a happening surprise party for him.
    The party included close family members and friends. And of course the entire YHM cast.
    We called Abhay, he shared, “Thank you so much for all the wishes. It was a sweet gesture by Karan and Ankita. I was
    very happy and amazed at the same time. My entire cast came to wish me. They also prepared an video with a message –
    ‘Sweet 16 with 44 years of experience’. It was an amazing party. I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart.”

    • bhagi

      arey yar karan tho parties especially surprises dene me tho expert ho gaye hai…….pehle biwi ka aur aab sasur jii ka….kyaa bath hai patel sahab hame bhi thoda tips dijiye na

    • bhagi

      i just hope this happiness of izhra stays forever plzzzz makers koi cheap track math laayiye plzzzzz nd ha aab kyom iss kaamina ashok ko le aaya yaha i hope vo ishra ke liye koi complications na creat kar de……….

  2. karthu

    Oh it’s a real news,
    I’m so happy for lshraman,…………….
    I’m really exited for upcoming episodes,…..
    And also ruhi u r an angel wo apni ma ke liye ethna pray karthi ha……
    Ab kush ha na

    Mind blowing episode ☺?????
    Ishuram rockss.., nd little angel ruhi
    Awesome Dr u r ?????????

  4. siddhi

    Happy but not happy with surrogacy track don’t want this to happen agar ye hone wala hai to don’t want ishita pregnancy as she has already two children

  5. Partytho bantha hai fanzzz keliye
    Ithna acha aur gd news
    Ok let’s party guys for ishuramruu….
    .aur ye sab our cute ruhi keliye…
    ……..?family complete hogi…..???
    Lovely pair ishuram????
    Love u ruhi u always Rockss…..
    2gd news today
    Ruhi is Not quitting the show….????
    Double dhamaka…??????☺?☺keep rocking yhm like this only…….?????????????????????????????????????????☺??????????????????????????????
    Ok bye c u later..✋✋✋

      • hello who are ugly ishita ishra pair is very awesome cute and lovely couple
        how can be shagun will be a good mother when adi was caught by fire she just
        leave him and went she does not think of him she only live raman and went with
        ashok for luxury life she was not with raman in difficult situation and she was
        ready spoil raman’s sibilings rinki and romi how could be she is a good mother
        and wife for raman could you answer this questions

  6. V P

    Very happy to Ishitha Raman happy …..amazing Jodi .they could make us happy along with their ..happiness. Creators. You can have complications for Ishitha. But never surrogacy … Please. Let her enjoy the pregnancy and show to the word that she is pregnant . Request you .please

  7. V P

    Very happy for Ishitha and Raman .they are very …happy …..amazing Jodi .they could make us happy along with their ..happiness. Creators. You can have complications for Ishitha. But never surrogacy … Please. Let her enjoy the pregnancy and show to those who taunted her that she is pregnant . .Request you .please no surrogacy

  8. Mihir

    Please let ISHRA happiness to continue, NO MORE SURROGACY TRACK PLEASE…
    We REQUEST you again and again and again and again…………………………..

    Because you makers cannot trust, soon after a happy track you will introduce 10 more twists, the worst of all would be surrogate so please do not insert that crap into YHM…

  9. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita get broken down when Dr. Manoj Paul informs them about Ishita can never become a mother.

    Ruhi is sad to hear this but prays to god to give a bay to her Ishima. Ruhi insists Ishita to have pregnancy test as doctor was telling. Ishita is shattered seeing Ruhi’s wish of getting a baby and is ready for pregnancy test for Ruhi’s happiness. Ruhi’s prayers turn fruitful and Ishita is happy to see the test is positive. Raman and Ishita are happy to know about Ishita is pregnant.

    Ruhi is super happy to realize now she wll soon get a little brother or sister. Furthermore, Raman and Ishita happiness will not go longer when Ishita feels some pain and doctor informs that Ishita is not capable to continue her pregnancy.

    Then Raman and Ishita try to find a woman who gets ready to keep their child in her womb. Raman’s ex-wife and their biggest enemy Shagun enter in Raman and Ishita’s life for surrogacy.

    Surrogacty track will bring lots of drama for Raman and Ishita as they get happiness of going to become parents but Shagun’s entry will ruin their happiness soon.

  10. hey guys i have a confusion.kahi pe bhi ruhi yhm quit nahi kar rahi hai aisa nahi hai balki ruhi quit karegi aisa hai.patha nahi aage sab kya hoga.i am not even understanding a bit of yhm.its just slipping to be worst when all ishra ‘s happiness gets snatched away from shagun.

  11. Darshika

    wow…..lovely episode….. Very nice….. Waiting for tomorrow episode….
    And this evil shagun…..get lost from ishra.
    She-devil Shagun never match to raman…… Ishra is the best couple ever…..
    Ya….. I also don’t want to ruin my mood today….. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo happy….. Please makers, continue this happiness. Please don’t spoil it……
    From sri lanka.

  12. yeh ashok kyu itnaa kush ho raha hai raman ka phir se baap bann ne ki khabar se . ho na ho kuch toh uske dimaag mein chal raha hai shagun manoj aur ishra ko leker.shayad wohi shagun ko ishra ke khilaaf instigate kare.

  13. ishruh scenes mein utnaa dum hai ki trp achanak change ho satha hai jo ishra scenes ko bhi peeche chod de. ishruh scenes mein neeche jaane ka aur sabae uupar trp mein aane ka power hai.aise kayi baar hue hai aur iss week thoda ishruh scenes zyaada dekne ko mil rahe hai toh trp bhi bahut acchi aayegi yhm ke.

  14. shaghn toh badal gayi hai phir bhi woh phir se ashok ke baaton se kause instigate ho sakthi hai ya jo aaj ishitha ke liye itnaa karke itnii kush hai kal ussi ki khushiyan kaise cheen sakthi hai.aur websites pe bhi koi nayi khabar nahi hai.

  15. Rosely Dada

    What a mind blow episode love you so much Ruhi what a clever girl what a strong belief in the god she is serving .waaho Raman and Ishita your acting always look so real love both of so dearly.Happy when we see you happy. Wish to thank Ekta Kapoor belief there is no surrogate again. Expecting how Rahman will pampa Ishita. From Nigeria.

  16. Sumathi Arumugam

    Best episode, ruhi we love you, your strong belief in god was a good. Waiting to see how raman will pampa ishita.

  17. No surrogacy please. Shagun behaved like a tramp and tart in the earlier episodes.

    Get her away from this happy family now. Ishitha should get treatment and complete bed rest and have a beautiful baby.

    No more shagun please – we can’t stand her here in Sri Lanka

  18. ishika desai

    Happy for both of them…yeah..!!! Bt no surrogacy track plz….its dam that way she had 2 children adi n ruhi..then y 3rd??

  19. sbb aur sbas mein raman ishitha ke liye parathe banaatha hai aur bahut banaatha ki sab family ko lage unhe bhi banaaya hai .jab raman paraathe banaatha hai toh mrs.iyer aur toshiji chupke se dekhke hass the hai.

  20. Balaji Telelflims Yeh HaiMohabbatein
    is gaining a lot of love from all over
    the world and the writers are not
    leaving a single stone un-turned to
    attract the audience.
    In the coming episode’s of the
    show,We will see Raman taking care
    of ishita and Ruhi revealing everyone
    that ishita is pregnant which shocks
    everyone.But Raman covers up the
    situation saying that ishita is effected
    with some Baby Virus and she needs
    Somehow,Raman comes across
    Shagun and he taunts for insulting
    ishita and also tells her that ishita is
    going to become pregnant.
    Shagun breaks into tears and comes
    home drunk.Manoj tries to control her
    but she will be in out of her
    senses.Shagun packs her bag to
    leave the city.But Manoj stops her
    and asks her what happened.Shagun
    reveals her true identity to Manoj.
    According to a source,Ishita cannot
    carry the baby due to some
    complications. Raman and Ishita will
    then be advised that they opt for
    surrogacy. This is when Shagun will
    come in and will offer to help the two
    by carrying their child. However, she
    will have a price to ask of them in
    Shagun would demand her biological
    children Ruhi and Aditya in return for
    the baby. This would shatter Ishita.
    It now remains to be seen if Ishita
    chooses her loving step-
    daughter Ruhi or her own child.
    Keep reading for more updates.

  21. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Raman is
    happy with the news of
    Ishita is pregnant.
    Ishita asks Raman not to
    inform family until her
    pregnancy gets stable.
    Raman is super excited
    with this miracle and
    feelings of becoming
    father again.
    Raman is finding difficult
    to hide this good news
    from family but he
    decides to keep silence
    until everything gets fine.
    Raman takes care of
    Ishita a lot and does not
    allow her to go anywhere
    which makes family
    Mrs Bhalla asks Raman
    about what happened to
    Ishita and Ruhi tells her
    that Ishima is pregnant.
    Raman tries hiding the
    news by telling Mrs
    Bhalla as Ishita is not
    well due to some
    Furthermore, both Shagun
    and Ashok have known
    about Ishita is pregnant
    and they must be plan to
    snatch happiness from
    Shagun will uses her
    surrogacy drama while
    Ashok will try to harm the

  22. Raman gives milk to Ishita and makes her take rest. He sits by her side and massages her head until she sleeps.
    They get to know that Ishita is pregnant and are happy. Raman hides this fact from their family as there are many
    complications in Ishita’s pregnancy. They don’t want to disappoint family members until the pregnancy gets stable.
    Mrs. Bhalla gets suspicious about Raman’s excuses and thinks to enquire the matter. Soon there will be twist in the
    show and Ruhi will exit from the show.

  23. New Delhi: Child actress Ruhanika Dhawan
    popularly known as Ruhi of ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ is reportedly quitting the
    show! Yes, you read it right. She is barely
    seen in the show and her character is
    diminishing day by day. Ruhi is one reason
    that the show’s TRPs are going good. As per
    reports, Ruhanika is concentrating on her
    studies now and as she is in another grade,
    her study load has also increased. She
    comes only on the weekends to shoot and
    that too not for long hours.
    Ruhi was not seen in Romi(Aly Goni’s)
    wedding. Though Ruhi herself and the
    makers want to see her as the part of the
    show, it is also kept in mind that it doesn’t
    take a toll on her studies.
    Lets wait and watch how the show takes
    turn as Ruhi quits the show and also who
    will replace the fantastic child actress!

  24. #Yeh #Hai #Mohabbtein #Star #Plus #Ruhanika #
    Little Ruhanika Dhawan Aka Ruhi who plays the role
    popular TV show. The 7 year-old is barely seen in t
    Earlier this year, when the makers of the show were
    audiences’ love for Ruhi. “Ruhi is concentrating on
    also increased. She comes only on the weekends to
    “She also won’t be seeing Romi’s (Aly ) marriage a
    we want Ruhi(Ruhanika) to be part of the show we c
    house said. The Star Plus show features Divyank

  25. siddhi

    OK bye hope of not seeing surrogracy track n hope ruhi will not leave yhm bcz yhm is incomplete without ruhi

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