Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek suggesting Bala to have online chat friend so that their partners know how their value and even the men can get other beautiful girls. Bala agrees to him. Raman thinks he can’t tell Ishita that Shagun is pregnant, he is doing this for Ishita and not able to tell her, I made everyone have sweets, just these 6 weeks should pass somehow. He hears Ishita and acts like sleeping to avoid talking to her. She comes and sees him sleeping. She thinks how to talk to him, she will talk about Shagun tomorrow and switches off the lights. She goes to washroom. Bala sits surfing the dating website and stops seeing Vandu’s pic.

He questions himself is he doing right and recalls Abhishek’s words. He says Abhishek was right, if I run after Vandu, she will not give

me attention, I have to do this. He registers on the app and thinks to gives Appa’s name Vishwa. He says sorry Appa, I had to use your name, if anyone sees this, it does not matter. He sends random friends requests and gets a friend request from a girl. She checks the girl’s info and thinks to make her his first friend.

Ishita could not talk to Raman and leaves from room. She goes to kitchen and gets some snacks. She sits eating and says actually I m overthinking. Simmi comes and says I m not getting sleep, why did Raman lie. They eat the snacks and have a talk. Simmi says I think you have put on weight, don’t feel bad. Ishita says even I felt so, I m busy all day. Simmi asks her to get fit like Shagun. Ishita asks what does she mean. Simmi says Shagun maintains herself, you will look beautiful, I think we should look attractive to maintain marriage, focus on your weight, everything will be fine. Ishita says right, I should control my diet, but I don’t think Raman cares about this.

Its morning, Raman asks Ishita to control her weight. She says no, I m perfectly fine. He says weight will get high and it will be tough to diet later, I like you anyway, think about this, I have meeting and leaves. She wonders is Raman not seeing her because she gained much weight. Shravan asks Bala to check his book, and Bala is busy chatting. Shravan insists and Bala explains him. Shravan plays and Bala asks him to see. Shravan asks him to drop him to school. Bala chats and says I m busy working. He lies to Shravan and asks him to leave for school. He says Shravan questions a lot, he went on his mum and laughs chatting with the girl.

Ishita says no dress is fitting me, Raman was saying right, I have really put on weight. Adi comes and asks what is she doing, we will go shopping. Ishita says no shopping, I have put on weight and no dress is fitting me. Adi asks her to sign the diary and goes to bring something. He asks her to close eyes and takes her towards the mirror. She makes her wear a crown and asks her to open eyes. She smiles seeing the cute crown. He says I just know Ruhi and my Ishi’s maa is most beautiful and our queen. He says I know my son is the loveliest one.

Amma comes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to come for jogging with her. Mrs. Bhalla refuses. Amma says you are strength of this family, you have to be healthy and fit. She asks Ishita is she right, they both just eat and gain weight. She says I m fit and look younger than Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita says yes, its because of jogging. Mrs. Bhalla says I also want to get fit for my family, you know to convince me. Ishita thinks they are working hard to get fit, I should also do something. She calls dietician and takes appointment.

Raman talks to Manoj about Mihir. Raman asks is Shagun taking care. Manoj says yes, she was saying about meeting dietician today to take good care of baby. Raman says so sweet of her, I will go along her, send me the address. He feels he should also go with Shagun, if she can do this for us.

The man tells Abhishek about the gun, and it was a woman who came with a sweet little girl. He shows the pic to Abhishek.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Chichi

    What rubbish is this????? Raman is going with shagun to the dietician!!! Why don’t he go back to shagun , he can go back to her and have any no.of babies he want then !! What ishitha wanted was nt a anthr child u IDIOT !!! She wanted the go through the experience which a women goes thrgh during 9 months!!! EKTA IF U LOVE ANITA SO MUCH THEN WHY DON’T U MAKE HER THE MAIN LEAD AND THROW DIVYANKA OUT OF THE SHOW and this exactly what u hv done soo far women ! Ekta go make anthr serial with only anita with it !! Due to ur stupidity u might have to stop the serial even bfr it pass 3 yrs!! If not y dnt u end it now???? It’s better u end it cuz then the show will atlst end in happy note! PLZ SOMEONE TELL EKTA ABT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HER SERIAL

  2. fuzail

    That little girl is ruhi and ruhi will be killed and the leap starts…it’s gonna be baby girl for shagun …Raman and shagun Wil be living together and ishita and tat girl will bond well which is defernetly gonna irritate shagun….

    • Prathiba

      I think at the end of 6weeks both Raman and bala will receive divorce notice from iyer sisters.

  3. gopu

    how to smash a beautiful lovely awesome to unbearble torchable story…. all the cv’s can learn from yhm and can expect awards for the worst….

  4. the upcoming episodes, Ishita and Shagun will come face to face. Shagun will be very happy after the pregnancy while Ishita thinks she’s pregnant with Manoj’s baby. Shagun will be about to mention surrogacy to Ishita, just then Raman will call Ishita so that Shagun isnt able to real the truth. Raman proposes Ishita for the lunch date. Will Ishita comes to know about the surrogacy?

  5. arey ruhi marr nahi sakthi .woh ladki mihika hai jo ruhi adi aur sarika romi ke saath mele mein gayi aur rinki ke marne baad ruhi thi toh kaise marr sakthi hai woh .what rubbish.

  6. arey ishitha ko itnaa saza math do .its just showing ishitha leading a miserable life with just raman hiding everything from her that always hurts her.

  7. stop this crap ekta and makers or be ready for the worst ever consequences of low trp from your production house made the great high trp serial from decreasing rapidly to the lowest.

  8. unknw

    really irritating, why shagun in ramans life again what nonsense raman running after shagun and giving her importance and ignoring ishita if d story is going to continue this way than plz stop it d way d story goes seems like raman doesn’t want to give happiness to ishita but hurt her such things does not happen in Indian culture you’ll r spoiling it by these type of stories, how a lady can b happy wen her husband gives importance to someone else that to x wife

  9. Sakshi

    Yes, I know. Can’t bear to watch this so am reading the YHM fan fiction. It helps…wish that was the real episode instead of this…

  10. bhagi

    arey yaar production house wake up yar its high time know koi bhi ithna din kaise so sakthe hai jithni dhimaak adi ke paas hai usme thoda tho raman ko hona chahiye tha serial ko bakwaas bana diya yaha tak ki written update padne me bhi problm ho raha hai aur yahi baath raman ki pehle din gaana gaya phir ishu se jhut bola us shagun se bheek maanga aur aab use ditician ke paas lekhe gaya kal uske liye mid night uth kar khaana laayega aur phir shaadi bhi karega aur kuch bakwaas hai dhikane ke liye tho vo bhi dhika dijiye ga

  11. jhanvi

    Lo had ho gai hai ab shagun jaha jayegi Raman bhi uske pichhhe jayega….. Kya shagun choti bachhi hai jo Raman ko uske sath Jana padega…. Oh god in logo ne Raman k character ko puri tarah se barbad kar diya….

  12. jhanvi

    Ya bhagi sach me ab yahi bakwas dekhna baki reh gaya hai… I m still watching YHM only for ishu….. Nd only for IshuAdiRuhi scenes….. Aj Adi ishu scene dekhkar achha laga kam se kam Adi ruhi to hai jo ishu k chehre PR smile Lana jante hai….

  13. Avi

    Yhm trolled on social media wid d hashtag #RIPYHM..u makers killed my fav serial nd made it a trash….ekta thinks d viewers as idiots to watch every crap of hers…disgusting…i want d original yhm bck wid ishra’s khatti meeti nok jhok..

  14. Avi

    Ekta has made a fun of sensitive issues in dis show…she thinks by showing all dis trp will increase…but my lady…u r wrong…all yhm fans are against d surrogacy track…u r not only losing ur trp but also many loyal fans…thanku ekta…u jus showd hw u cn destroy a sweet story jus becoz u want anita to play an important role…i hope yhm gets d lowest trp dis week..becoz ekta ko sirf trp ki basha samajh mein aati hai..nd she chngs d track bck to normal…

  15. ekta ne jo yhm ke saath ki hai usne toh khud apne hi pair par khuladi maar di .agar yhm mein ruhi aur adi chod ke chale gaye aur woh ghatia duss saal ka leap hua toh mein bhi yhm nahi dekhungi kyunki agar ishitha hogi bhi toh raman se seperate hogi aur ruhi adi nahi rahenge .mein toh ekta serials bhi nahi dekhungi aur logon ko bhi kahungi ki ekta serials ko math dekhiye ,tab ekta aur uske so called freshness ke jaap japne wale writers aur jo khud jaap karthi rehthi hai unko patha chalega.

  16. Roselyn Dada

    The serial is becoming too problematic are you now teaching us that extramarrital affairs is good with what Balla is doing ?pls put an end to this play because it has lost its moral values. From Nigeria

  17. i thought atleast divyanka would understand as she is always connected to millions of fans and has many fan following and would understand the fans but what could she do but just start shooting for the leap .do they think that the leap would bring them a lot of popularity then they are right as they would gain a lot of popularity of having been in the worst show doing just worst tracks . plz ekta and writers ,first clarify or tell in clear words about for whom the serial is made and for whom to see .because this yhm is totally destroyed and not worthy to watch by veiwers.or just make the serial evenore worst that we just run from the show and stop the show and you guys watch your own show episode number of times as you wish as no one will watch it . first of all its is already worsen then if they worsen it more or not its one and the same.

  18. diya

    todays episode was a lil better . some light moments and ishita -raman scene. loved adi today . good boy . and no shagun . relieve . but yhm trp has decreased to no. 5 position from no. 4 .

  19. diya

    how can we reach out to makers any idea ? i am ready to do amything for my favourite show . please guys tell me . do this people or balaji have an official fb , twitter or any website where we can say or keep our veiwes . if any thing like this possible dn kuch ho sakta hain. idhar plea karke kuch nehi hoga . unke pas directly jana parega . divyanka ko bhi connect krne se sayad hoga .no use of trolling nd boycotting they are not to give any attention to it . mein apni favourite show ko ahse destroy hone se nhi dekh sakti . need to do something . want my ye hai mohabbatein to do well . ye sab drama nehi chalega and leap to bilkul bhi nhi . kuch karon plzzzzzz .

  20. nithi

    Show is good… First of all yhm they are trying to show surrogacy thing to people… So that people don’t have kid they can choose this way…..

  21. Shraddha Sharma

    Itna bakwas hota jaa raha h yeh show… Maine to dekhna b chod diya hai… Har baat k limit hoti h, yahan to lgta hai show dekhne walo ka pagal banaya jaa raha h…

  22. I never seen where intended mother for surrogacy doesn’t even know her her own unborn child…what to these directors think, that we are idiots and watch whatever u show us on TV…both intended parents have to involved with the surrogacy process.

  23. V P

    Yhm was the only one serial , felt like watching the repeated shows . Now even the 7.30 pm show also , not interested to watch . Yesterday’s episode seeing Divyanka was mind blowing , adis scene was excellent . In fact the creators could twist to the fans request . Here it is obvious trying to give importance to Shaghun . Whatever said and done surrogancy is already processed , that too without Ishithas knowledge . Now the best thing is Ishitha should leave Raman and the kids will go with her …..

  24. Rinki ko sarika ka sach pata chal gaya tha ki uska baby nhi hai usne use orphanage se god liya tha romi se shaadi karne ke liye or rinki ye baat romi ko batane gyi thi to sarika ne gun change kar di aur us gun se mihika ne balloon shoot kiya jisse rinki mar gyi
    Ye sab kuch sarika ne kiya hai sarika ki wajah se rinki mari hai sarika should be punished for this.

  25. jhanvi

    Ya agree with u VP…. BT anyhow kids should be with only ishita…… Then Raman will understand that ishita dsnt want any 3rd child…. In fact I think mihir also should leave Raman.. Mihir did everything for Raman nd what Raman did with him..he did not think once what mihir felt ..he is in jail since 15 days. Nd Raman did not try at once to know how is he ?? When shagun left Raman, mihir stand for truth. He was with Raman nd left his own mother nd sister for truth nd did right.. Now when Raman felt his sister guilty he sent mihir to jail without thinking…. He knows that Rinki was guilty she cheats mihir nd yet he has did this.. I don’t say that Rinki should be killed nd what happens with her is right…. It’s wrong BT to blame a guy like mihir when u know everything about him, it’s very wrong…. Nd yet mihir forgives Raman soo easily..

  26. richa

    what ekta is doing she is loosing most of fans in coming days she will get a certificate of mental hospital

  27. The plot of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ” is
    currently going through a rough phase
    where the Bhalla family’s youngest
    daughter Rinki (Resha Konkar) has
    been killed and a
    furious Raman (Karan Patel),
    suspecting Rinki’s husband Mihir’s
    (Raj Singh Arora) role in the murder,
    has sent him to jail.
    In the coming episode’s,Ishita takes
    an appointment from the dietitian and
    when she meets Shagun.Ishita
    congratulates shagun.
    Raman comes to meet shagun but
    stops seeing ishita at the same
    place.Before the secret comes out
    Raman calls ishita and asks her to
    come for lunch.
    But ishita denies his offer and goes to
    meet the dietitian.Raman informs
    shagun that ishita doesnot knw
    anything about surrogacy and asks
    her to keep it secret.
    Later Shagun thanks Raman for
    releasing mihir from jail.Raman gets
    shocked and Finds out that Mihika got
    Bail for Mihir.
    Mihir comes to Bhalla house and
    Raman gets into an argument with
    him.But Mihika brings an end to their
    fight revealing that A lady killed Rinky
    according to the finger prints.
    Bhalla family apologizes Mihir and
    Ishita asks him to stay with them.
    If Spoilers are to be
    believed,According to SBS “The real
    culprit behind all these mystery is
    Sarika.Actually she is adopted a baby
    and lied everyone that it is romi’s
    child.When Rinky got to know this
    truth,Sarika tried to kill her.”
    We have to wait and Watch for more

  28. Preeti Sharma

    seriously what the hell cv’s are doing with the show .I’m afraid if yhm is going ob diya or baati hum track, ending up with fall of TRP .
    Ekta Kapoor, I don’t understand you, why to take a leap even though the show was doing great with it’s sweetness and simplicity of the theme .
    Anita is really a good actor, but YHM is all about ISHRA, come ob guys, use some brains!
    We, the audience, is refusing to accept the whole idea of leap, yet they don’t pay any attention!
    After Saraswatichandra, I’m feeling sad for YHM!
    A good show is ruined ………..God put some sense to their minds .

  29. Preeti Sharma

    seriously what the hell, the cv’s are doing with the show .I’m afraid if yhm is going on diya or baati hum track, ending up with fall of TRP .
    Ekta Kapoor, I don’t understand you, why to take a leap even though the show was doing great with it’s sweetness and simplicity of the theme .
    Anita is really a good actor, but YHM is all about ISHRA, come ob guys, use some brains!
    We, the audience, is refusing to accept the whole idea of leap, yet they don’t pay any attention!
    After Saraswatichandra, I’m feeling sad for YHM!
    A good show is ruined ………..God put some sense to their minds .

  30. Preeti Sharma

    seriously what the hell, the cv’s are doing with the show .I’m afraid if yhm is going on diya or baati hum track, ending up with fall of TRP .
    Ekta Kapoor, I don’t understand you, why to take a leap even though the show was doing great with it’s sweetness and simplicity of the theme .
    Anita is really a good actor, but YHM is all about ISHRA, come on guys, use some brains!
    We, the audience, is refusing to accept the whole idea of leap, yet they don’t pay any attention!
    After Saraswatichandra, I’m feeling sad for YHM!
    A good show is ruined ………..God put some sense to their minds .

  31. stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    ekta ab toh samajiye .kitnaa barbaaad karoge yhm ka itnaa barbaaadi toh ho hi chuka hai.

  32. Mihika gets to know about the accidental death of Rinki happened by her hands and shatters. She shares her pain
    with Ishita and cries miserably. Abhishek got to know this truth by his investigations, and is shocked too knowing
    Mihika is the real culprit. Differences begin between the families. It has to be seen how Ishita keeps families united.

  33. The current track of Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has left its viewers upset. The fans of the
    show have expressed their dislike over the entire
    surrogacy track.
    For the uninitiated, here’s what’s happening in the lives
    of Raman (Karan Patel), Ishita (Divyanka Tripahti) and
    Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani). After Ishita’s
    miscarriage, she opposes Raman’s decision to opt for
    surrogacy for their child. Raman tricks Ishita into
    signing the surrogacy papers. Shagun, Raman’s ex-
    wife, would volunteer to carry their child.
    Also read: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to take not one but two
    time leaps
    This track has not gone down well with the fans and
    they have openly expressed their anger and disgust on
    Twitter by trending #RIPYHM. They have asked
    everyone to boycott the show on TV and on Hotstar.
    They have also written letters to the makers of the
    Also read: Ishita’s sister Mihika to kill Raman’s sister
    Rinki in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Here are a few tweets that clearly show viewers’ anger
    on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
    Dear #YHM actors. Please see it through a #FAN’s
    eyes. I love you #DivAn! xx @Divyanka_T
    �?? Riah Kapoor (@xxRiah) October 1, 2015
    This is kinda insulting women out der.Cheating ur wife,
    hiding all d matters is completely wrong. What ‘Nayi
    Soch’ BTW??? #RIPYHM @StarPlus
    �?? Lata Pottabattini (@latapottavarti) October 1, 2015
    Bakwas twist Sarika murder Rinky WTF girrr no logic in
    dis track bekar CVS ?? CVS needs to take sanyas
    soon ? #RIPYHM
    �?? Lata Pottabattini (@latapottavarti) October 1, 2015
    Balaji production means just a divorce center?? Don’t
    dey hv any other options widout leap n separation in
    every way same story ?? #RIPYHM
    �?? Lata Pottabattini (@latapottavarti) September 29,
    Are You Missing Old #IshRa Romance Then RT
    #RIPYHM Bring Back Old YHM
    �?? MyCreationMyWorld (@MyCreationWorld)
    September 29, 2015
    Yhmians.Chnge ur DP.Shw our protst by boycott
    yhm.YHM lost its charm totally.No hop of a cm back.
    #RIPYHM @StarPlus
    �?? RIP YHM (@nehap_234) September 27, 2015
    #RIPYHM SHAME ON YOU @StarPlus @StarAnilJha
    @doveindia @PondsIndia @DaburIndia
    @DaburHoney_Ind @FuzeProductions @ndtv
    �?? manjari raninga (@ManjariRaninga) September 30,
    Spread this yhmians.Let’s do a last try.Plz dont wtch
    @7.30 @11slot.jst follw WU.if u cant avoid wtch
    online. #RIPYHM
    �?? RIP YHM (@nehap_234) September 30, 2015

  34. indira

    i think Ishita will be happy in the end
    but why say Mihika killed RINKI i would rather it was Ashok
    either way when Mihir get to know this he will hate Mihika

  35. taggi

    Ekta if u want to make a crime based story that better to make a new show but not this or otherwise change the title of show because its does not match

  36. diya

    sarika killed rinki ?? sounds crap. from where does this come??? sbs showed mihika killed her , nd the fingr prints also match . ekta plz don’t turn this beautiful into confusing crime thriller . want the old yhm back . nd i m nevr gonna stop watching this show .accha h ya bura but mera h. my selection tests before class 10 boards are going but still am watching it cz i love this show immensely . please don’t spoil it makers .

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