Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla telling Ishita that she won’t send Ruhi to Shagun, that’s final. Raman says yes, she won’t go if you say and asks Ishita not to argue with mum. He says he won’t send, and asks mum not to worry as its Diwali time. Mr. Bhalla takes her. Raman asks Ishita what happened. She asks what was this acting. He says you are acting since morning. She says Shagun is Ruhi’s mum, she should go there. He says you try to convince mum, if you succeed, then send, else not. She says you are challenging me. He says yes, lets see who wins. She smiles.

Ishita cooks and thinks about Mihika’s words that Shagun will be happy if Ruhi comes. She says I have to go Ruhi for Mihika and Mihir’s sake, else Shagun will taunt Mihika forever. I don’t want Ruhi to say

I made her away from her real mum, no, I have to convince mummy ji, but how. Simmi comes there. Ishita says I want your small help. Simmi smiles and asks what happened. Ishita smiles looking at her. Simmi comes to Mrs. Bhalla and says you are preparing for puja here and Ishita is upset, she went to her room when I tried talking to her. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe Raman said something. Simmi says don’t blame her always, he went to buy crackers.

Mr. Bhalla comes and says the same about Ishita being upset. She goes to talk to Ishita. Ishita acts like annoyed and Mrs. Bhalla says Raman always fights. Ishita says not Raman, I m upset with you. Mrs. Bhalla says what did I do. Ishita says all new brides get Nek in Diwali, you did not give me. Mrs. Bhalla says sorry, we came here in new house and I forgot. Ishita says Appa and Amma gave new clothes to Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says ask anything, I will give you, its my word. Ishita says you permit Ruhi to go in Shagun’s marriage. Mrs. Bhalla is shocked. Simmi and Mr. Bhalla looks on.

Mrs. Bhalla says you are drama queen. Ishita says please… Mrs. Bhalla says I told you not to send your daughter to Shagun. Ishita says Shagun is her biological mum, its her right, I m doing this for Ruhi, see her relationship with her family, Raman got married, and Shagun is getting married now, relations are made by happiness and even break for happiness, Ruhi can proudly tell her friends that she stays in happy family, and about Shagun, she is a typical Maa, her children should see her. She says you think I m always doing social service, but no, I m very selfish, and I love Ruhi a lot. She gets tears in her eyes and says I want Ruhi to meet Shagun often, so that Shagun does not try to snatch Ruhi from me, Ruhi will be always mine, Shagun and Ruhi will be happy, and our family will be happy.

Mrs. Bhalla looks at her amazed. Ishita says sorry to do Nautanki, I did not had any other way, I m sorry, I will prepare for puja. Mrs. Bhalla says let Ruhi go, and you have to go with her. Ishita hugs her. She says Mummy ji you are great. Simmi and Mr. Bhalla come smiling. Mrs. Bhalla says it means it was group plan. Ishita goes. Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi to go in Shagun’s functions as she does not trust Shagun, Ishita is foolish, she is so good, but I know you understand her cleverness. Simmi says fine I will go.

Ishita talks to Neelu seeing Raman. She says someone lost and he will give me prize, as I know how to convince mum. Raman comes to her and smiles saying you convinced the Punjabi tigress. She says yes, I can convince anyone easily, any doubt, shall I show by making up to you. He says really and murmurs I m already done, what will you do now. He asks is halwa ready. She says yes. He says I m thinking what to gift you for winning the challenge. He takes her to the room and shows the beautiful necklace, which pops out Ishita’s eyes.

She says for me? He says no, for Amma? Ofcourse its for you. Is it gaudy? She says no, its beautiful, when did you buy this. He says when you took bracelet for me from Kakkad. She asks shall I wear it and see. He says yes. She tries it. He looks at her and smiles. Ek nadi ke dono jaise kinaare hai……………… do haseen tan man ka ye haseen bandhan hai……………… plays……………… She wears the necklace and earrings and he comes to her to help. They smile. She sees each other in mirror and smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………..

She asks how is she looking. He praises her and shows the bracelet he is wearing. She says you got it repaired. He says yes. She asks is this gift for winning challenge. He says no, you have to convince Ruhi too. She says its easy. He says she is my daughter, you can’t convince her. She says another challenge, Ruhi is my daughter, I will convince her, I have 2 days, she will come in every function. He says lets see. She says lets see. He says its fun to keep yourself tangled. She asks did he say anything. He says do your work.

Shagun scolds a lady for bad outfit, as its her cocktail party in evening. The lady apologizes. Shagun asks her to leave and says where will I get dress from, in last minute. Mrs. Bhalla, Ishita, Simmi and Raman joke on Shagun and what gift to give her. Mrs. Bhalla says give her Pathak’s number as gift, she may need lawyer, will she keep this marriage. Ishita says shall we gift her Kanjivaram saree. He says did you see her wearing such sarees. He leaves. She goes to him with the tea to the room.

Raman says who will say I m father of two kids, I have managed two wives and maintained myself well, what, white hair. She comes and says show me, is it one or many, this is so bad, you got old so soon. He says its maturity. He says he is handsome and see herself. She says its saree. He says you were gifting Kanjivaram saree to Shagun. She says its costly ones. He says people call you my elder sister, sorry mother. She asks who. He says come in cocktail party and see when people greet you as old lady. She gets annoyed. He goes out finishing his taunts.

Ishita sees herself in mirror and Raman smiles seeing her. Mihika tries arranging an outfit for Shagun and tells the problem to Ishita. She says how to get an outfit for her. Ishita says we can get antyhing. Mihika says no, Shagun wants an expensive gown which no one has wear till now. Ishita asks her to have breakfast, as body needs fuel. She says I will make coffee, it will workout. Mihika asks why did you come here in morning. Ishita asks shall I wear saree in evening, will it look good. Mihika says yes, wear anything. Ishita asks do you look old than Raman. Mihika says are you mad, who told this to you. She looks at Ishita and understands Raman said, she smiles.

Raman argues with Shagun as he is buying a gown for Ishita. She controls his laugh and shows the backless gown and says its made for me, not your Bahenji wife, do you want to make her like me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sali shagun apne aap ko smjhti kya h? Jb bhi usko thodi achhe nazar se dekho tbhi sali palat jati h.□

    1. Yeh baat toh YHM me sabhi characters ko Shagun ko bolna chahiye. Agar Ashok Shagun de shaadi tod de to bhi kaam ban jaayega

  2. By the way very very cute episode.

  3. arey wow yaar aaj kal tho mere fav serial is going mindblowing and superb.ishu and raman tho superb duper hai.they r the best.and their nok-jok tho so sweet.and raman ur gift to ishu was beautiful and braclet was so nice of him.and finally shagun idoit how dare u say ishu behanji,first look at u and ur that ashok in mirror.raman buy the outfit to ishu and show ishu to her wearing it how beautiful is she.

  4. I m new here.

  5. pradipta sethi

    Awesome episode,really waiting for this,this is the first episode that i haven’t seen that khadush mani

  6. Yeh shakun kab ishita ko behenji bolena chodthogi afterall ishit aaj kal parties mai aachi outfit pentahei and ishita ko kanchipuran saree make her old ……

    1. By the way its kanjivaram not kanchipuram !

    I- Intelligence
    S- Senior
    by the by latest episode going superb…

    1. S-senior LOL Raman will be happy to know someone also thinks Ishita as senior.

      M- Mealy-mouthed

      1. RUHI MEANS-

    3. S – Sweet
      T – Tolerating

  8. Superb episode its only i really want from yhm.

  9. Awesome and fantastic Episode.. i really really liked it…

  10. La Belle Broken N'gel

    Simply wow

  11. anybody wants to do frndshp wid me?

  12. f**king isita stop ur over action nd be normal nd its nt a warning its a request

    1. Shut up ur mouth !

    2. Wtf shut up sudhir

  13. hai shubhi.ur welcome here.

    1. Hi priyaroli i knw u r a n all tm yhm fan. I like ur cmnts

  14. Awesome episode.
    Bus Shagun ko Bhalla family se dur rakho.
    And how romantic moments of IshRa.

  15. Episode was good… but when will raman confess his feelings to ishita!??

  16. I wish yhm team for making a wonderful drama.i saw sombody comments who always scold the mani he is the bestfriend of ishu no one understand the meaning of bestfriend.if you deserve it defenetly you cant blame mani.ishu and raman both are awesome.they fit for their characters.

  17. All fans desperate to see raman and ishu love cofess.but this serial make a small different from other serial that is the real love have this cute fights.gud job yhm team

  18. By the way i’m vry hpy that Ravan kumar cares much for his Jhansi ki Rani. I lv thm both. Thnks for RUHI

  19. Shagun..I hate u

  20. Hai subhi u r most welcome to our part of yhm and todays episode is really awesome mind blowing . Ekta mam this is the track we want in yhm plz dont neglect this track in future. Idoitic shagun how dare u to say our ishita is behanje of raman look ur face in the mirror and remember tht ashok os joking with ur life here after u shouldnt say anthing abt ishra. Ilove u ishra.

  21. Thak God Raman ne Ishu ko nahi par kam se kam khud ko to confess kiya ki wo Ishu se pyar karta hai.

  22. ishitha ko behenji kahne se pehle khud ko dekh blo*dy shagun . us cheater kameene ashok ke liye sapne dekh rahi hai. i doubt ki tumhare pass ankhe hai ya nahi. ishra ko taunt karne ka ek mauka nahi chodthi ho. lekin jo bhi ho ishra ke zindagi se door rehna. waise tuj jaise vamp hamesha kuch na kuch bawal machathe rehte hai. sabse acchi baat yeh hai ki aaj ka episode bahuth accha tha. lekin yhm me kuch bahut accha hua hai na uske baad sirf bahut bura hua hai. hope to see ishra together always . shagun kuch na kare . waiting to see ishitha in some new fashionable dress.

  23. Hi frndz i’m also new here bt i’m readng since the strt of d 1st episode. It’s really a wndrful drama whch shws the real bonds. I thnk it is the journey of three pure hearts searching for real lv. Love u so much IshRaHi

  24. Awesme episode…nice to see ishra togethr…shagun ishu ko taunt karnese pehle apne aap ko dheko. nd ishu aur raman pe dhyan dhenese acha hai ki thum ashok pe dhyan dhe aur samjo ki voh idiot thuje kaise cheat karra..

  25. Ishita means
    I- Intelligence
    S- smartness

  26. Guys dis serial is going to b messed up
    As ashok will get married to mihika nd sagun will cum back to bhallas house and she will play her dirty games to get raman back and raman will also start liking her (again).and even ruhi will accept her as her mother. sad story…I will stop watching dis serial

  27. ishra u both r fab.i love u very much and u rajiv shut up!

  28. ishita knows difference bitween acting & over acting.

  29. Wow owsum ep …… promo is intresting…. waiting for MONDAY..………………”.;-)”

  30. ishu gave her gown to shagun which raman bought it for her……raman gets upset…. kya ishu agar ek din shagun aakar raman ko maangleta tho usko bi tum de do gi kya……mrs bhalla sahi kehte hai ki tum kuch jyaada hi acha insan par ithna goodness…….

  31. Raman says ” Tumhe apni jindgi me ulzane ka apna hi maza hai. Tum jitni ulzati jati ho meri mohabbat utni hi badhati jati hai.”
    What a dialoge man ! But ise Ishu ke pi6e nahi Ishuu ke samne bolo. Use bhi to batao ke tum us se kitna pyar karte ho. Pls use I love you kaho jaldi…

  32. Vry cute episode…..
    By the way it’s a kind request fr YHM fans.. Pls comment in English as we can’t understand Hindi …. Our mother toung is tamil… Pls guys

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